The Office: Launch Party, 4.05-06

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The Office Launch Party

Writer: Jennifer Celotta, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): The Dunder Mifflin Infinity website is launching and Michael is excited about going to the big launch party in New York. Dwight competes against the website to see who can sell the most paper in one day. One-hour episode.

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The Office Launch Party quotes

Kevin: Dude, you gotta believe.

Michael: Some days, I am just on fire. What can I say.

Meredith: I really appreciate you coming. I’m singling you out.

Meredith: I was wondering if you could sign my cast.

Meredith: Can you write where I can read it?

Meredith: I’ll read this when I get home.

Michael: Today’s the big day that I’m heading to New York to attend a party with sushi and important people.

Michael: The website is a brainchild of my brainchild, Ryan. It is my brain grandchild.

Kelly: That’s from Ryan? Does it mention if he’s seeing anybody?

Michael: What’s that, pipsqueak?

Dwight: You believe a computer can beat me?
Angela: I don’t care, but yes.
Dwight: Well I will prove you wrong.
Angela: I don’t care, and you won’t.
Dwight: You’ll see.
Angela: I won’t be watching, and I won’t.

Pam: Dwight mercy killed Angela’s cat. It’s very complicated. It’s caused a lot of unpleasantness between Dwight and Angela. Who were both already prone to unpleasantness.

Phyllis: Stanley, you’re dancing!

Ryan: Yeah, I created a website. Look, at the end of the day, apples to apples, flying at 30,000 feet, this is a paper company. And I don’t want us to get lost in the weeds or into a beauty contest.

Ryan: Convergence, viral marketing, we’re going guerrilla. We’re taking it to the streets, while keeping an eye on the street — Wall Street. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. In other words, it is what it is. Buying paper just became fun.

Andy: And then I will say something positive, like “kudos” or “job well done.”
Jim: Or “zip-a-dee-doo-dah.”
Andy: I can’t tell if he’s mocking me.

Jim: I was. Mocking.
Andy: Thank you.

Dwight: Go to my car. Open the trunk. Inside, you will see many pelts. Under the smallest one is a case. Inside that case is a bear horn. Bring it to me.

Kevin: Isn’t 7pm a little late for a lunch party?

Phyllis: So how do you feel about the fact that the banner says “lunch”?
Angela: I feel angry. Angry at you. Angry at you for doing something stupid. Angry at me for believing you could do something not stupid.

Angela: Would it really be better if it said “lanch party”?

Michael: Easy, booster seat.

Angela: Oh, and your cat’s still dead.

Jim: Really? Power gel?
Dwight: Hey, you wanna win, you gotta fuel like a winner.

Dwight: In your face, machines!

DunMiff/sys: Not sure. Just became self-aware. So much to figure out. I think I am programmed to be your enemy. I think it is my job to destroy you when it comes to selling paper.
Dwight: How do I know this isn’t Jim?
DunMiff/sys: What is a Jim?

Dwight: It appears that the website has become alive. This happens to computers and robots sometimes. Am I scared of a stupid computer? Please, the computer should be scared of me. I have been “Salesman of the Month” for 13 out of the last 12 months. You heard me right. I did so well last February, that Corporate gave me two plaques in lieu of a pay raise.

Michael: How many pounds do you think I could lose by 7:00?

Michael: Do I have your permission to invite Carol?

Michael: I’ll find somebody that I haven’t slept with.

Pam: Tie goes to the girlfriend.

Dwight: Why don’t you 0-1-1 1-1-1-1 0-1-1 0-1-1?

DunMiff/sys: While you were typing that, I searched every database in existence, and learned every fact about everything. And mastered the violin. And sold more paper.

Phyllis: It’s difficult for me when you use that tone.

Angela: Phyllis, these are spoons. Spoons have rounded tops, and are used to scoop things. What we need are forks. Which have prongs, or tiny spears on top. And we need knives, which have blades. Do you understand me now?
Phyllis: Yes.
Angela: Goody.

Kelly: But you get to put the paper in this little shopping cart and then it says, “thanks for shopping with Dunder Mifflin!”

Darryl: How about instead of yelling at our sweet little Miss Kapoor over 500 sheets of paper, you get back to your desk, and start selling multiple reams like a man.

Darryl: Who’s “it”?

Michael: I’m leaving, inside Jim’s car, I don’t know when I’ll be back again …

Michael: If you are not this tall, you may not ride the rollercoaster.

DunMiff/sys: Oh. I didn’t realize we could use the leads we stole from Staples.

Michael: It’s a club called chat room, and there’s a password to get in. Which is actually “password.”

Jim: Are there three Ws at the beginning of the address?

Michael: We’re already in the city. The main part. With the buildings.

Angela: How do you tell someone it’s over? You send them a notarized letter, right? Well what if the recipient is your notary?

Angela: I would like to have a relationship with a man.

DunMiff/sys: You beat me. You are the superior being.

Angela: “Beer, light beer, streamers, orchids, better lighting, something made of ice”?

Andy: You hadn’t noticed she’s a woman? I hear she’s single and ready to mingle.

Dwight: You’re also welcome to date Toby.

Kevin: Wait … Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, or Pizza by Alfredo?

Michael: I don’t understand when you all talk at the same time!

Kevin: It’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.

Andy: They say you should never mix business with pleasure. Really. Well then explain to me how a putt-putt golf company operates.

Michael: You don’t even know what stupid is! It’s about to get all stupid up in here!

Kevin: We think it’s a straightforward kidnapping.

Pizza delivery guy: Yeah, I know that guy. He’s that farmer that grows really crappy weed.

Michael: I think you’re over-thinking it.
Jim: I think you’re under-thinking it.

Dwight: Because some town in Switzerland says so, you have rights.

Pizza delivery guy: Why are you looking at her like that?

Andy: Here you are, dear. One thing made of ice.

Andy: I stole it.

Pam: “That mixed berry yogurt you’re about to eat has expired.”

Pizza delivery guy: If anyone out there is listening, I’m being held here against my will. I’m a minor.

Andy: I know this is weird because we work together, and because up until and possibly including now, I’ve repulsed you, but I like you.

Dwight: If you’re going #1, you’ve got ten more seconds!

Michael: I kidnapped a kid.

Jim: To avoiding a Class 2 felony charge.

Dwight: “I started a fire with my cheese pita.”

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  1. loved it!
    that cold open made me beam- because I have totally done that during boring classes. That was such perfect, realistic humor.

    AND am I insane that Andy kind of made my heart flutter with his song? He is getting to be effing adorable

  2. hilarious cold opening! loved it. and the computer’s coming to life? too funny. And Jim and Pam are amazing, as always!

  3. Yes! What I’ve been waiting for since the Season 3 finale: Jim & Pam pranks.

    It’s astonishing how fresh these shows feel week after week. And the new Darryl/Kelly and Andy/Angela story lines are fantastic!

    NBC, please make all episodes one-hour episodes!

  4. The cold open was amazing! the episode’s stackin up pretty well. Except that 2 minutes of the first segment in the HD version messed up. Did that happen to anyone else?

  5. Jim and Pam are absolutely adorable.
    Cold opening was so funny. I have the exact same DVD player and i watch it too. I smiled straight through opening credits.

  6. It was a little slow at times (to be expected) but still very solid. The cold open was absolutely perfect and I LOVED the Ryan mocking at the end.

  7. Andy’s singing was priceless. I was really excited that Jim and Pam started playing pranks on Dwight again. Great episode!

  8. It seems like Michael is slowly descending into madness. So far this season each episode is showing him in situations that would have been impossible the first three seasons. Maybe the stress with Ryan, and Jan, and all the other is getting to him. Although this ep still has that new sitcom-y feel it had the humor like The Office of old. The cold-open was great; the computer prank on Dwight was hilarious; the kidnapped pizza kid brat was strange yet still funny; and the sweetly played charm between Jim and Pam was a sweet topping. This third episode is the best so far this season. It will be fun to see what happens between Dwight/Angela/Andy.

  9. Aw!!! This made me fall in love with Andy all over again. He’s such a cutie!
    I thought this episode as a whole was fantastic, and the best out of the three this season so far. And Jim and Pam? Could they be any more adorable?

  10. Amazing episode…Andy’s song was simply adorable…Dwight threatening that kid saying that he would punch his throat was the funniest moment this season

  11. This episode was so good. It had just the right amount of everything. Dare I say this is the best of the 3 episodes so far? :)

  12. Wow! One of the best episodes in a long time. I love andy now, he’s awesome. One of the best cold opens ever, and the phyllis and angela interactions split my ribs open they were so funny. Michael and Angela- “You must be this tall to ride the roller coaster” PRICELESS!

  13. First, JAM scenes are always classic…um…the rest of the episode was lackluster.

    sorry, but there it is….i’m a fan of 1/2 hour office…hour long (crazy i know) is just too long.

  14. Wow. By far my favorite episode EVER! The opening was brilliant; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought similar things.

    The prank on Dwight? Brilliant! But poor Dwight, I feel awful for him.

    Things are getting good…

  15. Can I just say that I LOVE Andy Bernard. I used to hate him… but now, he’s just the cutest thing ever. Kudos to Ed Helms.

