1. Cute article and great pictures :)

    “But I’m still not a thong girl; I don’t want things poking me in weird places.”

    That made me giggle.

  2. That’s one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of her. Cute little interview too.

  3. It’s the strangest thing….everytime I looked up “cute”, “adorable” and “lovely” in Webster’s, the book gave me “See: Jenna Fischer from The Office” :)

    Beautiful picture of Jenna and a great article. Her sense of humor is totally disarming.

  4. so jenna’s not a thong girl…

    hey I’m glad jenna is a regular sexual 30-something, and not a wallflower like pam!

  5. She’s such a doll. I just love her..Not in a toe sucking way like #13..cause that’s just gross and I’m a girl and I just don’t swing that way..

  6. Curse you #13. I had never thought about sucking on a woman’s toes before. But now I can’t stop thinking about Jenna’s toes.

  7. All this toe talk is creeping me the hell out. Leave the woman’s toes alone.

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