The Office: Job Fair, 4.17

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The Office

Writers: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: Tucker Gates

Summary (NBC): Jim hits the links with Andy and Kevin to try and land his biggest client ever. Michael sets up a booth at a local job fair to find “the best and the brightest” for Dunder Mifflin’s summer internship.

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Writer Lee Eisenberg answers fan questions in the Job Fair Q&A.

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The Office Job Fair quotes

Michael: Wanna get some fresh blood, youthanize this place.

Kelly: Omigod, Darryl, you look like Barack Obama. Everybody, I’m dating Barack Obama.

Dwight: Maybe he’s going to church. Or court.

Darryl: Figured I’d look presentable. You … went a different way.

Michael: Pam will be eye candy.

Jim: I am about to do something very bold at this job that I’ve never done before. Try.

Michael: A blank sheet of paper equals endless possibilities.

Andy: Got my knot on.

Creed: I finished my work months ago.

Dwight: I will tell on you.

Michael: You could be a classy janitor or a cashier with dignity. Or a migraine worker.

Michael: Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby.

Darryl: The booth is lame without it.

Pam: And then you sneezed in my tea and then you said, don’t worry, it’s just allergies.

Michael: Thank you, Dateline.

Creed: Hiya, Pumpkin. It’s Creed.

Creed: Say, we’re going to ditch this bitch. You in?

Creed: Pumpkin’s out! Let’s go, gang!

Michael: Yes. And don’t call me Shirley.

Pam: I could have just had them fax it to me, I guess.

Jim: Oh, I like you.

Phil: It’s not in the stars, Jim.

Andy: I fell in the sand trap.

Michael: He’s the most important thing in my life right now.

Michael: This is Darryl Philbin. Isn’t he big?

Michael: She will do you.

Michael: I would never say this to her face, but she is a wonderful person and a gifted artist.
Oscar: What? Why wouldn’t you say that to her face?

Justin: You were, you were kind of a jerk to me.

Michael: H&R Block? C’mon! I mean, I don’t even know what they do.

Michael: Air Force is cool.

Michael: He chooses to work here, selling paper. Just like me.

Michael: Yeah. Kiss her. Kiss her good.

Pam: New York or Philadelphia.
Impulse Design guy: That’s where the action is.

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  1. Wow, I thought Michael had started to redeem himself last week, but he is acting like a total fool in this episode and not in a funny way. What a disappointment.

  2. Ok, the episode just started, and I am loving it!!! It may be one of the funniest this season… We’ll see… :)

  3. ah hahaha! ” remember you said PAM PAM PAM PAM! and then you sneezed in my tea …” i love it!

  4. kiss her, kiss her good

    haha! and the golf cart accident was fantastic!

  5. Whoa, steamy Jam kiss! Good episode I loved that Dwight and Angela were stuck alone together. Andy in the golf cart and “it was only allergies” were also hilarious.

  6. After watching the episode, I have just one word:


    By the way, I’m sure the JAMmers are going to go crazy about how amazing this episode was. Sorry, it wasn’t. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It was just…


  7. Ohhhhhh what a kiss! And Michael, sweet moment, followed by creepy moment. Perfection.

  8. not going to lie. i kinda felt like nothing really happened in this episode.

  9. Ahhhh, Jam kiss! *squee*

    So, did Pam fill out that application in the tag?

  10. I am so proud of Pam for even taking the initiative and trying to find a new job! GO PAM.

  11. This episode wasn’t necessarily the funniest but it definitely was worth it

    I can’t stop smiling!!!

  12. Great episode! “Kiss her. Kiss her good” Made me squirm. And the JAM kiss was so adorable. I’m so pumped for the finale!

  13. MY PREDICTION: The spinoff will be Jim and Pam in Philadelphia. It almost seems obvious now.

  14. This episode seemed kind of all over the place- not very strong, but perhaps just setting up next week’s finale?

  15. Shunned Ryan: I agree! Creed’s line was my favorite, too. The tag with Pam was heartbreaking…her face just killed me. Jenna is such an amazing actress.

  16. AHHH.
    many possibilities are rushing through my head.
    pam getting a new job??
    jim quitting?
    dwight and angela reunite?
    andy punching another hole through the wall because of it?

    ohhh, i can’t wait until next thursday. SEASON FINALE.

  17. PHILADELPHIA OR NEW YORK!!! JIM’S CLIENT!!! this episode was packed! and in a good way!

  18. What if the spin-off is Jim and Pam? Jim would quit to follow Pam to Philadelphia or New York for graphic design?

  19. LOVED this episode!
    I am kind of worried about Jim/Pam–Jim is clearly still working at DM because he wants to be around Pam which you can tell by how hard he worked to close the deal but I think Pam is also starting to feel dissatisfied as shown by the end.

  20. I fully support the reunion of Angela & Dwight. All that buildup for what, at the moment, seems like nothing. Killed me.

  21. Nice cliff hanger for JAM fans.Nice filler episode but sooo excited for finale!!!

  22. Don’t let Michael near a microphone, you’ll always be sorry.

  23. Man oh man.. that ending.. it’s hard for me to imagine Pam leaving.. without Jim. I think it’s a both or none kind of deal with the two of them.. especially if Pam leaves since Jim wouldn’t give up on her just like that. He’d move across the world for her.

    I was hoping they would actually do something with the Dwight and Angela subplot but that really materialized into nothing.

  24. i loved when andy flew out of the golf cart! and the jam kiss was so cute!

    overall i thought it was a good episode leading to the finale

  25. Very meh for me too. Wasn’t feeling it. However…the ending is very ‘cliffhanger’ish. I really hope Pam doesn’t move. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into an awesome proposal turned down by Pam because she’s leaving.

  26. Wow! Great episode, possibly the best of the season. Loved the subplot with Jim, Andy, and Kevin. Jim’s enthusiasm about keeping his job to stay with Pam coupled with Andy’s blisters and the golf cart were great. I loved the awkward silences with Angela and Dwight alone in the office. That element was what made this show great from the beginning.

  27. It set up Jim’s thoughts about engagement and Ryan, it shows Pam wanting more and thinking about a move, and it sets up Dwight and Angela. There wasn’t going to be huge events in the next to last episode. Those will be saved for next week. This was a good episode to set up events.

  28. 39 – Justin

    I agree. JAM is definitely both or nothing kind of deal.

  29. What is going on with Michael? He seems to be so depressed and desperate, even more so than when he was single in season 3. I really think he misses Jan more than he leads on.

    I was kinda confused about the Dwight and Angela moments as well. I feel like the scenes were sweet, but they never really pushed me to wanting Dwangela back.

    I think Jim will go after Ryan’s job, with Pam behind him (that’s what she said) because she wants a new career for herself as well. Perhaps this is setting up the spinoff to be about Jam? All speculation of course. =D

  30. A great episode on so many levels, on so very many levels, loved it!

  31. I think that it was an average episode. I think more should have happened between Dwight and Angela while they were alone in the office. I have a feeling that Jim doesn’t want to sell paper anymore and that Pam does not want to be a receptionist. Either way I hope that the finally brings some better game to the table. Something that will leave us on the edge of our seats for the whole summer like last year…

  32. About the spin off- Jenna has already said that neither her or Steve were leaving.

  33. I love Lee and Gene’s writing but this was a soso episode to me. Just amiable, it was amusing in places but felt like there was no real point to anything. It could have been called “Random Stuff Happens”.

    Not bad though, or over the top or anything that would make me despair over the series.

  34. Great episode. The Office always delivers. I don’t think that Jim and Pam will be the spinoff. If Pam wants to do graphic design she can do the thing at Dunder Mifflin that Jan had talked about during the “Boys & Girls” episode.

  35. Two instant classic phrases to add to the Office lexicon: “Migraine worker” and “got my Knot on”. Sadly, Andy doesn’t rock the golf knickers and argyle socks like I hoped he would, but it was a great episode. Two notes: Tucker Gates directed the episode and NBC shows a short promo for next week at the end of the episode and it looks really great!

  36. Did anyone notice that the guy from the Graphic design booth talked and looked a little like Jim (John Krasinski)???
    Who was that?

  37. bringing some “infanticide” to the office. Fantastic writing!

  38. The JAM moment made my night. I loved it when Andy went flying out of the golfcart!

  39. #21, that’s exactly what I was thinking. That episode was 30 minutes of nothing. All three plots (job fair, golfing, and office) all just kinda fizzled. Back in the good old days we had episodes set entirely in the office with plots about totally mundane things that were packed with laughs by the second. Now we have several locations per episodes with extensive plots that seem empty and devoid of humor. I just don’t get it.

  40. I love how The Office can create sexual tension with two people just standing at the copiers. I’m rooting for some Dwangela development soon!

    And that JAM kiss was fantastic. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

  41. Great episode. Awesome job by Jim not giving up on his sale and not being bothered by showing public affection to Pam. And of course Michael just had to ruin their moment.

    I was hoping there would have been more interaction between Dwight and Angela.

    The ending got me wondering if Pam’s gonna leave to study graphic design. For that matter, I wonder if Jim will leave as well. Even Michael acknowledged that Jim has the potential to do anything.

  42. wait, the graphic design guy at the end reminded me of jim, but it totally wasn’t right? as in like, john krasinski playing that guy.

  43. Maybe they’re setting up a Jim/Pam move to NYC. If Ryan ends up getting fired for his drug problems and Wallace comes calling for Jim (especially now that Jim’s made his big sale), maybe the road is paved for them to go together.

  44. Yes, next to nothing happened in this episode. But that’s why I loved it.
    It was funny and FULL of suspense. The fact that so much of what was built up never really came to anything … that’s part of why this episode was so good.
    Now I’m literally tingling to find out what happens in the finale, and I’m sure that’s what the writers were intending.
    Kudos, writers.

  45. I liked it, but it wasn’t very humorous. I thought they could have done wonders with Dwight and Angela being left alone in the Office – but I guess I was just doing some wishful thinking.