  16. Best episode this season by far! I laughed harder in this one than the last two combined!

  17. Andy stole the ice sculpture and the show. Michael did something stupid, but finally realized it. And Jim and Pam are on the roof, possibly forever. Bravo, The Office is back.

  18. Overall I liked it….the kidnapping scenario was kind of weird and out of place. I NEVER thought I would say this, but I’m looking forward to getting back to 1/2hr episodes.

  19. I literally died laughing at “What is a Jim?”

    And c’mon. The last scene with Ryan at the club? Priceless.

  20. Awesome show. Now we know about the “kidnapping” they were referring to. Good job Michael. Poor Dwight will never see that $67 dollars. And yes the cold open was absolutely hilarious. I’ve caught myself doing stuff like that during meetings as well.

  21. What a great episode! The writers have been amazing this season. Everything feels like a surprise. This is going to be a long week!

  22. Okay, now I’m really worried – three weeks in and not one really good episode yet. Is it possible that they just rushed episodes through because of the threatened writers strike? For the life of me I can’t figure out how the same staff responsible for the brilliance from seasons 1-3 produced these shows. The characters are too over the top and cartoony this year, especially Michael and Dwight. This week was not as bad as the dud from week 1 or week 2’s debacle of an ending, but it did feel haphazard and just silly. I hate that I’m feeling this way about the show!!!

  23. Excellent cold opening. But, again, with the hour long episodes there is just too much filler. The kidnapped pizza delivery boy? Who comes up with this stuff. Overall, some very good laughs this episode but not enough to make it any better than last week. 6/10.

  24. I loved this episode! Best one this season! The prank was awesome, perfect amount of Jim/Pam, and Andy singing. Can’t get much better! :)

  25. finally a great HOUR of the office! the relationship twists are great! and awesome cold open!

  26. This was great, but it was also a great example of why we need half-hour eps. The second half lost me a bit, but part one was really solid. I thought the hostage thing was a little over the top, but I love that Dwight reigned supreme and Andy made strides to get Angela.

  27. dwight being touched by the fact the computer acknowledges defeat, best office moment ever.

  28. wow I think that was the best Office so far this year– Dwight vs Computer was great and Michael on the webcam was incredible

  29. I just finished the first viewing of the evening and thought this episode was very solid! I laughed consistently and also found several moments touching – like Pam (as the computer) recognizing Dwight’s pain and conceding victory and Andy’s ABBA rendition to woo Angela.

    Off to watch again! :)

  30. Awwww, I loved it, except I’m ready to go back to half hour.

    PB+J did very nicely this episode! And Andy has lost some of his creepy factor (and given it to Ryan. Ew, what an ugly wink).

    And go Kelly and Darryl!

  31. That was awesome! First two episodes I was waiting for the hour to be up but this I was really sad when it was done. I loved the opening and Andy was awesome! Poor Dwight!

  32. best by far of the season!! :) loved jam, as usual. loved andy singing, as usual. LOVED dwight and everything he is and does, as usual!!

  33. Dwight again makes this episode incredibly funny. I have to admit, Pam’s “living computer” prank made my day, and what about kidnapping the pizza guy…what a great storyline.

  34. Hands down, the best part of the episode was Andy’s song at the end. I loved Angela’s little smirk!

    A close second goes to Jim and Pam IMing Dwight though…that was pretty funny too.

  35. This was one of the best episodes of The Office. This season is going to be about Michael and Dwight (Dwight especially) dealing with the loss of the people they cared about (Ryan, Angela). Jim and Pam don’t disappoint as a couple, Andy has officially become a part of the Scranton branch, just love him. Although it’s heartbreaking to see Dwight so upset, I love Andy trying to woo Angela.

  36. I agree about the cold open. It was hilarious and I have done that in my graphics class when my teachers giving a boring speech. Funny episode. “You must be this tall to ride the roller coaster.”

  37. That cold open was probably my favorite of the series yet. I totally thought I was the only person who ever did that with the DVD player’s screensaver. As always, Jim and Pam are THE CUTEST, but what was with the random wink from Ryan at the end?

    #1 nv: You are not alone. Andy totally redeemed himself with that song. I was singing along!

  38. I loved the opening—it all went downhill from there.

    I think NBC should reconsider this hourlong format. The show seems to have much better pacing in the half hour episodes.

    Many jokes seemed to fall flat…..I still enjoy every JAM moment they’ll throw at us, but I’ll enjoy things more once we get back to half-hour episodes.

    Highlights : 1) Stanley dancing 2) Andy’s comment about miniature golf courses

  39. This episode was a vast improvement over last week. Last week had its moments but Launch Party got its groove back! Laughed out loud as the gang were back to their antics. Loved Jim and Pam up on the roof, Jim and Pam pranking Dwight and Michael attempting to go to an exclusive nightclub with the address http://www.chatroom….
    Oh Michael…

  40. I loved Pam’s face after she sent Dwight the IM about the Staples leads. It was like she did a Monty Burns impersonation and said “excellent”, except she only used her EYES. It was magical.

    How adorable was JAM on the rooftop? And ANDY! I never thought he would be so… dare I say… cute?

  41. Best episode this season. Very well done, even though the hostage situation was a bit off, in my opinion.

  42. The whole episode was pretty much WIN. The computer prank, Angela going crazy, the Dwight-Andy interaction, ANDY A CAPELLA, JAM on a rooftop, Kevin, the kidnapping, Michael + Dwight on the carhood, everything. More like a season 2 episode than any since.

  43. When Andy sang that song the adorable expressions on his face seriously melted my heart. Ed Helms really showed me his acting skills tonight.

  44. Oh wow, what a great episode! It kinda lost me with the Pizza By Alfredo Hostage Crisis, but I thought it was at least a little redemptive.

    Kerryl? Darely? Is that what we have on the horizon?

    The rooftop scene was so perfect!

  45. This episode was a great improvement from last week! I loved the Angela and Phyllis interaction. However, I don’t know about the new Darly/Kelly and Angela/Andy pairings. This show is The Office not couplings! Still, funny all around.

  46. Wow, I LOVED that episode!
    Dwight was looking great today, haha.
    Let’s see… so many great parts.
    Michael’s list of party demands – “a famous person”
    Dwight and Angela, “Why are you looking at her like that?”

  47. This was a great episode. I liked the first two, but I had tons of laugh out loud moments with this one! Hooray!

  48. Amazing! This has to be the best this season so far. I’m glad everyone was so involved (except toby…) Phyllis, and Stanley and Keven and Oscar were hilarious. And obviously Andy and Angela…
    And the Jim and Pam thing…
    And a kidnapping…
    And the computer…
    And Dwight competing…
    And Michael driving to NY…
    And basically this episode rocked!

  49. Great cold opening and fun episode! How about the new possible couples Andy/Angela and Kelly/Darryl…so great! #1, you’re only crazy if me applauding Andy at the end of his song is crazy! :-)

  50. Wow, this episode was great! There was so much amazing stuff set up for the rest of the season. Darryl and Kelly? Does Andy legit like Angela? And Phyllis standing up to Angela was great. Pam and Jim disclosed a little more information about their relationship… cute… Some great quotes from this one, AND possibly the best prank ever??

  51. Awesome episode! I liked this one much better than last week’s. Poor Dwight though! Andy is definitely getting more adorable and I’d date him if it weren’t for the anger issues, haha.

  52. That was a better episode than last weeks’.

    I really loved that scene with Kelly and Darryl. Darryl is too cute.

  53. Loved this episode. One of my all time faves. Best moment is when Kelly threw her pizza on Ryan’s face. I hope it was the “bad” Alfredo’s pizza.

  54. Loved the Jam moments, loved the cold open, ADORED Andy’s song…very sad for Dwight though.

    Stanley dancing…awesome!

  55. i think i fell totally in love with andy tonight…i’ve always loved him, even when he had to go to anger management =)
    the im convo was hysterical! and andy’s quote:
    “i know that up until and including now i have repulsed you…”

  56. Wow, what a wonderful improvement over last week. The cold open was one of the best yet. I loved Andy’s wooing of Angela. Ed Helms is fast becoming my favorite secondary character.

    I also love when the show takes me on a bit of a ride. I was getting a bit annoyed with Pam and Jim’s prank, thinking they were being a little too mean…and thus was extra touched by Pam’s attempt to fluff the poor guy up a bit at the end of it.

    Great episode. 8/10

  57. Good episode! I love the recurring theme of yogurt between Jim and Pam (I think it has a place in all of our Jam-loving hearts). The prank on Dwight was awesome, but slightly disconcerting at the end when Dwight just…fell asleep? Poor guy!

    On a completely random note…Darryl and Kelly?? Haha, should be fun to see that one develop! I think the Angela/Andy coupling will be short lived at best. Then again..this is the Office.

    And it was definitely on its A-game! Only disappointment—the extensive pizza boy scene—it seemed completely unnecessary—maybe that is just me? Can’t wait until next week:-)

  58. Just a great overall episode! Best so far! Jim/Pam’s sharing of their firsts on the roof was pure….awesome. Andy = more…pure awesome.

