1. Meredith’s “I hate that bitch. I want to cut her face.” is the hardest I’ve laughed since Andy fell into the sand trap.

  2. Yah Meredith! I remember seeing this when Rainn Wilson was on Leno… “Damn it Meredith, do you not know how to make a sandwich?” Classic.

  3. Haha so THERE was the clip they showed on Leno the other day…I wish they kept it, it would explain why Meredith was involved with the hazing.

  4. I LOVE this scene. Bummed it didn’t make it in- I loved it when I saw it on Leno. The, “I want to cut her face,” made me love it even more.

    Maybe they had a hard time getting it through with the bleeping. I know they’ve let some bleeps in on past episodes but I have a feeling it’s one of those things the censors aren’t too willing to allow very often.

    Or more likely, there just wasn’t time.

  5. OMG – they could put out a whole season based on the deleted scenes. they have been classic (and in many cases, greatly missed in the eps….)
    “pretend? or really make one?….make your own $#@!&! sandwich”
    ooooooooo meredith….how i love you.

  6. I absolutely loved “That’s way too much peanut butter.” I also love that Meredith is a mom and apparently cannot make a pb & j.

  7. How could they leave that scene out! That was so funny! And telling!

  8. That was the funniest scene in the entire episode. And it wasn’t even IN the episode!

  9. Meredith is hilarious, they really need to quit cutting her lines. “I hate that bitch. I want to cut her face.” was one of the funniest lines of the night.

  10. Wait! Isn’t this the scene Rainn showed on the Leno show the other day? How come this didn’t make it in, even if it was showed on national television? I wish it was in the episode – the Meredith stuff was hilarious!

  11. Man! Usually, I am glad the deleted scenes are cut, but this one was great! It felt like it would have fit right in with the whole feel of the episode which was a) hilarious, and b) classic Office.

  12. aww, poor Toby, Jim doesn’t even see him as a threat. Bless.
    Meredith is the best ever, her “I want to cut her face” line sounded like a Kelly line. Or… it sounded like a Mindy Kaling-written line.

  13. This was really funny. Wish it would have been in the show. Meredith was HILARIOUS and the bit with her and Dwight was good too.

  14. Wasn’t there a scene in the promo showing Michael putting a scarf on Toby??

    Another deleted scene possibly??

  15. Oh my god, I love Meredith’s filthy mouth. “I want to cut her face.” Oh my lord, I nearly peed my pants when I heard that.

  16. i LOVED this deleted scene!! “haven’t you ever made a sandwich?!” and “i want to cut her face” were great. i wish they had been able to keep this in, but i’m glad that we at least get to see these!

  17. Love that deleted scene aside from the jealous Jim thing, which I’m glad they left out.

  18. lol that was hilarious, they should have left it in. The hazing scene made no sense without it.

  19. Dwight’s control issues are so funny and weird. Too bad that couldn’t have stayed in, but it was such a packed episode.

  20. These scenes were hilarious, especially the part with Meredith. I definitely would have liked to have seen this included though there is nothing I’d cut from the existing episode. It’s going to be a long summer without the office—it has been a treat seeing the incredible writing and acting this season. Bravo writers, crew and actors!

  21. RE: 30

    He didn’t seem jealous to me. He seemed hurt that his friend didn’t mention him in any personal way. I’m glad it came up in the scene, because it always appeared that their close friendship had disappeared from scripts after the early TH mentioning it.

  22. Stressed-out Phyllis is a little scary, but oh, so funny! You go Phyllis! You threw a ROCKIN’ party! Be proud and enjoy your “high” (and please, oh please, use your knowledge of Dwight and Angela to your advantage)!

  23. I hope they include the option to watch the episodes with the deleted scenes on the DVD. The deleted scenes are just SO awesome.

    I’m interested to see the deleted scene where Ryan’s “friend” is in the office.

  24. I second that, Phyllis is indeed a BEAST!!!

    Beasty party,
    Beasty swears,
    Simply Beast!

  25. Oh how I love Phyllis. I can’t believe I forgot to mention her in my previous posts about this episode! I was just too caught up in the moment.

