1. Yay! For some reason knowing the date makes it seem sooner, but it’s still months away.

  2. I’m thrilled that we have a date, but it’s so late in September! And 30 Rock doesn’t premiere until Oct 30! Crazy!

  3. Hooray! Glad to know it’s set in stone.

    It’s going to be a long summer.

  4. 30 Rock doesn’t premiere until October 30—looks like we’ll be seeing 5 straight hour-longs at the beginning of the season. Spread ’em out, NBC!

  5. At least we have a date. And some kickass contests Tanster’s gonna whip up for us.

  6. I am marking my calendar! Gosh, that seems too far away. My dvds are probably going to burn out! Thank you so much for posting, Tanster.

  7. That’s what I figured. It’s my son’s 2nd birthday that day. I don’t think he’ll mind if I postpone his party for a day or two, do you?

    But, gosh, hiatuses are getting long. Remember when the new fall season started the week after Labor Day?

  8. it looks like the season will start off with 2 straight hour long episodes. The premiere on the 25th and the second episode on October 2. On October 9th the new show “Kath and Kim” premieres at 9:30 meaning the office goes back to half hours

  9. Yes! An hour long episode!!! I hate 30 minute episodes now that we’ve had the pleasure of so many hour long episodes. Nothing gets accomplished in 30 minutes.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on The Office!

  10. After waiting during the strike, I can handle this. Just one month less this time.

  11. Dear God in heaven, no more hour longs. Maybe for season finales and christmas episodes, but not for the first 4 episodes.

    I think we can all agree it did not work well this year and it won’t work well next year unless they really improve the writing.

  12. Actually, according to that press release, the season will begin with only two hourlongs, not four. The show premieres on September 25, and the Molly Shannon series, “Kath and Kim,” takes the post-Office slot on October 9, so there’ll only be two weeks at season’s beginning where The Office will have the whole hour to fill.

  13. Thanks for the heads-up, tanster!

    I’m putting this on my calendar right now!

  14. Good news.

    Better news? Only two one-hour’s in a row, spreading the rest out. Hello hour-long Groundhog Day episode!

  15. i totally called the start date! i thought that they were going to have some sort of saturday night live thing in the slot after the office and that would be in the 9.30 slot until the spin-off premiered? i am so excited for september i can hardly wait!

  16. Is it wrong that I’m slightly annoyed that this date falls two days after my second child’s due date? I’ll still be in the hospital and will have to watch this at home off the DVR :(

  17. YES!!! On my birthday!!!! That’s one way to celebrate it! haha! so excited for it!

  18. That’s my 30th Birthday!!…. oh no, not sure if this is a good thing for me or bad!! yikes, what do I do?! :) Office Par..Tay!

  19. Well with 28 episodes to air it’s gonna be great! Can hardly wait till September 25. But Sept will be a great month for me as I’ll be leaving Afghanistan.

  20. Man! the office is the best. I’ve watched like each episode a couple of times of all the seasons. Cant wait for 25th september.

  21. Great, my kids 11 and 16 years and of course myself will have a blast…. and my husband can sit in his corner and cry by himself since he does not understand this kind of humor((ttooooo baaaad)

  22. yaaaaay. i adore this show. steve’s hilarious. i’ve watched season 1,2,3 and 4 ten times already, can’t get enough of it. everyone’s amazingly funny.

    two thumbs up.


  23. yeah i know so many people don’t understand this kind of humor they’re like “I hate that show it’s so boring. how can you like it?”

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