    I have a feeling the proposal will be next week. I just hope it’s not in the Office, especially in front of Michael. I’m excited though.

  46. Jim Halpert is my hero. Such a great episode. I can feel big things coming, and I can hardly wait til next Thursday.

  47. hmm this episode wasn’t that funny but I did love the Angela/Dwight tension. So subtle, but it was really sweet! Plus I loved Michael’s little TH about Jim at the end.

    This part was hilarious-
    Michael: I’d never say this to her face but she is wonderful and a very gifted artist.
    Oscar: Why- why wouldn’t you say that to her face?

  48. Holy mess! Such a great set up for next week!

    I feel for Pam. She knows that her job is crap but would really have to think hard about leaving because she knows that Jim didn’t take the corporate job for her. I think Jim would support her through anything though- they can make anything work. And the way Jim kept trying and trying for Pam…love love love.

    Sorry for all that, it just made me extra happy for some reason. But thank you to Andy for the humor tonight.
    One more week!

  49. Ok here it is! Ryan is the one that is leaving the show because Jim will take his job and Pam will move with him to NYC for a graphic design job!

  50. Awesome, awesome, awesome episode.
    They are totally setting up the NY or Philadelphia thing for JAM… it’s perfect!

  51. I really loved this episode as a whole. While not a lot was advanced, I think it set up A LOT. Which is exactly what the episode before the finale should do.

    Also, Andy Bernad’s antics nearly had me suffocating with laughter!

  52. This episode was all set up…not great, but what else could they do with only 6 episodes to wrap up a season? Soooo excited for next week.

  53. Loved Dwight in this episode! liked the way the writers play with the tension/awkwardness between him and Angela. I thought for sure something was gonna happen for them when everyone else left. A little disappointed nothing happened but felt it is more realistic and interesting this way.

  54. Michael getting up to make his speech on the microphone- just like in Booze Cruise and Diwali. Thankfully, no one got really hurt this time… or wet.

  55. i just loved this episode. i found it funny and we saw some pretty big character development with jim and his job—we never see him excited about his job. also—pam is making the steps to get to her dream job. and dwangela was great. all in all, great episode.

  56. I wonder if more will be shown during the finale on something that happened between Angela and Dwight, like what they did for Jim and Pam last season… just a thought.

  57. Also, it was really cute when Pam called Jim to ask how things were going during golfing and Jim said “I like you” at the end. So cute!

  58. Loved Dwangela, and I was happy Jim got to win one. Michael, however, was a total jerk this week. Not in the good way. It was painful.

  59. But wasn’t the point of the job fair interview that Pam had none of the credentials necessary for an entry level job in her field?

  60. I feel like Jim and Pam’s move to NYC (if it does happen and I can see it happening with tonight’s last scene), will really affect the balance of the show. I mean, the whole premise of the office is the interaction between office workers…You take 2 of the most important employees out of the actual office, and you don’t have much left. (Although everyone else in the office is amazing)

    What do you guys think?

  61. Hoo boy, looks like I’m going to have to be the voice of dissent here, because I thought this was one of the worst Office episodes yet. I got a chuckle out of “My work was finished months ago.” and that’s it. Bored me to tears, and I don’t care about any of these lame story arcs. Sigh. Hopefully the finale will be way better.

  62. The ending clip was more confusing to me than teasing… what do we make of this?

  63. This episode was brilliant – so many plot lines with serious developments in the show, and then Ed Helms bringing out the comedy. I loved it!!

    and agreed — best kiss of all time! (competes with the passionate about italian food one)

  64. Loved it! One of my favorite parts was when Jim got the call from Pam and then realized he wasn’t trying hard enough…if that’s not love, then what is?
    Also everything about Andy and the JAM kiss has left me laughing and smiling. Can’t wait for next week!

  65. I loved this episode. It proved that the office CAN be great when they’re not in the office.

    The jam stuff was cute, but my favorite part had to be Dwight and Angela. I think they paved the way for big things for them in the finale.

    And I had the biggest smile on my face when Pam went to the graphic design booth. Good for her!

  66. This entire episode seemed to be simply a set up for the season finale.

  67. Awww, what an adorable kiss!

    But, for me, Andy stole the show. And Pam. Also glad Halpert got some balls!

    Anyone else afraid they’re going to go live happily ever after… somewhere else!?

    I am so in love with Dwight/Angela. These writers can make me ship anything. Ohhh the angst.

  68. I agree! I think Ryan will be fired for his drug problems and then Jim will take his place. Meanwhile, Pam will go to graphic design school and, in the meantime, take a job as Jim’s recepionist. Oh, that would be so perfect! I loved that kiss. Jim: “Screw this.” Ha! Stupid Michael had to ruin their moment.

    I also wish that something could’ve happened between Dwangela, but next week, I guess. Oh, I’m so excited!!

    Andy was hilarious! Pretty much made the episode for me.

    Is it next Thursday yet?

  69. I caught that too, Jaz (comment 84)…maybe a possible proposal on the roof where he made her dinner in the 2nd season?!?! Aw I love Jim and Pam

  70. oh and hey wait did i miss something??? was that john krasinski playing the graphic design booth dude?

  71. #81-I completely agree. How are people getting excited that Jim and Pam might move to NY/Philly together? The Office wouldn’t be The Office anymore.

  72. Not as funny as typical Lee/Gene episodes, but clearly a set up for next week.

    Dwight and Angela not doing anything when left alone together was ABSOLUTELY perfectly realistic. Anything but how it was scripted would have been TV 101. All that tension was a set up for next week, as was Pam’s looking into a graphic design internship.

    They seemed to give a lot away in the preview – Jim on the rooftop and making a call with “big news”.

  73. One of the best from Season 4. It was comedy with heart, which is what makes The Office great. I still think the only one leaving for the spin-off will be Andy “Drew” Bernard.

  74. Yep, one of the funniest episodes this season! (See comment #4) There are so many great new lines!
    “I finished my work months ago.”
    “I will tell on you.”
    “Why wouldn’t you say that to her face?”
    I absolutely loved it!!! Job Fair gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me! (Did anyone else notice the lack of Toby?)

    And the promo for next week was amazing! I cannot wait until the season finale, but at the same time I want to wait for it because that means no more new episodes… At least the summer break won’t be as long as the strike!

  75. “But wasn’t the point of the job fair interview that Pam had none of the credentials necessary for an entry level job in her field?”

    Yes. Poignant. Or was supposed to be – if handled a bit flippantly.

    And I don’t know about everyone else, but the pedophilic Michael was a little over the top….his craziness is starting to grate on me.

    “I like you” and “finished my work months ago” – I loved these lines. Loved Andy’s spill in the golf cart, too!

  76. #81 and #95, I totally agree–I’m a diehard Jam fan but taking them out of The Office seems disastrous. How could “The Office” actually be “The Office” with two major characters in an entirely different city. Jim and Pam’s interaction w/ other members of the office is also integral to the show–just think of all the Jim/Dwight scenes we’ve had over the years.

  77. I am going to have to watch this again, because I think I may be missing something after reading all of these great reviews. Good for Jim, though. Got the sale and the girl.

  78. I don’t think Jim will quit; not after all the effort he just put into staying.

  79. Favorite part beside the obvious kissing scene at the end- Jim on the phone with Pam while on the golf course- “I like you.”- it was just so sweet and sincere that even though he’s having such a tough time she can still make him feel better. It’s so cute! I love Jam!

  80. I have no idea where the characters are headed, but many people forget that the British version of the Office…what this is mainly based on…was only on for 2 “seasons” and a special. There’s only so much you can do in an “office” before it gets repetitive, no matter how good a writer you are. If we are to believe these people grow and change and are REAL, then they must leave the office or move on. Tim and Dawn stopped working for Wernham Hogg and they ended up together…what are they left to do in the American version…

  81. It was a good episode, top five this season. Still think Local Ad, Chair Model and “Did I stutter” owned this season. This episode wasn’t perfect but it did get me so PUMPED to see the finale. I can’t wait.

  82. What does it mean to be on probation? Like for a job? (too young to have one!)

  83. Best moment: Jim telling Pam on the phone “I like you.” Loved the Dwight/Angela story; she seems to be thawing a bit where he’s concerned, in comparison to the outright nasty way she treated him in “Dinner Party.”

    And of course, best JAM kiss ever. Oh please, let us see JAM engaged next week!

  84. OMG!! Now THAT was a great episode. Classic “The Office” character humor,plot advancement, and the great physical comedy of Andy in the golf cart crash and with the beer bottle.

    Major cheer for Kevin reeling off the wagers before tee time. He sure grabs everything he can from his lines.

    I, too, wondered if that was John Krasinski in heavy make-up the graphics booth. The voice seemed to be the give-away.

  85. I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely LOVED Jam in this episode!! It doesn’t have to be this big explosive “Money” kiss to be totally adorable.

    my favorite parts:

    “Screw it.”
    “I like you.”
    Jim blocking whats-his-face’s car
    and Andy pouring lotion into his gloves.

    personally, I don’t have that big of a problem with placing characters outside the office, as long as what they’re doing is office-related (which in this case, it was), and as long as they still have SOME scenes in the actual office (which, in this case, there were). overall, a good, solid episode. Promos for the finale look promising toO!

  86. I was sure that was J. Krasinski as the graphics design booth geek and my family thinks I’m nuts. Glad to see someone else thought so too. The voice gave it away.

  87. John Krasinski playing that graphic design booth person? No way. I don’t see it. At ALL. And people jumped to similar conclusions thinking that the chair model was Melora Hardin, and it wasn’t.

  88. I loved the way Creed called Angela “Pumpkin.” I laughed so incredibly hard. Didn’t one of the spoilers say there might be an affair? I think Dwight and Angela were playing it cool in front of the cameras and then when they left, they left together!

  89. Is it just me, or did the strike help reinvigorate the show? We’ve had such a string of high-quality episodes; I haven’t laughed this hard since Season 2. Michael’s behavior at the job fair managed to be surprising while not the least bit out-of-character; same with Jim at the golf course. The interactions between Dwight and Angela were nice and understated. A-.