    Although distressed Phyllis is good too, I really wish there were more Angela vs. Phyllis scenes; don’t fail me now, deleted scenes!

  26. #42 – They included the deleted scenes on all the DVDs through season 3 at least so I expect they’d keep it up with season 4.

  27. Some of the deleted scenes are better than what actually ends up on the actual show. The Meredith/Dwight one is a perfect example of great material that unfortunately gets cut for time since it doesn’t advance the story really.

  28. Wow- Phyllis you have just earned so many cool points. More Phyllis in season 5!!!

  29. That was the best Phyllis talking head ever! Hahaha! Ohhhhhhh I’m gonna miss this show all summer.

  30. I
    that scene!!
    Phyllis is amazing.
    Did you see John’s face?

  31. wow, I kind of like that Phyllis swore! I was thinking the other day that the only thing that the Office is lacking as far as realism is that most of the time people have pretty foul mouths at work (ahem..well at least at my office). Not in a malicious way, but it’s a high stress zone.
    I like how Phyllis’ and Meredith’s deleted scenes show how people would really react in stressful times. Even as deleted scenes, they add to the realism of the show.

  32. This episode was such a great one for Phyllis. I hate that this scene was cut. I felt so sorry for her after she walked in on Dwight and Angela, although after she swallowed the tiny bit up vomit that surely came up, I’m sure she laughed all the way home, especially after Angela’s cruelty.

    I never try to predict the future, but here it goes:
    Phyllis busts Dwangela, Andy reverts to his pre-anger management days and attempts to attack Dwight, thus getting Andy fired and it’s spin-off city, baby!!

    Or not.

  33. I wish we got more Phyllis. I love her.

    And Meredith too! I hope that in season 5 we get more of the supporting actors (Kelly, too, and Darryl).

  34. Hilarious. I can see why they had to cut it for time but because there was way too much going on in this episode anyway, maybe they should have cut one of the “big moments” to put this in, I think it would have been worth it!

    Phyllis was definitely the BEST possible person to walk in on Dwangela, because she hates both of them! I can’t wait to see what happens with Dwangela and Phyllis next season!

  35. How on earth did the Dwight/Meridith scene get deleted? Other than getting hit in the face with a football and getting hit by Michael’s car, that was the funniest scene Meredith has been in.

  36. 3rd one is up! Poor Toby – went out and bought a camera just to get a pic of Pam…totally saw that one coming!

  37. UGH. Toby is SO creepy! I hate that his character was made to be such a weirdo stalker in late S3 and all of S4. LOLOL at Jim hogging the photo op with Pam and his snarky comment of “nice camera!” as Toby walked away.

  38. Oh, Toby! I can’t decide if I feel your pain or if I just think you are super creepy!

  39. Did Toby mutter something under his breath as he walked away? I didn’t catch it.

  40. Maybe someone has mentioned this before, but I haven’t read it.

    What about Toby’s kid(s)? No mention? Hmmm, seems odd that he’d move to a foreign country, no matter how bitter the divorce?

  41. Ditto 65!

    I hate so much about what Toby choose to be…these past two seasons.

  42. Dear Toby: Take THAT, ya creeper! HAHAHAHAHAHA! … And HA!
    Sincerely: One very satisfied JAM-shipper.

  43. So up until the deleted scenes, I wasn’t entirely sure that Jim knew what was going on with Toby’s lust for Pam…Now I’m sure.

  44. Poor Toby but that JAM pose was adorable. Would have made a great engagement picture :) Hope we get another deleted scene.

  45. Toby is just a little creepy. Naturally they would assume a picture of the two of them, which was just plain adorable. I would love to see either Jim or Pam have a picture of the two of them on their desks. Maybe next season…is it September yet?

  46. Toby is leaving his kids. No doubt. Now he is all over Pam. Kids,lets face it, there is a dark side.

  47. Good for you Jim. Get in that picture. I used to really like Toby and felt bad for him, but he dug his own grave. I hope he finds peace in Costa Rica, leaves Pam alone, and we see more great episodes written by his better half – Paul Lieberstein. This finale had some great moments, but sadly, I was disappointed in the twists.

