1. I’m thinking there’s a good chance that she may show a picture of Angela and her baby when she’s on there……or at least I hope so!

  2. Jenna updated her MySpace headline to:

    Pam/Jenna is excited to be the lead guest on The Tonight Show.

    Yay for lead guest!!!

  3. I can’t wait to see if she has any juicy tidbits to share. She’s always so adorable on these shows.

  4. Yay for Jenna! Here’s to hoping she spills something about the finale. She always seems unable to keep that kind of stuff in and I love it.

  5. Lead guest! Sweet! I agree with #1, she’s gotta have a Angela baby pic!

  6. TiVo is set. I love interviews with Jenna. She’s always so funny and genuine.

  7. I was so excited to see Jenna on Leno tonight, as soon as she came out and sat on the couch and Jay says “you bounded out” the program was interupted for severe weather news break, for areas nowhere near me!

  8. Jenna’s only half way through her interview, and I feel like she’s a friend of mine, on TV. I had a scarily similar conversation with my friend tonight who was over to watch the office. At least I know if I ever meet her, we’ll have stuff to talk about.

  9. haha the clip they showed was so cute! I can not wait until next week! Also Jenna was hilarious as always :)

  10. Loved the interview.

    (No pic of Angela’s baby but there is a clip from next week’s episode)

  11. The clip they showed was hysterical. For those who have yet to see it, it’s a prank on Dwight involving his cellphone and Jim’s blue tooth. Very nice touch with Pam’s “you sound sexy”. Can’t wait for next week!
    By the way, I don’t usually like sparkly dresses but Jenna looked fantastic.

  12. Ah new clip clip clip! Jenna was sooo cute and funny. Her White House story was great. I’m so excited for next week!

  13. the clip she showed from the finale was totally hilarious…is it next thursday yet?

  14. Jenna was awesome!! One of the best guests I’ve seen in a while. Everything seemed totally natural and she was very effervescent. Go Jenna!

  15. Well, half of the interview was cut out due to severe weather cut-ins but I caught the 2nd part (post-commercial). They showed a pretty hilarious clip of another prank on Dwight.

  16. I’m feeling really silly, but I have to ask this: has there been a prank on Dwight from Jim this season? It’s feels like it’s been a long time!

  17. Jenna was great! She had me laughing the whole time!

    I loved her sparkly dress as well!! :)

  18. Great interview once again from Jenna! She’s just so charming and looks amazing. I loved the White House bit. I can totally relate on being sidelined from working out for a long period of time from an injury. I too went crazy when I was cleared and paid for it!

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