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  1. Pam’s glasses were hysterical – and being someone with less than superior eyesight (read: terrible) I fully sympathized with her leaning over the notepad to write and feeling her way around the desk. That said, I couldn’t help but wonder how many pairs of glasses Jenna had to try on to find the right, “ugly scientist” look.

  2. Were you guys tempted to have Michael tickle (ala fluffy fingers) Stanley during that confrontation at the end? I almost sure that was going to happen (although glad that it didn’t)…

  3. Ryan and Toby were really ganging up on Jim in this episode. Was it all because they were both jealous of Jim being with Pam? I didn’t know Ryan was that into her. Of course, Ryan HAS hit on every girl Jim’s ever been with, but still.

  4. Michael’s “no respect” talking head was brilliant. It was absolutely true to form for his character. I counted at least 5 comedian references. Was that written or did Steve come up with some of it?

  5. Why is Toby having this complete character turn-around? How did he become likeable to a jerk?

  6. Fantastic episode! Very funny and intense.

    Why is Toby still around? After the incident with Pam in Night Out, why didn’t anyone report him?

    What inspired “fluffy fingers”? That was hilarious!

    I gotta know how Dwight’s chart came together. Please tell!

    Jim seems to be in the midst of a major transition in his life. I find his current storyline to be absolutely fascinating. I just wanted to pass on kudos for creating such an interesting story arc for him, even though it’s hard to watch him have such a hard time.

  7. Brent and Justin, that was an incredible episode! I love seeing Dwight hopped up on his own power! Could you explain how you came up with his brilliant org chart? And also, what’s his obsession with menstrual cycles?

  8. Why wouldn’t Jim tell Pam about his “warning” from Ryan and Toby? That’s exactly the type of thing you’d run and tell your significant other immediately, especially when you work together. (Maybe not in front of the cameras, but he should’ve pulled her outside for a second.)

    Great episode though — I love Darryl’s recurring “I’m kinda busy here, Mike” when he’s goofing off! (this time, a Rubix cube.) Love it!

  9. Why wasn’t Michael part of Jim’s performance review warning? Did I miss something there…was it just a bitter ploy by Toby to knock Jim down a few pegs?

  10. Is Dwight becoming a more dominant influence with Michael? In the past Michael would often just kind of dismiss Dwight’s odd behavior, now he seems to embrace it! Love the Jim, Pam interplay

  11. First off, great episode! I have to ask about Dwight’s Chart: Who was the brilliant mind behind it? It is beyond words how incredible and funny it is. Do you know if NBC or anyone else is making it available for fans to buy? Because I would be first in line.

  12. Who thought up/designed Dwight’s organizational chart, and where do I send the cheque for a bazillion dollars? That thing was AMAZING.

  13. Hey guys, great ep!

    What was your intention in writing the Pam/glasses subplot? Was it just a fun, quirky piece of info or were you going for something a bit deeper?

  14. The last two episodes seemed a bit darker and more intense than usual (though each certainly had its truly funny moments!) Any particular reason why things have gotten a bit more serious lately?

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever respected Michael as much as I did when he accepted the fact that Stanley didn’t respect him but told him that he cannot speak to him like that. It seemed the most managerial and professional I’ve ever seen him behave. Is that little paradox what you were going for?

    Also, kudos for the ambiguous line “If you propose to me during one of Michael’s meetings, I *will* say no!” So a different setting would yield a different answer, huh? ….

  16. Was Stanley divorced from his first wife (Melissa’s mother) when he married Terri, or was he a widower? Was his talking head supposed to give the idea that there’s conflict in his second marriage?

    And, in a couple of the past episodes, Creed has had some moments of clarity – we know he’s terrible with names, but he’s remembered Pam’s name twice (“Did I Stutter?” and “Chair Model”) and known the name of the security guard when no one else did. Is he becoming more astute in his old age? Or does he just remember Pam’s name because he thinks she’s hot?

  17. Was Michael’s homage to Rodney Dangerfield at the end of the episode fully scripted, or was this another example of Steve Carell’s hilarious improv abilities? How many takes were needed to hit the right note?

  18. Thanks for answering all of these questions!
    We’ve been seeing some Kelly and some Darryl but not together. Are those two still dating? Also, how many cars did you go through before picking the BMW convertible for Ryan?
    Also, I LOVED the part about Kevin and the librarian turn on. Especially because my mother is a librarian, wears the glasses, and loves the show!

