Promos of ‘Launch Party’

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here are promos of the upcoming episode, ‘Launch Party’:
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  1. Yay, I’m a tipster!! :D Anyways, this promo made me laugh out loud- how awkward for Jim!

  2. It is so weird how those brief four to six seconds can bring me so much joy.

    On a separate note… does anybody know why the promos for The Office are so short compared to the Earl and 30 Rock promos? I got the jist of what those two shows are about Thursday but I have no idea what The Office will be about. I want more Office!

  3. Hahahahaha, wow. I cannot wait for that scene.

    Name, I’ve noticed that too. Why, NBC, why?

  4. oh wow, crotch cast. michael will definitely come up with something inappropriate for that.

  5. Should’ve known Meredith would “reveal” herself in some form or fashion.

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  6. So now both Jim and Pam have had someone expose themselves to them this season…weird!

  7. #9 and #14- i think the reason that the office promos are so short is because they’re really into having it be a complete surprise for all of us..Steve Carell briefly talked about it on Leno

  8. That has to be the cold open because there is no way Jim is going to have a response to that. Very Very funny.

  9. After last week, I’m being more cautious in my excitement for the next hour-long, but I’m still excited for Meredith to show Jim her plaster panties.

  10. Haha, wow! If that doesn’t get you excited about Thursday’s show, I don’t know what will!

  11. I don’t know. That was a little too raunchy for me. I think the Office is stretching too much for physical comedy this season. I wish they would keep the subtle humor that made the other 3 seasons so strong.

  12. I don’t think it was raunchy at all. In fact, compared to “Women’s Appreciation,” that scene was restrained! It’s wonderful if the whole family can enjoy The Office, and I believe most episodes are perfectly appropriate for many children, but the show isn’t necessarily designed for the enjoyment of children.

  13. I don’t think The Office was ever meant to be a family show. They proved that with season 1’s Diversity Day – one of my favorite episodes ever.

    I’m excited to see Meredith back in the office – how in the world is she going to function with that giant…diaper cast?

  14. I’m a little worried that they’re going for a lot of obvious humor, but mixed with some cringe-worthy stuff. This episode should be really funny though. But poor Kate Flannery who probably had to walk around most of the day in a huge plastic diaper-like thing!

  15. i don’t think its raunchy at all…i actually think its quite funny.

  16. The office has never been a family show.

    I agree with Kevin, I’m used to Meredith doing stuff like that.

  17. definitely not inappropriate… and totally in character for Meredith… especially around Jim ;) anyone remember her reaction to Big Haircut? LOL.

    I love it!

  18. I agree that it’s possible to mix subtle and obvious humor, but I just don’t think that the show has struck the balance this season that they have in the past. I know the clip was only a small part of the show, but if that’s what the promo was about, it makes me worried about the rest of the episode. Even promos usually show a balance of comedy or emphasize a point like JAM.

  19. I remember people used to complain that Meredith was under used. So it’s great to see her with a story arch this season.

  20. Promo videos technically aren’t for fans of the show. They’re supposed to attract new viewers. It makes perfect sense that they’d show an “obvious gag” (even though I don’t like that term) because it’s the easiest laugh for a casual viewer. Especially when they only got about 6 seconds.

  21. I think its funny that first they have Pam see Michael’s dangling bits. And now Jim gets flashed by Meredith, lol. Jim’s face was priceless.

  22. regarding 50-
    I think promos are consistently extremely unbalanced. They either blow up a tiny JAM moment into a huge spectacle or make a simple cold open or one-liner (like Kelly’s “I’m pregnant”) seem like the focal point of the show. It’s great because you never REALLY know what’s going to happen. So I don’t think this tiny promo is enough basis to start judging the quality of the episode, let alone season 4.

  23. I’ve just thought of something:
    How does she go to the bathroom??
    This is going to bother me all day.

  24. Great clip! I was not expecting that and it was a totally laugh out loud moment!

    Thursday, here I come!

  25. Oh my god, so funny! She actually looked like really happy and excited to ask Jim, haha!

  26. Anna (57) – Oh man, that’s going to bother me all day too. Well, knowing Meredith, I doubt she gave up going to the bathroom cold turkey!

  27. Nothing new except for Michael’s “I’ll get the pizza” line. But seeing Meredith in that diaper cast again was fabulous.

  28. Lauren (60), of course she’s excited! It’s Jim…I’d be excited if I were Meredith. ;)

    Seriously, that made me laugh so hard…the look on his face is the classic Jim we all know and love. This season has been so good for me because Jim is back…not just in body but in attitude too. Rolled-up sleeves, old desk, smiling very easily. Now all we need are pranks. What would make this even better? Ice cream. :)

  29. Well, Jim is still #2, right? Does that mean he will have to go to the party like he did in Cocktails? And will he bring Pam? Or will they both stay in Scranton? Arggh how many looong minutes until this episode?