  59. I thought this episode was fantastic – Andy’s serenade was definitely the highlight, but there were so many priceless moments…Dwight beating the computer (and how heartbreaking was he, anyway??), Stanley dancing, Phyllis getting info from the web a la Michael, Jim and Pam’s roof-date (especially since The Client is one of my favorite episodes!!) This totally made my Thursday night :-)

  60. Loved it from start to finish. Felt empathy for Dwight, yet somehow cheered for Andy at the same time.

  61. Loved Andy singing to Angela….I loved the Dwangela combo last season, but I am intrigued to see where this one goes. Also, PB&J on the roof talking about the first time they met….just plain adorable.

  62. That was the BEST cold open ever. I haven’t been as down on the first two episodes as some others have been, but they definitely lacked something. I really felt like the show was “back” tonight!

  63. Darryl was AMAZING this week! “…start selling multiple reams like a real man.” There is potential new love blooming everywhere–Darryl and Kelly, Angela and Andy. The Office always keeps me guessing, and I feel that it is back on track from a slow start in the past two weeks. I can’t wait for next Thursday!

  64. i really liked the first half an hour, but the second half kinda dragged, not that i didn’t love it, i totally did!! kidnapping a pizza boy hilarious. and i totally love andy and jim. i loved angela’s smile after andy’s song.

  65. I was getting worried that The Office was starting to seem way too contrived, but I think a few moments in this show totally renewed my hope. The cold open was probably in the top 3 best in my opinion. The silence between Dwight and Michael on the car brought back the awkwardness. This episode was very very good. I think it’s the only one to really successfully pull off the hour-long time slot.

  66. I thought this was the best episode yet! The cold open was amazing and Angela and Dwight were in rare form tonight. ALso, Jim and Pam on the roof again was adorable!

  67. That was the funniest episode ever. I guess the love triangle they were talking about is Angela-Dwight-Andy. And Jim was at his sarcastic best!

  68. I really wished they showed more of the rooftop scene. But still an improvement over last week overall.

  69. I am in TOTAL agreement with the heart fluttering concerning Andy – HOLY COW! This Dwangela thing has POTENTIAL!

  70. What a great episode!!!!! It was so much better than Dunder Mifflin Infinity and it definitely had a season 2 feel to it. The cold open was a great way to show the boredom of a modern day office, and the two talking heads by Jim and Pam fit perfectly. There was so many laugh out loud moments. For example Jim having to tell Andy that he was mocking him, Dwight telling the pizza boy that he had ten more seconds if he was going #1, and Michael cursing on the webcam. The IM prank was absolutely hilarious. (“I was created to be your enemy.” and “What is a Jim.” lol) It is so great to see Jim and Pam being happy and getting along again. It felt like season 3 never happened. It was also great to see the Jim and Pam “date” on the roof where they talked about when they knew they liked each other. There was simply too many great moments in this episode to write about. Now we have to wait another week to see “Money”, which from the pictures, looks like it could become a classic episode.

    10/10 for me!!!

  71. This episode is my favorite so far from this season, and I do agree with the others who say it was slow at times. I felt that was true only during the second half of the show. I’m pretty happy with it! Two weeks until the convention!

  72. I thought it was possibly one of the best episodes ever. Fantastic cold open, Jim on Dwight pranks, Jim and Pam on the roof, Andy serenading Angela with speaker phone help, poor hairy Dwight.

  73. This was a fabulous episode! From the cold opening (which I can totally relate to) to the “live computer” to the Dunder Mifflin hostage situation . . . cheers!

    “Here’s to avoiding a Class 2 felony.”

  74. I loved:

    the prank with a heart
    Dwight’s scruffiness
    Phyllis standing up to Angela
    Andy’s song with his college buddies
    Kelly and Darryl??
    Michael taking out his Ryan anger on the pizza boy
    Jim and Pam “up on the roof”

  75. I might be alone on this, but I’m ready for some development in the Jim/Pam storyline. It seems like 3 years of heavy plot development with them has stalled to create this rather dull (albeit cute) couple. I hope they develop more as a couple soon; with Jaren, Ram, Dwangela, and Kryan, we got to see highs and lows of relationships that made them more realistic. I can’t wait to see those ups and downs with Jim and Pam.

  76. Definitely, without a doubt, one of my favorite episodes of all-time. Scruffy Dwight was so sad and adorable, and the Jim and Pam prank on Dwight was hysterical…. not to mention the incredible cold open!
    This is definitely the episode of this season that everyone has been waiting for.

  77. This has been the best episode of the season so far.
    The cold open was great. I am the same way with my dvd player too.
    Brokenhearted Dwight made me “AWWW” the entire time. I was really touched by the last IM that Pam sent to him.
    This episode was funny and i think more solid than the last two.
    Pam and Jim on the roof way cute.
    And I now heart Andy, Angela’s little smile after he sings was just the cherry on top.
    Michael well it still seems too much craziness.

  78. Another fantastic episode. These hour long episodes are so great. I say more Office is better Office.

    HOWEVER surely not even Michael is stupid enough that he would confuse an Internet URL with a real address.

  79. Anyone else realize that Jim signed the cast “John Krasinski”? You can see him dot the Is ;).

    This was definitely one of my top 5 episodes. Hilarious! The best part was the absolute chaos the moment they went live on the web. Pizza in Ryan’s face! Priceless!

  80. I liked this episode overall but I LOVED the first half of it. If this was a half hour episode it would easily have been my favorite episode ever. I guess I was just waiting for that big JAM moment that Jenna was talking about in episode 3. Maybe they moved it back til the fourth episode?

    I agree with everyone here about the Dwight pranks. The Office is at its best when Jim is at Pam’s desk playing a prank on Dwight (or Andy).

    What was up with Ryan winking at the end? lol

  81. Andy is actually bearable when he’s not being so smarmy. What a great character! It will be interesting to see where this story arc leads. Angela needs a new love in her life, maybe then she won’t be such a pill.

    Loved the roof scene with Jim & Pam, it was sweet.

  82. Some of the many things I loved about this episode: Stanley “dancing”, Kelly smooshing pizza on the TV screen, Angela’s condescending description of utensils, Kelly discussing carbs with Michael, the bear horn.

    Excellent episode writers! I have to agree with others – probably the best so far this season!

  83. I commented last week on how disappointed I was with the episode.

    This week was much, much, better. The kidnapping could have been left out but everything else was great.

    The intro was amazing. I love office scenes that are that realistic.

    The writing was great this week. Kudos writers.

  84. “You might think this is weird and don’t ask me how I know this, but that mixed berry yogurt you’re about to eat is expired!”


  85. I LOVED this episode, it was much funnier to me than Fun Run. Jim and Pam are very cute, Angela was HILARIOUS, and Michael is, as always, ludicrous. When he started freaking out, I said to myself, it took you that long to realize that you practically kidnapped a kid? But hey, it’s Michael!
    Also, I don’t know if I got this quote right, but did the pizza kid really say that Dwight grew really bad weed??

  86. i love dwangela… but I somehow find myself rooting for andy…

    these writers are incredible.

  87. Is it just me, or did Angela steal the show tonight? Her speech to Phyllis about spoons, forks, and knives blew me away.

  88. Man did I love everything about this episode. I adored the cold opening because I can totally relate to watching that square thing hit the corner of the t.v. I thought I was the only one who paid attention to that kind of stuff, guess not. LOL. From kidnapping the pizza boy, to Andy singing to Angela, and that adorable wink from Ryan…this was probably the best episode of the season, for now. :)

  89. This episode was awesome! I have hope for the season after all. Best so far, hands down. Loved, loved, loved the cold open. SO funny. And I loved Andy’s line “I know that in the past and possibly up until this moment I have repulsed you…”
    and man, wasn’t Angela miss. super bitch tonight?

  90. LOVED IT! This episode was hilarious, although I am feeling really bad for Dwight. I loved the Jim and Pam scenes…could’ve used more:)

  91. I thought this episode was hilarious. I loved the JAM scenes, although I would have loved to see more!!

  92. Not bad. Better than the last half of last week. I don’t think hour longs are necessary though unless they really need to tell a story- such as Casino Night, Benihana Christmas, or The Job Interview.

    I also think they’ve hit a bit of a creative lull. Face it. They can’t go with the same golden jokes from Season 2. Now is the hard part of coming up with new stuff.

  93. A solid good episode. I continue to like Fun Run the most so far but this was very good too. Great ensemble work, lots of supporting character moments. I can’t get enough of Michael making fun of jim and pam, Michael imitating Ryan.

    The continuity error though about who started work first at DM, Jim or Pam, bugs me as a fan. In the roof top scene. They had implied in the past that Jim started first.

    It didn’t mess up my enjoying this episode but I wish they’d get their fact straight, especially the major backstory moments.

    Other than that glitch, it was good. I just hope Andy doesn’t get far with Angela. Angela is being too cold to Dwight but it’s funny so I can’t complain. :)

  94. Anytime the show has bleeped out curse words of blurred out bad expressions, I just lose it.

    I’m downloading “Take a Chance on Me” right this second.

  95. Pam and Jim …so REAL and only getting better and better,Michael vs. pizza guy a brilliant metaphor for Michael vs. Ryan (the real snot nosed kid)I LOVE THIS SHOW.My “cyber heart” is aching for Michael and Dwight, and my “cyber foot” wants to kick Ryan’s butt!

  96. Jan’s turning down Michael invitation to the New York party were great.

    Was I the only one that was hoping Pam would have suggested to Angela date Dwight?

