‘The Office’ Season 5 premiere photos

SPOILER ALERT! Photos and subsequent comments may contain spoilers.

You can find photos from ‘The Office’ Season 5 premiere (airing September 25th) at Sparklies Gallery.

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Here is a taste.

The Office Season 5


  1. Pam must be at Pratt.

    Is there something wrong with Meredith’s face or is it just my computer?

  2. lol… what’s on Meredith’s face?!?! And I love Michael’s checkered suit. VERY fashionable.

  3. I want to know what happened to Meredith’s face? That poor girl has the worst luck!!! I think Pam is still in New York

  4. to xrey22: she’s probably taking the picture! :)

    What the heck happened to Meredith’s face? I love that it looks like Holly is getting a lot of screen time

  5. HA ha ha look at Kelly’s face in the corner. Actually… look at all their faces. Amazing. I’m so pumped.

  6. Who’s the woman in the last photo with her back to the camera and her hands on her hips? Hmm…

  7. what’s up with meredith’s face???
    and is it just me or is jim’s hair darker?

  8. Hmmm…could Meredith by goosing Jim? Where’s her left hand? What about that look on his face? SHE looks pretty happy. Just a thought…

  9. Pam must be at art school and this must be the group weigh-in for the summer weight-loss challenge. Don’t cha think? Also I think it’s funny how Jim, Kevin and Kelly all seem to be looking at someone (thing?) different from everyone else. The waiting is the hardest part. :(

  10. It’s impressive that they look so much in character in a still shot. I’m guessing that Michael made Jim stand next to him. That would explain why Jim looks annoyed and why the tallest person in the office is in the front row.

  11. Meredith is totally goosing Jim! That explains the look of disassociation on his face. He trying to just get through it, poor guy.

  12. Sooo excited for the premiere. I think that Pam is at art school, it was mentioned in some of the spoilers. Also notice that Angela is at the opposite end of the scale from Dwight *and* Andy. Hmmm.

  13. It looks like Meredith has burn scars or something. Are they trying to kill poor Meredith?

  14. BringMePlayers is a genius!
    Meredith goosing Jim totally explains the look on both their faces.

  15. Poor Meredith! What will they do to her character next? It reminds me of when Samantha got the “chemical peel” on Sex & The City.

  16. Things I noticed:
    Angela is hiding her left hand
    Kelly is wearing flip flops
    Kevin is wearing shorts
    Michael’s hair is much darker
    Darryl doesn’t look too happy to see sweet Ms. Kapoor

  17. Okay, who wants to join me in seeing how much weight we can lose by September 25th? There’s a sand quarry near my town and I’m pretty sure I can scare up an industrial scale.

  18. Well at least Jim looks hot again and has shorter hair. The long shaggy hair look wasn’t working for me at the end of the season. This is MUCH better.

  19. Meredith! How much suffering does one woman have to go through? And Holly and Michael are POSING THE SAME! Aww!

  20. This is the weight loss episode, correct? Maybe Meredith took some kind of outrageous weight supplement that melted her face?

  21. Also…This is only a picture, and I just fell a little bit more in love with Holly Flax.

  22. Yes, I think Meredith definitely has some kind of burn on her face. Maybe a terrible sunburn.
    Did anyone else notice Kevin’s shorts that he’s wearing with his suit in the first picture? Classy :)

  23. thoughts:
    michael and jim’s hair looks different, darker.

    it looks weird without pam

    kelly and darryl are talking – i wonder what they will do with their relationship this season

    michael is wearing 2 pattern heavy ensembles in those photos. i wonder if holly said she liked patterns or something. maybe she complimented the checked suit and then the next week he comes in a stripy suit with stripy shirt and tie. i could imagine that!

  24. @ 24: Maybe they are taking a cue from Creed and Sharpie-ing their hair?

  25. LOL @ Kevin in his boxers. I bet he’s explaining to Holly how he forgot his pants at home or something.

  26. It looks like Jim’s missing Pam :( poor guy.. and momimouse, I agree! It looks like burn scars on Meredith’s face!

    35 more days!!

  27. Anyone care to venture a guess as to why Kevin is in a shirt, tie, dress jacket, and shorts?

    Also, if they’re engaged, don’t you think Angela and Andy would make an attempt to stand next to each other?

  28. #16 – Jordan

    I think the woman in the last photo is Holly, she is wearing the same nail polish as in the photo with Kevin.

    The pictures are reflecting different days because they are all wearing different clothes!

    PS – OMG, poor Meredith :O(

  29. #16, the woman michael is talking to is holly, you can tell by looking at her nail polish (it is the same as in the other photos).

  30. i totally checked angela’s hand for the ring! but she is covering her left hand up. sneaky.

    my theory is that kevin took his pants off cause he thought that would somehow help him weigh less!

  31. is kevin not just taking his pants off to try and weigh less maybe?

    i don’t like that pam isn’t there.