  19. Why did Pam say she spent the night with a “friend” instead of saying it was Jim? Everyone in the office knows she’s with Jim and they know she lived with Roy before. Are we supposed to take something more from that?

  20. This episode seemed to solidify Michael’s authority in The Office. Michael is coming to many revelations in recent episodes (i.e. marriage, respect, friendship, etc.). Would you say this was a direct result of his breakup with Jan?

  21. We’ve seen two mentions to this year’s Christmas party, but it was never aired (because of the strike). Was the conversation between Jim and David Wallace something the writers had planned, that we would have seen if it weren’t for the strike? Or is it just something that you guys came up with after going back to work?

  22. In this episode, Andy was selling his XTerra, but in The Chair Model he was driving a Prius. What’s up with that?

  23. How was it decided that this season would explore the more villainous sides of Toby and Ryan, or as some of us are calling them – Mopey and Cokey?

  24. Where did Dwight learn this new technique of persuasion (if you can call it that)?

  25. When Angela was doing MadLibs with Andy, she kept using “tall” as an adjective. Is that a reference to Dwight?

  26. The wet cement cold open was one of the best things the show has ever done. I can picture this one being hard to get through both at the table read and while filming, due to laughter. Was that the case? Were there multiple takes, or just one, of Steve being planted, so to speak? Was John’s mock introduction/speech planned or thought up while filming? All around, it was pretty fantastic.

  27. Did you have to pay royalties to Lee and Gene for making a joke about Pam’s boobs?

    Which came first, the Xterra subplot or the actual owner deciding to sell the car?

  28. Do the writers ever have any concerns about how far to take the unlikability of some of the characters, such as Toby and Stanley in this episode? Does NBC ever warn you against taking them too far for fear of turning off the mainstream audience?

  29. I absolutely loved how Dwight suddenly became a high pressure salesman with Michael and Andy. What was your inspiration for this sudden need to have his way?

  30. This episode feels like it might have been shot before night out, any truth to that ? With no mention of the trip to New York, or the lock in, it just felt like it could have easily aired right after “Chair Model”

  31. I love Stanley’s rants – I think they’re absolutely brilliant. Was any of his rant in this episode improvised?

  32. Hello fellas. Great episode!

    Quick question: How did you guys discuss when Michael would be aware of the camera being in the room and wasn’t in the room and how he would act?

    Again, great job! You guys make a great team!

  33. Why did Ryan come to Scranton? Does Dunder Mifflin use phones? Sometimes it seems Michael calls Pam (a good 20 feet away) more than Ryan calls the Scranton office.

  34. Michael as always had it out for Toby, and we’ve also recently seen Jim’s slight dislike for him as well. Was this episode meant to justify why it is that Michael has hated Toby for so long? I mean, with him trying to get Jim in trouble with his job for being with Pam, it’s starting to make a little sense.

  35. is dwight trying to impress angela with his power play over andy? was his talking head at the beginning a foreshadowing of this?
    she was the one who pushed towards power in the coup, is he trying to win her back with this stunt?

  36. I loved that we got to “see” the cameraman sneaking back in to film Stanley and Michael’s conversation without their knowledge. Whose idea was this, and did it have anything to do with Randall Einhorn directing?

    Thanks for a great episode! Dwight’s organizational chart was sheer genius.

  37. Why did Dwight’s chart get more attention? I thought it was detailed and well thought out. Menstrual cycles! Hilarious!

  38. Did Toby and Ryan conspire together to bring Jim in for the verbal warning or was it pure coincidence that they both want to take Jim down?

  39. Question, Who came up with the idea that Pam wears glasses?

    I thought it was very funny, and she seemed like Velma from scooby-doo at the end when she said i cant find my glasses. lol

  40. Angela and Andy playing Madlibs was adorable!! What made you choose that game as opposed to some other wholesome activity?

    Thanks so much!! Wonderful episode!!

  41. When Michael tells everyone to get out and Jim takes Pam’s hand, is that supposed make him look bad in front of Toby/Ryan since again he is interacting with Pam in a more personal way at the work place?

  42. Hey guys, great show.

    Is there a reason it wasn’t told explicitly that Pam spent the night at Jim’s? I think it was pretty obvious that she did, but I just wanted to know if the writers were trying to half-hide something. You know, like if they’ve had sex and what it would look like? :)

  43. This marks the second week in a row that Steve Carell has done something outrageous in the opening scene. Was it a conscious decision to use this kind of physical comedy to balance out the drama in the rest of the episode?

