The Office: Did I Stutter?, 4.16

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The Office Did I Stutter

Writers: Brent Forrester and Justin Spitzer
Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Stanley snaps at Michael during a meeting. Dwight decides to buy Andy’s car. Pam deals with an unexpected inconvenience after spending the night at Jim’s.

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Michael: Some idiot named Mark Greg Sputnik will claim credit for it.

Jim: If you were a real star, you’d put your face in it.

Dwight: Force it in as deep as you can.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Michael: I can come back here, when I’m 100, and I can find that piece of cement and say “That’s me. Look kids, your daddy left that face hole.”

Angela: It’s a man eating cat food!

Dwight: Andy and Angela seem very happy. I hope nothing horrible ever happens to them.

Michael: Pam … those make you look so ugly.

Michael: It’s just noise coming out of an ugly scientist.

Pam: If you propose to me during the Michael meeting, I will say no.

Michael: Pam clearly has just given up trying.

Michael: Zing and pep, those are the kind of words we’re looking for.

Stanley: Did I stutter?

Michael: What are you blabbering about? Nothing happened.

Michael: Stanley is a beautiful, sassy, powerful, black man, and you’re … you.

Michael: “Hey, um, you’re poor.” “Well hey, your mama’s dead.” That’s what friends do.

Michael: You’re so white.

Toby: Sometimes my daughter’s stomach hurts when there’s a mean girl at school.

Dwight: This car is crap. I will buy it for next to nothing.

Dwight: It will be towed by a donkey.

Dwight: Five, four, three, two, now. Now, now, now!

Stanley: I do not apologize unless I think I’m wrong.

Dwight: Do it. Give. Me. Control.

Kevin: Could you just say “These are due back Thursday.”

Creed: A lot of jazz cats are blind. But they can play the piano like nobody’s business. I’d like to put the piano in front of Pam, without her glasses, and see what happens. I’d also like to see her topless.

Michael: Have you ever been in a gang?

Darryl: The Latin Kings. The Warriors. Newsies.

Darryl: In the gang world, we use something called Fluffy Fingers.

Darryl: Y’all just go to church together and get an ice cream cone.

Ryan: How do you live with a franchise this bad?

Ryan: I always appreciate constructive criticism about my job performance. I thrive on it.

Andy: You’re flipping my car for profit.

Dwight: “A stupid idiotic numbskull named Andy Bernard sold his XTerra to a smart and capable man named Dwight. This is shaping up to be an awesome day for Dwight.”

Michael: I am serious. We are all serious. You are fired like a heart attack.

Stanley: You are out of your damn little pea-sized mind.

Kevin: It’s Michael versus Stanley, and it is the Clash of the Titans.

Michael: Why don’t they just make the plane out of the airline food?

Michael: Take her, please, for example.

Michael: What’s the deal with Grape Nuts? No grapes, no nuts.

Michael: Everybody out except Phyllis.

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  1. what happened in the first half of the cold open?? I jumped in when they were shouting things in the office.

    the last conference room scene with dwight and michael … laughed out loud for 5 minutes. brilliant!

    this is amazing.
    a second “fake proposal”?
    and andy’s car’s “racing stripe” :D

  3. I love this show 400 million times more now for referencing “Newsies”!

  4. We get to learn Pams middle name =) Pamela Morgan Beesly!! Awesome!

  5. If Jim gets fired I honestly do NOT know what i’ll do. I seriously truly don’t.

  6. Wow! Ryan is a JERK. Toby isn’t much better. Hopefully Jim will call him on his crush. But UGH I hate Ryan.

  7. I am not sure how to feel right now. The jokes kept getting me really well in this episode. Some of the hardest Office laughs I have had in 4 years of the show. Then that ‘warning’ really punched me in the stomach. I am not sure what to think. I can only imagine how the season will end now. I hope this doesn’t cause problems.

  8. Literally one of the best episodes hands down. Funniest, anyway. I am laughing harder than ever.

  9. What the!!!?????? Toby is a creep! I get that he wants to get with Pam but that’s just low…

  10. Dwight’s emergency org chart is priceless! I love his Jedi powers. 5…4… it!

  11. What a great moment for Michael, talking to Stanley. I love when we get to see how Michael’s weird style actually works in a twisted way.

  12. I love Michael but that was a pretty lame way to end what was actually a decent episode..

  13. Someone needs to slap Toby and Ryan. I’m getting very annoyed at those two.
    Loved the second fake proposal!

  14. eeek the ryan thing was scary.

    and actually go michael for standing up to stanley and not tickling him! i REALLY thought the tickles would happen.

    i love the phyllis thing at the end.

    and poor pam. that was a weird subplot.

  15. This was a really good episode. I love the episodes where Michael becomes serious, even for a minute. Good job writers

  16. Oh, and if Toby really isn’t leaving all I can say is it better not be Jim.

  17. OH WOW.

    Amazing episode.

    One of the best this season.

    It had a season 2 feel to it.

  18. I take back anything nice I ever said about Toby and Ryan. That was very low.

  19. Quite possibly the best episode of the season. Although 2 things that did get me: 1. Michael didn’t tickle Stanley (I thought he would after getting serious with him) and 2: no follow up to last week’s episode as if it didn’t happen. OUTSTANDING EPISODE!!!

  20. yikes! Ryan is a jerk, Toby is a back-stabber, Dwight is on a power trip and Stanley is all up in Michael’s face, and yet, still hilarious, too!
    I really wanted some more JAM, though. Second fake proposal – I bet third time’s a charm :)

  21. I love any show that can work in funny glasses, gang tickling, and Mad Libs. Poor Jim!

  22. Pam’s glasses were adorable! Way to go, cheer on us curly-haired glasses-wearers!

  23. Yikes, Toby is evil! Why was there no mention of his bizarre behavior and confession??

    I loved the cold open this week!

    I never want Stanley mad at me. He’s scary! :-)

  24. SOO my new favourite!!!!! I love it!!! okay woah, if Jim is the one that leaves at the end of the season I will have to throw myself in front of a train (kidding). But I don’t think he will. Anyways, I loved the fake proposal!! Jim is so cute :) a 10 on my list!

  25. NOW we know why Michael has hated Toby all these years… if only we had known he would do this. We’re sorry for ever doubting you, Michael.

  26. Fluffy Fingers…Amazing. My favorite post strike episode.
    The second proposal was awesome. Warning was bad. I hope Toby doesn’t screw up Jam’s engagement.

  27. Wow that was amazing. This was possibly one of the best episodes of the season, right behind Chair Model.

  28. Yeah, I’m kind of starting to hate Ryan now. And Toby. Nobody messes with my Jim.

  29. Overall really good episode. I am so mad at Ryan and Toby….and I hope it comes back to bite both of them, because that’s just not fair. Stanley! Way to stand up to Michael. And Dwight? I think he might secretly be a Jedi. Who knew Michael could actually garner respect from someone?

  30. In my opinion, that was one of the worst episodes yet. I didn’t find it very funny, and it didn’t really advance the plotline except in terms of Toby, Ryan, and Jim. I liked Michael’s storyline, but I feel like it went too far before it got to the point.

    I’m waiting for some real moments to come up in the next few episodes–this second half of the season has been really disappointing. I’m hoping there will be some serious development next week, like in “Chair Model” and “Dinner Party.”

  31. Okay seriously, for a second there I thought maybe Stanley would be the one to leave the office. And Ryan…what a jerk!

    All around, potentially the best this season! I love the writers building the anticipation of the Jim/Pam engagement. I kinda am hoping they put the Jam engagement on hold and this season the engagement will be in the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle (Dwangela/Dwandy? Is there a name for that?)

  32. I must add that I am so glad that Michael stood up to Stanley and that he DIDN’T tickle him! I was cringing waiting for it! Plus, I’m so happy they are back into the office now!

  33. Best post-strike episode by far.

    Michael’s comedy monologue at the end was sheer brilliance. Well done.

  34. What if Jim gets fired, that would be the dumbest thing the writers could do. It was such a funny show why did they have to put that downer in the middle. I’m stressed out!

  35. And Michael’s Rodney Dangerfield/Jeff Foxworthy/Borat and others. WOW.

  36. Everything about this episode was great, except the A storyline. I completely disliked what Stanley had to say about Michael. At this point, I HOPE he gets fired for real. Let him go to Utica and bother Karen.

  37. Dwight’s chart was awesome and I loved the car subplot thing. The 5….4….3…2…1… DO IT was very funny ( i might have to use it on my friends). I loved (as always) hearing Stanley referred to as sassy, though I didn’t entirely love Stanley and Michael fighting. Darryl and the gang was priceless and the second proposal was awesome. Ryan and Toby were major creeps in this episode. I’ve never been a huge Toby fan but he keeps sinking lower in my books. I really hated Ryan too after the show last week and to see him return to his fake hot-shot persona was very upsetting.

  38. I remember Jenna said in an interview or blog that this episode would have a big moment for Pam and Jim. Maybe next week?

  39. #30 I TOTALLY agree! I don’t mean to sound mean but what was this? Toby and Ryan? Stanley? Watch the third season then watch this episode. Wow. Bring back the good office!

  40. Second fake proposal + Michael putting his face in cement + Dwight washing Andy’s car + Pam’s dorky glasses + Michael’s incredibly long talking head + the camera guys sneaking to catch Michael and Stanley’s conversation = an AMAZING Office episode.

    Ryan and Toby ganging up on Jim + Stanley completely blowing up in Michael’s face + Jim not telling Pam that his job might be in trouble = worrying me sick.


  41. I loved the episode except for Ryan. If John Krasinski leaves the show, I just might stop watching.

  42. i’m posting a lot tonight but I was looking at the summary for next week’s episode with Jim trying to land a big client….does everyone think that’s a direct reaction to the warning?

  43. #58- I remember that too! But they’ve hit a major milestone. They’re sleeping together!

  44. I think Ryan is digging his own grave. I think the look that Pam gave jim after the “warning” was a look of worry. She couldn’t really see his face without her glasses but she knew something was wrong.

    We need some more JAM outside of the office, please.

  45. I hate Toby! I never liked him, but after the last two episodes, I can’t stand to even look at the guy. What a spineless weasel. I hope he is fired before the season is over. P.S. Ryan is coke-head jerk. He also needs to be fired.

  46. My overall rating is a 8/10. Solid episode. Great that everyone’s in the office, not around town. It’s kind of the premise of the show.

  47. I love how the writers are trying to psych us out by first us making believe Toby is leaving and now we’re left with a cliffhanger with Jim. I honestly don’t think Jim will get fired though. (fingers crossed!)

    I can not get over how amazing this episode was!

  48. AWESOME episode. That one look Jim gave the camera after Pam took her glasses off? SO adorable. That was a great episode. Every character.

  49. i’m sorry but that was the first episode i can say: I did not like it

  50. Ryan is a dumb cokehead. He should not be lecturing Jim about his performance. At least Jim makes sales.

    Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

    And you started a fire, Ryan!

  51. JKras cannot leave. I’d die if he left Pam behind. I’d kill myself, like in Romeo and Juliet. The Claire Danes one.

  52. Excellent episode! The Stanley/Michael confrontation was so well done. And the whole Pam with glasses thing wasn’t overdone. I was afraid that might be the main plotline after reading the summary. One more thing…being an Eagles fan..Ryan’s knock on the team has cemented my dislike for him!