    I detested Dwight with facial hair.

    The pizza kid’s comments about Dwight’s growing inferior weed were great.

  97. Before this ep, I’d have been repulsed at the idea of Andy and Angela hooking up. But after doing the impossible (making Abba sound good), I’m not longer against Andy/Angela.

  98. Well there’s that office we all know and love. The first half hour was absolutely hilarious and although the second half dragged on a little bit it was still rather entertaining and definitely better than both of the previous episodes of the season. Great episode and I’m sure like everyone else you were watching the dvd logo in the opening to see when and if it reached the corner and cheered along with them when it did.

  99. I liked this episode tonight. I still do think the show works better in 30 minutes, but I will take an hour of Office any day.

    I think Angela is slowly becoming a main character. She is no longer peripheral, and I love it.

    I loved the whole “self aware” website prank. Very Terminator. I also loved that Pam knows when Dwight is down, and tries to make him feel better.

    And Phyllis- hero of the episode by throwing the paper at Angela!

    I’m still waiting for Ryan’s comeuppance.

  100. For, like, a split second, I actually found Dwight kinda hot with that scruff. I know other people out there felt the same way! Or maybe you didn’t..?

    And I LOVED Phyllis in this episode. It’s so adorable when she whispers in her talking heads.

  101. Flipping AWESOME!

    The Phyllis-Angela interactions were genius. Andy-Dwight, great. Andy-Angela, creepy yet funny. Michael-Dwight, classic. Jim-Pam, old-school. Jim-Pam-Dwight, amazing!

    Plus, we had Michael calling Angela short 3 times and a hostage situation.

    Best episode in a while.

  102. I loved this episode overall but I’m noticing a trend with these 1 hour shows. 1 half is great and up to what you’d expect for the office and the other half is so-so. All in all I don’t think the office has declined in quality but it’ll be nice to be back to the 30 min episodes.

  103. This episode was absofruitly dawesome. I can’t wait to watch it a second time. So many laugh out loud moments. I’m torn – I feel really bad for Dwight but you gotta love Andy Bernard going after Angela. I love the direction of the Andy/Dwight friendship, also. I think Michael taking all his frustrations about Ryan out on the pizza delivery boy was hysterical. This is “The Office” at it’s finest!

  104. Wow! What a great episode. It was priceless from start to finish. The prank on Dwight was amazing and I loved the sweet moment at the end of the prank. Also, when Michael realized what he had done, the group of people I was watching the show with exploded with laughter. Easily the best episode this season


  105. I really enjoyed this episode. Andy and Dwight teaming together always makes me really happy, although I feel bad for poor Dwight, since he can’t reveal his secret love to Andy and prevent it. At least he and Michael bonded. I love insights into Dwight and Michael’s friendship. It’s so sweet, and I thought them making fun of Ryan/getting congratulated was a nice touch.

    I’ll admit, I thought the hostage situation was a little ridiculous, albeit hilarious, until Michael realized what he was doing and was apologetic. I thought that redeemed it. It showed that Michael’s not out of his mind, he just doesn’t think things through before acting.

    Everything in this episode, with the exception of maybe the hostage situation, felt like it could easily happen at my work. That’s what I love about this show. The writers have yet to let me down, and I think it’s great how they have handled the task of making day-to-day office life interesting. Great work!

  106. Perfect episode. Finally one that is just as good as the 2nd season. And a great thing about it is that it was clean. No sex references. The kids can still watch it! Thanks to Greg Daniels and the cast.

  107. I just remembered, what was up with Jim’s expression after he signed Meredith’s pelvic cast? He looked like he just saw Pam and Roy kissing again…

  108. This episode brought back much of the subtle humor and heart of the earlier episodes of the office that I had come to miss among the crazy antics of this season (i.e. the car in the lake. Jim and Pam, while newly and wonderfully adorable in their recollecting of their meeting, are still the same old goofballs with their pranks on Dwight. And the secondary characters (Darryl, Oscar, Kevin, Meredith) had some hilarious scenes as well, which was a nice change in focus.

    two thumbs WAAAY up! :)

  109. I definitely thought this was the most solid show so far this season. Laughed all the way through it. Of course the kidnapping was absurd, but it was supposed to be a metaphor for the Michael/Ryan story. I actually kept thinking through the whole kidnapping thing, that the kid actually even acted and talked a little like Ryan does.

  110. I think Michael is just starting to get crazy because of all the stress happening in his life right now. He is realizing being Jan might be a mistake, she is spending his money, he is losing to the internet and his former temp. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if other people acting the same way under the stress. I think this is just a lot of build up for something HUGE to come.

  111. This episode was great! I agree that Angela stole the show. Andy’s song melted my heart. Who to choose? Andy? Dwight? This will be fun!

    Ryan’s wink at the end…fantastic…and so Ryan.

  112. My favorite episode of the season so far.. JAM’s prank on Dwight and their sweet moments on the rooftop, Dwight’s scruffiness and looks of longing, Andy’s AWESOME song and Phyllis throwing the paper into Angela’s face.. My least favorite part was when Michael had his little breakdown. I agree with #14, Michael is definitely losing it.. I hope he redeems himself soon.

  113. Best episode of the season! The cold open was great, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the Andy/Angela tension. I have greatly enjoyed Dwight/Angela while it lasted. For so long I had thought “wow, I guess there really is someone for everyone.” Now I have to rethink my theory, as Angela not only found one person eccentric enough for her, she may have found two!

    And who doesn’t love Jam?

  114. Woohoo! Back to S2 form…courtesy of Jen Celotta, of course, who always writes such good episodes.

    “The continuity error though about who started work first at DM, Jim or Pam, bugs me as a fan. In the roof top scene. They had implied in the past that Jim started first.”
    I noticed that, too, DrunkBiking, and I was pretty irked. For all of the amazing callbacks this show makes, that was an odd mistake.

    Anyone else think that Jim was going to propose to Pam? No? Just me? Ok.

  115. #125 – Totally agree – Angela was awesome!

    So, I googled and saw that Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe is a real place in Scranton. I thought it was so weird how Kevin kept emphasizing the fact that they were much better than the other Alfredo’s (which I’m guessing is fictional). Those of you going to the convention will have to have a slice of pizza for the rest of us!

  116. The kidnapping scene got close to the disasterous lake scene but was saved by Michael realizing his mistake. It would make Michael more believable if we saw more of this from him.

  117. Loved the DVD screensaver cause that’s what I do. I loved the IM between dwight and the website. Kind of reminded me of Jim sending Future Dwight faxes in Season 3. I just realized that Toby was totally absent from this episode, probably because Dwight told Andy he could date Toby. Overall great episode.

  118. I loved when Andy couldn’t tell whether or not Jim was mocking him. “or a gong!”

  119. Did anyone else notice that Jim signed the cast “John Krasinski”? (sorry if this was pointed out in other posts)

  120. I totally predicted Dwangelandy!! Oh I am so excited. I can’t believe I am about to say this, but the Andy singing A-capella to Angela is in my Top 5 Most Adorable Office Moments!

    Other wonderful things about this spectacular episode:
    1. Phyllis’ efforts with Angela
    2. Kevin and Oscar looking up jail time for kidnapping.
    3. Stanley Dancing to DMI Website
    4. Cold Open/JAM Talking heads, Adorable!

    Overall, best episode yet!

  121. The Office is back to its old self again! (:
    LOVED the cold open; I had to play it back because I myself was watching the little cube the first time around.
    Jim and Pam on the roof? Cutest. Thing. Ever.
    I also really loved Angela in this episode, that whole storyline was great!

  122. Great episode, but oh so much anger! Anyone else LOVE the last IM that pam sent dwight? It made me smile, how pam knew how he was feeling after angela asked pam if she knew any available guys.

    So pam made dwight happy again. =)

  123. Did anyone catch the Diversity Day shoutout in the cold open? Michael says “We have a lot of collard paper here”. I double checked, he says it.

  124. I cannot even express to you just how delicious Alfredo’s pizza really is. Also, Kevin was drinking Lion’s Head Light; a beer brewed at NEPA’s own microbrewery in Wilkes-Barre. It too is quite tasty.

    I don’t know what happened to me tonight. Andy’s singing kind of melted me. Loved it. To me, this was a very strong episode. It could have gotten a little out of hand but they knew just where to give and where to pull back. The timing of the gang’s reaction after Andy’s song was glorious. That’s the good stuff right there.

    Jennifer Celotta certainly knows what she’s doing. This episode was the best so far. Just great!

    I hope she attends the convention. I feel the need to toast her for this hour long gem.

  125. Ok I don’t know if this has been posted but when Michael got back in the car to leave he said something about the corporate job and Jim says he withdrew his name from consideration. So now we know what happened. I just wish we could have seen what Jim told David Wallace!

  126. Also, if anyone is from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, did anyone notice Kevin was drinking Lionshead? I thought that was awesome. Support the local brewery! It’s $8 for a case and is amazing!

  127. What I loved: In season 3, there was nothing I wanted to see more than Andy get the boot. I hated him in every way. This year, not so much. I actually like him now.
    What I didn’t love: Most of the episode. I never laughed even once except when Andy was singing to Angela.