  44. Did Ryan drive all the way from New York just to give Jim that warning or did he have another reason for doing so and why wasn’t Michael involved?

  45. When Pam said “Shut up,” to the camera people, was it meant to be because they were making fun of her glasses or because they insinuated that she spent the night at Jim’s?

    P.S. – nice Eagle’s shoutout.

  46. I love Darryl’s relationship with Michael. How did you come up with “fluffy fingers?”

  47. Why did Ryan have to show off so much!? And why did he call out Jim. Did not like that at all.

  48. Did you go through a few pairs of glasses for Jenna, to see which had the best effect? Because the ones you chose were phenomenal. (When she finally took them off, I had this surreal moment of “Oh look, that really IS Pam!”)

  49. Was that actual cement that Steve put his face in or something else made to look like cement?

  50. Loved the show last night! Everything about it was hysterical! The bit about “fluffy fingers” was great! How come you didn’t play more into that with Michael and Stanley?

  51. Brent, how much of a strain was it on you both physically and mentally to co-write this episode with, as Greg Daniels calls him, the “Toby Flenderson” of the writer’s room?

  52. When Andy confronted Dwight about flipping his car, Angela gave a look in their direction. Was that look intended to convey Angela being impressed with Dwight or Angela silently sticking up for Andy?

    (I would guess the former, but I’m not quite sure)

  53. Great episode, guys!

    Ok, I must ask. Who thought of saying that Darryl was a Newsie? Because I want to buy that person an ice cream cone and a beer (not necessarily at the same time)…and maybe a newspaper.

  54. Let me tell you that the evolving of characters this season has been such an enjoyable thing to watch. The parallels between Jim and Michael, the JAM development, Dwight fighting for Angela, Andy becoming more likable, Ryan and Toby becoming less likable… it has been wonderful. My question is Toby mentioned moving so was this episode a way to kind of wean us off Toby by being mad at him?

  55. How much of Steve’s super long talking head was written and how much was improvised?

  56. was the look that Angela gave Andy and Dwight supposed to be her quietly sticking up for Andy or her being impressed with Dwight?

  57. the episode was awesome. it seemed like everyone got a line, and a good line at that. How many tries or takes did Steve have to do in order to get through that Rodney Dangerfield bit?

  58. Did Ryan drive to Scranton to talk to Toby about him leaving? That is my guess. It seemed like Ryan’s performance remark was fueled by Toby describing what happened back in Night Out. I recall Ryan hitting on Pam unsuccessfully too. That Pam sure drives the guys crazy!

  59. Why wasn’t Roy in Dwight’s org chart? Or any of the former Stamford people (Karen, Hannah, etc.)?

  60. How many takes of Dwight’s talking head did you have to do, where he’s doing that singing, the one that takes place simultaneously during Dwight’s washing of Andy’s old car? That bit was hysterical. And does Jenna Fischer wear contacts in real life?

  61. Wonderful episode!!

    I was wondering about the promo NBC aired for this episode with Pam saying “please?” to Jim in the conference room. Maybe I completely missed it, but I didn’t see it in the actual episode. If it was just a clip that was edited out, what was that original scene?

    Thank you!!

  62. So, Michael left quite an impression outside. What happened to the scene where Meredith trips in it?

  63. How many times did Steve and Craig break during the fluffy fingers bit?

    Great episode, guys!

  64. Not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but here goes:

    Is Steve Carrell’s face actually preserved in concrete somewhere, or was that some sort of chunky grey pudding prop concrete?

  65. why did Pam say “I spent that night at a friend’s house?” She knows everyone knows she’s seeing Jim, right? Or did she really spend it somewhere else? Jim didn’t seem too concerned though. Great episode.. we need them longer… supersize the rest of the season, pah-leaze!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for making me smile with “The Office”.

  66. Loved the episode guys. I was just wondering about when Ryan cussed out Jim in the conference room with Toby, they specifically mentioned how much time he spends at Pam’s desk. Obviously Toby is upset with that, but does Ryan have a personal vendetta against Jim from earlier in season 4 when he made a pass at Pam and she shut him down because she was with Jim?

  67. I loved how Jim mock proposed to Pam during Michael’s meeting. Are you trying to imply that Jim has been doing this quite a bit to Pam?

  68. What are some of the fun hidden jokes on Dwight’s Org. Chart? Any chance we could see a full version/photo of it somewhere?