  53. This is one of my favorite episodes of The Office. Now I know why Michael hates Toby.

  54. I thought it was straight out of season two. I wish it was longer, though – when I saw the tag, I freaked out. It felt 10 minutes, tops.

    I really liked how some parts of it were really broad and some were really serious. I think I need a rewatching, though.

  55. What are the odds that Jim will propose if he’s worried about keeping his job??

    Toby/Ryan working together to push Jim out of his job, because they are both jealous of him? Maybe if Ryan is acting as crazy at Corporate as he is in Scranton, David Wallace will overrule him on pushing Jim out, and fire Ryan instead. I hope so!

    Couple of good laughs in this one, loved the second fake proposal!

  56. Great episode! I love that they are in the office again. Loved the ‘proposal’. Toby, how could you?! Weenie. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Why do I have the feeling that you are going to be in some big trouble of your own making very soon?

    Now I’m headed over to EBay to bid on Dwight’s car.

  57. I can’t remember what Jim said to Ryan about the website that has made him so upset! Some help?

  58. Loved this one!

    Toby is officially a creeper. Ryan becomes more and more ridiculous/hilarious every episode, and as much as I agree with Stanley, I’m so proud of Michael for standing up for himself. Oh, and just when I thought I couldn’t love Pam more, she breaks out the glasses. Adorable!

  59. A little intense tonight. Michael’s face imprint had a really deep and big nose impression. That cracked me up!

  60. I love how the writers are trying to psych us out. First, making us believe Toby is leaving and now we’re left not knowing Jim’s future with Dunder Mifflin. I honestly don’t think Jim’s going to get fired though. (fingers crossed!)

    I can’t get over how amazing this episode was, it had a total season 2 vibe. I love the episodes that have both funny and endearing sides to them.

  61. #79 – It did feel like it was 10 minutes long.

    I can’t wait for the finale.

  62. Maybe Jim gets fired and becomes the center character for the Office spin off. Just kidding. Maybe.

  63. Wow! I don’t think I really liked this episode. There were some funny moments, but it was a little too serious for me. The last talking head should have been cut. It was a little over the top and not very funny.

  64. Dwight K. Schrute is making a comeback, baby. He was so awesome in this episode.

  65. I thought the last 5 minutes were a pretty big flop. The show is starting to feel a bit formulaic (it always has been a bit, but you could feel it tonight). There were some pretty good laughs, though.

    I bet #67 is from Iowa

  66. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but Ryan and Toby, two characters I once loved, are now at the bottom of my list forever.

  67. I think all you really need to say about Ryan at this point is, “How dare you?”

  68. man, I am a huge Office fan, but this season has been an epic failure. I don’t think I’ve laughed at an episode since the first episode maybe. How are they going to make an Office 2 when they can’t even make this funny?

  69. #80 has a point. If Jim is worried about his job, he might postpone his proposal and that would carry into Season 5. I think the proposal at the end of this season will involve Dwight, Angela, and Andy.

  70. Dwight’s car-flip and Michael’s final talking head were brilliant.

  71. Wow! Great episode! my opinion of Ryan keeps flip-flopping though. Last week I felt sorry for him (and thought he was kind of hot) and now I really dislike him for threatening Jim ( though I still think he’s hot). Toby … ahhh… I used to love Toby and his sad faces and funny conversations with Michael, but now I think he’s really struck a low blow. I don’t know… maybe this is the writers way of making the departing of Toby ( if he rally is leaving) easier.

  72. This has to be my favorite episode of season 4. Hands down. THIS episode was amazing!

  73. Great, great episode. Always love episodes where for just three seconds, we see that there is a small part of Michael that can act like a normal, competent human (ala The Client). Jim’s fake proposal was great. And I think people would enjoy the episode more if they freaked out less about “Who’s gonna get fired and start the spin-off?” and just laughed along and took the episode by itself.

  74. I loved every bit of this episode! It’s my favorite one so far this season.

    I did not see the Jim/Toby/Ryan discussion coming. I now hate Toby more than I hated Andy when he got Dwight fired.

  75. Did not love it. These past two weeks have been too stressful and serious. I watch the Office to get AWAY from stressful and serious.

  76. I just have to say that I was so excited for this episode and was so disappointed with the lack of engagement. How cute was it when Jim called Pam Pamela Morgan Beesly?

  77. How dare Ryan Howard talk to my future husband that way? Has he lost his mind?

  78. I didn’t really laugh too much at this ep. I think it’s a watch again.

  79. #94 How true! I have laughed but nothing compared to season 3, 2, and 1.

  80. I watch The Office to get away from stressful and serious. The last few weeks have been no escape.

  81. I found the last bit a little long, too. Maybe it was brilliant stuff, but I’m just not familiar with Rodney Dangerfield at all to have appreciated it.

    Anyone else think Jim’s going to quit and Toby stays put?

  82. This episode was easily the best of the season, season 2 came to mind! Brutal humor, witty dialogue once again, and the talking heads! Dwight, Darryl, Michael, Stanley, and the rest at the top of their game.

    Questions: Is jim going to stand up for himself? Is David Wallace going to kick Ryan out his corporate position in the finale? Thoughts anyone..

  83. Wow… I’m conflicted. Toby is my favorite character, but right now… he’s kinda of an a**hole. Wow… cosmic.

    Very good episode. 8/10

  84. Toby’s behavior really disappointed me. I never thought he would stoop so low. Jim worried me a bit when he didn’t tell Pam what happened. Probably just doesn’t want to make her worry.

    Pam looked so cute in her glasses. I loved Kevin and Creed’s comments about her.

    Dwight was awesome in this episode. I think he may have impressed Angela.

  85. hey everyone help me out please. What did Ryan ask Jim about the Eagles? “How do you live with the … ?”
    Interesting episode otherwise. Knowing the finale’s title, it’s hard to see where this is going. Can’t wait to find out though.

  86. I give this episode a lot of credit, because it was the first in a while that didn’t have the characters leaving The Office. However, like many season four episodes, the stories don’t seem to be quite as strong. The talking heads are kind of awkward. I’m a bit afraid that the characters are becoming a bit too much like caricatures of their common habits. At the same time, there is still a lot to laugh at in each episode and usually a few great moments. The Stanley-Michael scenes were great.

  87. The feel of this episode felt like older seasons of the Office and it was great! I agree with you 100 Dinkin’ flicka, I used to love Toby but that was just shady on his part. Now Jim has both Ryan and Toby against him, not cool. It will be interesting to see how this storyline will go.

  88. #108 – I agree with you. I don’t think Toby will really leave, but I do think there is a possibility that Jim will.

  89. Wait, did Pam spend the night at Jim’s or a friend’s place?

    Way bummed out by this Jim business. Way to make us happy when Toby leaves.

  90. I hate Toby! For once I actually understand and agree with Michael Scott…never thought that would happen in a million years.

  91. I think Ryan’s “douche-ness” is hilarious. The way he nodded in approval before getting out of his car was priceless.

  92. Most episodes take a second, third, and sometimes fourth viewing to truly appreciate its genius.

    As for this episode, can I just say how amazing Darryl was in this episode?! What a fantastic little moment, talking about all the gangs he’s been in! And by him saying he was in the Newsies has pretty much just made my life and made me love this show all the more. Brilliant job, writers! You never cease to amaze me.

  93. Good episode. I think Ryan is getting fired in the finale.

  94. YIKES! Ryan was pretty harsh on Jim. And what was up with his and Pam’s faces when they spoke just after that?

    Worried. :(

  95. What happened to Meredith? In the pictures it looks like she is falling down, but I did not see this in the episode. Maybe in the deleted scenes?

  96. If Jim leaves, or gets fired, I will seriously not know what to do with myself.
    I can’t even think about it :[

    on the other hand, Dwight’s pressure-mind-control tactics are hilarious.

  97. omg I am so MAD at Toby right now. I hope he leaves for good! But I’m thinking he isn’t really the one leaving… If Jim leaves or the Jim and Pam relationship gets destroyed I will no longer watch this show. >(

  98. Let me preface this with saying I enjoyed the episode:

    However, I agree with the previous points. Toby has become completely unlikeable, with little to no redeeming qualities. At least if Michael is annoying in one episode, he is redeemed in the next episode by showing his other character traits, like his childlike innocence.

    Toby has become such a waste of a good character. As soon as the “Toby has a crush on Pam” emerged, I immediately thought it was a bad choice. Toby used to have a great dynamic with Jim, and the crush on Pam storyline obliterated that. I wish they made Toby a less vindictive and stuck with other storylines, like his date to Phyllis’ wedding. They have made him an opportunist instead of generally decent guy. UGH.

  99. Loved it. I’m passed my in- and post-viewing high and I loved it. So much going on but it didn’t feel overloaded. Great awkward moment but it helped really develop some character traits. The funny in the ep was *really* funny.

  100. I don’t think Jim’s job is in danger. I think Ryan and Toby are on a power trip, but they won’t really be able to fire Jim. I was disappointed that they didn’t follow up on the Ryan/drug thing. That situation with Toby/Ryan/Jim rang SO true to me. And to be fair, Jim sure could work harder….

  101. David Wallace where are you? Do the right thing and can Ryan’s butt.

  102. I find boss/cokehead Ryan so entertaining. I can’t hate him because he’s too funny.

    The Toby hate, though, I can understand! It’s kind of hilarious that we all now sympathize with Michael when he’s hating on Toby.

  103. 109 – Regarding your questions, I think Jim standing up for himself might be the point of all this.

  104. Thank you #65!! We definitely need some JAM outside of the office. I also hated Toby in this episode, which I honestly never thought I would say. Thought the end talking head ran a little long and the episode was a little too serious for my taste but Michael putting his head in cement made up for it. If Jim leaves (which I highly doubt will happen) I don’t know how I will be able to watch.

  105. By far I think this has the most “season two feel” which is great!!! Probably my favorite this season, along with chair model. Those two episodes turned this season around for me.

  106. So the Toby hatred explained! Maybe he pulled an evil passive-aggressive “meeting” on Michael in the past? Poor Jim. Aww. I loved how Michael actually pulled out good managerial skills with Stanley, I thought he was getting fluffy fingers for sure.

  107. Actually, i realized the next episode looks like a big chance for jim to show what he’s got. he’s trying to land the biggest client ever

  108. It was confirmed that David Wallace is coming back for one more episode this season, to FIRE RYAN right??????

  109. Somebody please tell me what happened! The broadcast was cut off because of severe weather—I only saw the ending confrontation with stanley. What did Toby do? What happened with Ryan?

  110. Can I just say: wow. That was amazing. This trumps Chair Model as my favorite of the season. This one had a great season-two feeling and it was actually the first one this season I think I’ve laughed almost the entire episode. Stanley was great, Dwight was his most excellent self, and Pam’s glasses left me speechless. This was absolutely brilliant.

  111. Man, all this Toby hate! If Jim did something like that when Pam was with Roy everybody would be cheering. Hypocrites! :-p

    but seriously, good episode. I like when Michael is a total jacka** but then you get to see the good business/management side of him.

  112. I love how Toby is so creepy, he has been great w/his Pam obsession!

  113. Am I right in thinking that some of the gang names that Darryl used were from the cult movie “The Warriors”? I thought I heard him mention “the Warriors” and “the Lizzies,” both gang names from that movie. Thanks!

