Introducing the official Dunder Mifflin website

The Office Dunder MifflinI just received this memo from Dunder Mifflin PR:

“Dunder Mifflin has many new and exciting ventures coming up, and this new website is just the beginning. What will the new year bring? What will Ryan Howard bring to Dunder Mifflin?”

OfficeTally readers get a first look …

(Be sure to read the press release on the site …)

Link: Dunder Mifflin Official Website


  1. There are branches in New York and New Hampshire but no Massachusetts! How can I apply if I’m in no situation to move out of state?

  2. I tried to submit my info so I can be contacted with “further information regarding Dunder Mifflin and its products and services” and it is asking me for a login and password. Wierd.

  3. The picture sequence on the masthead is great. Now we know what Dwight’s next lecture would have been about and where he would have gotten his visual aids.

    Notice the list of branch locations? Buffalo, Albany, Utica, Scranton, Akron, Camden, Nashua and Yonkers are all sort of third-tier industrial cities attempting to reinvent themselves in the 21st century, like Ryan’s plan for Dunder-Mifflin Infinity. Funny choices, and a little bittersweet.

  4. It doesn’t prompt me for a login. I got a “Thank-you for your interest in paper!” Try again maybe?

  5. Yea I tried to enter my information and it did the same thing about the authorization required. I wonder what they’re gonna do with that later on

  6. Aparently the ‘Goes green’ episode has to do with the ‘one coup of water’ idea, probably from Michael. We already know that Michael was proud of Ryan’s promotion, but now is official!

  7. That’s awesome! I would have thought Michael would feel betrayed by Ryan, but it makes sense that he would feel entirely responsible for his success.

  8. ooo, i’ve been waiting for something like this since they announced that Ryan would be working on website stuff. i love how much online stuff this show does and all the extra stuff like this that they do for us.

  9. That is wicked awesome, Tanster! Thank you so much for sharing. It is nice to see that The Powers That Be love OfficeTally as much as we all do :D

  10. hows about that intranet feature that’s supposed to be launching in sept 2007?

    do you think that’s part of ryan’s big plans?

  11. I can’t believe they have Camden NJ as one of the branches. It is rated one of America’s Most Dangerous cities to live in. I live in NJ so i know. But i’m happy to see Jersey is on the website

  12. This is great! My favorite part was definitely the Think Green bit: “Just because we’re a paper company, it doesn’t mean we’re not as green as everyone else. Join us as we try to make the world a better place while not simultaneously running us out of our own business. Dunder Mifflin: As Green As We Have to Be.” That is so funny! It sounds like something Michael would say. Although I doubt he could pronounce ‘simultaneously.’

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