    And can “face-hole” be my new favorite word?

  69. First of all, I loved the episode! However, I have to admit that it was a little upsetting to watch basically the entire office call Pam ugly while Jim said absolutely nothing about it. There have been quite a few moments similar to this in the recent episodes. Has this been intentional?

  70. LOVED this episode! I have a few questions…

    Was the substance Michael made the facehole in actually concrete, or was it some oatmealesque concoction made to look like concrete?

    Did I hear correctly? Is Pam’s middle name Morton?

    How much of the Rodney Dangerfield riff was scripted? That was such a brilliant talking head.

    That’s all. Oh, and thank you for utilizing Phyllis! Her bit in the cold open is my new favorite Phyllis moment!

  71. What is the deal with Ryan and Toby ganging up on Jim? Obviously Toby is doing it because he’s in love with Pam but is Ryan doing it because he’s jealous of Jim or has his executive position gone to his head? Will this be bad for Jim in the last couple of episodes?

  72. Is Jim’s performance really slipping, or is that just Ryan being mad for Jim going over his head, and Toby being jealous of him and Pam?

  73. What was the inspiration for Dwight’s persuasive technique he used on Andy to get his car and that he tried to use on Michael to gain complete power over the office?

  74. How many times did Steve have to put his face in the wet cement? I can imagine that must not have been much fun.

  75. Great episode! Who designed the Dunder Mifflin organizational chart? Also, did you have to pay the Mad Libs people a lot of money?

  76. I was going to ask about the hilarious chart, but it looks like everyone else already did. Any other subtle callbacks or details we might have missed, like Angela’s “racing stripe” on Andy’s car?

    Also, in the cold open, why did someone in the office have vaseline on hand?

  77. I love the episodes like this that stay in the office and focus on office life. They’re always the funniest. (Last week’s was too off course and over the top for me!)

    Do the end of season scripts assume a lot has happened from the story lines that we would have seen during the strike that we only gradually get clued into. What’s the real source of Ryan’s animosity to Jim and did anything happen to threaten him in NY? or is it just drug induced paranoia? What was the ostensible purpose to his visit to Scranton?

  78. How many pairs of glasses did you try before choosing the ones Pam wears in the episode? They are the perfect combination of extremely dorky, yet somehow believable.

  79. The camera seemed more prominent in this episode, could you tell us more about the camerawork and editing? How challenging was it to hide Angela’s belly at this point?

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the rest of the season, there’s so much tension building, someone’s bound to explode soon (TWSS).

  80. Awesome ep, was great to see the gang back in their element, and to see a lot of supporting characters in the limelight, especially Stanley the Manly.

    My first question: Were Pam’s glasses her “big secret” we’ve been hearing about for weeks? Or is this a lead-in to something bigger?

    Also, is Ryan still coked up? I mean, his half-beard is looking a little scraggly, his eyes are shadowy, and he snapped at Jim pretty hardcore.

    Were there any other options other than “fluffy fingers” for the Craig/Steve scene? It was hysterical…if there are, are they going to make the deleted scenes on DVD?

    Thanks guys, great stuff!

  81. The Christmas Party conversation between David Wallace and Jim has been mentioned twice recently. In your writers’ room, what’s the consensus? Did David approach Jim at the party to get his input on the DMI website or did Jim bring it up to Wallace in casual cocktail party conversation. I have my own scenario worked out in my mind, but I want to know how it meshes with the writers’ thinking.

  82. How many takes did you have to do of Rainn and Steve and Rainn and Ed when Dwight is using his fast talking bit to convince them to do things?

  83. Great episode this week! Just one query. Is Jim’s relaxed attitude towards defending Pam intentional? Last week with Toby groping her, this week when Michael and Kevin were insulting her. What gives?

  84. Had Stanley been in a fight with Terri? Is that why he was on edge at work? Is that why he made the comment about “his next wife?” Thanks for so many laughs – wish we could have seen some fluffy fingers!

  85. In some episodes, including “Did I Stutter”, the cold open is completely irrelevant to the episode, and is written solely for comedic purposes. However, in some episodes, such as “The Chair Model”, the cold open is a crucial part of the episode. How do you guys determine whether to write the cold open as a short comedic sketch or as a necessary plot point to the episode?

  86. On Dwight’s chart Roy’s name isn’t there, but you can obviously see past employees who have left the Office, marked with “x”s. Was that a conscious decision by the writers?