  90. If I may #54, it was “euthanize” Michael said, meaning he wanted to “youth-inize the office”, not “infanticide”. I think it was one of the great lines of the show.

  91. I can see Michael getting inspired by Pam and Jim and asking Jan for her hand. Oh god.

  92. It was a good episode. I loved how they continue to show that Dwight has no power, and Michael just doesn’t care about him at all.

    But again, it was good, just good.

  93. Okay people, you’re ignoring the elephant in the room.

    There is a pending spinoff, Jim may move to New York if Ryan gets fired, Pam may move to New York.

    So I’m going to partially agree with one of the people before me. I say that the new spinoff involves Jim and Pam in the corporate office, Pam as Jim’s secretary, and Ryan having been demoted to either a less important corporate role or back to Scranton. I also think that they may incorporate Andy in to the new show somehow as well. I think that Michael and Dwight will remain in the original Office, and Dwangela will take on an ever more important role in that particular show. I think the new Scranton secretary will be a love interest for Michael, and that we’ll see some Jan drama in the next episode but Michael will make the right decision.

    Actually, I don’t think that this will happen, but I figured I might as well present an interesting scenario.

  94. I simply loved it! Awesome tension-filled dwangela moment!! Bless you..thank you.. Amazing!! Gotta love that Andy!! Hilarious blister situation.. Nice to see Jim truly being serious and pursuing something as far as he went for Pam!! Clearly Jim is planning to settle down.. Michael and the microphone..flashbacks to diwali, the wedding.. What more can we expect!!! I’m so prepped for the finale!!

  95. Loved loved loved that episode! Yay for JAM kisses! Loved “I like you!” Wondering what Pam is thinking and what’s going to happen with her designing dreams. If her & Jim left, it wouldn’t be The Office anymore. But I do wish that she would find something to make her happy. I know she’s a fictional character but I identify with her so much. Especially since I’m going through the job hunting phase myself right now. So many uncertainties and decisions. And I just felt bad for her tonight being Michael’s gopher. I can’t believe he made her go all the way back to The Office for paper. It was funny, but I just felt Pam is better than this, the whole time I was watching it. Overall awesome episode though. I’m also hoping now for a Dwangela reunion. They were great tonight! I’m so pumped for next week now!

  96. wow!! great lead up to the season finale!! that episode was hilarious and i loved pam in this epi…
    completely awesome!!

  97. What was that when Michael told the potential intern that Pam had already dated 3 guys in the office. Who was the 3rd guy? Oh…in regards to the spin-off I heard on the radio recently that they were looking at it being Dwight’s cousin Mose.

  98. When Andy said something about his uncle spinning in his urn, I knew we were in for something special.

  99. I loved how Michael went from being sweet and thoughtful, talking about Jim, to being weird and creepy -“Kiss her. Kiss her real good.”
    Great episode!

  100. There won’t be a Jim and Pam spin-off. Jenna already said that she wasn’t the one leaving the show.

  101. In my opinion, not a very good episode. I did love the last lines by Michael though: “Yeah, kiss her. Kiss her good.” So awkward!! It probably wasn’t as good of an episode just because they have to set up the storylines for the finale.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Pam. She didn’t have any experience for that job. I don’t think NBC would have Jim and Pam leave the show. It would just be too risky.

    The finale should be awesome!!

  102. oh can i also say that i am extremely excited for the paul blog next week!

  103. good episode, andy was hysterical. i too thought j krasinski was the graphic booth guy

  104. Wow, I loved this episode! One of the best this season. I can’t even start to name my favorite parts because it was all so great! I can’t wait to rewatch.

  105. How amazing would it be if Jim and Pam did get married next season?! My dream band/performer for their reception would be Hunter! Imagine seeing Jan again, but in full groupie mood- either “setting up” the sound equipment or maybe selling Hunter iron-press baby t-shirts. I can see her evil eyeing the flower girls.. If they came too close to her Hunter. :)

  106. Andy was the star of this episode…blisters, golf cart accident, khakis with some strange print on them…enough said.

    Why are some people saying they thought the graphic booth guy was John Krasinski? They looked NOTHING alike!

    Best line “kiss her…kiss her good” had me in stitches!

  107. it was great! Some great Pam/Jim moments.
    Andy was awsome. His blisters coupled with his face after he crashed the golf cart…pricless! I loved it.

  108. I geeked out when Jim told Pam, “I like you!” I say that ALL the time. :-)

    “New York or Philadelphia.” Hmmm, could they be considering giving the Jam fans their own show? I’d be worried about it, but it could be fun to dream about.

  109. John K has a brother… maybe it was him. voice was soooo familiar.

  110. I loved this episode. From Jim’s love for Pam giving him the will to “try”, with just a phone call from her to give him the drive to continue – to Dwight and Angela – to Andy and the cart – to Jim bagging the account, ending with that kiss: Pure incredible-ness. Jim Halpert is the everyman protagonist. I defy anyone who did not feel his distress and root for him. Jim is awesome. Oh – and I’m betting that Angela and Dwight tore into each other after leaving the office. Their silence and weirdness alone all day was their way of making up.

  111. Good episode. Not quite as funny as last week, in my opinion, but definitely cringe-worthy. I got all excited for some Dwangela action, but I guess they gotta move s-l-o-w for now. Amazing JAM action, and some really great Kevin stuff too. Again, good episode.
    Side note: I love how Creed always calls them ‘gang’.

  112. Oh my, it’s the best Jim’s looked since Beach Day. I do love him in that hat.

  113. Upon a second viewing, I agree that the graphics booth guy was John Krasinski. He said “awesome” and you could hear JK in that. I cannot believe how much he tricked me the first time! :)

  114. I loved this episode! Thought it was funny and romantic, and lovely, and uncomfortable, everything that makes The Office so great. Best episode this season so far! Loved it!

  115. I just found an interesting tidbit while trying to figure out who the graphic design guy is: the actor who plays Justin (the student) is Trevor Einhorn. IMDB and Google don’t give info on whether he’s related to Randall Einhorn but it seems pretty likely. By process of elimination in the show end credits, I think the actor who plays the graphic designer is Nelson Franklin, but I don’t know for sure. I really don’t think it John K., although his voice sounds similar. To those on the West Coast – enjoy the show!

  116. >124: And I just felt bad for her tonight being Michael’s gopher

    All I could think of was how much gas she must have wasted for that single sheet of paper.

  117. I think the spin off will either be cousin Mose like #126 said or Vance would be great to see more of Gene and Lee as potheads(oh the craziness that would ensue) and I love Mike Schur as Mose. The art room kind of made me feel sad for Pam… not really sure why though. I loved the kiss after Jim is like what the hell. Michael made it really akward though.

  118. dude the makeout scene… if there is a writer reading this right now, somewhere, in california (or wherever they are right now) THANK YOU! I’d write you a thank you card (the kind with kittens on the front) but I doubt you’d post your address on office tally.

    Also the finale is going to be SO BOMB. I’m SOOO PUMPED.

  119. In my opinion, the graphic design thing is just a blatant ploy to get people to speculate that Jim and Pam are leaving. I seriously can’t see a show this popular moving out half of the main characters, for any reason…

  120. 149 – Agreed, didn’t think the show was on point tonight, but people here seem to be loving the JAM stuff. Me, I longed for some Dwangela…but they just teased me without any payoff.

  121. I’m calling it now. With all of the gushiness over the past few episodes JAM angst in the finale!

  122. I understand that some people complain that one hour shows are too long but half hour shows are even more unbearable. The commercials also cut down the show to about 23 minutes so there isn’t much time for plot development. The show could’ve focused more on Pam because the episode setting was at her old high school. Attention all NBC executives, I beseech you!

  123. Does anyone have the exact wording on this? When Pam called Jim to tell him about driving back to the office for the paper and she says something along the lines of, “I could have just had them fax it.” Hilarious.

  124. I usually get a little frustrated when The Office goes out of the office, but actually, I loved this episode. I think it set up a lot of things for the finale. I thought it was hilarious. Gene and Lee are my favorite writers. You guys are awesome!

  125. I think that they want us to think that Jim and Pam will move to Philly for the spin off but I can not see it happening. The spinoff will not take any of the main characters away and we will continue to see the people we love to watch. Also I love how Jim is so insistent on getting his new client because he knows he has to do well to support Pam and she really wants to do graphic design but realizes that yes she is a good enough artist to pull it off but her resume may not say so.

  126. #149 & 150: You’re totally right. Episodes like tonight’s demonstrate very clearly to me that The Office has two very distinct fan bases, who watch the show for two very different reasons.

  127. I loved this episode if only for the JAM cuteness and for the return of a normal, relevant cold open. The last two weeks’ were bizarre.

  128. someone post a screencap of the graphic design booth guy so we can end this debate!

  129. I love coming here to read the comments. It’s amazing how we all saw the episode differently. I wasn’t feeling it tonight. Didn’t really find it all that funny. But I appreciated what it did to set up the finale. But others found it hysterical. That’s comedy for ya!

  130. I was definitely hoping for something more with Dwangela, but I’m sure we’ll get something in the finale next week. I didn’t find this episode to be “laugh out loud” funny like most episodes are, but I also still liked it for its purpose – to set things up for next week.

    I’m so excited for the payoff of the finale!

  131. I say no way are Jim/Pam leaving. Jenna and John have both said they aren’t/would not leave The Office. I agree with whoever said the tag was just to cause speculation.

    I really liked tonight and had some good laughs. I loved Daryl! “Mike, where did you go to college?” and “Yeah, the booth was lame without it.” I also thought Jenna was GREAT in this episode.

    The kiss(es) were the icing on the cake. And of course we were yanked from romance back to Office reality when Michael crashes in–I wonder how many takes that took b/c I can imagine John and Jenna cracking up at Steve there.

    As always, can’t wait ’til next week!!!

