8 thoughts on “Have a great summer hiatus, The Office staff!”

  1. Yup, I agree, get to 200 eps and then Michael returns as manager. Boom. That would be perfect. Last line would be ‘everyone in the conference room now’.

  2. I wonder what movies are they going to act in during the hiatus. Bridesmaids was great and I am going to watch 21 Jump Street next week.

  3. All the best and thank you to everyone.

    How many episodes did that make for the season?

  4. This season has been great over the last few episodes, hopefully it keeps going with that and finishes strong. I know Steve won’t return full-time, but it would be cool to see him come back for one episode or at least a cameo in episode 200.

  5. The day of the last episode, a group of friends and I drove to the studio hoping to get a glimpse of the cast. It was so much fun and we ended up talking to a few people from the crew who told us that the cast had wrapped up a couple hours and only Craig Robinson and the warehouse staff were still in the studio. It was really fun even though we didn’t see any of them. Hopefully we can when they begin the next season!

  6. I’ve actually really enjoyed this Season! However, still hoping Michael & Holly have their wedding in Season 9

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