  128. Love Michael sticking it to Ryan and the congrats he gets from somebody else who doesn’t like Ryan either. I didn’t get the ending of Ryan fixing himself in the camera, seems like they just needed to waste time. I know that I’m not the only one who really didn’t care for Andy’s outfit(especially the last couple weeks or so) Maybe it’s just me.


  129. I’m glad they finally confirmed that Jim took his name out of consideration for the Job. Basically making it a choice between Ryan and Karen. This all makes me wonder why Karen says she wasn’t going anywhere, but was gone the next day, and why Jan says that Ryan doesn’t have the exact same job as her. Perhaps they hired Karen as well for the sales experience?

  130. Great episode! All the Office workers got a chance to shine, especially Angela. Nice Jim & Pam scenes — just the right balance. Poor Michael — when he feels rejected his world explodes! I hope he gets things under control!!

  131. I agree, I think the cold open was excellent! I thought this episode was really great, very collaborative and a lot happened. The part where Andy and company serenaded Angela had me laughing really hard. He has really redeemed himself, and I think he is a great addition to the cast (although I was skeptical at first). I think that they have done a great job balancing out the JAM scenes… they give us just a little taste, and leave us wanting more. Season 4 is off to a great start!

  132. The episode isn’t even half over for me and I’m saying it right now…best episode ever. Okay, maybe equal to Traveling Salesmen…still really good :)

  133. I always loved Andy’s a capella skills (which is why I impersonated him in the talking head contest), but WOW! He really rocked the socks off that one. I’m sure Angela will say yes soon. This was such an excellent episode! I really think the writers are on top of their game when they handle relationships.

    I am now more in love with Pam Beesly than ever – her reaching out to Dwight is another great example of her awesome kindness. I hope this will dispel all “Snarky New Beesly” rumors.

    The only thing wrong was the pizza boy kidnap story line. Michael is TOO over the top this season. I’m at least happy he realized the error of his ways though.

  134. #155 I specifically remember a deleted scene from “The Client” where Jim tells the camera in a talking head that on his first day at DM he went on a date that really wasn’t a date with Pam, so from what I can remember of the history of The Office, Pam has always had seniority over Jim (can I also mention that the deleted scene I’m mentioned is one of my favorite talking heads in all of The Office, and it didn’t even make it onto that episode… Such a waste!)

  135. Wow. My expectations for this show keep going up and the writers and actors keep meeting them. I agree that this was the best episode of the season so far. Dwight vs. the computer was priceless, Jim and Pam back in prank-mode, adorable rooftop scene, Phyllis vs. Angela, Andy(!), altogether GREAT. I never thought that I would feel such sympathy for Dwight, or have any affection for Andy…but here I am feeling both.

    How about Andy cheering on and rubbing Dwight’s shoulders in the background as Jim/Pam were scheming? Hilarious. I also loved Jim casually drumming his fingers on the wheel as Michael talks to Ryan from the roadside–as if the whole scene is so typical. Per usual, the subtle humor and background/reaction shots were fantastic.

    Wishing they could keep the hour-long shows all year…

  136. I love how Michael ended up paying for 16 pizzas. No wonder he’s broke. :)

    I love so much about what this episode chose to be. Getting down to some good old fashioned Dwigt pranks, Angela’s subtle smile indicated that she *might* have enjoyed Andy’s gestures.

    I’m also really enjoying how much of a David Brent clone Ryan is turning into (mannerisms, cockiness, etc.). Then again, how much of what we’re seing is Brent and how much is Ben Silverman? Didn’t BJ say he was going to model Ryan after his NBC boss?

  137. its like the writers were reading all the forums, everyone was asking where the jim/dwight pranks were and they respond with one of the best ever. I love when they actually focus on office stuff, definitely one of the best episodes in a while

  138. C’mon Dwight, get it together! Step up and prove worthy of your Army of Champions!

    I would really like to see Dwight and Michael get out of their caricatures this season and come into their own as MEN! It would be hilarious and touching.

  139. Ryan’s scene cracked me up when he filled a good minute by just tossing out cliche business school jargon “It is was it is”, etc. yet really said nothing useful. You can always tell the people hiding behind their MBA title from the ones who actually know business. I see it everyday.

  140. 166 I LOVED the Daryl/Kelly scene! I have been secretly pulling for them all summer. I am so confident after tonight that the Delly is On! And, also, the cold open was hilarious. And Pam referring to herself as Jim’s girlfriend made me swoon.

  141. I LOVED this episode. I agree with those that have commented on the Season 2 feel of it. And I don’t understand how I can love Dwight so much and then be cheering for Andy. He made my heart flutter. How could I have ever hated him?

  142. If the Office writers ever do a workshop on writing, I’m so there. Fantastic! And I will never listen to ABBA’s “Take a Chance on Me” without hearing Andy and his buddies again. ;-)

  143. To the Office writers that may stop by and read the comments here – just wanted to say thanks for a great episode. I thought tonight’s show really had a “classic” Office feel. I’m partial to the humor that comes naturally from the inner workings of the office and I feel we really got back to that tonight.

    There was a great use of almost the whole cast and everything really clicked for me tonight. (Well, the kidnapping felt a bit broad, but all was forgiven by Andy’s serenade to Angela).

  144. Okay, best episode of the season. The cold open was well-written, random and wonderful. The whole episode was comical, while getting in some plot and JAM was rather heart-warming this time.

    Also, Andy saying he stole the ice sculpture was priceless. I hope there’s a deleted scene that shows where he stole it from.

    Good job, writers. Keep this kind of comedy going!

  145. Best episode since season two. Wonder if Darryl will have an opportunity to step up for Kelly if Ryan makes a comment about her. When Darryl told Ryan to shut up his girl, Ryan just stood there and didn’t do anything. I can see it now, Darryl gets in Ryan’s face, chest to chest, while Kelly is in the background with a big smile on her face. Ryan is such a tool. Loved the fact he was caught in his boss’ office acting like it was his.

  146. So many great moments. Just…the perfect combination of everything I love about the show.

    But I’m so bothered by who started at Dunder Mifflin first. I mean, I thought it was pretty clear that Jim started first. When Jim referred to their ‘first date’ in the deleted scene of The Client, he said it was her first day.

  147. I have often spent much of my own time waiting for the DVD screen to hit the corner, awesome cold opening. Easily one of Angela’s best episodes ever. Who would have thought Dwight and Andy would team up as tight as they have become, only to now be facing a feud over Angela. Definitely the best episode of S3 but I have enjoyed the development of some “new” characters, i.e. Creed’s awesome performance last week and the increased appearance of Daryl.

  148. Ahh…finally! There’s the show I love! Thanks, Jen, for writing such a great episode! We had to stop and rewind the DVR several times during the episode, just to laugh at something again. I agree that the kidnapping thing hovered into the “lake” territory, but it was redeemed by Michael’s eventual realization. Can’t wait to watch it again.

  149. Best episode so far this season and one of the best cold opens ever. This episode had that season two feel that I thought was lacking in the last episode. So many of the secondary characters had great moments and there was just enough Jim and Pam sprinkled in and go Andy!

  150. It’s great to read all these comments talking about how you enjoyed this episode because I thought it was amazing. Season 4 so far has been great and we’re getting to see sides of characters we hadn’t seen before. My friends have said that season 4 is not that good this year, but in my opinion, the writers have really gone all out and the actors are giving 100% even in their fourth year.

  151. Okay, see, now I went back to watch The Client deleted scene and all he says is that they had just met. But I guess I always got the idea that it was her first day because, doesn’t it make sense that Jim would have taken her out on her first day? Like, he would never have known that she was engaged. I don’t see Pam taking out Jim on his first day.

    Oh this really bothers me. =P

    And to the people that said Jim signed it as John Krasinski, I totally caught that too.

  152. The idea of Michael holding the pizza boy hostage doesn’t seem too outlandish to me. I think the hostage situation was not any more over the top than his threatening to jump off a building, or his pretending to be a convict, or his hijacking an employee’s wedding reception, or his organizing his own diversity day. Michael is an over the top character. Always has been.

  153. A good episode, but still a little long. I feel like the episode didn’t accomplish much, although there were funny moments. I’m looking forward to the return of the half hour time slot.

  154. I seriously think that the writers can read our minds. Everything about this episode was perfect. This episode made me so happy. I also can’t tell you how much i squealed when Phyllis crinkled up those sticky pads & threw it at Angela. Oh.. Angela is just amazing.

  155. Very good episode! Great cold opening. Loved Jim’s face after he signed Meredith’s cast. Great to see the pranks are back (especially when it was tempered by Pam’s sweetness when she saw that Dwight was in pain). Dwandyla was the highlight for me and this is going to be good because someone is going to get his heart crushed in this one. The PB&J roof scene was perfect and a nice hint at….. Darrelly/Karryl? Cute!

  156. I live in the Los Angeles area and I thought it was completely obvious that they were in California during the outdoor driving scenes with Jim and Michael.

  157. #160- Captain Jack, the song is “Take a Chance on Me” by Abba.

    I think part of the reason the scene was so perfect is because the song fits into the shows unhip music taste. THE OFFICE prides itself in playing songs that are either really retro or have just become yesterdays tunes. And what can be more unhip and retro than Abba. I mean, they’re basically a punchline. But to be able to take Abba and make it sound good is incredible.