  132. I thought the episode was great, but I’m just so nervous for next week. I feel like the only “big” moves they can make are going to make me one unhappy lady. I hate feeling nervous…

  133. Sorry small businessman magazine, but Chili’s will never take the place of the golf course.

  134. I loved the subtlety of the Dwight/Angela story line in that episode. That was my favorite bit. Nice to have a Jam kiss – is it weird that I wish they’d kept the camera on them for the whole kiss and not showed Kevin and Andy? Thought they went for a cheap laugh with Andy falling into the sand pit. Did Kevin and Andy know they were on a sales call – cause they didn’t seem to be trying to sell that guy anything.

  135. Definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season. I couldn’t stop laughing on this one.

  136. Awwww!

    Okay, over that.

    There were only two redeeming qualities to this episode for me… Andy totally crashing the golf cart, and the JAM kiss. (Is that a squee? I don’t think that’s a squee…)

    The writers sort of fell flat on this one. I mean, I was so excited for some DWANGELA… Maybe I’ll rewatch it and watch their facial expressions.

    My friend said Angela’s shirt looked tweaked when they walked out the door, but… Hmmm…

    Hopefully they’re leading up to a big finale!!

  137. Jim and Pam aren’t having their own show, but I don’t know you guys, how much longer are they sticking around? Jim’s finally trying (for Pam), but I really want Jim and Pam to make all of their dreams to come true. Hahahaha, as lame as that sounds.

    Jim can go to Philadelphia and become a sportswriter and Pam can go pursue graphic design. I’d like to see them both on that path by the end of the show.

    Tonight’s episode was all sorts of adorable on the Jim/Pam side.

    And Creed calling Angela “pumpkin” was hysterical.

  138. I thought there was some real laugh-out-loud stuff tonight, but I was bummed that they teased us with Dwight and Angela ALONE together in the office all day with nothing but a sneeze and a “bless you” to show for it.

    I loved finding out Michael’s true feelings about Pam (she’s a wonderful person and a gifted artist). Great Stanley moment (without a word out of him). Hilarious new Creed line (finished my work months ago).

    Absolute favorite moment–“…and then you sneezed in my tea and then you said don’t worry, it’s just allergies. Do you remember that?”

  139. Maybe I’m just a pessimist from the really bad out-of-order Scrubs “finale” but that was my least favorite Office episode ever. It was just boring and predictable. And I don’t live for “JAM” moments.

  140. i really liked what michael said about jim, cuz that’s what we’ve all been saying for so long!

  141. I thought Jenna was amazing in this episode, but overall, it failed to garner many laughs from me.
    I’m guessing they are leading up to a BIG and I mean BIG finale… well, I’m hoping….

    Anyways, it was okay. Definitely not my favorite. The Jam kiss was cute, though =)

  142. This episode wasn’t the funniest for me, but I did enjoy it.

    The JAM stuff are always welcome. As a man, I’m inclined to say that the sweet moments don’t affect me…but they’re both just perfect for each other. Michael ruining their kiss at the end made me lol.

    As for Dwangela…At first I was disappointed at how slow they were going (Well, they didn’t really go anywhere this episode), but then I realized that if they were gonna go anywhere with their relationship…Slow would be the perfect pace for them! Their interactions were so terrible that it was funny.

    Although the episode wasn’t the funniest, it definitely had its moments. The ones I mentioned above…and Andy trying to get a drink, with blistered hands; that was priceless!

  143. Wow, I just rewatched the tag, and I have to say, I think it could be JK! It really is the voice that gives it away.

  144. I’m hoping what we didn’t see (but will next week) is Dwight and Angela ripping into each other while waiting for the elevator. It will be one of the documentary flashbacks The Office is so famous for!

  145. I loved JAM in this episode. My fave part was “I like you” and when Pam shook his hand after the first kiss and tried to be professional. But honestly, the episode fell flat. I didn’t have any major laugh out loud moments.

  146. 167 | Shannon:

    Angela was wearing a tied back maternity top in the final scene when she exited the office. That’s why the back looked funny. Unfortunately.

  147. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS EPISODE. Did anyone else notice that just as Pam was walking back into the office, Jim was helping Andy with his beer because he can’t touch it because of his “blisties”? Priceless, cannot wait for next week!

  148. I love reading these comments. I have an early class at 8:00 every friday, and I find myself hitting refresh on this page until like 3:00 haha — sorry that wasn’t on subject.

    great episode lee and gene! brilliance once again.

  149. I absolutely adored this episode! It was perfect… it felt like the old Office and is definitely my favorite ep since the strike, if not this season.

    Every character (minus Toby) had their moment to shine, and I can’t remember how long it’s been since that’s happened.

    I literally squeeled with the JAM moments, Andy was fantastic, Darryl in the cold open was superb, Dwangela was great… *sigh* I couldn’t get enough!

    Did anyone notice that Andy’s falling off the golf cart is along the lines of him falling into the lake last season and both eps were the second to last? Random observation…

  150. This episode was okay for me. I didn’t have any laugh out loud moments…but still some great lines. I think the Jam kiss near the end boosted its acceptance for many, but the tag has me worried.Would Pam really leave? Could Jim really work at DM NYC? Can we really imagine him in a corporate setting? We need Dwight pranks! So many questions…too many days until the finale

  151. ah I am just glad that we all got our Jim/Pam fix in!! It was about time!!

    I hope there will be questions for the writers again!!

  152. Amazing, amazing episode. I always expect dawesome Pam & Jim moments when Lee & Gene write an episode. Can’t wait for next weeks!

    Also, the graphic designer dude in the tag was definitely NOT John. The voice is slightly similar but beyond that, that actor’s teeth, eyes, and nose are completely different from John’s. Not in a bad way or anything, just different!

  153. This is definitely the best episode since the writer’s strike. I laughed a lot through it, and loved the Jam kissing =D We haven’t had a kiss for quite a while.
    I’m glad they made this episode a little lighter. Since the strike ended the episodes have been so dark and serious, but I liked this one.
    Great episode, all in all!

  154. Call me crazy, but I think a lot of this season has worked to show that sales may be a perfect fit for Jim… so even if he is again offered a higher position he would turn it down because he realizes he is content doing what he does and that he knows sales is where his talents are.

    Or am I just being overly optimistic because I don’t want them to change the format of the show?!

  155. Question. If Pam doesn’t know Illustrator or Photoshop or any computer graphics, how did she manage to work on the Dunder Mifflin commercial in Local Ad?

  156. LOVED tonight’s ep. JAM was amazing, and the rest was, of course, amazing too. I was really hoping there would be some… random hot makeout scene with Dwight and Angela, but you could cut the sexual tension in that scene with a knife. I can tell something will happen with them before the season ends. I know it!

    Oh, and that guy in the tag was totally Jim. Maybe not John Krasinski, but he sounded/acted/talked like Jim. I wonder if they planned that…

  157. Michael was in classic form with his blank piece of paper idea. Pam was hilarious when she reminded Michael of what he said,”…and you sneezed into my tea and said it was O.K, it’s only allergies…”
    Stanley “the Manley” walking out on Dwight was funny…
    Didn’t get the specifics on Jim being put on probation by Ryan…can just assume it was tied to the verbal warning he got last episode.

    That half hour goes way too fast.

  158. Andy has the tenderest skin–he really should have a doctor look at that.

    It was so nice to finally see something go right for Jim at work! I loved his, “I am going to try.”

    I wanted smack Michael on the head with a cast iron skillet. I was kind of scared that Pam might quit on the spot. I wouldn’t have held it against her if she had! I so felt for her when the recruiter rattled off the list of requirements for the entry level graphics job…and she didn’t wasn’t familiar with any of the programs.

    The big gigantic kiss…so sweet!

  159. Also, I wonder what kind of drawing or painting Pam was looking for in the art room?

  160. Nothing even needed to happen between Angela and Dwight. Just seeing them there sitting alone in the office made me crack up for some reason!

  161. 184 | Urkel Grue

    I completely agree! I watched the tag too and it was definitely not John. Maybe acted and sounded like him… but definitely not him.

  162. Awesome. I’m so glad Jim Halpert “never, ever [gives] up.”

    Nothing happening with Dwight and Angela was incredibly, incredibly frustrating, but also totally in-character and hilarious.


  163. You know, although I believe that overall Season 4 is still below Office standards, the second half of the season is totally kicking the first half’s behind.

    What is there to say about Job Fair? It felt like an opening act in a concert. It was just there to get you ready for what is coming next. Setup.

  164. this is probably a stupid question, but what’s the tag we’re all talking about with john/jim’s voice or whatever? the commercial for next week?

  165. Thank you for comment 187. I wondered the same thing. Considering that episode it looks like Pam never realized that she would need to learn a bunch of software, but she did manage to make the animation for the ad, and she did it because she was taking an animation class. not knowing the stuff doesn’t make much sense. i guess the writers are just trying to point out that “shifting” careers are going to require a lot of courage for Pam. By the way, i study graphic design and it has nothing to do with drawing.

    The episode was awesome though. Love this show!

  166. does anyone else suspect a little something might’ve gone on between angela and dwight AFTER they left work, maybe we’ll find out next week
    that could be the “infidelity” that was hinted to us

  167. honestly, the show has totally rebounded from the somewhat lukewarm first half of the season. the episodes after the strike have been consistent and absolutely amazing, especially last night’s episode.

  168. This episode left me disappointed. Actually, very much so. I know you shouldn’t bring complaints to the table without having suggestions or something to have made it better but I watched the ep live, then I watched it again, and a third time and I’m having a sincere problem figuring out one thing: what was the point of the episode?

    I loved the Dwight/Angela scenes, they were very poignant and I was very proud of Jim but…I didn’t laugh. And that makes me sad. Even the kiss at the end felt forced, like it was supposed to make up for the blahhhh 20 minutes that preceded it.

    I do have high hopes for the finale though, I’m uber-excited.