  114. Hehe I think the writers are trying to make Toby unlikable so when won’t miss him as much.

  115. Superb. So much to say, but my brain cells are gone tonight. Jim’s back has been pushed against the wall one too many times without standing up for himself. This situation is going to escalate where the wrong button is going to get pushed, and we’re going to see a very different Jim. Also, Ryan can’t fire anyone without David Wallace’s approval. And we all know that Wallace is pretty savvy and fair. He also knows of Jim’s work, and was probably going to hire him for the corporate job. Also, I think Michael will stand up for Jim when the heat gets turned up on this.

    I loved Pam’s lovable nearsightedness. She could read Jim’s demeanor after that Ryan/Toby discussion through her myopia. Michael and Stanley’s confrontation was terrific. Leslie killed in that scene. Nice to see him shine.

    I hate Toby with more hate than the fires of hades that lick at the heels of Satan’s minions. May he rot in Costa Rica when DM dumps his ass, and he leaves the country in shame like a sex predator hiding from authorities in the jungles of Vietnam. But I love Paul Lieberstein. He’s fabulous.

  116. I could not believe the unprofessional way that Ryan treated Jim. A formal reprimand from your boss should not be done in a sniper fashion. I was infuriated with Toby for sitting there and letting it happen. I can’t wait for Toby to leave and for David Wallace to fire Ryan’s ass.

  117. Ok so this is what I hope is happening:

    The writers are intentionally (and awfully effectively) making us hate Toby and not want him around so our “Goodbye” to him won’t be so painful. The writers are marvelous and manipulative. They more than any other comedy on television know how to make their audience really have emotional reactions to the characters.

    The writers are also setting us up for a really sweet, “Gonna kick your a$$, Beesly” proposal. Pam will say yes. She wants it. Remember, she was the one who brought it up, and as another poster said – women don’t bring it up unless we mean it.

    I have no clue what the big twist will be though, but I have faith that we will be left satisfied. I was so satisfied at the end of season three. It was epic.

  118. I think Toby’s path this season is exactly like Jim’s in season 2 – remember Jim complained to Toby about Pam making wedding plans— now Toby is complaining about Jim… Jim leaves because of Pam and now Toby is leaving
    because of Pam

  119. This was one of the best episodes in a long, long time. How funny was Stanley’s talking head about apologizing to his ex-wife, current wife, and future wife? Roffle!

  120. I hate so much about the things this episode chose to be.

    Remember when Toby wouldn’t let Jim and Pam fill out a “love document”? Maybe Wallace finds out about this and brings down the hammer on Toby?

  121. Ah! Here it is in all its glory:

    “It’s like I used to tell my wife. I do not apologize unless I think I’m wrong and if you don’t like it you can leave. And I say the same thing to my current wife and I’ll say the same thing to the next one, too.”

  122. The secrecy of the details regarding the spin off is making me crazy–just like the secrecy of the details regarding the proposal for Pam. Last week I thought Toby would be the one to spin off and tonight I thought it would be Stanley! Or are they setting up the notion that Jim and Pam will be spinning off? Or is Ryan going to get his comeuppance and then spin off with Toby and Stanley?

  123. I will bet you 100 Stanley Nickels that Jim and Pam are NOT engaged by the end of the finale.

  124. Great recovery from “Night Out”. Dwight is back! Loved how he “sold” Andy on selling the car and then turned around and sold it on ebay for a profit. A little JAM tease. Clearly, Pam will say “yes”. She threatened to say “no” when Jim faked the proposal during the meeting. The Toby/Ryan attack on Jim was a great move by the writers to set up next week and the finale. Michael vs. Stanley was also a great story line. Been coming for awhile.

  125. All in all, it was not a bad episode, but I get this feeling that these episodes are setting us up from something more that will come in Season 5. Something the Strike interrupted, and now they have to adapt.

    I do not think Jim would be leaving- they are just stirring us all up!

    I have always sympathized for Toby, but he and Ryan…not so sure anymore. They both like Pam, so I guess they are seeking a way to get back. However, Michael and David both like Jim, so no worries.

  126. I loved the dichotomy between Ryan’s handling of Jim and Michael’s handling of Stanley. Ryan pretends to be friends with Jim (talking about football) so he can attack him while Michael pretends to attack Stanley so they can go back to being friends. I think the writers are slowly hinting that maybe Michael is a better manager than everyone realizes.

  127. Re 164 | Bruce: That is a beautiful insight.

    Re 145 Jim: Exactly! Ryan lived in PA for how long? And as soon as the Giants win the Superbowl, he’s on the bandwagon.

    I would also like to say that I cannot wait for the Dwight/Andy storyline to pan out. You could tell in that quick shot of Angela that she was turned on by Dwight’s power play. I’m also getting a kick out of the parade of purses, tables, and desks hiding her tummy.

    Also, the overlay on Dwight’s chart was funnier than the chart itself, with all arrows leading from him to the rest of the company. Genius.


    anyone see angela’s reaction to dwight reselling andy’s exterra! priceless

    oh and favorite quotes (tanster you’re more than welcome to use in the header):

    Michael: “I’m going to fake fire him… its like a mock execution”
    …… “Stanley sassed me.”

    Kevin to Pam: “Can you just say, these are due back thursday?”

    Creed: “Alot of Jazz cats are blind, but they can play the piano like nobody’s business. I’d like to put the piano in front of Pam, without her glasses on and see what happens…….
    I’d also like to see her topless.”

    michael: “have you ever been in a gang?”
    daryl: “yes”
    michael: “i knew it”

    daryl: “fluffy fingers” nuff said.

    michael: “I don’t know why you keep picking on me.”

  129. Standard Operating Procedure concerning NBC comedy couples: Point the audience in one direction – proceed to execute plot point in opposite direction in season finale. Cause many people to post fanfic and youtube videos over summer hiatus.

  130. This one left me with a bad taste in my mouth (twss). Between Ryan verbally warning Jim and Stanley mouthing off and showing total disrespect to Michael, it was just alright for me (to use a Randy Jacksonism). The whole scene where Stanley is giving it to Michael and then the ensuing one-on-one wasn’t really funny to me (I hope it wasn’t intended to be). Just felt more like a dramedy tonight than a sitcom. I hate to say it, but 30 Rock delivered more LPM (laughs per minute) in my living room. :(

  131. Does anyone think that Andy sold the car to buy an engagement ring for Angela?

  132. 169 | Elizabeth

    Nah I think he sold the car (which was long overdue) because he’s also got a Prius in his garage already.

  133. Favorite lines:
    “Pam, translate.”
    “I haven’t done anything since Christmas.”
    “It zigs past your name, hence ZAGGING you..”

    And Jim’s speech?! Michael seems really into having his head rubbed by Dwight with strange products lately.

    Ryan appreciating critisicm.. thriving on it (in bed?)

    Anyone else think Dwight was kinda sexy in his wife beater? Angela was definitely impressed with his intelligence concerning the car. She’s still hooked.

    Sassed as a verb – love it.

    Andddd new stuffwhitepeoplelike – newsies? loved it.

  134. Does anyone think that Andy sold the car to buy an engagement ring for Angela?

    I doubt that. Doesn’t Andy’s family already have money?

  135. What if Jim gets fired/decides to quit and has to return the ring?!

    I really don’t see Season 4 ending in an engagement. :(

  136. I think Stanley actually gained a little respect for Michael when Michael actually acted like a boss.

    “You can’t talk to me like that in this office. You just can’t. I’m your boss. I can’t allow it.”

    Wow, Michael. Wow.


  137. Just when I thought I couldn’t despise Ryan or Toby any more than I already do, I am proven very wrong. Loved this episode tremendously though. It had everything I missed so desperately in last week’s episode. Who knew Michael had it in him? Also…how can Kevin’s skeeviness can be so endearing?

  138. Someone asked about the Eagles reference: Ryan was referring to the Philadelphia football Eagles. Ryan is obviously gloating like jerk because the NY Giants are the Super Bowl champs. And he just moved there. Typical douchebag behavior, and it was awesome.

  139. Can we at least agree that a cruddy Office still beats anything else on TV? With an actors strike looming, remember where we were for four months, ok, and how much we would’ve given for any new Office at all. Remember: We’re always *this close* to more ridiculous game show programming, like… I dunno… “Deal or No Deal: Around the World” or something stupid, and that’s just inconceivable because… — oh wait.

  140. I enjoyed this episode. I felt sorry for Ryan and now he’s a jerk again. Though, I liked him coming to Dunder Mifflin like he was Joe Cool.

  141. Ryan and Toby came off as vindictive sleazebags while Michael came off pretty well, he was still his oblivious, stupid self, but he actually tried, and succeeded to a certain degree to remedy the situation with Stanley.

  142. I totally hope/wish that Ryan is fired and has to go to rehab–and Jim takes over his job

    the only thing that would suck would be the lack of Jam-office moments :[

    but it would totally stick it to jerk-head Ryan

  143. I’m not so sure that Toby’s inclusion with the Ryan vs. Jim conflict was malicious. Sure, he’s jealous of Jim’s being with Pam and this is a convenient way to get that out of the way, but it didn’t seem like he would have done anything if it weren’t for Ryan and his douchebaggy self.

    This development between Jim and Ryan definitely makes sense. Even going back to earlier in the season when Ryan was bragging about his new life to Jim and Jim didn’t seem interested or impressed. If anything, it’s showing how poor Ryan is at his job and as a person.

  144. I thought Toby hopped the fence for Costa Rica last week.

    Last week’s episode worried me. Glad to see we’re back on track.

  145. Very solid episode.

    I usually don’t like the serious episodes but I thought this one was extremely well done.

    I thought for sure (but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen) that Michael would give Stanley the ol’ “Fluffy Fingers” but I was shocked and happy the writers went with realism.

    The last 3 episodes have been great.

  146. Stanley (well, I guess LDB) was amazing in this episode.
    He can be absolutely terrifying and just plain hilarious (not necessarily at the same time).

    I have so much respect for Michael as their boss. The way he treated Stanley when there seemed to be no cameras around shows that he is so much better at managing his employees than anyone else could ever be.

    Superb writing on this one.

  147. I never thought I’d say this, but I hate Toby. How could he do that to Jim? In the deleted scenes from The Fire, they were good friends. I hate so much about the things he chooses to be.

  148. I feel like this season of the show has gone to a really serious side. Is it normal to feel stressed over a t.v. show? Jim is in danger of losing his job because Toby is a creep and Ryan is on a power trip. I didn’t think I could ever dislike Toby, I always felt sorry for him but giving someone a bad performance review because you have crush on their girlfriend is just low. It makes me angry! If he actually does leave, I sure as heck don’t mind it now. And I cannot figure for the life of me what will happen in the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle.

  149. oh man, the first 15ish minutes was HILARIOUS!

    the last five…not so much.

    stanley the manly is pretty darn scary

  150. Ryan driving the BMW roadster was pretty much perfect, along with him primping before he went into the office. I hope there’s a Kelly out-take about it. I’m confident she’d have something very funny to say about it.

    Phyllis gave me big grins tonight, too.

  151. Loved this episode. So many great lines and moments. Fluffy fingers had me laughing on the floor.

    I do like the way this episode showed that Michael is (once again) not the worst manager out there. I love it when the show does that.

    I am getting worried about Jim. This is a storyline that has been set up from the first episode. Really, how much longer can he take?

  152. Lots of the ugly underside of office life; frustration, cutthroat politics. I’ve been in Stanley’s shoes…if you lose respect for your boss, it’s eventually gonna blow, one way or another. Ryan’s evil alliance with Toby vs. Jim: I see the beginnings of this season’s cliffhanger…

  153. I could not believe Toby’s talking head about Jim’s verbal warning! Totally convinces me that Toby’s conspiring against Jim because Jim’s dating Pam.