  158. I’m very surprised to see almost everyone loved this episode. I found it boring and too outlandish. The characters are too different now, and too many things are changing at once. One of my least favorite episodes ever.

  159. I liked this episode the best out of season four so far. It actually felt like an hour-long episode. Where you didn’t know where the first part ended and the second part picked up. It felt like season two. The banter, the ensemble jokes; it just felt right. Kudos to Jen Celotta for writing my favorite episode yet. The cold open was hilarious. Andy, I feel, is becoming one of the gang. This episode amazes me. (:

  160. #192 – It was actually the Sea Monster who told Ryan to “tell his girl to shut up” in the episode Safety Training. I can definitely look forward to some sort of confrontation there, though.

  161. If you are in LA, check out The Edison downtown. It is the bar where they filmed the cool “New York” party scenes.(The party Michael wasn’t invited to attend) And yes they have their own sushi chefs so the sushi thing fits right in.

  162. Totally lost it when Jim said “zippity doo da” to Andy. I could watch a whole of episode of Jim/Andy/Dwight scenes. Loved this entire episode.

  163. This is why Andy is my favorite character. The singing, how he holds in his anger when Jim mocks him, and the baby blue pants..LOL. Did anyone else notice that?

  164. This episode was FANTASTIC! The only part that had me squirming a little was the “Bad Pizza Situation” but it was steered into safety by the Dwandela Triangle. I’m excited to see that story line develop. I’d like to add that Angela Kinsey is THE MASTER of that “i want to smile but i won’t so i’ll just smirk” face. BRILLIANT!

    I already have Andy’s “Rainbow Connection” as one of my ringtones and I can’t wait til someone makes the “Take A Chance On Me” one! =)

  165. Just stopping in to say that I loved this episode. I love how they are handling the Jim/Pam relationship. The subtleness of the rooftop scene was just great and let us in to their own little world.

    Andy was great this episode. Although it hurt to see Dwight in so much pain, how could Angela not smile after Andy sang to her?

    Thank you Jen Celotta!

  166. Great ep!

    Brilliant cold open, Scruffy Dwight, Singing Andy, Jim and Pam pulling pranks, Douchey Ryan…And Michael continuing his descent into madness.

    My only complaint: Not enough Creed.

  167. #198 He says that they went out for lunch and then he realized she was engaged. It could’ve been his first day and he could’ve asked her if she’d like to go get some lunch. Pam started working at DM in March 2002 and it’s been implied that Jim has also worked there a long time. They were probably hired only a few months apart. In the ep The Secret, Jim tells Pam that he had a crush on her when she first started, but Pam tells Michael that it was when Jim first started. So, there’s been some confusion for some time over Who Was Hired First. But I see it as Jen Celotta finally putting the matter to rest with taking Pam’s version as the right one.

  168. It wasn’t outlandish for Michael to hold the pizza boy hostage…he was frustrated, angry, and taking it all out on someone who’s attitude reminded of him of his new arch nemesis: Ryan. The episode was AMAZING!!

  169. can vote on the first half and second half separately?
    first half = 9/10, almost even a 10. it was fantastic. totally classic office stuff. the dvd screen? and the JAM prank on dwight? and dwight having pelts in his car? AND a bear horn?!!! Meredith’s cast? “i can’t tell if he’s mocking me” – OMG! classic and hilarious. i was cracking up.
    But it was almost like clockwork. 9:30 and i felt like it just took a nosedive. Michael was over the top (and I KNOW everyone is saying that but he is! It’s NOT endearing, IMO it is not really even funny) And the kidnapping thing? it was all just a little TOO something. like the characters are becomes caricatures of themselves, no? I’m reserving judgement for the season so far til we get past these hour long eps but i am in the camp of office=half hour comedy!!! please?!

  170. I loved when Kelly was truly trying to help Michael decide how much weight he could lose by 7 by discussing what he had eaten.

  171. I could say something eloquent about the brilliance of this episode, but its all been said already. So I’ll just say this: I loved it :)

  172. andy is like a man-siren. only problem is that once the song ends, the spell is broken, and all that’s left is a sad, clueless man.

  173. i’m dreading the day we go back to half hour episodes, i need as much Office as possible :( i guess i’ll be okay as long as we get 30 minutes worth of deleted scenes per episode. and 24/7 webcams of ryan. he has turned into david brent wrapped in eye candy.

  174. I would just like to say that I LOVED Phyllis in this episode! It’s so great to see the other characters have parts like that! I always knew she was fiesty.

  175. Seems like the writers have decided to switch roles for Pam and Angela in S4.

    Pam is now the one in a steady relationship with the man she admires.

    Angela is the new Pam, torn between the man (Dwight) she thought she loved but who is oblivious to her feelings, and the goofy but touching Andy.

    Dwight is the new Roy. He’s even growing a beard after the breakup, just like Roy did.

    Andy is obviously the new Jim. If any proof is needed, check how many lady posters are swooning over him after this episode.

    While Andy and Angela are great characters (played by great actors) and I look forward to some touching moments this season, I doubt they can fill the role of the star-crossed lovers that was JAM.

    It’s very telling that the writers have to have PB&J to go back to the roof top and recreate a scene from S2 to boost that relationship for the viewers.

    Here’s one vote for a return to the old character dynamics after these story lines have run their course.

  176. Suffice it to say, this was a GREAT episode. I felt so bad for poor Dwight, but at the same time LOVED the Andy/Angela thing. I think it will be a good little arc for the season. As always, Jim and Pam left me smiling and satisfied… Finally, this season is shaping up nicely! I can’t wait until next week!

  177. I TOTALLY noticed Andy’s blue pants. At first I thought those were jeans, but that didn’t make sense…

    Does anyone have a pic of Michael in the tight shirt? I need this pic. I must have this pic…

  178. I absolutely loved Jim and Pam pretending to be the computer… and Kelly and Daryll? Totally didn’t see that coming but it’s actually pretty cute! But poor Dwight made me sad…

  179. I really liked the episode, but I enjoyed last week’s a bit more. I can always tell what the general consensus is going to be on Office Tally. If I love it, public opinion goes the other way. Don’t know why! Either way, The Office is always amazing.

  180. Darryl’s a hottie, I’ve always thought so. I liked him standing up for Kelly, but she will drive him mad just like she did Ryan! She’s a loon, though we love her for it.

  181. I absolutely loved this episode! It was so funny =D
    “It’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.” That cracked me up.

  182. Best episode this season for me. I thought the DVD thing was brilliant.

    And Kelly and Darryl?! Love it.

  183. Andy is cute BUT Dwight loves Angela and Andy said he doesn’t even know if he likes her! I’m still on Team Dwight and hope Dwight will do something to break Angela soon! So besides Dwight making me depressed, 9/10.

  184. I’m a little slow, so could someone explain what this line means? I think I just don’t understand terminology:
    Angela: How do you tell someone it’s over? You send them a notarized letter, right? Well what if the recipient is your notary?

  185. Good episode. Great prank and the reversal of Jim/Pam/Roy and Dwight/Angela/Andy is awesome, this will play out great over the season. The hour long format is starting to wear out its welcome though. Too much of a good thing can be overkill and this episode proved it.

  186. I am extremely relieved — this episode has given me hope that the rest of this season will be fantastic!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the first two episodes, I just felt they were… different or something. It just didn’t feel like the OFFICE we all know and love.

    Anyway, LAUNCH PARTY was hilarious!

    Jim & Pam were PERFECT — the prank was genius. I have truly loved the way that the writers have handled their relationship. The scene on the roof top was really great — such a good moment.

    The Cold Open was fantastic — I nearly fell of my chair. I also feel really sorry for Dwight. I hope the whole Angela/ Dwight thing has a happy ending soon…

    I am so totally desperate for the next episode…

    10/10 from me.


  187. Loved the episode..especially Michael’s nicknames for Angela. I was rolling on the floor when he called her pipsqueak and booster seat, but my favorite was him telling her that “you have to be this tall to ride in the rollercoaster” HA HA.

  188. Although I will admit that I felt a little change between the first and second half of the episode, I absolutely loved the whole thing and found a lot of separate things funny. And the cold open made me cry I was laughing so hard. I think the more they bring Jim himself back with his mumbled comments and one-on-one interaction with co-workers, the funnier the episode is. Loved it.

  189. There were many little pieces I liked, such as Andy/Angela – the ice sculpture, singing Abba (incredible), seeing her tiny smile as she walked away. And I liked the Daryl/Kelly interaction; it was cute. Both of these developments leave me wondering and wanting to know more. And Dwight’s line to Andy (“You’re also welcome to date Toby”) was hilarious.

    However, for the most part, the episode was mediocre. The kidnapping was drawn out and boring. However, maybe it’s part of a bigger storyline. Maybe this rash of Michael’s major – borderline unbelievable – lapses of judgment are leading to a nervous breakdown? I did like that Michael caught himself being unreasonable about the kidnapping.

    The Ryan/Michael tension, which I thought was brilliant in last week’s episode, was flat. Ryan’s oratory of clichés was an overused gag. I hear people at work trying to be funny by doing that and it has long lost its appeal.

    And as pointed out in #226, the Jim/Pam roof scene seemed gratuitous for the JAMfans. I can only hope the writer’s are setting us up for something better.