  169. My favorite quote from this episode is definitely when Michael says how talented Pam is and how he would never say it to her face with Oscar’s response. So Michael! It reminded me of Meredith’s birthday card way back in one of the first two seasons.

  170. Loved this episode. Pam was the MVP of the episode, IMO- great performance from Jenna Fischer. Loved the glimpse on her artistic career aspirations; I hope S5 will find her pursuing some kind of career movement into graphic design or other artistic avenues.

    The golf bit was great and Andy was just hilarious from the blisters to his lotion to his golf cart accident. Andy never fails to amuse.

    Michael was super annoying and obnoxious in this episode. I hated the way he treated Pam, Dwight and well, pretty much anybody he interacted with. Thie episode had WAY too much Michael Scott idiocy overload, IMO.

  171. 148- I totally agree that there’s no way it’s Jim & Pam leaving. It isn’t logical to remove them from the cast. They are not expendable from the body of the ensemble. I AM curious to see how they handle their character arcs since Pam & Jim are growing out of their jobs and such. Realistically, something’s got to change. I’m sure the writers will find a way to work it out.

    I too, have a sneaking suspicion there was more behind the Dwight/Angela scenes than we know yet. The fact that their scenes could not have been more uneventful, makes me very curious!

    I enjoyed this episode. Not necessarily at the top but there were some great lines/moments: sneezing in the tea, pumpkin’s out, kiss her good, Michael’s shoes, pms. JAM phone call I loved- a realistic “couple” moment that allowed us another glimpse. I love that Andy is always suffering; nipple chafing, drifting downstream, blisters, golf cart accidents. Felt more classic Office to me.. And they saved the best for last- OH, OH, OH! That steamy KISS!!! It’s about time! Passion is back for JAM. Thank you writers!!!

  172. That episode was okay, I thought. Not the best of the season, not the worst either. An “okay” episode with the Office still beats 99.9% of all other television, though.

    The JAM kiss in the end was just… too good to be true. I didn’t think it would happen so it was a pleasant surprise that had me squeeing. haha.

    Creed was absolutely hilarious this episode (not that he isn’t always hilarious, but his lines this episode were beyond perfection). Haha.

    I really liked the subtle Dwangela moments. I hope this is the build-up for more.

    Andy was kind of hilarious, too.

    I’m kind of worried for next week’s season finale. If that was the build-up for… someone leaving then- ahhhhh! major freak-out alert.

  173. To shannieannie (I swear this is my last comment) – the “tag” is the final scene of the episode where Pam is talking to the graphic design guy (who is sitting) and she fills out the application. His voice is similar to John K. (Jim) and I guess he looks very vaguely like him, so a bunch of folks thought it might be him with dyed hair and glasses to disguise him. I very highly doubt that it is and I spent entirely too much time last evening trying to figure out who it actually was, and didn’t confirm who it is.

    Wow, I need to get a life! Haha. Thanks for staying up late to post all of the extra stuff Tanster!

  174. I really, really enjoyed this episode. The Dwangela action (or lack there of) and Jam’s kiss were amazing, and I loved seeing Jim try. His talking head at the beginning was so adorable.

  175. GREAT EPISODE. I loved every second about it. Especially the pb&j kiss

  176. Best episode of the season in my humble opinion. It reeked of season 2 and that is what I like. So there.

  177. This was such an amazing episode. I never get tired of Jim and Pam. The best line in my opinion was when Michael said he wanted to euthanize the place. Brilliant!

    I am so worried about the finale. The clip looks awesome, but I won’t be able to rest until I know exactly what happens! Thanks, Tanster, for posting everything. I love this site!

  178. Did anyone catch the name of the design company Pam spoke to: IMPULSE DESIGN. Nice little touch there. Also, loved that the graphic design company had a sign almost as crappy as DM’s for the job fair!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that JAM are maybe already secretly engaged — Pam seemed REALLY excited about Jim landing that sale, almost as if she knew what they’d be spending his commission on…

  179. If Dwight and Angela left at 5PM, and Jim and Pam and Michael and everyone got back after that, wouldn’t that mean that the high school got out at around 5? Just a mistake I guess.

  180. I think my favorite line of this episode was Jim’s: “I’m going to do something for this job that I’ve never done before: try.” I thought it was hilarious.

    Anyway, I loved this episode! Andy totally killed me. It was really nice to see Jim step up and go for something he wants. I’m so pumped for the finale!

  181. Pam not knowing the programs DOES make sense. She took an animation class where she was provided with a certain software. She wasn’t applying for an “animation class with X software” she was applying for graphic design. Just because she took one animation class and knows one program does not mean she knows Photoshop and the rest of them.

    As for the episode, meh. It was ok! Cute Dwangela moments. Loved the JAM kiss at the end and how Jim is willing to change and work hard for JAM’s future. The only scene I actually laughed at was Andy racing the golf cart and flying into the sand!

  182. I really liked this episode, and it almost made up for the rest of season 4. This one, Money, and Chair Model were the only really good ones. Did I Stutter was ok. This is one of those episodes where even though Michael is being really cruel and David Brent-ish, I still feel bad for him.

    I was really proud of Jim and Pam in this episode. I was glad that Jim was able to make the sale. I figured Andy would ruin it. I guess that guy liked Kevin though. And I really want Pam to achieve her dreams, but hopefully still in Scranton. When she was in the art room, and she said “It’s probably been taken down” I thought the camera was going to look around and find a picture with her signature on it, and some date on it from like 1993.

    And oh my god, dwangela drama. At the end of the episode, when they walk out, I was so sure they were just gonna fully make out. Im hoping for a reunion next week, as well as a Jam engagement (which her parents will hopefully be psyched about) and Jan’s pregnancy.

  183. Nothing would have happened between Dwight and Anglea in the office because both know the cameras were there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they don’t realize the camerapeople ever recorded anything about their relationship, and they never publically admitted their relationship. So, if anything happens between them, it will be done away from the office. Now, if they’re all weird around each other next week, then we’ll know something is up.

  184. There wasn’t much of him in this episode, but Stanley has gotten really awesome lately!

  185. I thought it was pretty good. My roommates and I LOL when Andy went flying out of the golfcart. TOO frickin’ funny.

    I LOVED Kelly’s line about Darryl looking like Barack Obama – awesome!

    ..and when Michael said “Yes, and don’t call me Shirley” I was SO thrilled – I am a HUGE fan of the movie Airplane.

    All in all – a good episode :)

  186. I think Pam and Jim will be the stars of the spin- off. Despite everything they’ve told us so far. Pam is fed up with her job, so she will probably go to New York or Philly. Jim is on probabtion anyway, so he’ll probably quit or get fired. Does anyone else agree?

  187. Shunned Ryan, I said the exact same thing about Michael and the microphone. I was with a friend and I said-uh oh, Michael does not do well with microphones.

    Didn’t think this episode was very funny. I can deal with the fact that the show is concentrating a lot more on plot than on comedy because I’ll still watch it for a good story. However, they ARE still supposed to be funny and I feel like that’s not happening anymore.

  188. I don’t know if anybody has mentioned this before, but are people actually concerned that the show is going to change in a way they don’t like? I mean, the writers aren’t people picked up in a job fair. They are brilliant and possibly love the show more than you and me. They would never do anything to ruin the show. I am 100% confident it will work out in the end.

  189. Here’s an idea. Maybe “The Office” series itself will change, with the primary location no longer being Scranton. Perhaps “The Office” will be NYC based, with the focus on Jim and Pam with key moments, and Michael and Dwight in Scranton interacting with HQ? Maybe Michael falls for the Amy Ryan character and ups and moved to NYC? The spin off could be the other characters hashing it out in Scranton as usual with Dwight and Angela replacing Jim and Pam in the romance and Andy being the village idiot – so to speak. Hey, Greg Daniels and company have been hinting some major shifts will arise next week – so much so that the finale may imply major changes to the show itself. Perhaps the locations will swap? More NYC, and Scranton will be the spinoff?

  190. Like all of us on here, I love this show with the white hot fire of a thousand burning suns. Last night’s ep left me disappointed. There, I said it. I never say it. Where was the nuance we have come to know and love? The tag was the only scene I felt invested in — Philadelphia or New York…hmmm. Even watching Jim and Pam making out made me uncomfortable. TOO public. I would have rather had him pull her into the conference room, shut the blinds, and that be it, with Andy, Michael and Kevin, and us, left staring at the door.

  191. Really good episode. Lots of great Michael lines, especially. I can see, though, how hard it must be for the writers to cram the second half of the season into just 6 episodes. It’s moving so fast!

    I, too, loved the Dwight and Angela bit – amazing how two great actors can say so much with just a door opening and a thank you.

  192. A lot of people are disappointed by this episode apparently. I kind of liked it. And I’m not even a JAM groupie.

  193. Honestly, this was the worst episode of the season and possibly the worst episode of the series. When it was over I felt like this show was nothing but a lead-in to next week. It was boring and not funny.

    However, there was one redeeming line…
    “we’re going to ditch this bitch.”

    Creed is awesome.

  194. Interesting episode. Definitely a lot of funny moments, but I think the dramatic ones will play better after seeing the finale, and viewing everything as a whole.

    That said I enjoyed Jim’s angst at viewing the sale as instrumental to his marriage proposal. It added another layer of tension, and I was really pulling for him. Hated Andy’s blisters and found them unfunny and unnecessary, but found the prat fall into the bunker high-larious, made even more so by Andy’s helpless, childlike plea: “I fell in the sand trap.” I found myself mouthing, “No, Michael, no, Michael,” as he was eyeing the stage; sometimes I know these characters better than I know myself. And way to go, Pam!

    But the highlight was Dwight and Angela’s “date.” Cos that’s what it was. In their world, that wee bit of interaction was a form of reconciliation. I bet when each got home Dwight ripped off his shirt and paraded throughout the fields of Schrute Farm in exuberance, and Angela told her multitude of cats of her wondrous day.

    And I gots to mention Michael’s urge to “youthanize” the office. Brilliant.