  87. Why isn’t Roy’s name listed on Dwight’s Organizational Chart?

  88. Dwight’s organizational chart was awesome!

    Who on staff was responsible for constructing that? Or was it a group effort?
    I wonder how long Dwight has had that in his arsenal of manipulative tools.

  89. I, and many others here, were waiting for Michael to use Darryl’s advice on Stanley with uncomfortably awesome tension. Was this the intended effect, or was the fluffy fingers comment simply a gag? And how much of Michael’s post-confrontation comedy routine scripted, and how much was Steve riffing?

  90. How many takes did it take to get Steve and Craig’s gang/fluffy fingers talk?

    That just seems like something that would be so difficult to get through without laughing. It was one of my favorite scenes of the episode.

  91. Great episode guys. I thought for sure after Darryl told Michael about “Fluffy Fingers” that Michael would end up using the technique on Stanley. Was that ever considered?

  92. When Ryan pulled in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, was he checking his eyes to make sure he didn’t look coked out?

  93. I remember in one of the commentaries from season three (Women’s Appreciation perhaps) one of the cast members, either Jenna or Angela, mentioned that she thought Dwight would probably keep track of all of their menstrual cycles. Is that where you got the idea to include that on the chart, or was that just a coincidence? Thanks so much for answering our questions, you guys are amazing!!

  94. I’m curious about a few thing revolving around Ryan’s visit. What prompted Ryan to drive down to Scranton from NY to give Jim a formal warning? Was that the only reason for his trip? Did Toby call him or is Ryan trying to pay back Jim for what he said to David Wallace about the website? Also noticed Ryan checking his eyes before he came up. Is that due to his “drug problem”?

  95. Did you guys see the glasses that Pam wore and then feel inspired to write a plot around them, or did you have that idea before you found the prop?

  96. Thanks to you and the other writers for answering questions.
    It was brilliant to have Ryan give the verbal warning to Jim. Was there a longer scene between Toby and Ryan that was cut? Realizing nothing is coincidental on the show, was it intended to have Jim called out the same episode as Michael getting called out?

  97. I’d also be interested in some explanation of what’s up with Toby. Don’t get me wrong, I love character development and don’t think every character has to be sympathetic (and obviously he’s got issues or he wouldn’t put up with all of Michael’s abuse), but the seriously creepy turn his crush on Pam has taken is…kind of hard to understand, given how he’s usually portrayed (even in this episode, he was being his usual voice-of-reason HR self with Michael). I’ve loved all the other character arcs on the show (even crazy Jan’s), and I feel like I must be missing something with this one.

    (That sounded really critical, but I totally loved this episode! Michael was especially amazing.)

  98. Great episode, guys! It definitely topped “Night Out,” which was my favorite Season 4 episode.

    When you were writing this episode, what were your thoughts as to why Ryan gave Jim the warning? Was it because of the website ordeal with David Wallace, the fact that Ryan likes Pam, or was it something completely different?

  99. How many pairs of glasses did Jenna have to try on until you decided on the pair she wore? The pair you chose was perfect…awesomely bad, but perfect!

  100. Oh, and what’s the brown dotted line connecting Lonnie to Michael on Dwight’s chart for?

  101. I have just one more question that I just thought of. I was looking at Dwight’s chart on, and I noticed that each letter L appeared bolder and brighter than all the other letters. Is there some meaning to this or did it just happen by chance? Thanks!

  102. Did you ever consider changing the plot to having Michael actually let Dwight take “control” of the Stanley situation when he was so annoyingly asking to?


  103. Did Steve actually put his face in wet cement?
    and also

    How many takes did you guys have to do in the Michael crying scene?

  104. I loved the Newsies reference! What was the inspiration for that wonderful tidbit? Does someone on the cast/crew have a past history/affiliation with that show?

  105. Hi guys – thank you so much for a really awesome episode and for answering our questions. The Michael/Stanley dynamic was fantastic and riveting. I just have two short questions:

    I think I understand why Jim doesn’t tell Pam about his reprimand – because if it went to her desk to tell her, he’d be doing the same thing for which he’d just gotten in trouble. Do you think that he tells her about it after they leave work? Or maybe a day or two later?

    Was Michael’s “stand-up” routine at the end an attempt to make himself feel better about what happened with Stanley? He seemed to be trying to entertain himself more than the camera crew. It was funny but pathetic as well.

    Hope to see you both in Scranton soon!

