Who could star in ‘The Michael Phelps Story’? Hmm.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 | 60 comments


Have you seen the stories this week about John Krasinski being the perfect guy to star in the inevitable biopic, ‘The Michael Phelps Story’? You can even vote for John here.

I’m surprised no one has come up with what this could look like.

Enter the Matt Collins Magic Morphing Machine.

John Krasinski Michael Phelps

You can see the original Sports Illustrated photo (credit: Simon Bruty) here.

Don’t say I never did anything for you squeegirls. ;)

Oh, and we would be remiss if we didn’t include a lolcat version. One more on page 2.

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  1. 60. Cassie McDonald  

    Wow. that picture kinda freaks me out. But John Krasinski and Michael Phelps … hmm … they are def two of my favorite guys on the planet right now. I have pics of both of them plastered on my wall. hahaha ;-)

  2. 59. officefan  

    That picture is really creepy. And John is way way hotter than Phelps.

  3. 58. Arlie ♥ Jim  

    I would just be so sad if he had to cut his hair again. And so short too… however, seeing him in a speedo would probably ease my suffering a little bit. Or a lot.

  4. 57. hannah  

    AAHH!!! omg…hahaha. i screamed when i saw this. john is scary perfect. thank god he is keeping his hair in real life-i might die otherwise! :P

  5. 56. Amelia  

    This is too funny. At one point, while watching Phelps swimming, my mom asked me, “who do you think he looks like?”, and I suddenly thought of John Krasinski b/c of the nose. Funny thing is, my mom was thinking of my cousin. Oh well! haha!

  6. 55. melissa in NC  

    Yikes! That photo is 10 kinds of creepy.

  7. 54. devon  

    number 34–
    i know how I would handle months of him in speedos. very well.

  8. 53. Ilovemykras  

    john is perfect….except his teeth are too good. phelps’ teeth are NOT as perfect as john’s!

  9. 52. Apollo  

    Oh my god, yay. Squee! *fails*

    Certain people *coughJimMosbycough* know how excited I am about this. And my total crush on Phelps.

  10. 51. beer_me  

    I am sorry but that looks hideous.

  11. 50. Diapers Schrute  

    AWESOME! I always thought they looked alike! And sweet morpher, Matt. :)

  12. 49. Matt Collins  

    I feel so proud to have contributed to one of the most *mixed* reactions…ever. :)

  13. 48. Susan  

    ROFL! john krasinski wins by 89%! that’s a funny manipulation.

  14. 47. jkfan9989  

    Um. Please, no. Creepy!

  15. 46. Stacey  

    That is delicious.

    Yep, he’s perfect for the part. ;)

  16. 45. Anna  

    JK as Michael Phelps? Hell yeah!

  17. 44. Angie  

    This picture disturbs me to no end. gah.

  18. 43. Abbey in PA  

    That is awesome! A couple of weeks ago Stephen Colbert mentioned that Michael Phelps also “found time to play Jim on the Office and lead the Giants to a Super Bowl victory.” And they showed pics of John as Jim and Eli Manning. He looks much more like Eli, but it was really funny. Here’s the link (click on the Sport Report segment to see it more quickly).

  19. 42. Kim  

    I apologize in advance, but I couldn’t help myself…

    LOL Phelpert 2

  20. 41. Paulina  

    have to say, and It oddly seems I’m alone on this, but beside JK, Michael is HOT! and yes, they do look similar I think, although that original shot of Michael isn’t the greatest. anywho, I voted and it’s obvious who’ll be winning!

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