  48. You know how people say the psychos are the ones you least expect? We really should have expected Toby’s freakiness to emerge at some point. I mean, NOTHING got a reaction out of this guy for the past four years. No one is that together.

    And by the way, how often is he going to see his daughter if he moves to Costa Rica?

  49. Hahahahaha, so much for the new camera, Toby.
    On another note, can I get a picture like that w/ John Krasinski???

  50. Awww, come on I love Toby. I hope he’s not gone for good!

    I also love how cute Jam is *dreamy sigh*

  51. Aww, poor, poor Toby. He was so angry! Jim makes me laugh in this one, I kind of got the impression he knew what Toby really wanted. Funny!

  52. Is Toby saying “Waste of money” or “What a punk” when he mutters something? I was thinking it was the latter. Any ideas?

  53. That last clip was creepy and hilarious. Toby didn’t take the cover off the camera did he? Ha!!

  54. Man they really managed to turn Toby into a huge creepy weirdo. I don’t like it.

  55. Hah! I can’t read lips very well, but I feel like Toby’s saying “What a mother…”

  56. Haha! Holy awwwwkward. Well that explains why he had to ask Pam again later. I love Jam! Poor Toby though.

  57. Toby should have made his move for Pam in S3 — poor Toby waited too long. I think this scene shows that there’s no hope for Toby with Pam –a kind of closure — sad for him but a sweet, happy scene for all JAM fans!!

  58. “It’s a cool camera.”
    best comment! makes me laugh everytime.
    poor toby…

  59. When I saw Toby with that fancy SLR camera.. I KNEW that he had ran out and bought it! I’ve been waiting for the deleted scene that shows it and here it is!

  60. Aww, Toby is not so bad! poor guy. At least he got somewhat of a picture of him and Pam in the end, even though she was looking pretty sad.

    JAM pose was definitely cute though. :)

  61. 60/Michelle – I agree, I can’t wait to see what Phyllis does with Dwight and Angela’s secret. Finally some payback for all of Angela’s cruelty to poor Phyllis?

  62. As much as I love Jim and Pam, I still feel really bad for Toby :/ I’m gonna miss that dude!

  63. Aw, Toby’s not creepy. He’s just a sad sack type. His shyness around Pam admittedly does make him seem a bit creepy – i’ve seen that in offices before, and it just makes the situation even sadder.

    Dwight/Meredith scenes were AWESOME! Wish they’d had time to include ’em.

  64. Love the third deleted scene, gave me a hankering for some JAM on my PBJ! Wake me up in September.

  65. Toby’s little “you think you could…” to Jim implying him and Pam and then Jim just goes down and hugs her. Classic!

  66. awww poor toby! yeah he can seem a little creepy but he just likes pam. it’s like jim in s1 and s2 and lord knows we never thought he was “creepy.”

  67. “That’s a cool camera”
    Is that/this the first time the documentary crew has been heard saying something? I can’t remember another time in the four years of the show.

  68. according to nbc.com there will be 6 deleted scenes! yay!

    i love that 3rd scene. mostly because of how cute jim and pam look. after everyone’s comments and worry about them, it makes me feel better!

  69. Hurray for jam!

    lol toby toby toby…when are you gonna learn? Pam is Jim’s.


  70. 75-
    I completely agree. Toby=creeper.
    To think at one point I actually felt bad for him. Psh. Go Jam!

  71. The thing I like most about the Toby scene is that there is no malice on Jim and Pam’s part, they’re just so in love that they don’t realize Toby wants a picture of just Pam.

  72. Their pose is so adorable, it makes me smile every time. Poor Toby. If that character is gone for good, I’ll really miss his pitifulness.

  73. So, that explains the mysterious person at the edge of Jim’s desk. It was Troy the hobbit! xD

  74. Clip #4 is fab! Too bad that wasn’t part of the episode. I LOVED Pam’s reaction to seeing Troy suddenly appear at her desk. And LOLOL at Dwight thinking that the website has come alive again and his greeting to Troy was awesome. I think it would be hilarious if Troy is Ryan’s replacement at DM corporate. His interactions with Michael and Dwight would be comedy gold.