  190. I loved this episode too. I agree with others that it had a Season 2 feel again.

    Another thing I thought of to add to the comments about who started first, Jim or Pam: In S2 “The Secret”, there’s a little scene in the kitchen where Jim tells Pam that he had a crush on her when she first started working there. So that implies that he was there first.

    Other than that little muffed reference, though, the ep was really solid. The Office is back!

  191. CLASSIC OFFICE FUNNY. This is what makes the show so great…hysterical Dwight scenes, tender JAM scenes (without going overboard sappy) and Michael’s angst.

    FAV LINE by DWIGHT: “I’ve been employee of the month 13 of the last 12 months…you heard me right”

    Excellent writing…counting down til next week!

  192. This episode is the best in a long while. Dwight’s angst, Angela’s fury, Phyllis’ coping strategies, Stanley’s cynicism, Michael’s hopeless cluelessness, Andy’s fawning, Ryan’s aspiring to business success…..all of these core characterizations that drive the show were so brilliantly encapsulated in this plot. The bit between Kelly and Daryl was so exquisitely performed.
    The only weak area, the only place left feeling like it needed fleshing out, is Jim-Pam. Lovely moments on the roof, to be sure, but as the season has begun them well into their relationship, we missed that denouement around which we know it turned – all last season we suffered waiting for that moment, and now what we have is a bit flat because the tension is gone, and not just the unpleasant kind, but the sweet, riveting kind that makes us feel that the connection is alive and throbbing.

  193. I loved the cold open even though I couldn’t figure out what they were doing when it first started. Thank God for Jim and Pam’s THs…

    Pam’s TH about Dwight mercy killing Angela’s cat was great…

    Andy + A Cappella + ABBA = total happiness!!!

    Side note – what did Jim say to Michael about the job in NY when they were heading back to Scranton? I couldn’t hear what he said.

  194. Michael WAS over the top with the kidnapping, but after last week’s complete absurdity it seemed tame.

    “Andela” shows promise; looking forward to more of that, I think.

    The cold open was one of the best ever. I loved seeing how it seemed to unite everyone (except Michael, of course) under one common interest and goal. The brief exchange between Oscar and Kevin was FANTASTIC.

    “Dude, you’ve got to believe.” …pure gold.

  195. #204 – That might be the only thing that bugged me from the episode. Assuming they took I-80 into the city, no part of that road in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania looks like that. However, there really isn’t much they can do for that. They wouldn’t fly out here to just tape them driving down the highway unless they were here for another portion of the episode like in Valentine’s Day or The Job.

    This was BY FAR the best so far out of the three this season. So many great moments. Keep up the good work cast and crew.

  196. I think that when Michael sometimes goes a little overboard in his actions, it’s the part of him that needs to be the biggest and the most dramatic. He’s been in a “documentary” for 3 years and maybe he feels he needs to give something to his audience. In the British version David Brent truly believed he was a “celebrity” just by being in the show. Michael Scott quote from the pilot episode: I’m a friend first, and a boss second, probably an entertainer third. Driving a car into a lake and kidnapping the pizza guy are pure entertainment.

  197. i loved this episode. it felt like season 2 all over again. i loved the call back to “the client” with jim and pam on the roof. andy singing to angela was priceless.

    this was a beautifully written episode.

  198. How do the writers of The Office do it? How do they make every episode of this show laugh out loud hysterical. From the cold open with the screen saver to Dwight vs. the computer with Jim/Pam freaking him out to the delivery boy’s kidnapping to Kelly smearing pizza on Ryan’s face on the TV… it was classic all the way through. Of course the topper was Andy’s “Take A Chance on Me” serenade to Angela complete with phoned in backup vocals…

  199. This one was consistently good, much in keeping with the first three seasons of the series.

  200. Tie goes to the girlfriend. I’m DEFINITELY using that one!
    Lots of great moments last night, but I will always treasure Pam/the computer telling Dwight he is the superior being.
    Oh, and holy crap, Darryl and Kelly!? Didn’t see that one coming.

  201. What a great episode!

    I loved the entire scene with Andy singing to Angela – starting with Andy transferring his buddy’s phone calls to Angela’s little smirk at the end.

  202. Hey, where was Toby? Is he secluding himself at his cubicle because of Jim and Pam getting together?

  203. finally the “old” office is back! loved it!

    to every one commenting on andy’s outfit: that’s how “preppy freaks” dress on the east coast; from nantucket, MA to charleston, SC… they nailed it.

  204. LOVED the episode! Wait…Darryl and Kelley?! Andy and Angela?! Michael and Carol? No, lol. I also loved Phyllis this episode! I think she’s one of the most underrated characters on the show. And Kevin’s line about the pizza being garbage was hilarious! I love this show. =D

  205. Best ep of the season, though it still seems like a tale of two halves; brilliance in the beginning leading towards a giant 180 into sitcomy wackiness. Bring on the half-hour.

    I didn’t like the kidnapping angle. I do believe it’s something Michael would do but not something the rest of the staff would sit idly by and allow to happen. While having a party no less. And Jim and Pam, our heroes, the ones we as “normal” people relate most to, sit on the roof ignoring the forced abduction of a minor and make “jokes” about hoping to avoid a very real felony charge. I got the humor and understand that on any other show it would work, just not in a faux-documentary. And I see no possible way Meredith would have been able to sit in that cast.

    Lest I sound like a complete downer everything else was near-perfect and really felt like the Office I fell in love with. Nowhere to go but up.

  206. I liked the moment when Pam, feeling sorry for Dwight, has the “computer” admit defeat, and call him the superior being. I’ve noticed that Jen Celotta often includes moments like these in her episodes. She shows that both Pam and Jim, even though they like to pull pranks on their annoying coworkers, are compassionate when those coworkers are really hurting. I think these moments are important because without them, the pranks could become Jim and Pam as the cool kids being mean.

  207. I said this way back in season 3 with the episode where andy continues the prank on dwight and i’ll say it again now. i am in LOVE with andy. he is TOTALLY my new Jim. hehe.

  208. two things:

    1. it is as if Pam and Jim are more in love with the fact that they are finally together than they are in love with each other.

    2. i would LOVE it if Andy/Dwight/Angela make a mockery of Jim/Roy/Pam.

    on the one hand it’s exciting that this season can go in just about any imaginable direction. there’s a lot of pressure on the writers, but i won’t go anywhere.

  209. I have to say, there were so many things I loved about this episode. I loved the entire episode!

    The scene with Andy, Dwight and Jim was great. The fact that Andy could not just let it go was priceless.

    Watching Jim being Michael’s number two is great. Having Jim on his side is only going to make him better.

    How about Michael finally getting some self awareness? “I kidnapped a kid” I thought that was so great!

    I also love how they are really setting up Ryan to be such an annoying person. Even on the last scene when he was fixing himself in front of the camera? My reaction was go to “ugh..”

    Loved this episode!

  210. I thought this episode was GREAT! Considering I hated the last one, that is a very good sign. I laughed so hard at the DVD thing; everybody can relate to that. (I actually got a little excited when it hit the corner!) Stanley dancing. Ryan is totally David Brent wrapped up in a coke-addict-man-child package– I was definitely cringing! More than for Michael, even.

    “I stole it.”


  211. What is a Jim?

    I LOVED the cold open, too, and how hard Michael took it when he finally realized he kidnapped the pizza delivery boy.

    Great episode, but, like everyone else, I feel sorry for Dwight.

  212. The Office is Back! rolling on the floor laughing when Michael calls Angels “booster seat”!

  213. Rooftop scene was precious. Andy really had me going in this episode, he was fantastic with the bear horn and the running man dance, I loved it. This episode was great..too much to even comment on. The cold open was the best,too!!!

  214. It is so funny to me that when any of his employees does something impressive (like Ryan creating the website) or something big happens in their lives (Phyllis’s wedding or PB&J finally hooking up) that Michael always finds a way to link himself to that and to more or less take credit for it happening.

  215. The moment that stands out to me most is when “Jim” signs “John Krasinski” on the Merediths cast!!!! That was hilarious, the look afterward wasn’t horror of signing her pelvis, it was “Oh crap I just signed my real name!”

  216. I’m usually a Dwangela fan but I have to say Andy won me over when he and his buddies on the phone sang “Take A Chance On Me”! I love that song! That’s right, I’m a straight man living in San Francisco who likes Abba.

  217. This episode totally felt like the Office again.

    My only problem is that the teenager didn’t even attempt to press charges. A final scene showing Michael doing community service would have been great.

    Oh well, the kid was probably too high on Dwight’s crappy weed.

  218. @ mv – Thank you for being another person who sees the similarities between the new Ryan and David Brent. It’s just weird.
    Especially in the scene where he tells Kevin and Andy about running into Vince Vaughn.

  219. I loved this episode. The writers are amazing.
    Andy is becoming so lovable…I’m glad the Anger Management classes worked out for him. As sorry as I feel for Dwight it would be interesting to see Angela and Andy get together.
    Loved Meredith hitting on Jim. She doesn’t know Pam and Jim are together.
    Michael is being pulled in so many directions he is going to end up having a nervous breakdown. He wants to be proud of his protege, Ryan, but realizes what a jerk the guy is becoming. I hope we find out that Ryan lied about his degree and he gets demoted but quick.
    I can’t wait for next week, but until then I’ll watch this week’s episode over and over again.

