1. You guys! Cutest shorts outfit ever! Angela is a fashion genius.

  2. I met John tonight. What a lovely man with such warm eyes. I’m even more smitten with him now than I was before the premiere! Angela and Brian were also extremely nice.

    The movie was quite funny and darling as well.

    I’m just on cloud nine. I talked to my TV boyfriend! It looked like his probably-real-life girlfriend was with him, a pretty brunette. Classy and not an LA glamour puss (and not Rashida Jones, either).

  3. Wow!!! When I saw the Emmy pictures a couple of weeks ago, I asked if Angela could be any more beautiful. I didn’t think so. Well, she proved me wrong here. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I went to the premiere and it was so much fun! I got John’s autograph and pictures with Angela and Brian!

  5. Angela is just too cute!! And John is delicious in his suit! Thanks Tanster…you made my morning!!

  6. Angela looks so cute! And Kras has totally hired a sytlist. He’s looks great. He also looks very Hollywood. I’m happy and sad all at the same time.

  7. Wow! They both look FANTASTIC!!!

    I love John’s Beatle/James Bond, 60’s suit! That’s awesome!!!

  8. Wow.

    Every time I see pics of either of them, they just look better and better, if that’s even possible. Hot stuff! :)

    Seeing Krasinski’s pic made me think of all the hullaballoo made over his decision to sport the cardigan and Vans for the MTV awards, which made perfect fashion sense given the venue. THIS glammy get-up would’ve been over the top for MTV but is in perfect taste for a movie premiere. Beau Brummell, step aside.

  9. Ugh-I ADORE Angela’s shirt! I want four of them! And Mr. JKras is absolutely noting to forget about either…hello new desktop!

  10. Notice that it looks like the Jim hair is growing back!! There’s a little flip to it!

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