    Toby with the sad eyes! Blew my mind.

  154. I have never been so proud of Michael.
    Jim telling Pam to take his hand and he would lead her out.
    Hate Ryan and Toby, but Jim is not leaving

  155. Toby is a creeper, Ryan is an idiot, and Michael is more intelligent than we thought. I loved this episode, it was frustrating and made me want to kill myself, but I loved it.

  156. Dwight flipping Andy’s car….Amazing! Never laughed so hard. Pam was great and so cute with her lack of “vision.” Michael keeps proving himself smarter than people think! And Toby, are you kidding me? This guy has some nerve after molesting Pam last week. Perfect episode all around!!

  157. Oh, I absolutely LOVED this episode. It’s great to be back in the office =)

    There were so many laugh-out-loud moments.
    To name a few:
    ~Michael’s reaction to Pam’s glasses
    ~Fluffy fingers (i thought michael was going to try it on stanley… seriously)
    ~Dwight’s emergency plan
    ~”Everybody leave the room except for Stanley”
    ~”I don’t know why you keep picking on me”
    ~And the closing with Phyllis

    GREAT episode! I think The Office is finally back on track!!

  158. The only thing that really bothered me about this episode (besides Toby and Ryan being jerks) is the fact that they never really said what made Stanley so mad.

    He’s put up with so much from Michael…what made him suddenly snap? It just seemed really out of character for him.

  159. I actually think that Ryan might be the one who is leaving at the end of the season. David Wallace loves Jim so I think that he’ll find out about Ryan’s drug problem and fire him. I don’t know… just a hopeful thought…

  160. So great.

    So many little hidden gems in this one! I loved when Michael goes into Daryl’s office and he says he’s really busy or something, and you see him playing with a rubix cube… haha, who has those anymore?!

    Also- Angela’s look at Dwight; pretty much anything that Creed says; Pam’s 1960’s looking glasses; Michael’s facehole.. haha; Jim’s ongoing proposal jokes (by the way, she basically indicated she’d say yes except for in a Michael meeting) so that must indicate that she wouldn’t say no, right right!? hmmmm?

    Only 2 episodes left people, enjoy it!


    I liked it.

    Also, I’d like to mention, it is the dream of many people to leave their mark in wet cement. I am proud to say that I once made a butt print in cement and it has been on the sidewalk outside my house ever since.

  162. Now that is something to brag to the grandkids about (#204) You out-did Michael on that one.

  163. Kudos to Leslie- he did a great job, and I bet it was fun for him to get to take on a bigger load
    Phyllis stole the show for me tonight, though. She was fantastic!

  164. Hilarious exchange in the cold open when Michael is pressing his face in the concrete:

    Dwight: Force it in…as far as it’ll go.
    Michael: (muffled) That’s what she said.

  165. That one was pretty good, but I hope they have a really big funny one soon before the season ends. I can’t believe there are only two episodes left! But ryan and toby made me mad!!

  166. Michael came off as a better boss than Ryan in this episode. In his own way, Michael tried with a varying degree of success to rectify the situation with Stanley. As for Ryan, what kind of boss drives hundreds of miles just to get back at someone over a grudge? Pam looked cute in those glasses.

  167. Awesome stuff I found in the chart:
    – Dual male symbols on Oscar
    – Menstruation legend
    – Intellectual Property of Dwight K. Schrute for 1,000 years
    – Throwbacks to Devon AND Tom (they’re crossed off!)
    – Ryan’s title is “Vice President, North East Regional and Director of New Media”
    – Jim’s title is “Assistant Regional Manager, but Dwight’s title is “Original Assistant Regional Manager.” And Dwight is just slightly higher than Jim on the chart
    – Party Planning Committee bubble
    – Andy’s title is “Regional Director in charge of Sales”
    – Creed’s name is in quotes
    – Some of the guys have weird symbols next to their names. Can’t tell what they mean…

  168. I thought this episode was just OK. There was very good set-ups for future plot lines but some of it did not feel very funny to me. I was on the fence about the whole JAM proposal but the more I think about it the more I feel they are not going to get engaged this season. If you think about it, they have only been dating for 12 episodes. I think the writers will stretch it out a little longer.

  169. I think it is funny how Michael was right about Toby Flenderson being everything that is wrong with the paper business. I have no more sympathy for the guy!!

    I was crying when Pam was trying to write without her glasses. It killed me!!

    Poor Jim, man. He is just doing his job the way he was always done it but now Toby rats him out to Ryan, who is starting to be a butt since Jim talked to David Wallace. I am really hoping that Toby shuts up so that Jim does not have to stress out about his job. He needs to tell Pam though.

    And props to Michael for standing up to Stanley. He actually handled something the right way for once. But then he tried the same with Phyllis thinking his method works for everyone, but that is Michael for ya!!

    My new favorite episode for season 4. It’s starting to feel like ‘the office’ again!!

  170. I liked this episode overall, but something about how they handled Michael and Stanley’s interaction I disliked. I wished Michael would have called Stanley into his office and talked him there instead of in front of everyone. But I guess that’s where the awkwardness comes in that this show thrives on.

    Can someone just PLEASE explain one thing to me? What was the point of Michael’s last talking head imitating Rodney Dangerfield? It seemed really out of place; almost like they ran out of episode and just needed Michael rambling to fill time. Knowing that this show always has good extra footage, I’m confused.

  171. 207-I was wondering if anyone caught that cause no one that I was watching with caught it, I busted out laughing and they all looked at me like i was dumb

  172. Devon was on Dwight’s chart (crossed out)! What an early season two reference!

    Also, “menstrual cycles”! Dwight takes those into account so much! I think it was in “Boys and Girls” where he was worried all the women would end up on the same cycle.

    Whoever in props that made Dwight’s chart deserves an award.

    Everyone Kevin has ever dated has worn glasses? I don’t remember Stacey having glasses.

    I wonder how much of Michael’s “respect” jokes were improvised by Steve Carell.

  173. I just don’t know what to think about this episode. I think I need to watch it again. But I will say, this episode left me feeling very uneasy.

    I decided a few episodes back to stop speculating about what the rest of the season will bring, but right now my head is spinning with so many possibilities. Kudos to the writers for creating so many feasible exit plans for the season! I’m hoping that if I just wait it out and not get my panties all in a bunch, everything’s going to work out in an unexpected and pleasant way on May 15th! I hope…

    Oh, and I wasn’t so surprised by Ryan’s and Toby’s behavior. But Stanley? I could see him snapping at Michael, no shocker there. However, his comments about not apologizing to his first wife, current wife, or next wife? Wow, Stanley sure has a dark side, even outside of the office, which I did NOT expect. I just always imagined him as a happy, easy-going fellow when he was sitting at home in his sweats with his glass of red wine. Maybe, not so much?

  174. Okay, one thing I will speculate on! I’m sure in a deleted scene we will see Meredith falling after she steps in Michael’s face hole!

  175. Forget the staredown, I was waiting for Fluffy FIngers!!! I was waiting for Michael to break out his new technique when everybody left and it never happened! How disappointing :(

  176. #207 and #216–I did not catch that TWSS! Thanks for pointing it out. I’m going back to my tv right now to watch that scene again!

  177. I agree, I totally thought Michael was going to pull out Fluffy Fingers on Stanley!!!!! =( but then it got all serious

  178. I’m not sure if someone said this yet, but I’m pretty sure Jim was playing solitaire right after Ryan told him to stop goofing off at work. I found that interesting….

  179. Loved the episode but I would have paid money to see Michael tickle Stanley. Though Stanley would have most likely punched Michael so yea.

    Tha glasses were great and especially when Pam took them off and was squinting the whole time. Good job Jenna. Loved the second fake proposal too. Gotta love the JAM fluff.

    So I hate to say it but this season has kinda put the idea that Jim is leaving though they did that already so I don’t think the writers would be lame and do it again. They also have to keep Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight and Angela because really it wouldn’t be The Office without those core people.

  180. I agree with 202 (AwesomeBlossom)…I think Ryan’s off and Jim will get offered his job in NY

  181. 212, it may only be 12 episodes, but it’s almost been a year since their first date.

    Jim’s been in love with Pam for a long time.

    Other than the job situation, why would they wait any longer?

  182. congratulations universe, you win! i never thought i would loathe toby as much as michael but after tonight i am on the toby is the worst bandwagon…what a jerk!

  183. It seems these episodes keep getting darker and darker…
    I agree with #198. It was very painful, but still a great episode.
    Loved Pam’s glasses. I was disappointed, though. I thought for sure from what Jenna said that Jim would propose today. It would have been real cute if, while they were waiting outside, he said “Oh, I grabbed your glasses,” and puts the ring in her hand. She’d be all, “Hey this isn’t… Oh.” Yeah. xD
    Anyway, can’t wait for next week. Office is the only thing keeping me alive these days. Dunno what I’ll do in Summer!

  184. this is my favorite episode of the season; great showcase of the whole cast. i loved the 2 plots: ryan and toby trying to bring down jim, dwight trying to bring down andy (and win angela back!) it was well written and directed and i loved it.

  185. The first half of this episode was hilarious,and then it just became un-funny. Dwight’s chart was beyond hilarious!

  186. What’s up with Toby, are they purposely trying to make us hate him?

    I loved that scene with Stanley and Michael where they’re alone in the office. Michael actually handled himself like a real adult at the end. Yay!

  187. I am excited to see where all this tension is going. There are so many different issues with people right now. Toby/Ryan vs. Jim, Dwight vs. Andy. Hmmm… the last 2 episodes should be exciting.

  188. Could you say “These are due back Thursday.”?

    Kevin is hilarious.

  189. Umbra,
    I was satisfied with the Jim and Pam scenes in this episode, the “proposal scene” in the conference scene was wonderful and Pam’s glasses plotline gave us a peak into Jim and Pam’s outside the office life. I loved how Pam wouldn’t admit she slept at Jim’s.

  190. can we just take a moment to recognize the faceless character on this show…the cameramen! i mean, couldn’t you just imagine them sneaking back into the office after everyone left to video stanley and michael ‘fleecing it out’.

    also creed’s talking head…solid gold! :)

  191. Toby was a really big jerk in this episode. I mean come on, a crush is a crush — don’t screw someone’s job up in the process of having one.

    The rest of the episode was awesome. Dwight buying Andy’s Xterra, Michael vs. Stanley, Pam’s glasses, Kevin. I loved it.

  192. OMFG, I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Easily my 2nd if not overall favorite of the season! I just loved the character interactions (Daryl/Michael, Dwight/Michael, Dwight/Andy, Stanley/Michael, Jim/Pam etc.) and I loved the simplicity of the plot. There was a FANTASTIC mix between comedy and drama…All the characters seemed totally back on par after all the events that took place in Night Out…

    And yes, while I would have been thrilled to see Michael use the fluffy fingers on Stanley, I don’t think it would have fit in the scene. Why? Both Michael and Stanley were unaware that they were being filmed on the cameras. And after seeing Casino Night, we all know how the characters tend to be more themselves and serious when [they think] the camera isn’t watching.

