Dundie Award

The Office

Here’s an exclusive first look at the NBC Office Store’s Dundie Award!

Height: 10.5 in.
Width: 4.25 in.
Depth: 3.5 in.
Weight: 12 oz.

Aside from the default “Dundie Award” face plate, it also comes with a set of magnetized face plates: “Hottest in the Office Award,” “Bushiest Beaver Award,” “Don’t Go In There After Me Award,” “Whitest Sneakers Award,” and “Fine Work Award.”

Waiting to hear back on the price and release date, although I do know the Dundies will be sold at the Office Convention next week!

More photos after the jump.

The Office

Back of Dundie

The Office

Dundie faceplates

“Hottest in the Office Award”
“Bushiest Beaver Award”
“Don’t Go In There After Me Award”
“Whitest Sneakers Award”
“Fine Work Award”

The Office

Close-up of the Dundie dude

The Office

Dundie next to full-sized Dwight bobblehead