    Can’t wait for next week.

  195. I love the quotes you picked, Tanster! My favorite was this one:

    “I would rather live jobless on a beach somewhere…off the money from a large inheritance than work at any of these lame jobs. They suck.”

    Oh Michael. Classic!

  196. This was a vintage JAM good feeling episode. I enjoyed this one. Also, am I the only one that is starting to get that same feel good yet awkward feeling from Dwangela that JAM provided in Season 1?

    I probably used the word ‘feel’ and ‘good’ too many times in this comment but those 2 words best descibed this episode for me (plus my lexicon is horrible).

  197. i thought this episode was great, although i felt liked it was paced differently than the past few episodes. i thought the dwight and angela stuff was played out perfectly. we get on the show’s case a lot about being realistic and if you think about how dwight and angela behaved towards each other even when they were dating, this interaction was perfectly in character. i can’t imagine anything else happening that would have been realistic.
    and for the record, i love jim and pam but i do not base my enjoyment for an episode on “jammy goodness” or whatever.

  198. How can you seriously think graphic guy was JKras? The guy had absolutly no resemblence of John. His voice, okay… But really?

  199. oh! i don’t think anyone mentioned this but i thought michael was totally trying to find a new ryan! in a way i think he misses ryan more than jan. maybe after all his failed dates he decided what he really needed was a new “temp”.

  200. I’m really intrigued by the idea of Jim and Pam leaving the show, but I would be SHOCKED if that happened. That said, Pam moves to NY for design and Jim replaces Ryan after he gets fired for drug use and DMI failure. It could happen within the parameters of the story thus far.

    The real-time nature of the series made the writer’s strike even more detrimental to this story. We really got ripped off of a lot of Jim and Pam as a couple, pre-proposal, which is a shame. Not to mention Dwangela, Jan/Michael, basically everyone. The writer’s are still doing an excellent job, they have to play catch up, which we don’t like because we love the show and want to see EVERYTHING.

    IDEA: 24-hour cam over the summer on I know this is just ridiculously unrealistic, but how hot would it be to be able to log in and know you could see one of the characters doing something (even if it’s just sleeping) at any time? This could cover everybody: Mose, David Wallace, Hank.
    I’ve crossed over into crazy town, but seriously. How cool would that be?

  201. Really wasn’t feeling this episode. Michael was a little too “Phyllis’s Wedding” at the job fair and the slapstick stuff Andy did on the golf course felt a little facile. As always, there were great lines scattered throughout and I had a few chuckles, but overall probably my least favorite season 4 ep. I have complete confidence that the finale won’t disappoint, though.

  202. Hee hee! Anyone notice how terrible Jim’s golf score was? Not that I’m good at golf either or anything but par on an 18 hole course is usually around 72. So assuming that, Jim was 30 strokes above par. My family and I couldn’t stop laughing at that. My only other thought for the episode is that Jim is so going to propose but I’m really not sure if Pam will say yes. I know Jenna Fischer said she wasn’t leaving but then there was that scene with the graphic designer.

  203. Thanks for the quotes!

    The line of the night, AKA the one that made me spit out my drink was, “Yes. And don’t call me Shirley.” I love, love, LOVE when Michael misuses quotes. And also, I love Airplane. The eunthanize line was also a classic. Oh and also Angela’s, “Bless you.”

  204. 216 – He didn’t like playing with Kevin, he owed Kevin over $200, so instead of paying, he invited him to play again and “run a tab”.

  205. To 187 (Pam 6.0) and 199 (Clara) – 215 (Meghan) is right about the software issue; Pam has been taking art classes, not graphic design classes specifically; it would make sense that as part of her art program she was required to take one computer art class (like an animation class), and that the rest of her classes were actually unelectronic, artist-art classes – art history, watercolors and pastels, etc. And animation software (like Flash) is actually more of a drawing-based program than the other programs the graphic guy mentioned, except Corel Draw or Illustrator.

    This was my first true geeking-out moment – I’m an editor/designer, and I turned to my husband and said, “I totally know all of those programs!” and was very pleased with myself… he chuckled at me… I guess it is funny that I’m excited about qualifying for an entry-level position in my own field just because it’s what Pam wants to do… :)

  206. Andy was hilarious. My favorite line “My grandfather would roll over in his urn… The only thing that I didn’t like about this episode was Michael. He was creepy… Thank you Dateline! Also loved the awkward tension b/t Angela & Dwight (ie. at the copy machine) and how she hides her tummy :) Cute! Also loved John Kras’ performance at the end as the graphic design guy. Looked like a cross b/t his character in Smiley Face & the Holiday. Loved all the JAM moments too. Best show ever!

  207. Andy definitely stole the show — I really hope he stays in Scranton and doesn’t leave for the spin-off. Gotta love the hand lotion and loofah gloves!

  208. 102 is actually a good score for an amateur golfer. Really, only a pro or someone who is very gifted shoots in the 70s.

  209. I have been a fan of the show since the very beginning, even though i was skeptical at first (big fan of the office UK). This episode was the best of the series so far, bar none. Michael was classic, Jim showed us all why we love Jim, great stuff with Dwangela, and another engagement hint. Loving it.

  210. What are they doing to us with all the hints about certain characters leaving? Ahhh! I can’t handle it. It wouldn’t be The Office if one of the “family members” leaves!

  211. They should rename the show Everything That Happens Outside of The Office.

  212. Haha, just rewatched, have to mention the stuff I somehow missed the first time, Michael had a lot of classic mis-speaks in this episode:

    Like when he said he wanted to “euthanize” the Office, haha oh Michael, great.

    And also when he first talked to that kid about not interning with them, he said “migraine worker” lol. I can’t believe I missed those the first time. Awesome.

  213. I haven’t read through all the comments, but from reading the first 100 or so I know there’s speculation about John Krasinski playing the graphic design guy. I really think it’s him, the “oh, absolutely” when Pam asks if she can sit is a dead give away. Then towards the end there’s a facial expression that is so Jim. (Sorry if this has been mentioned already.)

  214. 233 – I agree, Michael was looking for a new hot temp to replace Ryan. Poor Michael.

    I also loved the Dwight/Angela bit. You could almost see her thawing.

    It was adorable that Jim doesn’t want to lose his job because he wants Pam’s parents to be happy about their engagement. Old-fashioned, but adorable.

  215. i got the impression that jim and pam will be the subject of the spin-off, based on this episode

  216. That was not John playing the graphic design guy at the end of the episode.

    I think the tag was important because it really highlighted something with Pam.

    Her time at Dunder Miflin has been, in almost all aspects, a waste. She has been in a job she doesn’t enjoy, and has been completely passed by as far as qualifications for her dream job. There’s great potential for her to start getting herself set to leave the office and Scranton.

    I think they’re really setting up the potential to flip the situation from the end of last season. Last year it was Jim moving on to bigger and better things, maybe in the future it’ll be Pam.

  217. when dwight and angela were leaving, it kinda reminded me of the season 2 episode, “The Secret.” you know the part where jim and pam were leaving the office, and pam just stares over at jim in the elevator? it reminded me of that, except with dwight and angela.

  218. okay favorite moments/lines:
    “giddy-up, lets do this!”

    “i finished my work MONTHS ago”

    the whole exchange about the piece of paper:
    “the booth is lame without it” “are you mental?” “pam pam pam! and then you sneezed in my tea…” i could just hear michael saying it.

    the fact that creed calls everyone ‘gang’.

    “michael, i know you’re swamped”

    “oh, i like you”

    andy’s pants!

    “she was always hot, she was just wearing glasses. and that you were the blind one”

    “isn’t he big?”

    “what? why wouldn’t you say that to her face?”

    “the guys i didn’t bring are even better”

    the look on jim’s face when he stands up from the table is the same as when she stand up in the stairwell in money to go kiss pam. i thought that was really touching. he is doing this for pam!

    h&r block, i don’t even know what they do?”

    kevin and andy singing during the kiss! haha!

  219. favorite line: Darryl: “What college did you go to Mike?” Darryl rocks!!

  220. Why does everyone think that was John Krasinski playing the design guy? That makes zero sense.

  221. I loved this episode. Andy is just hysterical and the tension with Dwight and Angela was great.
    I loved Jim and Pam totally not giving a damn and making out in the office (Jenna Fischer has the BEST job. Ever.)
    Michael with the comment behind Pam’s back really made me smile. Shame he doesn’t say it to her face, though.

  222. Abby in PA (144) mentioned that a Nelson Franklin was on the show last night and that was who played the guy who looked a bit like John Krasinski. In case anyone needs more confirmation, I think this Facebook page clears it all up

  223. Are you guys KIDDING with “John is the graphics guy” thing???

  224. I thought last night’s episode was great. It was a lot of set-up, but I have no doubt it will pay off in the finale. The Dwight-Angela interaction was perfect.

    Also, as far as Pam’s interest in taking classes in NYC or Philadelphia: it’s perfectly reasonable that she & Jim can get engaged in the finale and then take some time off together in the summer so Pam can take a class. There are intensive courses that only take about a month to complete. It seems unlikely that the writers would break them up or send them to the spin-off; they are much too important to this show.

  225. I’m cracking up about the scandal of the tag! Personally I don’t think that is John Krasinski. I could be wrong but the stature, nose, chin, eyebrows, and spacing of facial features seem too far off. The voice is slightly deeper too. My three brother who are in their twenties also sound a lot like John Krasinksi/Jim, so maybe it’s just a typical voice of an East coaster who’s been living on the West coast awhile? Who knows!

  226. most definitely not john at the end. his nose wasn’t big enough =P. this discussion reminds me of lost and how everyone thought matthew fox played one of guys penny hired during the s3 finale.

    it’s very interesting how they keep setting us up for a huge jam shakeup. i mean, as much as it feels like it’d be impossible for them to leave the core show, at the same time you can’t help but want them to go on to better things! it might get painful watching them being stuck for another few seasons, you know?

