1. Meredith’s “I hate that bitch. I want to cut her face.” is the hardest I’ve laughed since Andy fell into the sand trap.

  2. Yah Meredith! I remember seeing this when Rainn Wilson was on Leno… “Damn it Meredith, do you not know how to make a sandwich?” Classic.

  3. Haha so THERE was the clip they showed on Leno the other day…I wish they kept it, it would explain why Meredith was involved with the hazing.

  4. I LOVE this scene. Bummed it didn’t make it in- I loved it when I saw it on Leno. The, “I want to cut her face,” made me love it even more.

    Maybe they had a hard time getting it through with the bleeping. I know they’ve let some bleeps in on past episodes but I have a feeling it’s one of those things the censors aren’t too willing to allow very often.

    Or more likely, there just wasn’t time.

  5. OMG – they could put out a whole season based on the deleted scenes. they have been classic (and in many cases, greatly missed in the eps….)
    “pretend? or really make one?….make your own $#@!&! sandwich”
    ooooooooo meredith….how i love you.

  6. I absolutely loved “That’s way too much peanut butter.” I also love that Meredith is a mom and apparently cannot make a pb & j.

  7. That was the funniest scene in the entire episode. And it wasn’t even IN the episode!

  8. Meredith is hilarious, they really need to quit cutting her lines. “I hate that bitch. I want to cut her face.” was one of the funniest lines of the night.

  9. Wait! Isn’t this the scene Rainn showed on the Leno show the other day? How come this didn’t make it in, even if it was showed on national television? I wish it was in the episode – the Meredith stuff was hilarious!

  10. Man! Usually, I am glad the deleted scenes are cut, but this one was great! It felt like it would have fit right in with the whole feel of the episode which was a) hilarious, and b) classic Office.

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