  193. i loved kevin’s talking head about the fight and creed’s talking head about pam. dwight was amazing in this, i loved his shirtless talking head “what’s dwight doing? oh, probably nothing” and michael’s comments to pam. an ugly scientist!

    michael: you’re on the street, and one of your gang disses you.
    darryl: oh my goodness.

    go to church together and get an ice cream. ha ha! just one great scene after another!
    and i will admit, it was nice to see them all back in the office.

  194. I was right! See ‘Did I Stutter?’ video – Friday, April 25th, 2008: comment #85
    I called it!

    Anyway, this was a very nice episode. The alone time between Michael and Stanley the Manley shows the balance of this show which I enjoy so much. This is a comedy show with honest and real moments. With these last couple of episodes, Dwight seems to be very outspoken but not in his usual way. It seems he’s becoming desperate rather than his usual confident self.

    (I can’t believe I’m looking that much into a fictional character. This is proof that this show is the best thing that ever happened to my television.)

  195. angela is still in love with dwight. it’s obvious. she gave him her weird, intense, creepy, satisfied look again after he bought andy’s car and flipped it.

  196. Darkest episode ever. Not many jokes.

    Dwight’s night out has turned him around.

    I think they’re setting up something here, and I’m excited to see where it’s going. Not my favorite chapter in the book, but I bet it’s important later.

    (Loved Pam’s glasses. Was she cross-eyed WITH them?)

  197. I had high hopes for this episode and there were really funny bits but they seemed like they were kind of all over the place. It didn’t gel as a whole for me- like maybe it got a little lost in the editing room or something. I’ll be interested to see the deleted scenes. But I laughed a lot- anyone notice that the XTERRA had a “Cornell” cling on the window? So much attention to detail. Little gems all over the place!

    Fake proposal #2 was cute, but I just feel like they’re not giving us enough of a peek into their relationship. A flirt here, a flirt there and of course we LOVE it but what do we know about them as a COUPLE? I admit I feel a little gypped. I know it’s not the JAM show but I feel like we knew more about DWANGELA as a couple than we know about JAM. If they waited that long to be together I think there’d at least be some more kissin’ goin’ on!

    I’m being nit-picky but I end by saying I still laughed out loud and I LOVE LOVE MY “OFFICE!” Best show EVER!!!

  198. i have liked the last couple episodes more after a second viewing. the episodes that are more over the top are not my favorites right away.

    this episode was the type i love instantly. subtle, evenly paced, and so funny. each character had a moment. episodes like night out or booze cruise are also very plot driven. this had elements but it was more about the characters interacting.

  199. It wasn’t funny for me. I did like the Andy-Angela ad libs scene and Dwight’s chart but that was it. I was hoping after last week’s episode that it would be back to the funny Office that I know and love but lately it’s been more and more like a drama. Toby was always one of my favorite characters but he’s coming off mean now and I never felt like he was the mean kind. Ryan, whom I always sort of disliked but felt sorry for, is turning out to be an even bigger jerk. It just feels very jarring, all these sudden emerging character traits.

  200. I just realized… I don’t even think Ryan could know about how Jim is in the office. He hasn’t even really been around for almost a year, so the only one who could really inform him of what everyone does is Toby.

    I think he’s just being a big jerk for no reason.

  201. Oh come on people. Krasinski is too important a part of the show for there to be a chance in hell that he leaves.
    I liked Jim and Pam’s facial expressions when Jim walked out of his ‘warning’ meeting. Pam could read him up down and sideways. I like how it looked like she was looking at him seductively when really she was just squinting. And then she turns back to her computer and she’s clearly worried about what Jim didn’t tell her.

  202. They sure are building up the engagement. I really hope it lives up to the expectations the writers are creating for it by drawing it out. I was hoping Stanley would quit so Toby could stay, alas…

  203. I gotta say – I LOVED this episode! This was classic ‘Office.’ It was comforting like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. And I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much watching an episode. I felt like I got my friends back – okay, so maybe I watch ‘The Office’ a little too much, haha, but it was like being reunited. In the past few episodes we’ve gotten some real jaw-droppers – which, don’t get me wrong, were great, but this was really nice too. Now, that being said, need to know more about Ryan’s drug problem, I loved the Jim fake-out proposal again, missed a Toby talking head about last week, and Dwight sure was kicking arse and taking names tonight – and Ms. Angela sure seemed to notice (yay!) – so would like to see more of that develop. It just felt like everyone was on fire – Stanley, Andy, Phyllis, Oscar, Ryan – wished we could have gotten some more Meredith and Kelly though. And the cold open was just amazing!

    Jennie, thank you so much for all that you do for the site :) It’s really great and appreciated!

  204. And, of course, Kevin was good ole Kevin – creepily hilarious! Classic.

  205. Thanks Allison for more on the organizational chart. I loved that. I thought Michael channeling Rodney Dangerfield and other comedians was unfunny, but other than that the episode was a winner.

  206. This was awesome! I laughed out loud throughout! Loved the glasses, Darryl “Oh my goodness,” Dwight and Andy and the way Michael said “no” to Dwight’s bid for power. I kept waiting for the fluffy fingers but I guess it wouldn’t have worked, really. Poor Jim! Excited to see where they go w/ the Jim/Ryan conflict. Toby? Time to pack up dude. I think I agree w/ the people who say the writers are making it easier for us to see him go.

  207. Lizzy #240 – Ha! That is such a wonderful way of describing Angela’s look.

  208. If anyone else is was looking for a picture of Dwight’s chart, there’s one under the Photos section (

    Nice job 211 | Alison for catching all those details, I thought it was hilarious that Dwight put himself ever-so-slightly above Jim, despite Jim being Michael’s #2.

    I don’t want to know how Dwight determined the ladies’ menstrual phases.

  209. Also, why are there two different icons for post-menopausal? I really hope they sell posters of that thing.

  210. Nevermind, my friend said it’s because of Meredith’s missing uterus, and Dwight would be remiss if he didn’t make the distinction.

  211. 2nd viewing…For whose benefit did Ryan unbutton the top buttons of his shirt? Toby’s? Jim’s? Ours?

    So hot, so doomed.

  212. I find it hard to believe that Ryan would drive to Scranton to give Jim a performance warning–mostly because Jim reports to Michael, not Ryan. Not realistic at all.

  213. Anyone else think Jim will be fired, or something close to it in the finale?

  214. At last!

    I have been wanting to yell at Michael the idiotic-hold-everyone-hostage boss for ages now.

    He reminds me all too painfully of real bosses, who are rude, stupid, unfair, yet hold power over us – and workers must hold their tongues or risk being fired.

    It felt so wonderful when Stanley yelled at him. It was cathartic. Bravo, Stanley!

    Why did no one else support Stanley, at least in politely recognizing that Michael’s behavior provoked Stanley’s?

    Hearing Stanley tell Michael, “I don’t respect you” warmed the cockles of my heart – how many times have I wanted to say the same to my boss!

    I _loved_ this episode.

  215. Loved this episode… I’ve seen some negativity towards it, but I thought it was great compared to last week’s.

    Creed’s comment about Pam, the whole Dwight “5,4,3,2,1” countdown thing, Michael’s Rodney Dangerfield act that somehow veered into Jeff Foxworthy and Borat.. To me, this was a classic episode.

    Hopefully the next two weeks are the same

  216. Who else wanted to come through their television after Ryan and Toby? I am glad that both of them are getting ready to go down soon.

  217. Didn’t Jenna Fisher say in her blog that we would get to see more of Jim and Pam’s relationship outside of the office? Did I miss something?

  218. This episode just flew by for me. I didn’t laugh much, but I do think that things are getting going for the last two episodes. I just love how Ryan is a perfect a**hole. The sunglasses, shirt, convertible…

  219. Okay, I don’t think I saw any comments about this, but did anyone catch Pam’s middle name?? I swear Jim said it in his fake proposal (which was awesome by the way) but I couldn’t make it out clearly even after rewinding. Morgan? Morton? Anybody? Bueller?

    Also, NEWSIES! Totally awesome, Darryl!

  220. I found this episode to be funnier than last week’s in bits and pieces, but there was too much drama for me.

    The chart Dwight had was hilarious, so was his “I hope nothing horrible ever happens to them.”

    Pam’s glasses were just too damn funny. WHYYYY would she buy glasses like that, even if they’re only backup glasses, haha. Kind of cute how she wouldn’t admit to the camera that she slept at Jim’s, even though everybody knows.

    The fake proposal #2 was just too awesome, but now I’ll soon need the real deal or it’s going to drive me crazy.

    Leslie was *fantastic* in this episode… Has he EVER talked that much on the Office? No, right? :)

    and kudos to the writers on producing the most boring madlib ever, hahaha.

  221. I was waiting for Michael to go all “Fluffy Fingers” on Stanley and get his ass kicked. (I was actually sitting there begging the TV: “Please don’t. Please don’t.”) What kind of power does this show have?

    As far as JAM goes, even if they’ve been dating a year, Pam was engaged to Roy forever. Let the the New Beesley enjoy the fun of having a boyfriend for a while!

    The rest: Ryan is a creep, as always. Andy’s anger management training clearly paid off. I really want to go drinking with Kevin…that would be AWESOME. Dwight will always be my favorite character EVER.

  222. I was not crazy about the Stanley storyline, at all. I don’t like it when people are mean to Michael. He gets those sad little puppy eyes, and it just kills me. Besides, Stanley was too mean. Out of control, crazy mean. Not funny like pre-anger management Andy. Have to give props to Leslie Baker, though. His acting was superb. He got that crazy, angry twinkle in his eye. Wow.

    Regarding Toby, ew. Just ew. Now, I do want him to leave for Costa Rica. Ryan seemed in character, but Toby, what’s happened to you?

    Angela and Andy mad-libs rocked! Angela was too cute, giggling at a man eating cat food. This and all things Dwight were the saviors of the episode. Has anyone else noticed that Angela has no problem being open about her relationship with Andy in the office, but with Dwight it was all hush-hush. What’s that about?

  223. This episode started off as the type of Office episode I love. The cold open (i think that’s what its called) with Michael’s face in the concrete saying “that’s what she said” and vowing that his kids would remember him was hilarious. It was reminiscent of the Ben Franklin episode where he films a documentary with Dwight so his son would know what to do after he died. However, soon after, it began spiralling out of control and became a weird, lost, episode that had few laughs and even less storyline. The scene with Stanley and Michael was farrrr too long and so uncharacteristic of Michael! The Michael Scott we know and love would have cried and begged for Stanleys affection — not demanded respect! I admit Michael’s talking head afterwards was a little slice of heaven :)
    Also, the whole thing with Dwight trying to manipulate Michael and Andy wasn’t funny…in fact, the whole car scene (minus the mad libs) was just “bleh.” Ahhh, where are the Season 2 and 3 episodes where Michael does not have unending conversations with employees but rather laments at the lack of justice in this world, where a stripper can never become president.

  224. it wasn’t my favorite. ryan is the biggest tool on the planet. why was he even there? just to rattle jim? i thought for sure jim was going to tell pam he couldn’t take it anymore and was ready to quit when they all went outside. could we really blame him if he did? of course the show wouldn’t work without jim (and pam), but the way things are now, i don’t understand why jim is still there…obviously pam had everything to do with him sticking around, but now that they’re together…
    there were some great moments though: darryl, andy & dwight, pam having to write so close to her face w/out her glasses, the proposal fake-out, twss. and i am so proud of michael for NOT giving dwight control. i know he really wanted to…

  225. The scene between Darryl and Michael was priceless. It brought tears to my eyes. (Does anyone else miss Kelly and Darryl – I do!)

