1. Man he’s everywhere nowadays, first comment!

    Andy needs to come back already.

  2. If I can further hijack this post and comment on Andy, I hated him when I watched each episode live. Then, during the repeats, I realized that I love him. Did this happen to anyone else?

  3. Voltaire – I agree!!! I LOVE Andy aka Ed Helms. I think it helps knowing that he’s nothing like that really, and that makes it all the funnier that he can pull that character off SO well.

    Also, who doesn’t like someone who is constantly singing?!? I love the fact that he brings a little music into the episodes. :-)

    “Love me, love me, say that you love me.” – – We love you Andy!

  4. Thanks Denise for the video!

    Arg!!! I love Craig Ferguson!! I think he is the best! Apparently, he doesn’t do show prep with his guests and they just sit down and have a natural, hilarious conversation.

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