Getting on a plane in a few hours …

Well, I’m off to L.A. to visit Dunder Mifflin! This time, I’m not visiting for the day, I’m visiting for the week! OMG, I’m so excited.

As always, I will update OfficeTally whenever I can to keep you guys in the loop.

They will be filming the Season 5 finale, which also happens to be The Office’s 100th episode, so there is sure to be extra fun to report! :)


  1. OH GOODNESS! Be sure to tell Jenna, “Happy Belated Birthday!” And ask if there will be a convention this year… I’m dying to go!

    Safe travels, Tanster! You are one lucky woman :)

  2. Tanster, what is your job and why do you get to do all this cool stuff? No fair LOL you’re awesome!!

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG…Tanster, that’s so awesome. I will be checking OT like every 15 minutes next week for updates! Cannot wait. Cannot.

  4. I’m gonna say have fun but it’s more redundant than the Stamford branch.

    This isn’t an hour-long? I thought Season Five was a 29-episode order.

    [from tanster: yeah, I need to clarify that. will do that on monday.]

  5. Wow Tanster! Not that I need to say it, but take lots of pictures and have fun! :)

    [from tanster: i will definitely take lots of pics. i want to report as much as i can for you guys! :) ]

  6. OMG! You lucky woman! Have sooo much fun Tanster! I know you will, obviously! And have a safe flight!!

    You’re going to get all of us starting our own websites in the hope that we can do stuff like that ;-) haha.

  7. Yet another day of me being jealous of Tanster….

    lol have a blast!

    also you all KNOW she’s going to have to sign one of those “tell anyone what you see on this last episode and we will hunt you down” sort of things like 3 seconds after she gets there right? I’m pretty sure that’s the legal term for those agreements…. I like the “blink once” idea though….

    [from tanster: lol. yes, they have me very well-trained. :) ]

  8. Have I told you how awesome you are recently? Because you are!

    How cool is this?! A week!!! Annnnd it’s the history-making week?! You totally deserve it! Thanks again for always sharing your awesome experiences — it makes our day and now it’s going to make our WEEK!

  9. How cool is that? Just think, 5 years ago you probably wouldn’t have even imagined doing all these amazing things, and then one day you start up a little website and BAM! You’re famous and hanging out with tv stars and all…I hope you have the greatest time ever!

    [from tanster: flonkerton, it is pretty surreal, for sure. i can’t believe i’ve been able to do all these amazing things. i’m so excited to share next week with you guys!]

  10. Wow! Have fun, you lucky girl! I know you won’t be able to divulge anything, but just blink once if Pam is in a wedding dress. Twice if she’s not, okay? ;-)

    [from tanster: hi gail! long time no chat. :)]

  11. Tanster, no one deserves this more than you. I can’t imagine the hours you have devoted to this website. You’ve always used dignity and discretion in what goes on here, and it is no wonder the opportunities you have been given as a result. Have one fabulous week…and thanks in advance for keeping us posted!!!!

  12. This is incredible, Tanster! You are so lucky to be able to visit the set…Especially for an entire week!

    So when are they going to cast you in an episode?

  13. Tanster, you seriously have the dream job. I will be waiting for those picture when you come back. It’s always a treat.

    P.S. Say hi to everyone for us

  14. How exciting! I’m extremely jealous, can’t wait to hear all the news and tidbits you post. This just brightened my week! Have fun!

  15. GAHHH! I squealed in excitement for you!
    I am so incredibly jealous.
    I live in LA, and I would absolutely die if I could catch a glimpse of the Office set. And oh my gosh, to hang out with the cast, my heroes… *sigh*.
    You have no idea how I wish I was you.

    And please get a picture with John. Promise? Good.
    Have a fabulous week there!

  16. That’s so awesome, Tanster!

    Could you maybe try to get John and Jenna to pose together in a photo for us?? It’s been so long since we seen them do that.

    Have a safe flight and a great time. Can’t wait for all your reporting.

    [from tanster: i agree, that would be awesome. i’ll see what i can do.]

  17. A week?! OMG! I can’t even begin to imagine all the awesome pictures and tidbits you will have to share with us over the span of a whole week! I’m so excited for you! Have a blast (as if that even needed to be said)!

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