  227. Tell me Jenna is not absolutely ADORABLE when she turns around from their kiss at the end.


  228. 253, tunatunatuna

    Re: “Pam! Pam! Pam!”

    The best part of this joke is that it pays off later…if you listen for it. When Pam brings back the “Pendleton crap” paper, Michael instinctively launches into repetitiously saying her name again. It was brilliant foreshadowing for a nicely underplayed joke later on.

  229. I just re-watched the tag and there is no way that is John Krasinski! Even the teeth are totally different (along with face shape, etc).

  230. the actor who plays the graphic design guy also has an affectation that john doesn’t have. his accent is different. yes, there are moments where the voice sounds similar but i have to say i do not think it is john. that would be weird and pointless.

  231. I love watching Jim and Pam’s relationship grow :) This was an awesome episode!

  232. Here’s my issue: I wouldn’t want Jim or Pam to leave the show and move to Philly… although they would be just across the river from me and Jim could work at Dunder-Mifflin Camden ;)

    However, I don’t think they can keep advancing the plot by showing Pam’s passion for graphic design or hinting that Jim wants to be a Philly sports writer at heart, without doing something drastic. If Pam and Jim were to keep ignoring these opportunities to leave Dunder-Mifflin and pursue their dreams, they would begin to look really, really pathetic.

    I feel like the writers are bringing Jim and Pam to a crossroads, and they’re either gonna run with it, or tease us into thinking they are and bring us right back into the office status quo.

  233. Oh sorry Tanster, I had one more thing in my post that I forgot to mention!

    Shouldn’t that paper that Pam got from the art room be Dundler-Mifflin paper? In “The Client” Dunder-Mifflin won the contract to provide paper for the entire Lackawanna school district…. unless this school wasn’t in Lackawanna County.

  234. I think the tag is John Krasinski. Notice how the cuts to him are interrupted frequently by people passing in front of the lens…just so you can’t get too good a look!! Very clever. What’s not to make sense?? HELLO-O-O! HE’S AN ACTOR!! And wouldn’t it be fun for the actors to play a different role and see if we catch it?? It makes watching just that much MORE fun!!

  235. There is NO way that the graphic design guy in the tag is John Krasinski. They have different chins, eyebrows, etc. It would make no sense to have him play that part.

  236. Loved, loved and loved all of Pam in this episode. Great work by Jenna. The looks she gives to the camera due to Michael’s ridiculous behavior are PRICELESS.

    Creed had some great one liners. And Andy was great as always – his antics always makes me laugh out loud.

    Michael needs a muzzle.

  237. 268, Callan-

    Two ways to explain this:

    a) The contract expired and DM no longer supplies the county, or that school, with paper.

    or, more likely

    b) The paper is DM but Michael had his heart set on nice, card stock. After all, it’s not like there’s some security strip that says PENDLETON when you hold it to the light.

  238. 272 | phyllis*farm

    Either answer would be completely logical.

    I like to think of Michael as being completely horrible at management, but being a complete savant at some aspects of his job, like being able to identify the source of paper on sight alone.

  239. I was meh too, and I feel guilty about that.

    I didn’t understand why Jim would bring Andy if it was a really important sales call.

    I expected some awkward Michael moments, but remember he’s supposed to be good at sales – as seen in The Client and Traveling Salesman. Why can’t he sell Dunder Mifflin?

    I love JAM, but like poster 224 I felt the prolonged kiss was weird in front of everyone. Plus I was feeling sad for Michael after his TH. Jim being at DM cheered Michael up, but Jim doesn’t want to be a lifer there.

    I wanted the Dwangela moments to go somewhere! Now!

    Pam’s old art room felt like a tease. Any chance whatever she was looking for shows up again? In a proposal maybe? If not, I wish those seconds were spent on something else.

  240. So last night, I was totally excited for this episode! But, I didn’t think I was gonna be able to watch it b/c I had a meeting! It’d be the first ep I’d ever missed, so I was pretty ticked about that! But, luckily my meeting got out earlier and I was able to get home in time! That’s great right?!! NO, it’s NOT GREAT! When I turned on my television, there were tornado warnings on the channel and thus it was cutting in on Office time!! So, I had to get up at 5 in the morning and watch it on! But, it was totally worth it, b/c this episode was HILARIOUS!! Andy being thrown from the golf cart, the amazing Dwangela moments, and a majorly cute Jam makeout session won me over! Great job writers!

  241. 231- YES! I cannot believe that people are so convinced this was John K! I went back and re-watched it to see if I had missed something and the guy looks NOTHING like him. Check out his teeth, his eyes, his whole face! The voice I will agree on, it is very similar but there’s no way guys!

    I forgot to add in my last post that I LOVED the shots of Pam when Michael was on the microphone. The first one, she kind of starts to cover her face, and then by the second shot, she is almost COMPLETELY covering her face with that pained expression CRACKS ME UP! I love studying Jenna’s performances- she is so skilled and delivers 100% every week. So many gems in her moments. And she was adorable on Leno. Way to go!

  242. This was not a laugh-out-loud episode for me. I typically don’t like episodes where Michael is a flat out butthole to people (like in Christmas Party or Chair Model). Another reason why this episode might not have won me over is because I watched it online and had a lot of problems. In any case, it felt like a lot of set up that I hope pays off next week.

    There were some funny lines, though. I really liked Michael’s “youthanize” comment. Darryl is awesome.

  243. Tanster – when Andy says he hung out with the swimming club, isn’t it “Got my NAUT on” instead of “Got my KNOT on?” Just thinking because they’re nautical & all.

  244. who writes creed’s lines? they get me every time. though today, it was very applicable.

    I was done with my work months ago

  245. i think michael is more unbearable when he is outside the office because he not in his comfort zone and therefore even more awkward and we find it more uncomfortable because he is exposing himself in public (that’s what she said) and these strangers don’t know him like the people in the office do and so it is way more painful. jim and pam and everyone else knows his good side and so they forgive him and it is easier to watch.

    that was my first office tally twss!

  246. #263 phyllis*farm

    first of all, i have aways meant to say, great name.

    secondly, i noticed that too! when he actually said “pam pam pam…” i cracked up!

  247. I forgot to say: I can’t BELIEVE anyone thinks the grahpic design guy is John!?!? Doesn’t everyone spend as much time as I do gazing at photos/clips of John?! If so you would never make such a ridiculous comparison! :-)

    I think the casting staff may have purposely cast a Jim-like character in this role so as to appeal to Pam…but this guy is DEFINITELY NOT Jim/John. Phew…had to get that off my chest!

  248. sorry to post again but also art paper usually has a watermark or the name of the paper maker stamped into it. it is thicker and higher fiber content. i am an artist, i have seen a lot of art paper!

  249. i bet that the paper is not dunder mifflin paper because it is art paper. dunder mifflin probably just makes copier and printer type paper and the school get its drawing and watercolor paper from another company.
    also art paper has a watermark or the name of the paper maker stamped into it. so that is how michael would know who made it. its higher fiber content!

  250. I may sound crazy, but I’m sticking to my belief about the design guy. In high def you can see the cheek prostheic, especially under the left eye. The facial quirks and voice are too spot on.

  251. I LOVED that Jim said “Screw it” and then grabbed Pam and kissed her. That’s what my husband said right before he proposed to me (so romantic, huh?). He had a big speech planned but couldn’t get the ring out of his pocket so he said “screw it” and just got down on one knee and asked. For a half a second I thought maybe Jim would get a wild hair and do it then but no.

    The writers are probably LOVING screwing with us so much. They probably read all this and sit back and laugh and laugh, watching us twist in the wind! (I would.)

  252. Oops, forgot. Unless they used some SERIOUS latex prosethetics on his face, I doubt that the design guy is John. Maybe a brother (he’s got 2, I believe) but not him. Or, maybe they dubbed his voice in? Just a thought.

  253. Anyone else bummed out by the fact that we don’t get to hear Jim make that sales pitch. Instead there’s a TH of him explaining what happened. It was nice and everything but we’ve only really heard him make a sale once.

  254. Waffle117 I was super mad last night too! Stupid tornado warnings! I couldn’t watch the Tonight Show either because NBC had the weather on….still….for 5 hours. Ridiculous. I had to watch it this morning as well. I thought the physical comedy in this episode was hilarious, Andy cracked me up when he fell in the sand trap. I also loved the Creed moments. I just wish that Pam or somebody would have spoken up when Michael was being such a jerk to Justin, I felt so bad for the kid!

  255. Pam’s not leaving (Jenna said so) and Jim already left in season 2.
    So no, neither of them are going to leave.

  256. Besides Creed…of course…I’d say my favorite line(s)are:

    “-Count me in!!

    Several things I couldn’t help but notice…
    -What happened to the “My Humps” ringtone??
    -What H.S. has 8th period around 5pm??
    -Pam needs to replace her breaks…

    Other than those stupid little things…next week sounds fun!!

  257. Where was Toby?? Did I miss something… I didn’t see him the entire episode…

  258. Not sure if this has been brought up but the design guy mentioned Philadelphia…

    What was Jim’s characters name in Second Life?


    They’re gonna move to Philly together.

  259. The graphic design guy is Krasinski. Didn’t anyone ever see “Coming to America”. Eddie Murphy’s makeup was unbelievable (especially the old white guy) and that was 25 years ago. He didn’t even disguise his voice and his mannerisms are identical.

  260. Hm. I feel like the humor in the show has gotten very broad as of late. Andy crashing the golf cart, Michael sticking his face into wet cement, Dwight making out with a college basketball player… I don’t know. It’s funny, but it’s the kind of funny that a lot of shows do. There’s not as much subtle, earlier-season humor as there used to be. That said, I absolutely love how Darryl has been featured these past two episodes.
    Here’s hoping for some sort of Dwight-Angela resolution in the finale.