    And I loved the cold open too. Can’t wait to see what they put on Michael’s head next week!

    The “Jim tension” is being set up well. I think that’s going to become a main part of the story in the next couple of episodes. But they can’t make me hate Toby, no matter how hard they try. I will always remember the robe scene from Benihana Christmas.

  226. I loved this episode. The best part? Dwight’s negotiation skills. Today I’m going to go into my boss’ office and ask for a raise. I’ll count down from five and tell him to shake my hand. He WILL capitulate.

  227. Anyone remember Angela keying Andy’s car when Dwight left in S3? (It may have been a deleted scene) That’s what the “racing stripe” is! Haha!

    Not really sure how I feel about it yet. Loved JAM as always, Toby is starting to make me mad, Ryan is an a-hole, Dwight just seemed like he’s going out of his mind, and Michael is just Michael.

    That cold open would’ve been a million times better to me if it didn’t just follow the peanut butter one last week. They seemed too much alike to me.

  228. I’m very happy with the last few episodes. Particularly the lack of Jim and Pam. This isn’t the Jim/Pam show now that they’re together.

  229. Does anyone else think that since Ryan lives in New York City (in that incredibly tiny apartment, nonetheless), he rented that BMW convertible just to drive to Scranton in?
    I don’t understand where he gets off being so full of himself, when he hasn’t actually accomplished anything in his career…

  230. The transparency over Dwight’s chart? Putting the warehouse people in some sort of cage? Really? I love it.

  231. Hi Office Tally, first time commenting! And I have to today because I LOVED this episode!!! I think it’s my favorite of the season. So many great little moments. Blind Pam, Kevin the Librarian lover, Dwight the car flipper, Darrell the gang tickler… And then the more serious moments, that are really fleshing out these characters: Toby’s vulnerability, Jim’s weaknesses, Michael and how he deals with not living with respect… These are perhaps the most well-rounded and fully-developped characters ever on a network comedy show.

  232. Did anyone notice how when Michael told everyone to leave except Stanley, Dwight reached under his desk for his weapon stash!

  233. #260:
    I don’t think many people came to Stanley’s side because no one really hates Michael as much as he did. Andy loves him (as a suck up). So does Dwight. I don’t think Phyllis would ever actually say anything. Jim and Pam would talk to Michael about it in private. Creed wouldn’t do anything. Basically no one has the combined personality of really hating Michael and would blurt it out in front of everyone.

    I wish Toby had done the same. That would have been classic.

  234. Whoever pointed out that Michael thought there were no cameras around when he dealt with Stanley is brilliant. For once, it was Michael NOT performing. He was truly hurt and you can see that he really does possess the managerial skills for the job. The camera crew is kinda at fault. Makes you wonder what life at DM-Scranton was like before the crews moved in.

    And, for real, I have always defended Toby. And I sense the warning was Ryan’s idea, but for real. Toby?! I don’t like you right now Toby. Make it right.

    And thank you to whomever mentioned the “Pam, translate” line. Hilarous start to the ep and not many caught it.

  235. I LOOOOOOVVVEEEDD this episode. Loved it. By the way, I am also in the “I never liked Toby one bit” camp. :D Never did. Michael Scott is a secret genius. And, I loved the Jim/Pam stuff, and Dwight rocked this episode. Stanley was great. I was so proud of Michael at the end. Loved it.

  236. Oh, and for whatever it’s worth, I am not worried about our boy Jim getting fired at all. I think this will be like Beach Games/The Job – I was worried whether it would be Michael, Jim, or Karen who got the job, and then, whoa – it was Ryan. I think it will be somone we don’t expect at all to leave. One other thing – Jim, tell Pam what’s going on. Don’t leave her in the dark. I hope he told her when he got home. :D

  237. #273, maybe it is because she wants to make Dwight jealous. After all, she broke it off because he hurt her. I think she and Dwight will eventually be reunited, though. I LOVE all the subtle hints that she still has feelings for him.

    Darryl was my favorite part of this episode. I love the way he interacts with Michael…priceless. Overall though I agree with #279, too dark and complex. I hate to say it but the post-strike episodes are really lacking something for me…..

  238. I agree 100% with Cousin Mufasa. I think things are getting too complex. I know the strike really put a damper on things, but it seems like a lot of characters are moving in some crazy directions.

  239. There were points in this episode where I literally could not breathe, I was laughing so hard. Stanley. was. awesome. I love Leslie!

  240. My favorite part of the episode might have been Dwight’s voice-over scat before showing us that he’d “flipped Andy’s car for a profit.” I think it sounded something like this: Dwight: Rock-a-doo-pa-doo-pa-doo-pow, zock-a-doo-wow! Oh, what’s Dwight up to? Oh, probably nothing. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Sha-Tah!

  241. I think the writers are slowly showing us how competent Michael really is.

  242. I would like to know if Jenna actually wears contacts or glasses and did not wear them in the scenes in which Pam wasn’t, because she played that perfectly.

    Jim should not be too worried about the Ryan/Toby tag team though because the two most important people in the Dunder-Mifflin universe like him and have his back (Michael/David Wallace).

    I think Ryan is going to go broke soon with all his lavish spending and drug habit.

    Oh, and Pam’s translation of Kelly and Michael’s facehole were great!

  243. Power trips, outbursts, confrontations…sounds like most offices where I have worked! Stanley’s rants shocked me though. So glad to see Darryl him!

    I am wondering when Michael is going to get involved in the Jim/Ryan situation. Isn’t he Jim’s boss?

  244. To 298.

    There would be a great conflict for Michael. Who would he support? Ryan (who Michael adores — remember “who would you do?”) or Jim (who Michael wants to be his best friend, hence the dinner party and it is always Jim that Michael directs his jokes intially). That could have the makings for a great episode.

  245. LOL #270!

    Wow, talk about character development! Stanley scares me now, I hate Ryan, Tobey’s losing me, Phyllis seems to be coming out of her shell, and we saw the most adult side of Michael ever! Way to handle Stanley, Michael!

    I didn’t hear anything Pam said, it was just noise coming from an ugly scientist.

  246. So here’s what I think will happen:
    1. Toby leaves for “costa rica”
    2. Ryan gets DEMOTED and sent back to Scranton!!

    I kept hoping for a fluffy fingers moment between Michael and Stanley…

  247. #273 – I also think that they’ve kept it less of a secret because Andy serenaded Angela in front of everyone already… and Michael invited them to the dinner party as a couple, in front of everyone, months ago.

    Add me to the list of people who loved it! I too was glad to see Michael dig deep for the good leader he has in there, somewhere… respecting Stanley’s position while establishing his own authority in a way that Stanley had to respect was awesome. I also loved Pam saying if Jim proposed to her in a Michael meeting she would never forgive him… but she didn’t say she would say no. :D (I agree that she was a little flustered before with the idea of engagement, but Jim is helping her and us get used to and look forward to the day it finally happens.)

    Happiest thing of all–it was really funny, not just awkward funny. We love awkward funny, I agree, but it’s nice to have it balanced with just-plain-funny like this was. Cold open, Darryl talking Newsies and ice cream cones, Dwight… even Toby and Ryan couldn’t keep me from feeling a happy glow after this episode.

  248. Oh boy. This is tough. I’m a fanatic about this show, so it pains me to admit that the last two episodes are just okay for me. The first show back from the strike was absolutely BRILLIANT. Now? It is getting too dark and complex, too serious. Don’t get me wrong, I love those types of shows (“Six Feet Under” being a perfect example). But “The Office” fits a unique category all on it’s own and that’s what I love about it.

  249. Question:
    Could Ryan actually fire Jim, who has always been portrayed as having a good sales record? If he’s bringing in money, wouldn’t corporate not care? I guess they could get him because he didn’t sign a disclosure form about his relationship with Pam.

  250. Tough. Started great and then went downhill. Ending was humorous. WAAAAYYYY too long with the whole “Respect” talking head of Michael. This episode was awkward to watch. Hopefully BJ Novak will write most of the 5th season episodes. Otherwise, I’ll just be hoping that next week will be better.

  251. Everyone got great airtime in this one–how cool is that? I was so happy to see Stanley get some spotlight and his verbal lashing of Michael made me squirm. It’s wonderful when Michael gets to show us his human, capable side. Toby’s quiet joy in other’s misfortune is acted so well;I remember his pleasure at seeing Michael lose money and his excitement at the chance of a sexual harassment suit vs. Michael. Loved TWSS and the fakeout proposal. I can’t wait to see more of what happens with Jim,Ryan,Toby–will David or Michael get involved? The characterization and development really make this show stellar.

  252. #303-

    Brilliant? Fun Run? No. Probably my least favorite EVER. These episodes, again, aren’t as great as the previous seasons. (Nothing will ever compare to season 2), but at least they’re still a little bit back on track. And… it’s a mockumentary. It’s really not getting that dark, but sometimes life is dark , and… Anyhoo, I liked it. Stanley got maybe a bit too mad, but I could understand.

    Ryan sucks, now…

  253. Tara – I agree. I think Jim will be leaving at the end of this season for the spin-off.

  254. 278- Yes! I love those callbacks to past episodes.
    287- I didn’t notice, that is awesome.

    I don’t think Jim has to worry about his job. In Ryan’s defense, Jim does goof off a lot, but he still is probably one of the best employees they have. Ryan shouldn’t have singled him out. I don’t think Ryan could fire him, I think Michael would have to do it, and when push comes to shove, Michael usually is able to see who is right in a situation (like in the Deposition). I can see this contributing to Jim rethinking his job, but hopefully he will be able to do something on the side, like Pam’s art classes, until the series is over!

    I also thought it was interesting that Dwight’s pressure tactic worked on Andy but not Michael. Combined with Michael’s eventual ability to handle Stanley, I am glad we got to see some of the competent side of Michael.

  255. I’m confused/surprised that people are taking it as a big step that she slept at Jim’s place, as if they just now started….er, getting intimate.
    I thought that was already implied when they spent their first weekend away at Schrute Farms.

    Am I wrong?

  256. Tara-
    I don’t think John Krasinski is leaving the show, Jim is such a key part of the office, the show wouldn’t be the same without him. They’re just trying to create suspense as to whether he’ll get fired. Plus, if he was leaving, the news probably would’ve leaked by now.

  257. Don’t think this is a favourite yet but might grow on me. Best moments were:

    ‘Your Daddy left a face hole’ aww!
    ‘My Stomach hurts’
    Emergency disaster mode
    ‘Crips? Bloods? Both!’
    ‘Fluffy fingers’! (nearly peed)
    Ryan – OMG – such a prize jerk
    Pam turning into Velma from Scooby Doo
    ‘Clash of the Titans’- Classic Kev
    And of course ‘Everybody out except Phyllis’

  258. there’s no way they’re going to get john krasinskayyyyy off the show. at most, he’ll probably be demoted, thus causing some friction between him and pam

  259. I wonder what happened to the info we were supposed to learn about Pam & Jim’s relationship. Yeah, ok, she stayed over at his place but geez, they’ve been together for a year almost, that’s not that big of a step.

    I have a strong suspicion that John Krasinski is leaving the show or Jim will be promoted to corporate so John can pursue his movie career. He’s said a few too many times in interviews that he’s absolutely committed to the show and will stay as long as the show will have him. Reminds me of a football coach being courted by another team. Please don’t leave, John! Remember the lesson of David Caruso!