  32. Oh my gosh #47, I totally did the exact same thing! Gah! Why did she have to cover that hand!?

    [from tanster: you guys totally crack me up. :) ]

  33. Okay is it just me or in the big group picture does it look like Andy is going to kill someone?
    I also notice Kelly has a dead type look about her, not enough sleep from arguing with Darryl maybe?
    Also to me Angela’s skirt looks a little short to be an Angela skirt. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the premier.

  34. Maybe Kevin in shorts will refer back to Fun Run. Perhaps Kevin will say since Michael made him run he brings shorts into work just in case it happens again.

  35. So what do you think that white piece of paper under
    Jim’s right shoe is about? Remember how he hid the
    key under his shoe during Michael’s magic camp performance………maybe he has some extra pounds
    hidden to throw off the scale/weight ;-)

  36. I know this was mentioned in, like, every post, but…PAM!!!!!

    It looks funny without her! (It looks weird without Toby, also)

  37. JAMforever-
    Pam’s probably at Pratt and probably will be for a good number of episodes.

  38. nice shorts, kev.

    also, i don’t think that’s a white piece of paper he’s stepping on. It looks more like a warning label/sticker that’s on the scale.

  39. i think that “piece of paper” under Jim’s shoe is a white tag/label on the front of that scale.

  40. ELM-
    This is just speculation but I think they’ll explore the long distance relationship for a while.

  41. actually, this is ridiculous, but EVERYONE’S hands are hidden. What are they hiding?

  42. I am so very angry that Angela is hiding her hand, and for all the people that are wondering where Pam is this must have been a one of the six weeks that they shot where Pam is still at Pratt (during the summer).

  43. Since the first episode is called, “Weight Loss”, I’m thinking someone calls Michael fat, or says that Holly won’t like him if he’s fat, so he becomes obbsessed with making his office the best looking branch.

  44. @69: Carrying on with the tradition of speculating about the minutiae of every character’s backstory, I believe that while showering, Jim grabbed some of Pam’s defrizzifying conditioner that she left behind at his apartment, resulting in hair that is “strong and silky” but unfortunately flat.

    It’s that or Scranton mandated the low-flow showerheads that plagued Jerry Seinfeld.

  45. Pam is absent in this picture, presumably because she’s at Pratt. Will this first episode be the only one where she is away?

  46. Oh my God! Meredith’s face! Haha, I can’t wait to see how she gets burned. Poor thing- first getting hit by the car, then getting “rabies”, now this.

  47. *73 – BAHAHHAHAHA, that is hilarious.

    We all know Pam is away for the summer. Okay and I, too, checked out Angela’s hand.

    Sept. 25th cannot get here soon enough! I can’t stand it. I hope it does not disappoint.

  48. My theory for Meredith’s face break out is that she took some sort of drug or something and it caused her face to break out. Also she is totally goosing Jim!

  49. I haven’t read all the comments yet. Has anyone remarked how Meredith’s face looks suspiciously like Hannibal Lecter’s when he ripped his fake face off in the ambulance? What the hell has SHE been up to this summer?!

  50. Haha yeah, I bet Meredith has her hand on Jim’s butt. Which would explain the look on his face.

  51. Bigger Tuna is on the money! she sooo totally has her hand on Jim’s super cute behind! She is sooo crazy!

  52. I’m glad Jim has flat front pants now, I don’t like pleats (I even told my husband that) so I guess he looks more modern, but also skinnier too.But alas, he just gets more perfect every day :)

  53. I’m not sure if Jim is so much sad as he is disturbed by which one of his body parts I think Meredith is touching.

  54. Yes who is the new receptionist you think they would be in the picture but I guess that would be giving away too much. Vote Jan for reception!

  55. It looks as if Ryan will be the new receptionist considering Melora Hardin will not appear in the first episode and probably not the second either. It’s possible that they made the new receptionist hide behind Jim so we couldn’t see them and the episode wouldn’t be completely spoiled or Michael wanted corporate to think they had lost more weight, so he hide some people in the back.

  56. In response to Michael’s… geometric-ly… styled ensemble, maybe he read somewhere (i.e. a women’s fashion magazine) that vertical stripes makes one look thinner. But then for good measure he added some squares.
    Also, what is Dwight doing with his face?

  57. Why does everyone hate Jim’s hair? I think it looks awesome! And even if his hair is different I’m positive he’ll still be the same prank pulling, Pam crushing guy that he always was.

  58. if jan is the receptionist it would make sense that she is not on the scale. a pregnant woman could hardly participate in a weight loss challenge.

  59. OK, Jim is a fashion disaster! He is wearing brown shoe’s with a black belt! SERIOUSLY! He needs to work on that one. And I noticed Kelly is wearing flip flops, HA!

  60. With his new haircut, Jim looks like a taller version of the guy that places Chuck on NBC’s Chuck. lol. still adorable tho!

  61. Not in this photo, but in one from the above “sparlies” link, Steve C. looks so different in the season 5 premiere. I can’t tell what it is though-his hair, or maybe he’s buff under his office shirt, or his teeth are whitened, or something.

  62. I don’t think that’s Roy behind Darryl and Kelly. It kind of looks more like . . . . Devon maybe?

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