  261. I think my favorite part of the episode may have been the shout-outs to the Scranton businesses at the job fair. I went to Scranton for the Convention last fall and the Frank M. Regan Funeral Home stood out in the way it embraced Office humor. Case in point, the huge yellow sign proudly posted out front –

    To: Ryan Howard, Corporate
    From: Michael Scott, Scranton and the Frank M.
    Regan Funeral Home
    Re: Office Convention, October 26 – 28, 2007

    Paper is NOT dead. We should know.

    Ha! A funeral home with a sense of humor!! They also had a little display by their front door with the Pam’s bird coffin, etc. I took some photos that you can see here

    While we were there, someone from the home came out to take video of the crowd that had gathered to admire the set-up. He was asking where everyone was from and seemed genuinely excited to be welcoming so many strangers to his hometown. It was really cute. So, with that happy memory, I was extra-happy to see the folks at the Frank M. Regan Funeral Home get their little moment in The Office sun.

  262. Does anybody really think that John Krasinski would really get into full Eddie Murphy-ish makeup to play a no-name character for a 30 second episode tag? That makes ZERO sense.

    The actor simply had a John Krasinski-quality. I must see at least 5 guys like that every day on the street in Philadelphia. I just wish IMDB was better about updating information on TV show episodes so we could settle this thing once and for all.

  263. I don’t care what people say outside the show. They could easily be building toward a “Pam and Jim” spin off. Let’s face it Ryan is being set up to fall and Jim is a shoe in for that job. Plus Pam getting that sobering bit from the Graphic Design guy about needing to go to NY or Philly. Ryan loses his NY job and Jim takes it while Pam goes to school there.

  264. # 300

    I went to the Office Convention too and I was wicked excited when they gave a shout out to the Frank M. Regan Funeral Home.

  265. I laughed my head off when Stanley wouldn’t obey to Dwight and just walked away from the office. Stanley is such a rebel!

  266. I have already settled the “mystery man” debate but nobody noticed. The guy’s names is NELSON FRANKLIN… Go search for him on Facebook. I agree that it is ridiculous to think that was John all dressed up. Anyway, I repeat, it is NELSON FRANKLIN… So let’s consider this matter ended…

  267. The graphic design guy is not John K. I do think though that the guy will call Pam for a date. She started to fill out the application before she put it down and he probably has enough info to get in touch with her.

  268. 283 – Oh, sailing… well then “naut” makes even more sense!

  269. And the graphic design guy does look a lot like Jim, but it’s not him. They’re eyes are not the same and the graphic designer’s lips were way fuller.

  270. Dear Sara in Philly,

    When one joins a sailing course, camp or club part of ‘boating’ is learning to tie all the boat knots. I know because I was in a sailing camp one summer, at a country club, which soooo fits the preppy Andy dealio! Don’t you think? I’m pretty sure he said, “…got my ‘knot’ on.”

  271. I think Krasinski played Phyllis this week too. It is amazing what Hollywood special effects can do.

  272. I really liked this episode. I think it was the best one since the strike.

  273. Jim and Pam are TOTALLY buying a house together! That is why he and Pam are both excited about the deal he got with Mr. McGuire; that is what everyone is looking at on Jim’s computer in the spoilers for next week, that is what Jim is talking about (again in spoiler ad) when he says “it is BIG!”….it has to be. Which means that he and Pam are engaged – which we know can’t happen on camera, as sad as that may be for us…

  274. 314 Awesome theory. As long as it has a terrace!

  275. i wonder what pam was talking about when she said “i wonder if they still have it up” when she was in the art room.

    i thought something dramatic was about to happen

  276. Did anyone else notice that when Jim and Pam hung up from their phone call, neither of them said “I love you”? I thought that was kind of odd. It just seems like saying “I love you” before hanging up is something Jim would definitely do. :::shrug::: Maybe I’m just over analytical.

  277. @316:

    Probably a work of art she made back in the day.. I thought it was that painting she won in a contest but then remembered that was of an elementary school.

  278. How is it that Dunder Mifflin can get away with internships without giving college credits nor pay? That’s cold…Maybe it’s pretty common but I’ve never heard of such positions. And guys, come on that’s clearly not John Krasinski.

    Overall I enjoyed this episode better than last week’s but I can’t help noticing that I haven’t been laughing as much on The Office lately. I guess you could say certain episodes are for plot advancement and some are clearly meant for laughs but I don’t necessarily believe that those two things are mutually exclusive. They’ve already shown it was possible back in S2.

  279. #307–AwesomeBlossom

    You are “extra awesome”–good sleuthing! I must admit, I was one of those who believed it could be JK (mainly due to the voice), but after finding a Nelson Franklin on myspace, I have to give you some kudos. I still find it odd that his voice is so strangely similar to JK’s (especially when he says, “absolutely”). I have to wonder if this was deliberate. Of course, it’s more likely that I am reading WAY too much into it!

  280. I agree with #89 headphone. It’s a bad thing when an episode is only seen as set-up too; it should be good by itself. I found myself really not enjoying Michael’s antics in this episode. He was a little “Phyllis’s Wedding.”

    Ok, so I haven’t looked at any spoilers this season, so I could be totally off, but does anyone else think that instead of an engagement for the season finale we’ll get a potentially break-up-able conflict between Jim and Pam? Pam’s character arc completely sets her up to go to NYC or Philly for graphic design. I’ve been wondering why they introduced Jim’s plan to propose so early in the season, and now I think that’s just to make it more tragic when things don’t go well. This pains me to say, but it’s the nature of TV shows that inevitably happens in order to “keep things interesting.” The show doesn’t want to put them together forever until the series ends, and here’s hoping that will be a while away. I will hate to see the writers follow a typical sit-com love story style, but it’s hard to see how they’re going to avoid it.

  281. I came to the office for two reasons –

    1 I loved the original
    2 I love Steve Carell.

    More and more I find myself looking forward to watching the ‘supporting’ characters. This episode was no exception. Brian Baumgartner – you are a god sir!

  282. 314-“From himself, from the future”–That is a VERY good point!! I think that may definitely be it! A house…why didn’t I ever think of that! (Cuz I’m an idiot, that’s why)

  283. I totally thought that Angela and Dwight would start making out or something since they had the whole office to themselves. I was kind of disappointed that not much happened while they were there.

  284. I just watched Job Fair again and the graphics guy is absolutely not played by John K. I will give anybody here 10,000 to 1 odds on it.

  285. cagematcheswork: that seems to be how michael acts whenever he is spitting distance from a microphone! remember booze cruise too?

  286. I don’t think the graphic design guy was being mean or rude. I’m not a graphic designer, but even I know how to use Photoshop and have heard of Corel Draw, Dreamweaver, etc.

    I was watching the episode where Michael drives his car into the lake, and where Ryan asks Pam to draw up some logos for the new website. In her talking head, she says that she’s going to make some mock-ups, then turn them into thumbnails and then make splash screens. Then she laughs and says that she has no idea what any of that is. So she clearly knows that’s she’s not exactly familiar with all things graphic design, and yet hasn’t done much (over what we assume would be at least 3 or 4 months) to get up to par.

  287. I haven’t read through all the comments, but from reading the first 100 or so I know there’s speculation about John Krasinski playing the graphic design guy. I really think it’s him, the “oh, absolutely” when Pam asks if she can sit is a dead give away. Then towards the end there’s a facial expression that is so Jim. (Sorry if this has been mentioned already.)

  288. It was a solid episode. I liked that they were doing office-related stuff even though they weren’t in the office. And I really liked that there was a little story back in the office to go along with the two “off-site” storylines.

    But what in the world was up with Andy wrecking the golf cart? That may have been the most disappointingly broad “joke” they’ve ever done. Bleh.

    “Why wouldn’t you say that to her face?” Oscar Martinez may be the most level-headed worker in Scranton. He knows how to tolerate Michael’s antics quite well; he even helped him out in “Money”. He has two weaknesses, though: he’s overly sensitive to the baby poster, and he’s easily tempted by shopping with Gil on spring cleaning day. :-)

  289. I didn’t buy the fact that Michael would show up to a Job Fair with a blank sheet of paper. It was out of character.

    The expectation would be that he would be planning for weeks and then come up with something like “Win a kiss from Pam” or pass out inappropriately worded t-shirts (Dund her Miflin “That’s what she said”)…

    Michael made his own Dunder Miflin commercial, organized the Rabies marathon, held a Survivor game to find his successor, etc. He invests heavily in his project, goes overboard, and ends up with little in return.

    …that’s his M.O. and a blank sheet of paper was out of line with his character…just my 2 cents…

  290. 327- Although I agree with you completely, I might have to take that bet. Because when someone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds on ANYTHING… you take it. =)

  291. Ok, this may be a stupid question, but my co-worker’s and I are baffled by this: who is the other bobblehead doll that is on Dwight’s desk? We all saw it in this episode, but had never seen it there before… Any help would be greatly appricated!

  292. Nathan the Temp- i was cracking up at oscar’s “why wouldn’t you say that to her face” i love that oscar is the proverbial ‘straight man’ to all the office antics. i like the idea that they made the gay guy in the office the straight man.

  293. Does anyone love Creed as much as I do?

    “I finished my work months ago.” And the Pumpkin line… :]

    I really hope they show more of Creed in return of Toby’s leave (which I will cry when it finally happens, the writers have no idea how much I adore Toby)

  294. Tuna, you’re funny. And I agree. I loved that line! It was my favorite of the episode.

  295. How in the world did anyone think the graphics design guy was John K.? Didn’t look or sound like him. However,the graphic design guy is the IT guy, Nick, from season 6! I also saw him recently in a show (I forget the name) with David Denman (Roy!). The show has since been cancelled, but I thought that it was really funny that the actors had worked on The Office at different times. Also, did anyone notice that the Asian guy from The Hangover was in Email Surveillance? He was one of the improv guys.

  296. I see people have pointed out that the graphics design guy is also “Nick the IT guy”, but I’ve been rewatching The Office lately and noticed that “Megan the intern” (Season 6, “Gossip”) plays one of the potential interns that Oscar speaks to in a deleted scene. Very cool they brought back two people later on in the show!

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