  30. Did the “face of rabies” really just ask Jim to sign her crotch cast? hahahaha, That was brilliant! Obvious or not, that was brilliant.

  31. That could happen Chris (re:68), OR Karen is involved in making the website (we never found out where she transferred to) and thus she and Pam have to work together on logos/layout. It could happen…

  32. Here’s what I think will happen. Pam will be invited to New York since she had a part in making the logo; Jim will not be invited. There, she will be macked on by Ryan, who might also offer her a job as corporate artist.

  33. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Kate Flannery is one of the bravest actors in Hollywood. I think she still loses to Mary-Louise Parker, though. She straddled Matthew Modine’s head in her altogether, you guys!

  34. I’m actually most excited to see Dwight compete against the website.. I have a feeling it’ll be Jim’s idea.. love the pranks on Dwight!!

  35. Did Michael just say ‘It’s about to get stupid up in here!’ lol that was hilarious! I can’t wait!

  36. I love this promo! Looks like we might get to see another famous cheese sandwich!? Awesome.

  37. Wow. I loved that promo. Dw-and-ela would be the love triangle of the season. I cannot wait.

  38. Best line of that promo: Andy – “They say you should never mix business with pleasure. Well then explain to me how a putt-putt golf company operates.” HAHA!!!

  39. I can’t wait for Rooftop Date revisited! Grilled cheeses, candlelight, music and *dancing*

  40. I am really fiending for some Dwight provoking, so hopefully it is PB&J’s idea..also, the rooftop- too good.

  41. That newest promo is great! I cannot wait for the start of the “love triangle” of Dwandyla or whatever it’ll be called! ;) As long as it means more screen time for Ed Helms, I’m all for it (though I definitely hope Dwangela wins out in the end). And it looks like there’s a great JAM scene on the roof to look forward to tonight. I love Office Thursdays!

  42. wow, I love that new promo! it’s so unabashedly fun. I love michael’s delivery too – “it’s gonna get all stupid up in here!”

  43. My heart just got all gooey inside seeing Jam on The Rooftop (yes, capitalized). I can just imagine them listening to a new Travis song and dancing…not swaying.

    And anything Ed Helms says is funny. Period.

  44. I have to say that after the less than hilarious promos for the first two S4 episodes, this one has made me all giddy again. Phyllis chucking the waded up paper at Angela’s forehead was all kinds of awesomeness!! YAY!

  45. I absolutely loved that promo. It was emotionally magnificent.

    I also loved Phyllis crumpling up the paper and throwing it at Angela’s head. About time, Phyliis!

  46. Drinking Cokes up on the roof with Jim — it’s my dream date come true! Overwhelming giddyness…

    Can’t wait for the Phyllis/Angela confrontation! Michael’s right — This is going to be good… :)

  47. Andy is pushing his way in to being my favorite character. Every thing out of his mouth makes me laugh. I just look at him, and I laugh. :)
    I’m so excited for tonight!

  48. I am glad that Andy is getting the focus I think he deserves! I love Andy and Dwight’s interactions, and I am really looking forward to see how things go. The line about the putt-putt business made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait for tonight!

  49. Andy, for being the most annoying character, has some of the most memorable lines. … I am extremely excited about tonight’s episode.

  50. I love it when promos don’t try to mislead you or over-emphasize the dramatic elements of the show, they just show you things that are funny, like Phyllis and Angela, and of course Andy’s putt-putt line. “The Office” is first and foremost a really funny comedy, after all.

  51. Did anyone notice that in the Andy dancing shot, there is a scoreboard that says Computer vs. Dwight? Dwight appears to be winning. I guess this is part of Dwight’s competition with Dunder Mifflin Infinity.

  52. Ok if you pause a scene of Andy dancing from latest promo . Next to him is a white board that says Dwight | Computer – underneath each is score

  53. to #106:

    I’m glad they started making the promos funnier again. The first two weren’t all that hilarious, but this has me in stitches!!! I think they are going back to the subtle humor the office is known for finally.

    (although I thought the first two episodes were awesome, I think this will be funnier and not so over the top)

  54. oh. wow. that’s all i can say about that amazingness.
    i can’t believe i’m missing it tonight! >:(

  55. I remember in Jenna’s myspace blog she mentioned reading a scene in episode 3 that made her heart skip a beat. Dare I hope for some JAM lovin’?

  56. I’m glad people are taking a liking to Andy. I remember some people were standoffish and not comfortable with embracing him when he was first introduced. I think Ed Helms is a good fit.

    Get your Andy/Angela monikers ready!

  57. the Office is my favorite TV show and Launch Party I think was the best episode in a long time!!!! The Pizza boy was hilarious…..

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