Got a ‘Did I Stutter?’ question for Brent or Justin?

Are ‘The Office’ writers wonderful people for doing these Q&As? Why, yes they are.

Do you have a question for Brent Forrester and Justin Spitzer about last night’s episode, ‘Did I Stutter?’

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  1. Pam’s glasses were hysterical – and being someone with less than superior eyesight (read: terrible) I fully sympathized with her leaning over the notepad to write and feeling her way around the desk. That said, I couldn’t help but wonder how many pairs of glasses Jenna had to try on to find the right, “ugly scientist” look.

  2. Were you guys tempted to have Michael tickle (ala fluffy fingers) Stanley during that confrontation at the end? I almost sure that was going to happen (although glad that it didn’t)…

  3. Ryan and Toby were really ganging up on Jim in this episode. Was it all because they were both jealous of Jim being with Pam? I didn’t know Ryan was that into her. Of course, Ryan HAS hit on every girl Jim’s ever been with, but still.

  4. Michael’s “no respect” talking head was brilliant. It was absolutely true to form for his character. I counted at least 5 comedian references. Was that written or did Steve come up with some of it?

  5. Why is Toby having this complete character turn-around? How did he become likeable to a jerk?

  6. Fantastic episode! Very funny and intense.

    Why is Toby still around? After the incident with Pam in Night Out, why didn’t anyone report him?

    What inspired “fluffy fingers”? That was hilarious!

    I gotta know how Dwight’s chart came together. Please tell!

    Jim seems to be in the midst of a major transition in his life. I find his current storyline to be absolutely fascinating. I just wanted to pass on kudos for creating such an interesting story arc for him, even though it’s hard to watch him have such a hard time.

  7. Brent and Justin, that was an incredible episode! I love seeing Dwight hopped up on his own power! Could you explain how you came up with his brilliant org chart? And also, what’s his obsession with menstrual cycles?

  8. Why wouldn’t Jim tell Pam about his “warning” from Ryan and Toby? That’s exactly the type of thing you’d run and tell your significant other immediately, especially when you work together. (Maybe not in front of the cameras, but he should’ve pulled her outside for a second.)

    Great episode though — I love Darryl’s recurring “I’m kinda busy here, Mike” when he’s goofing off! (this time, a Rubix cube.) Love it!

  9. Why wasn’t Michael part of Jim’s performance review warning? Did I miss something there…was it just a bitter ploy by Toby to knock Jim down a few pegs?

  10. Is Dwight becoming a more dominant influence with Michael? In the past Michael would often just kind of dismiss Dwight’s odd behavior, now he seems to embrace it! Love the Jim, Pam interplay

  11. First off, great episode! I have to ask about Dwight’s Chart: Who was the brilliant mind behind it? It is beyond words how incredible and funny it is. Do you know if NBC or anyone else is making it available for fans to buy? Because I would be first in line.

  12. Who thought up/designed Dwight’s organizational chart, and where do I send the cheque for a bazillion dollars? That thing was AMAZING.

  13. Hey guys, great ep!

    What was your intention in writing the Pam/glasses subplot? Was it just a fun, quirky piece of info or were you going for something a bit deeper?

  14. The last two episodes seemed a bit darker and more intense than usual (though each certainly had its truly funny moments!) Any particular reason why things have gotten a bit more serious lately?

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever respected Michael as much as I did when he accepted the fact that Stanley didn’t respect him but told him that he cannot speak to him like that. It seemed the most managerial and professional I’ve ever seen him behave. Is that little paradox what you were going for?

    Also, kudos for the ambiguous line “If you propose to me during one of Michael’s meetings, I *will* say no!” So a different setting would yield a different answer, huh? ….

  16. Was Stanley divorced from his first wife (Melissa’s mother) when he married Terri, or was he a widower? Was his talking head supposed to give the idea that there’s conflict in his second marriage?

    And, in a couple of the past episodes, Creed has had some moments of clarity – we know he’s terrible with names, but he’s remembered Pam’s name twice (“Did I Stutter?” and “Chair Model”) and known the name of the security guard when no one else did. Is he becoming more astute in his old age? Or does he just remember Pam’s name because he thinks she’s hot?

  17. Was Michael’s homage to Rodney Dangerfield at the end of the episode fully scripted, or was this another example of Steve Carell’s hilarious improv abilities? How many takes were needed to hit the right note?

  18. Thanks for answering all of these questions!
    We’ve been seeing some Kelly and some Darryl but not together. Are those two still dating? Also, how many cars did you go through before picking the BMW convertible for Ryan?
    Also, I LOVED the part about Kevin and the librarian turn on. Especially because my mother is a librarian, wears the glasses, and loves the show!

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