    Also…what was up with Pam & Jim’s looks after Jim’s warning from Ryan? He needs to fill her in.

  260. It was certainly better than last week’s episode, but it was so dark! While Stanley’s outburst is totally understandable, you couldn’t help but root for Michael in the end, and kudos to the writers for making him appear as a competent boss instead of having him do the “fluffy fingers.”
    I’m intrigued by the Toby/Ryan alliance, even though they don’t have a chance of firing Jim. Like others have said, he’s got David Wallace and Michael in his corner, so Toby and Ryan can’t fire him just because of their petty jealousy. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out, though.

  261. I didn’t really like this episode. I only laughed once, and I don’t even remember now what I laughed at. I thought that both Stanley and Michael were out of character. Stanley has always known that Michael is stupid and has always been pretty apathetic about it. Why did he lose it now? And Michael took it very well when Stanley said that he doesn’t respect him. Michael desperately wants people to like him, so I thought this was out of character as well.

    I agree, Jim isn’t going anywhere. He pretty much makes the show. While the entire cast is funny & all the story lines are funny, Jim’s pranks on Dwight are probably the funniest. And the whole Jim/Pam thing definitely had people watching week after week (like me!)

    I can’t wait to learn more about Ryan and his drug problem. I was kind of surprised that they’re doing a story line as serious as this.

  262. Did all of you who didn’t like Michael’s last talking head recognize all his quotes? He started with Dangerfield, jumped to Foxworthy, had a Seinfeld moment, then Borat, and I probably missed some. I thought it was awesome. So Michael.

    Here’s the org chart.

    Andy went to college; Stanley, Darryl, and Lonnie are black; Kevin is Irish; Toby may be Jewish
    But what on earth is the orange line from Lonnie to Michael???

  263. Just another reason to love Jim Halpert-
    He’s an Eagle’s fan.

  264. Here’s my guess: Ryan is jealous of Jim because Jim has all the skills and abilities that Ryan wishes he had; because of this, Ryan engineers the demotion/firing of Jim (with Toby’s tacit approval because of his unrequited love for Pam) only to have the day saved by Michael and David Wallace, who somehow find out about Ryan’s drug problem and expose it to corporate. Ryan ends up in rehab, comes out all touchy/feeley emotional, gets demoted back to the Scranton office, and tries to win back Kelly.

  265. Good Episode – Lots of story arcs can be set up from here. I think the season finale will be awesome. Michael and Jim aren’t going anywhere. David Wallace owes Michael for saving the firm big bucks in Jan’s lawsuit, and maybe Jim will make that huge sale next week – thwarting Ryan’s attempt to get him canned. Ryan ought to be demoted to corporate head of customer service (Kelly’s boss) after returning from rehab. I’ll bet the cliffhanger centers on the Dwangendy triangle. It would be great to see Ryan’s addiction discovered by David Wallace while he’s trying a power play on Michael, Jim and Pam; especially if his “serious personal self destruction” happens in front of the Scranton branch.

  266. WOW..I didn’t think Toby could get any slimier than Night Out, but he did. The Toby-Ryan alliance is evil and pathetic. It must be stopped. Jim should clue-in Michael and/or David Wallace about what’s going on (Toby feeling up Pam, Ryan’s “warning,” Toby’s refusal to let JAM sign one of those “love contracts”). If Michael and Dwight weren’t so clueless, they would know that Ryan has a coke addiction. More ammo to bring down the unholy Toby-Ryan alliance. Dwight: “Force it in as deep as you can.” Michael: (muffled) “That’s what she said.” Comedic gold…….

  267. I may be misremembering, but I swear that Angela keyed Andy’s Prius not the XEarth. Can anyone confirm that?

  268. Why is everyone so surprised Toby’s evil? Michael has been telling us that all along.

    In fact, “Toby is the worst.” :)

  269. Flonkerton Rules…i really really hope that happens. it would be pure gold.

  270. Comment #155 by Smartone is such a great observation! I never thought of that before, despite my obsession with analyzing the show. It shows how the direction of the show makes you root for certain people over others. I wonder if that parallel will continue or get more explicitly spelled out. Great thought!!!

  271. I think Michael’s reaction to Stanley made a lot of sense. People don’t usually get so blunt with Michael, and if you notice when they do, he always glances at the camera when responding. I think this rare cutthroat outburst made Michale pause and think, then when he thought the cameras were gone, he reacted authentically without consciousness of the camera.

    Also, I have always really disliked the character of Stanley, but I feel like I am the only one. Anyone else out there not a fan of his?

  272. Even though to me it wasn’t the funniest episode, I did love it. I love seeing everyone in the office and seeing some major character interactions. Stanley, we knew some day he would break down and give Michael a verbal slashing. However, shockingly, we got to see Michael deal with it in an adult manner, showing his true skills as a supervisor. (This of course was after the “fake” firing.)

    And I’m really enjoying the Jim/Ryan/Toby story. Of course, I was ready to kick Ryan and Toby’s butts for talking to Mr. Halpert that way, but I’m hoping the next two episodes continue this storyline. I really want to see Jim blow up and just give it to them! I think after four seasons of being the “good” guy he needs a moment to let it all out. And I want it to happen in front of Pam, so she can see him stand his ground.

    Also, I adored Pam and her glasses, the proposal fake out, Dwight’s chart and the last scene with Phyllis.

  273. Oh, yes! Darryl’s bit was hilarious! I LOVE how Michael will just take the bait sometimes. And Creed.. oh, Creed. Just about everyone had a good part in this one – we just missed poor Jan…

  274. OMG the Mad Libs were so random and hilarious! Dwight’s invented Mad Lib was one of the best Dwight moments ever… “an awesome day for Dwight.”

  275. Did anyone else catch Darryl naming the “Newsies” as a gang?

  276. If Jim gets fired, I’m sure he wouldn’t really be leaving the show. The show would die without him.

  277. Yeah, Stanley is terrible. Not funny and not nice!

  278. Have to admit…I wasn’t thrilled when I turned the TV off last night. I just felt like the whole tone of the episode was weird and off. However, reading the comments and quotes from the episode, I’m cracking up remembering things…I definitely need to re-watch it…

  279. Thanks, King of the Stupid Universe. I just don’t see what he adds to the show. He doesn’t have particularly funny lines or anything. He’s just a big downer, in my opinion, and pretty boring.

  280. I hate Ryan SO much! I mean, he doesn’t even give Jim an explanation (“Whoa, you don’t have to get all defensive! It’s just a warning.”)! What is all that about?

    Kevin makes me laugh so hard. Just the way he says things is funny.

    I hate Toby also.

    Why was Toby in the room when the warning was given? Ryan said “Now that I have you and Toby in here..” (or something like that). Geez!

  281. I loved Darryl’s solution. He seems to genuinely care about Michael as much as he can. And so he gave him the same solution he probably uses with his kids. Tickling. Church. Ice Cream.
    Love it!

  282. 336 – Little Tuna Cousin

    Toby was in the room because he’s the HR guy. In order for a company to cover its butt an HR rep usually has to be present for reprimands, pay raises (The Negotiation), etc. Hence why Toby is there. Ryan just used his trickeration to lure Jim into the room so he could tell him he had a warning.

    Sidenote: Dwight has had the best moments of the season so far. Him doing his skidderydoing bit when washing the Xterra and peeing in the can (“You’re making me spray”) in Branch Wars are my favorite laugh out loud moments from him this season. And I used to not be a big fan of Dwight. Kudos Rainn!

  283. I can’t believe that Toby would report Jim like that to Ryan. And, if Toby likes Pam that much…then uhg. It just doesn’t work for me, Toby and Pam. This episode was okay, it had its moments. Meghan is right, Jim/dwight pranks are the best. and I just can’t wait for Jim to Propose to Pam. :D How many believe this will be the last season?

  284. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents about “sleeping over”… for lots of people, that IS a VERY big step, which is why some people don’t “sleep over” until after they are engaged or married. Lots more people still feel that way that than those who feel the other way (or don’t care either way) might think.

    Having said that, I do agree that Jim and Pam staying at the Schrute family B&B seemed to me to establish that they had taken that step already.

    (Also, it’s interesting to see how many people thought this one was especially dark… it didn’t seem any darker to me than Michael and Jan’s relationship/behavior at the dinner party.)

  285. I think that Dwight will propose to Angela in the finale with the money he makes off selling Andy’s Xterra, and the Jim/Pam proposals are just to throw viewers off. Andy will get upset that Angela is leaving him and decide to leave, leaving him to head the spinoff show ;) Anybody else agree?

  286. My favorite moment from last night’s episode was Jim taking Pam by the hand and leading her out of the office. The look on his face was of pure concern for her and wanting to make sure they got out of there safely. Jim is a true gentleman!

  287. I think the bit about Jim getting the “warning” was not really about “ohh Jim might get fired.” but more Jim’s reaction and when Pam ask him about it. He doesn’t tell her and she knows he is not telling her something. Ryan calls him on goofing around, playing pranks and always talking to Pam – which is the Jim we love and to some extent it is all true. With that said Ryan is a douche.

  288. Did not care for this episode. Really bad tone overall- from Michael not being able to stand up to Stanley’s insubordination, insulting Pam re: her glasses- even his moment of clarity in managing Stanley couldn’t save his idiocy. His TH was Zzzzzz worthy. Dwight was super annoying. Ryan and Toby are tools and I find it hard to believe that nobody in that office mentioned Toby’s blatant groping of Pam.

    High points: Darryl and Pam. More Darryl please. And Pam looked adorable in her glasses. Loved how she handled herself despite all the inappropriate comments from Michael and Kevin.

  289. I was pretty disappointed with this episode. It *could* be because there seemed to be a lot of hype around Pam’s “secret”, which turned out to be…nothing. Oh wait, she has bad eyesight. Wow. That’s SHOCKING.

  290. Pam trying to write a phone message without her glasses on was HILARIOUS!!

  291. The most surprising thing about this episode is that Michael’s hatred of Toby is seeming more and more justified.

  292. The ‘keyed’ mark on Andy’s car…wasn’t that from the deleted scene of Angela keying his car in the episode Andy tried to get Dwight fired??!

  293. The reason I love The Office so much is because I so often see the same situations at work. I go to stupid meetings at work where I have to endure the same lame ass topics. I had a co-worker that I never knew wore contacts until one day she showed up with coke bottle sized glasses. We’ve all had our office enemies who were mad or jealous of us and found ways to write us up formally. We’ve all had that stupid boss that we’ve wanted to say what Stanley said but were afraid to. AND OH MY GOD! They have Toby so dead on as your typical HR guy. I know several like him!

  294. I loved this episode. It made me laugh. A lot. That’s why I watch the show. It seemed *less* dark to me than Dinner Party or Night Out. Dwight’s org chart alone was worth it, but there were so many great moments. Sure, trouble’s brewing on many fronts, but it was still funny!

  295. Ohhh and Dwight saying “The Crypts, The Bloods, The Lion Kings…” The writers should get a raise for that scene alone!

  296. i almost screamed during the toby/ryan vs. jim confrontation. seriously, toby? that’s so low. i used to sort of like him and feel sorry for him. not now. toby is a CREEPER.


    overall, episode was amazing. i enjoyed it the whole time and was still laughing through commercials. two episodes left! this season has totally surprised me…and the season finales are ALWAYS surprises. we’ll see what the writers have for us!