  75. I love Pam’s reaction to the Hobbit!

    I wish one of these scenes had replaced Pam’s final TH, the one thing I didn’t like about a killer episode.

  76. My favorite part of clip 4 was Jim’s cutdown of Ryan, is there anyone in that office who hasn’t mocked Ryan’s beard? This scene would’ve developed Jim’s anger at Ryan, and did it come before the angry voicemail? My feeling is that it came after.

  77. omg. they should’ve kept the 4th clip! dangit, the finale shoulda been more than an hour long.

  78. to vampire bat jim the documentary crew didn’t say that, jim did actually.

  79. That fourth scene explained so much. I was wondering how on earth Jim knew to look for that clip on Youtube, I figured he’d gotten an email about it or something. And I’m dumb and didn’t realize that Troy worked at Dunder Mifflin. Interesting.

  80. I LOVED that fourth deleted scene! It should have definitely been in the episode! Thanks for posting it, Tanster.

  81. I liked the 4th, but glad it wasn’t in the episode. It didn’t really add anything that we didn’t know or needed to know.

  82. Number four is my new Favorite Deleted Scene Ever! Pretty much anything with Dwight and Troy the Hobbit (Can I get you a tankard of meade?) is comedy gold.

  83. I don’t think I stand alone in saying that Troy should make more appearances or have his own show. His character is brilliant.

  84. Oh my gosh! The 4th one should have totally been left in! You have the Hobbit, Jim the Jerk, (loved the line “I’m pretty sure the only thing he’s ever done is start a fire and grow a beard. And not a very good beard”) and Dwight thinking the website is alive again. That was awesome!

  85. Okay, that really should have been in the epi. At least the part with Troy. It explained so much. And Dwight with his Hobbit references are so funny! “Welcome to our world.” Classic.

  86. Oh, and Jim’s talking head was great! All Ryan’s done in three years is start a fire and grow a beard. “And it’s not even a good beard.”

    And my bad, it was “Welcome to our land”, not “world”. I had only watched the clip once!

  87. Rarely do I laugh out loud, but the fourth deleted scene had me waking up my neighbors.

  88. Loved it!

    Enough of your magical riddles and Pam’s reaction to the Hobbit…Classic!

  89. that was a really good one.

    i think it is true that the only things that ryan has done is start a fire and grow a beard. and launch a website that was infiltrated by online predators.

  90. So that explains the screenshots where the group is all gathered around Jim’s computer in the finale…the person to the far left was Troy. I love Dwight’s fascination to Troy, it’s hilarious.

  91. Haha, this last clip was AWESOME! “Enough of your magical riddles.” What! I love Dwight. :( I already miss this show like crazy…

  92. Omg, I loved that clip! “All he’s done in three years is start a fire and grow a beard…and it’s not even a good beard.” and “Welcome to our land.”
    I hope we see more of Troy 5th season–I love how Dwight is convinced he’s a hobbit!

  93. Same here #134! I really hope to see more cameos of Troy in the future, purely for Dwight’s interaction with him.

  94. I try really hard not to watch these so that I can enjoy the DVD a litte bit more when it comes out but it’s just so hard! (that’s what she said)

    That “magical riddles” line should have made the episode. I laughed out loud! (Notice I did not use LOL)

  95. That last one was great. I gotta say, from the end of Season 3 until now, I’ve really been turning a corner on Jim. He’s been getting less and less likable. He used to have a better sense of humor about the situations that arose in the office. But, as the writers have continued to humanize Michael, and as situations in the office have gotten more serious, Jim’s arrogance has become more obvious.

  96. Another great deleted scene! I loved Pam’s reaction when she jumped. I wonder if on the DVD if they’d ever do a director’s cut, because with this finale all of the scenes were phenomenal.

  97. Re: Clip #4 – Angry!Jim = Hot!Jim

    Oh Dwight, you and your fantasy worlds – ha!

