Promos of ‘Launch Party’

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here are promos of the upcoming episode, ‘Launch Party’:
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  1. It is so weird how those brief four to six seconds can bring me so much joy.

    On a separate note… does anybody know why the promos for The Office are so short compared to the Earl and 30 Rock promos? I got the jist of what those two shows are about Thursday but I have no idea what The Office will be about. I want more Office!

  2. Hahahahaha, wow. I cannot wait for that scene.

    Name, I’ve noticed that too. Why, NBC, why?

  3. Should’ve known Meredith would “reveal” herself in some form or fashion.

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  4. So now both Jim and Pam have had someone expose themselves to them this season…weird!

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