  106. were any of the jokes michael told during his talking head actual rodney dangerfield jokes that steve was just instructed to butcher?

  107. So, I may not be too inclined with enough pop culture reference, but what was up with the Rodney Dangerfield TH of Michael as the episode was concluding?

  108. This episode was really wonderful–so full of laughs and so many great plots! Excellent writing! My very favorite part, that I can’t wait to see again, was Michael’s “I don’t get no respect” stand-up routine he delivers at his desk after his interaction with Stanley alone in the office. The hundred year old jokes, Steve’s facial expression, the awkward delivery, bad timing, and messed up lines in the jokes were just awesome. And it kept going on and on and on. Was most of that scripted or did Steve improv a lot of it? Truly, it was one of the funniest scenes ever!

  109. So, this is the second week in a row that Steve had to do something completely ridiculous — last week it was the peanut butter head, this week his face in cement. How many times did you film the face hole scene? Was the cement in Steve’s hair during his talking head intentional or was it just such a mess that you couldn’t get it all?

  110. Great episode! The tag was my favorite part! Did y’all decide to throw in the “menstrual cycle” tidbit on the org. chart because of Jenna’s comment on “The Coup” commentary, saying that that would be something that Dwight would know?

  111. After Jim received his verbal warning, you could see that he was playing Solitaire on his computer. This seemed odd for someone who just got in trouble with the boss. Was this intentional?

  112. We’re so used to seeing Stanley being pretty economical with words, but when he gets mad, look out! I loved seeing him go off on Ryan in the past seasons, and he really nailed it as a guy who is at the end of his rope with Michael in this episode. Does it crack the cast and crew up when Stanley gets to rant (especially since Leslie seems like such a laid back, warm person with a great sense of humor in interviews)?
    Hope it was ok to ask a second question–I loved this episode so dang much!

  113. When B.J. answered his Chair Model questions, he mentioned that you guys usually choose simple and bland titles for the episodes. I think this is the first time a quote has ever been used as the title, so why’d you decide on ‘Did I Stutter?’ as the final pick? Did you have any back-up titles?

  114. What substance did Steve put his face in and did he really have vasoline smeared all over his face?

  115. Hey, guys! GREAT episode! I gotta say – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much or so hard during an episode of ‘The Office.’ It felt like you took us back to classic ‘Office’ (not to say, I haven’t loved the recent jaw-droppers). And thanks for showcasing Dwight in all his arse-kicking glory.


    Where’s Ryan’s drug problem?

    And why did Ryan come out? To meet with Toby? Because Toby’s actually leaving? (I will miss Toby; I still think he’s – relatively – good at heart.)

    How did it feel to write such a spot-on episode?

  116. was that real cement? does jenna really wear glasses? if so, were those her real glasses? did toby rat out jim to ryan because of his jealousy??

  117. Gentlemen:

    What a wonderful episode! Michael’s face in cement alone would do it, but you gave us Michael and Stanley, Michael and Darryl, Andy and Angela, Andy and Dwight, Ryan and Toby, and, of course, Jim and Pam. So loved: the fake proposal and (Pam so clearly loved it); Jim’s expression watching his Pam blindly groping at her desk; Jim taking her hand to lead her out.

    So my question: how did the idea of Pam needing glasses evolve?

    You guys are great!

  118. What was the process like writing as a team? Are there parts of the episode or certain jokes that can be credited more to Brent or Justin or was it more of an overall collaborative process?

  119. How many rewrites of the Michael/Stanley scene did it take before it was shot?

  120. I was looking at the deleted scenes in Season 3, and found a scene in which Stanley comments to Michael, that he is happy to see him back (from the corporate job interview). What factors changed since then?

  121. The mad lib that Angela and Andy made together was hilarious; but it seemed a little out of character for Angela, who I thought might be a little too uptight for mad libs. Is it more difficult to write scenes with Angela because of her pregnancy? If so, does this affect being able to show/develop their relationship as intended in this episode?

  122. Hey Guys! Great episode! How long have you guys been planning that cold opening?!.. Because it was one of the best.

  123. Tanster, kudos to you for setting up a Q&A once again.

    How many takes did Rainn need to get through his close talker authority scene with Steve. He looked like he was ready to break any second. Especially when he used the pointer stick to hit Steve in the cheek.
    Loved the make shift straw snorkel for Michael so he’d be able to breathe while casting his face in concrete. Brilliant.

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