  98. mitahrogers,
    I don’t think Jim comes off as arrogant in that scene. He’s justifiably angry and stressed out over the prospect of losing his job from someone with a personal vendetta. This is compacted by the fact that he believes Ryan isn’t qualified for the job he’s in. I think most people here agree with that.

  99. did anyone notice that the ‘website down’ page that jim looks at is the ‘coming soon christmas 2003’ or something website that jim showed as dunder mifflin’s website when ryan first brought up the idea of DMI?

  100. and to 144, i don’t think jim is getting arrogant. i think he’s just mad because of the whole possibility of getting fired

  101. ehhh… fourth deleted scene feels like filler to me. Jim’s talking heads are a bit plastic, and I prefer the suddenness of the Ryan clip in the episode, vs. setting it up with Troy arriving.

    Pam’s reaction to Troy was hilarious, though.

  102. Dwight’s reactions to events make the scenes he’s in so interesting — his take on the “computer wars”, his reaction to Troy — just so bloomin’ funny. What a wonderful cast!!

  103. This one should’ve made it. It would’ve explained so much…and it’s friggin’ hilarious. Plus, Jim is way hot when he’s mad. :)

  104. if one of these clips got in, it should have been this. i love it. plus, it doesn’t make sense for jim to randomly find that youtube clip.

  105. sorry for another comment, but 3 more things watching the fourth clip:

    1)troy is sooooooo short! he was just a little bit taller than jenna when she was sitting down! and he’s below john’s shoulder! i love it! he does remind me of a hobbit :)
    2)jenna’s jump at the beginning was awesome. also the look she gave dwight when he said “welcome to our land”
    3)i think the website said something like “coming christmas 2002 or 2003” it looks familiar.

  106. So Troy’s not Ryan’s drug dealer. Or at least not exclusively a drug dealer…hmmm…interesting.

  107. Of all the scenes, I’m glad this was cut. The others should have gone in. Troy seemed a little out of place to be brought in, but Dwight and Pam’s reaction to him was funny.

  108. i think that troy is ryan’s drug dealer. there is a deleted scene from night out that makes that clear. but we already knew he also worked for dunder mifflin. he is in the cafeteria scene in the deposition.

    i think it is great to see jim getting pissed about the situation with ryan and showing some aggravation about toby. it shows that he isn’t just some lovable slacker. and it is hot!

  109. Jim has DEFINITELY become a little more arrogant and mean-spirited since getting together with Pam. But it’s only in small doses, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the show, as it adds depth to his character.

  110. Can I get you a tankard of meade? That cracked me up, Dwight’s hysterical.

  111. Wow, I guess Troy is -not- a tiny drug dealer. I wonder how tall the actor actually is.

    It’s good to see angry/less passive Jim—he seems to have had difficulty dealing with conflict situations. In the past, he seemed to try and get away from conflict in lieu of confronting others and working things out. Maybe he can be more present and more himself if he can begin actually standing up for things that matter to him.

    I loved Dwight and Andy here with pissed off Jim. Even if unintentionally, it seemed like Andy was getting some payback for all the pranks. Ha :)

  112. How funny! I wish this had made the cut…plus, it would’ve made sense as to why the office would be looking at Ryan on YouTube. It just seemed too random in the finale. #138, I totally agree: “Enough of your magical riddles!” Hilarious!

  113. #158, tuna tuna tuna-

    Thanks for the heads up about Troy appearing in the cafeteria during The Deposition. I’ve seen that episode many times and never noticed him. Until this deleted scene and your comment, I had no idea that he worked for Dunder Mifflin.

    Yet another example of the pricelessness of OfficeTally.

  114. Wait is Troy the new boss? If the deleted scenes are canon i would think so help me out here? Enough with your magical riddles writers!!

  115. “&…am i insane or was this kid a temp two years ago? Because in the three years he’s been here, i think all he’s ever done is start a fire and grow a beard…and it’s not even a good beard.”

    Oh, angry jim.
    you are so cute.