  297. stanley freaked out cause michael fired him, or so he thought. this is a response to all the people who feel it was out of character for him to suddenly snap and yell at him. it’s like when he thought ryan was hitting on his daughter. imagine if your incredibly incompetent boss fired you in front of all your co-workers for snapping at him in a meeting? i think you would be pissed.

  298. I can’t believe that Toby would report Jim like that to Ryan. 339 | ClassicTransAM

    i don’t think he did report jim. i am reading a lot of comments where people seem to think that toby reported on jim to ryan and that is why ryan reprimanded him. i think it was ryan’s initiative. remember “watch your back jim”? i think ryan is after jim because he is threatened by him and toby just stood by and let it happen because of his feelings for pam and subsequent jealousy of jim. i think it was low of toby to participate but i think the person behind the warning was ultimately ryan.

  299. By far the best thing about this episode was Creed. I mean… come on.

  300. First of all, thank you #338 for clearing that up! (I am not in the office/business world)

    #339- I really hope it isn’t the last season. If it were, we wouldn’t get to see JAM married (if Jim proposes!) or see Dwight finally win back Angela.

  301. The ‘keyed’ mark on Andy’s car…wasn’t that from the deleted scene of Angela keying his car in the episode Andy tried to get Dwight fired??!

    no she keyed his prius in that episode. this is obviously the car he had before “drew” came back from anger management.

  302. More Darryl. He’s hysterical. I loved this episode–I gave it a 10, and then I remembered there’s an A++. It was better for me than Dinner Party, Fun Run, and certainly Survivor Man.

    Steve is genius in all of them, but when the writing hits a super duper paper stride, well, he kills.

  303. I agree with Michael…Toby is the Worst.
    Jim Halpert is the prince charming we all want.
    I loved how he led his Pam out of the office after she couldn’t find her glasses. If only we all had a Jim and could be a JAM!!!!*

  304. Tuna Tuna Tuna is right I think. Ryan is behind the reprimand but as HR, Toby has to handle all paperwork over it and make sure it is in line. Still schmucky of Toby, though. Ryan I’m not surprised at, of course.

  305. #326 – I have always disliked Stanley. I usually find myself laughing at what an annoying person he is.

  306. loved this episode!!!! fluffy fingers was hilarious, but i’m mad at ryan for giving jim that warning….dude, you never made a sale and have a failing website…..and you’re on coke, so shut it.

  307. Oh, and is anyone else really sick of the one TWSS per episode thing they’ve done this season?

    “That’s what she said” jokes can be really awesome sometimes (Dinner Party is an example) but they are just killing that joke this season.

  308. Another episode that goes into the human psyche of Michael and makes you feel for him….damn I love these episodes!

  309. Oh my god… I loved it!!!

    I had to miss the office yesterday because I was forced to watch Grey’s Anatomy :) I didn’t get to watch yesterday’s episode until a few minutes ago…

    Anyway, it was great. I’m glad that Stanley finally blew up at Michael, and we got to see lots of good character interactions.

    Very excited for next week.

  310. Am I the only one who wasn’t that impressed with the episode? I love The Office and still think that it is the best show on TV, but I didn’t like this one. I thought Steve Carell was looking kind of “old” in this episode, and I really didn’t like Creed’s comments about seeing Pam topless. Why was Jim looking so tired? Dwight was also very harsh. All I can hope for is that the episode was setting up something for future episodes.

  311. I see the openness of the Andy/Angela relationship is obviously a result of Andy being so upfront in his wooing a the office. Even so, this new openness seems to exemplify a distinction in the two relationships. With Andy, Angela is all preppy with silly madlibs and dinner parties. It is very safe. With Dwight, the relationship was a little naughtier – Angela was in a relationship where she thought Dwight might ask her to sleep with Michael because that’s the way they “consolidated power in ancient Rome.” Dwight brought out Angela’s crazy side a little more than Andy does, and I have to agree, she seems to miss it.

    I am torn. I loved Dwangela, but I am not hating Angela and Andy either, though their names don’t combine to make an easy nickname. :P

  312. Oy, what a great episode. So many laughs.

    Ed Helms acting during Dwight’s whole pressure countdown was priceless, and Kevin’s excitement about the fight was great too.

    Can’t wait for the season finale!!

    p.s. I love when Randall directs.

  313. 367 – Mr A Knife

    I think Creed’s talking head was hilarious. He was just saying what most guys have thought but not said out loud. Why was Jim looking tired you ask? Using our Scooby-doo detective work (reference because of “Where are my glasses?” by Pam) you have to put the fact that Pam stayed over at a “friends” house and Jim’s tiredness together to figure out the reason behind that. Wink and wink. Also, I, personally, am loving this new Dwight. He’s becoming the cool guy now with his mad lady skillz in Night Out and taking advantage of Andy. Classic.

  314. This episode was awesome!

    I love how Dwight tried to use the same method he used on Andy for the Xterra. I wonder what events would’ve turned out if Michael said yes.

    I was slightly defending Toby on last week’s episode, but now I’m disappointed. Silly Toby, Pam is for Jim!

  315. Not a fan of this episode… that’s all I’m going to say. I did not laugh out loud once. Couple chuckles here and there… but there was no “LMAO”ing going on, as there normally is when I watch The Office. Maybe my expectations were just too high after last week’s episode(which I loved loved loved)… who knows. Oh well. Still my favorite show “in the whole wide world.”

  316. I had to watch the first half of the episode online so when Stanley actually dissed Michael, he did stutter!

  317. I think it’s clear that Ryan is out to get Jim, but I don’t think the writers have revealed all the reasons why. What if the only reason that Ryan got the job at corporate was because Jim turned it down, in order to stay in Scranton with Pam. (It was never revealed whether or not Jim was offered the job.) After screwing up everything he’s associated with at corporate, Ryan finds out that David Wallace originally wanted Jim for the position. Do you think he might be trying to get rid of Jim pre-emptively? That would be one way to make it more difficult for Ryan to be easily replaced. On top of being a coke head, now Ryan is becoming a craven little weasel. Awesome.

  318. “DID I STUTTER?” LMAO. Seriously creative episode title. Predictable would have been to name it “The Disagreement”, “The Glasses” or “The Car”. Amazing it would have been to name it “Fluffy Fingers”.

  319. I loved this episode! I laughed almost constantly from beginning to end. My favorite parts were Darryl’s gang experience and Michael’s talking head. It was so great how he actually started out being funny and doing a great Dangerfield impression…and then he was so proud of himself that he descended into his normal horrible joke-telling. Dead on Michael Scott – a little bit of heart, but a bit more stupidity.

    I hope nothing happens to Jim, though. I’m worried about this spin-off thing.

  320. This was my favorite episode of the season. it really brought me back, using a lot of classic jokes, I feel.

    Also, I was wondering if someone could translate for me what Jim is saying when Michael is putting his face in the cement. I can’t understand it, but I think it’s funny. Thanks!

  321. I have quite a few friends who didn’t like this episode, and I don’t see where that’s coming from. It was reminiscent of season 2, and Pam’s glasses were adorable!

  322. I keep replaying the first scene of Pam with her glasses… the frames are like the female version of Dwight’s. lol And acting all coy and shy about sleeping at at a friends, I mean c’mon. She and Jim are practically engaged already. Everyone knows that. But the kicker? Kevin’s librarian attraction. Ugh. Creepy but funny all the same. Hehe

  323. when michael cleared everyone out of the office, part of me really expected him to start tickling stanley.

    adding newsies and the warriors to the list of gangs…brilliant.

    anyone agree that the openings and closings the last few weeks have been amazing?

    between the american pie rockout, the face in the cement, and the insane combination of standup routines at the end of this one…pretty classic.

  324. i loved the intro..too bad michael didn’t stick his butt in the wet cement so the line would’ve been more like “That’s me, Look kids your daddy left that butthole”

  325. Office Tool-
    I agree with you to a point, the tension between Ryan and Jim has been building since season three, remember, “I liked you better when you were a temp.” Ryan was slighted when he found out Pam was dating Jim. Plus, Jim is clearly more capable than Ryan. So it is personal and professional.

  326. When Jim was fake proposing and said Pam’s full name, did he say “Pamela Morgan Beesly” or was it a different middle name? I couldn’t really catch it.

  327. I have seen every episode of the Office since season one and have loved (or at least really liked) every episode I’ve seen, but I HATED this one. It wasn’t funny at all. The writers are destroying the subtle tension between the characters by making Stanley and Ryan turn into jerks.

  328. 322, you’re right. I watched the deleted scenes last night from Safety Training which is when Andy comes back from anger management and Angela keys his Prius not the Xterra… I got them confused. But that would’ve been awesome if they mixed that little tid bit into the storyline! :)

  329. Here’s the deal. I love Jim. I relate to Jim. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. He’s that guy. Jim doesn’t take the responsibilities of life very seriously. He hasn’t had to, he’s gotten by on his charm. The problem with relying on your charm (consciously or not) is that once in a while you’re going to meet someone who you can’t charm. Enter Toby.

  330. what was the big secret we were supposed to find out about pam we never knew about?

  331. 346 | Courtney – i think all the “hype” around pam’s secret was our speculation here at office tally. all that jenna fischer said was we find out a quirk about pam and she gets a lot of grief about it from people at work. which is exactly what happened in the episode. i always take everyone’s speculations and theories with a big grain of salt because they tend to be more out there than what actually happens on the show.

  332. 386 | mlc914
    i agree! it would have been great continuity if the “racing stripe” had been from angela keying the car. maybe andy is just the type of guy who inspires people to key his car!

  333. “Rock-a-doop-a-doop-a-doo-bow!!! Sock-a-doo-doo!! Oh, what’s Dwight up to? Ohhh, probably nothing….rock-a-doo-pa-doo-dee-dooo….SHI-KAH!!!”

    Best line of the episode.

    I also REALLY wanted Jim to say, “Well, if you wouldn’t have been doing coke and partying so much in NY, then your website wouldn’t have imploded.”

    Stand up for yourself Jim.

  334. 375: They did make it clear that Jim withdrew his name from consideration for the job; in ‘Launch Party’ when he and Michael are driving to New York he mentions that he withdrew his name and Michael says he did too. I can’t remember the exact quote but I picture Jim putting his car in reverse when he says it, if that helps.

  335. I think it’d be interesting if Jim and Pam gets engaged but Jim accepts David Wallace’s job because David is the one leaving…’d that be for a new Jim-Ryan, Jim-Michael, Jim-Dwight, or a Jim-Pam relationship?? sorry for going crazy ’cause I can’t stop thinking about who’s leaving the show.

  336. 392- kelley

    That’s true but he could have been offered the job nonetheless and then taken himself out of the running. If so, he wouldn’t be the type to say to Michael “Well, I got the job but turned it down.” That would have opened up a pandora’s box!

  337. someone easily could have brought this up earlier, but I thought of another possible reason for Ryan wanting Jim out. Just earlier this season, Ryan asked out Pam, only to find out she was dating Jim. Toby might not be the only one that has his eyes on Pam.

  338. Also, why was her having glasses such a secret??? It wasn’t too embarrassing, though of course Michael was pretty funny. I was thinking something faaaaaaar worse.

  339. There’s a real ad on TV now that uses Michael’s idea at the end of the episode. It’s from some cell phone company. Caroling during the summer.

  340. You know, I bought that DVD set just to hear Stanley say, “Did I stutter?” again.

    I also love the Xterra plotline since I drive an Xterra, the same color as Andy’s but a 2004.

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