  116. #159. I do not think Jim is being arrogant or mean spirited. He realizes that Ryan has it out for him. Ryan confirmed that in one of the deleted scenes from The Chair Model. I think he is just angry that he is at risk for losing his job from someone who never made sale.

  117. Jim throwing his cell phone was the sexiest thing I have seen him do….For some reason angry jim is freaken HOT

  118. I’m sorry I don’t see Jim as arrogant in the fourth scene, angry yes. If he does feel superior to Ryan I think it is sort of justified, as Jim and others have pointed out Ryan has never made a sale and Jim is actually a good salesman who is good at his job. While Ryan was a failure at his job.

  119. Well, the next Scranton office newsletter better have Stanley as the food critic. Pretzels, corndog supremacy…and the man knows his red wine is best sipped whilst in the tub.

  120. Jim throwing the cell phone was hot and getting all worried about his job. I’ll comfort him ;) The fifth clip was a throwaway, nothing lost in not including that one. Not my favorite. Let’s get some more JAM deleted scenes.

  121. Andy is hilarious – love his character. His reaction to the taste of the fried Twinkie is priceless – and bonus points for annoying Angela even more.

  122. These deleted scenes are awesome… Pam and Jim’s sort of acknowledgement of the whole Toby situation, Dwight being hysterical with Troy, and Hot!Angry!Jim. Andy cracks me up so much; I feel terrible that he’s going to get his heart inevitably broken in S5. :(

  123. Eh…#5, so-so. It made Phyllis look pretty stupid, talking as if her mother was dead, when really she was just at water aerobics. I mean, I never thought Phyllis was a genius or anything, but I love the idea of her being “together” enough to pull off the rockin’ carnival party.

    The Oscar and Stanley bit wasn’t very interesting, but I loved Angela and Andy! It just goes to show how clueless Andy is. On a day when he has that exchange with Angela, he decides to propose to her? Come on, Andy, wake up! You deserve better (and of course we all know Dwight and Angela belong together)!

    On a personal note (and somewhat off-topic), I have heard of deep-fried Twinkies but have never had one. Are they really that good? I’m all for a deep-fried treat, but I’ve never been a big fan of Twinkies in the first place–does deep frying them make them taste that much better?

  124. “Hot dogs should be called bad dogs.” Oh, Stanley. You’re the best.

  125. 5!!!! this is amazing!!! the 5th was good, but i loved the 4th one the best of all of them.

    and deep fried twinkies are delicious. i love them. but thank god they are only available to me once a year. they are probably the worst thing for you. and even better dipped in some chocolate sauce!

  126. I believe we have one more scene to go? I really, really hope it includes Jim and Pam on the ferris wheel.
    I mean, come on.
    Jim + Pam + Ferris Wheel + Fluffiness = Perfection.

  127. It’s funny how the dock worker behind Andy switches to Kelly in the next shot. Hehe.

  128. Phyllis is quite simply a legend. There are not words to describe her other than that.

    And she’s hilarious.

  129. They do have a great batch of deleted scenes for this episode…which was so good to me already I wouldn’t change a thing. I just wish they could keep these scenes coming all summer to get us through the next 4 months! Hey, I can dream! Besides, they owe us for the shortened season.

  130. I think ‘Goodbye, Toby’ had the funniest Phyllis moments. The deleted scene where she says “Jim, I’m f–ked.’ absolutely cracks me up.

    I’ve never had a deep fried Twinkie either. I have had a deep fried Snickers, though, and it was awful–like eating food that has already been digested.

  131. Haha, I agree with Stanley! I looove corn dogs! And hot dogs are just kinda there. I would definitely eat a corn burger, too. =)

    Loved #4. Dwight and his hobbit speak! Love it.

    #174–I don’t know about deep-fried Twinkies but deep-fried Oreos are insaaaanely good.

  132. Anybody else can’t wait for the webisodes that will no doubt cover the ground that the strike took away?

  133. The webisodes are apparently focused on Kevin and his strategies to take care of his gambling debts.

    For fans of deleted scene 4 . . .

  134. number 5, i agree was a bit of a throw away

    Jim = HOT in number 4!
    haha did anyone else notice Pam’s scream/jump when Troy walked in? hilarious!

  135. I’m thinking that they had to take out number five because Angela agreeing to the proposal wouldn’t have fit at all if she was mad at Andy for that.

  136. Regarding deleted scene 4:

    I love how Jim was on a rollercoaster of emotions that day with the extreme highs of being happy about Pam getting into a school of design and deciding to propose, and the extreme lows with the phone call and voice message with Ryan and the ensuing frustration.

  137. In #4 who says “that’s a cool camera”? … an earlier comment said it was the Camera Crew, but I watched it again and it sounded like Jim said it, so now I can’t decide…

    Does anyone else know?

  138. It was my first impression that it was Jim who makes the snarky “cool camera” comment.

  139. So that last one was okay but I’m bummed we won’t have any more hijinks. Especially no more JAM stuff. I was kind of hoping Toby would declare his love to Pam as a joke or something but fingers crossed for a directors cut on the DVD.

  140. Well, I didn’t like Toby much the last few episodes, but Michael is really brutal on him as usual in this clip. Won’t even let him finish his goodbye speech.

    Radon gas? Where did that come from?

  141. I didn’t see anything snarky in Jim’s “cool camera” it seemed to me a friendly piece of small talk. It fits with the running joke of things never working out for Toby.

  142. creed’s last comment about the coffee … made me go “What???” very funny.

  143. Oh Toby. Nobody wants to hear about your efforts to clear the building of raydon gas – least of all Michael Scott – especially when he’s near a microphone.

  144. I really couldn’t hear “that’s a cool camera”. are you talking about the 6th clip? when does he (or whoever) say that?

  145. Last clip was kind of “eh.” I was hoping for something Jim and Pam related. Oh Toby. I am not too sad you are leaving…

    LOVED the magical riddles clip. Genius. Hilarious!

  146. Jim does NOT say “that’s a cool camera”. It is said by the guy behind the video camera.

  147. After watching again I realized that the, “Yeah!”, must be coming from Meredith. :)

  148. So is Troy working for Dunder Mifflin now? I just thought he was the drug dealer. Hmm…

  149. I almost didn’t want to watch the sixth one…I didn’t want it to be over.

    I liked this clip too. I wish we would have had a better look into Toby’s life before he left.

  150. ok i thought it was jim at first but i have to agree that it is definitely the camera crew guy saying “that’s a cool camera”. they show jim in the background and he is clearly reengaged with pam and looking at her computer.

  151. i feel like pam’s talking head about toby isn’t as random with stanley and creed’s talking heads in that last clip and the one of jim from an earlier clip. maybe originally they were going to have different people talking about toby leaving and they cut them all out but decided to leave pam’s for the hmmmmmm factor.

  152. oh, i like finding out about ryan through troy much better than just by a “hey! look at that!”

    oh, dwight. he just loves that hobbit idea. riddles! lol

  153. Wow #6 is really great. Wonder why they cut out Toby’s big goodbye? The look on Michael’s face when he talks about “going to beers” is priceless. Creed is hilarious. It looks like the writers worked incredibly hard on this episode so kudos to them!

  154. oh man have we ever heard the guys behind the camera talk before?? that’s so strange!

  155. I’m surprised we haven’t seen the camera crew talk before, they can only spend so much time around the people in the office before they get to know them. They did help Pam find out about Dwight and Angela.

  156. “She’s at water aerobics for the next forty-five minutes,” was a brilliant line! I love Phyllis and I’m so happy everyone ended up loving her party.

  157. Pretty sure it’s Toby who says the “cool camera” line. His lips just barely move but it sounds like him and he’s the only one who would have said it. Jim might have said it but that’s unlikely and there’s no way the cameraman would have talked. At least, not like that anyway.

  158. nobodylikesus, i have to disagree. i don’t think there is any question that jim made the “cool camera” comment. toby’s lips move because he is cursing his luck (or more likely, jim) under his breath. to me, it’s jim’s voice. and it’s sounds like something he would say.

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