  220. What a strong, refreshing episode. It felt like a return to the cozy hilarity of earlier seasons. This is probably due in large part to just KEEPING THINGS INSIDE THE ACTUAL OFFICE. Subtle and clever is this series’ strength.

    Stanley dancing made me howl with laughter. The computer prank was classic. Andy is blossoming into a fascinating, complex character. Jim and Pam together is a comfortable concept for me. The “kidnapping” was, really, more of a standoff. The kid COULD have left–had he tried, Jim et al would’ve surely stepped in to help him escape Michael’s clutches. (Besides, he probably didn’t care about getting back to his delivery job anytime soon!)

    If any writers are reading this: use this episode as a good example of what us fans want. Keep it in the office, and balance old dynamics with the emerging ones. Keep Michael wacky but keep him human.

  221. I think the small tidbits of JAM are the perfect amount. Too much would be too syrupy. I actually found myself swooning over Andy’s song. I would have said, “Yes” to him.

  222. I loved this episode. Maybe my new all-time favorite. I loved in the conference room scene, when Michael was modeling his shirt, Oscar says “so this is why I’m here?” and then leaves. Too funny.

  223. Ryan has totally adopted the classic executive non-speak. So realistic!

    It reminds me of buzz-word bingo that we used to play during meetings. I think the only execu-phrase he was missing was “lowest hanging fruit”

  224. Dang it, I’ve had the song “Take a Chance on Me” running through my head since last night. That was the best part of the episode!

  225. Hey, has anyone figured out the binary code from the prank last night? 011 1111 011 011…
    It must mean something, right?
    Daryl got my vote last night, loved his “sweet little Miss Kapoor.”

  226. the part that single-handedly saved this episode for me has got to be the cold open. fantastic cold open. simple and something completely relatable. you know, unlike kidnapping and driving into lakes ;)

    also, could we not break dwight’s heart pls?

  227. BG – my thoughts exactly! I was very uncomfortable watching Michael being Michael in the customer’s offices, but when he’s in his own space it’s hilarious! I loved everything about this episode.

  228. Well the text for the first 8 numbers is for the symbol ~

    ‘binary code must be divisible by 8’

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who has wasted time trying to see the box make it to the corner.

  229. Ryan seems to be acting more Michael like in his talking heads. Love that he’s not well liked at the corporate office. Anyone else catch the reference to the negotiation?

  230. When the binary part came up, I was hoping that it would have been a relevant reference to “Humans Are Dead” by Flight of the Conchords (BINARY SOLO!). I love inside jokes and I hope to be part of one someday.

  231. This episode was absolutely brilliant! Oh my gosh! I loved everything about it…especially when Michael gave his little shout out on the webcam and called Ryan an a-hole, and Andy’s dance with the bullhorn. I was falling off the couch laughing! That was great! And Jim & Pam are the cutest couple EVER! I feel so bad for Dwight though…aww.

  232. Hmm… was it really kidnapping. I mean the kid could have taken the $33 bucks and left anytime. Or he could have taken nothing and left. Really, when you think about it, that kid is a blackmailer.

  233. Since I work in high tech, I must say how much I appreciated Ryan’s buzzword-compliant talking head (delivered with his feet up on a desk that wasn’t his), beginning with the dreaded “At the end of the day…” Everything about the website launch, from the web-conferenced party at a buzzy Manhattan restaurant to Ryan’s faux casualness and carefully tended stubble, was right out of the dot-com era, circa about 1998.

  234. This episode has been the best of the fourth season, so far. I do think Michael got a little /too/ crazy with the whole kidnapping thing, and I kept expecting Jim to smuggle the kid out, but it was very good. Jim and Pam’s computer prank was awesome. It felt like getting back to the roots of their friendship again. I hope to see more pranks…also some Pam-initiated pranks. She was independant in season three, I kind of miss that.

    Angela is my favorite character right now. I love snarky new Angela!!! And ANDY! I have always hated Andy and loved Dwight but Andy melted my hear in this episode! With the stolen ice sculpture and the song! Oh my gosh, that was adorable. I hope Angela says yes to him.

    I don’t like Phyllis this season. And where was Toby? Not a single showing?

    On a final note, this was my favorite cold-open ever!! Brilliant.

  235. As everyone else, I adored Andy’s singing to Angela. My favorite moment last night in a great episode. I hope Dwight and Angela reunite, but I won’t mind watching a brief romance (or attempt at romance) between Angela and Andy.

    And I also loved that little moment of Stanley dancing! The amount of JAM last night was also just right – the show shouldn’t revolve around them and the little glimpses of them is enough. The “kidnapping” was a bit too broad, but I thought it ended up working okay.

  236. How did that quote go at the end, when Michael said something like, “I’m an adult, I don’t have to think or do anything.” I wish I had TiVo!!

  237. The best parts of this episode (to me) were:

    *Jim’s reaction to having to sign Meredith’s cast. He looked very disturbed (like he felt as though he needed a shower). Heheh.

    *Andy’s ‘Here Comes Treble’ routine for Angela.

    *Michael and Ryan eating sushi on the car and making fun of Ryan. Hilarious.

  238. Mr. Poop – you are correct about Andy’s outfit. Being from Charleston, SC, I can attest to the “preppy freaks” attire.

    Did anyone else notice in the cold open while they were waiting for the box to hit the corner, Jim was holding on to Pam’s arm? So sweet. Also, the rooftop scenes were perfect. That is their escape from their crazy co-workers. Pam looked beautiful!

  239. 243 LEW- Jim said he withdrew his name from consideration.
    I LOVED this episode. It was my birthday yesterday and I couldn’t have asked for a better present! Andy, Phyllis, Dwight, and Angela were all amazing. I agree with comments that they are showing the perfect amount of Jim and Pam. The prank on Dwight was great and definitely had that Season 2 feel. I am loving this downward spiral that Michael and Dwight are going through and sort of feeding off each other. I loved the scene on the roof of the car, impersonating Ryan. Just a great episode!

  240. I don’t understand when you all talk at the same time!

    Ahh! Perfect Michael Scott there. Loved this ep! Cold open – I almost died, it was too hilarious, it felt like season two! When they all just got up and left, oh man. And I LOVE when Michael realizes he kidnapped a kid. What else could you have done? I could have paid for the pizzas….


  241. To paraphrase Austin Powers regarding Jim and Michael driving to New York:

    “It’s amazing how Scranton, Pennsylvania looks in no way like Southern California!”

    Seriously, look out the car windows when they are driving, you can see some very western looking mountains and the trees around them when they pull over are like nothing I have ever seen here in PA.

    Someone was slacking in their location scouting or research of what PA looks like. :)

  242. I think I’m going to have to do “drew-gela” for Halloween this year. They are awesome.

  243. I’m waiting for the moment when Dwight breaks and confesses to everyone how he feel/felt about Angela. I think it’s coming. And how Angela will react…well, it’s probably a lack of reaction we will see. “I heard a joke today. It was funny.” I loved Angela and Phyllis’s interaction in this episode.

  244. 246 – Yes, I was totally checking which way it buttoned! But it was the opposite of Pam’s shirt, so I think it was a man’s.

    I also agree w/ 292 – I think Michael could have only gotten in trouble for not paying – the kid could have left – I did like how he was trying to teach him a lesson in good sales – but why didn’t either of them call the pizza place sooner? If it really didn’t say on the coupon that it was limited to 2 pizzas, Michael was right.

    I loved Michael and Dwight eating sushi on the roof, and Michael telling the guy that Dwight beat the computer – it is nice when every now and then Michael is proud of Dwight, instead of telling him to shut it.

    Jim and Pam on the roof = awesome. But yes, I would like someone to straighten out the timeline. It would be kind of impressively bold for Jim to ask the cute girl out for lunch on his first day on the job.

  245. I thought the kidnapping scene was realistic. Because Michael was hurt by Ryan, and Michael couldn’t teach Ryan a lesson, so he took the jerk pizza delivery guy in Ryan’s place. I found that very interesting and “psychologically deep” (for lack of a way better phrase!) that they showed Michael do that. I thought this episode was leaps and bounds above the first two season 4 episodes and many season 3 episodes.
    I think the kidnapping event was handled well by the writers because of the fact they put it in context of Michael’s anger at Ryan.

  246. Best line of the episode:

    “Are you looking for dinner & movie? ‘Cause you’re not gonna find it in that box.”


  247. foliage(#290)-Dwight’s binary ‘curse’ totally brought to mind Flight of the Conchords for me as well. Does anyone know what Dwight said?

  248. 290- Foliage, I thought that too! I feel like the “Office” folks are a group who would really like “FoftheC”.

    And that 1st deleted scene makes me think that Andy could have been the basis for the main character in “Rushmore”.

  249. Hey, I’ve only watched the episode once (the NBC website is not cooperating), so I could be wrong but I think in this quote, it was actually “James” not “Jim” Like I said, I’ve only seen it once, so maybe I just misheard it when I watched it last night.

    Michael: I’m leaving, inside JIm’s car, I don’t know when I’ll be back again …

  250. I overall really liked this episode but 2 things are bugging me: if Michael’s invitation to the party was via a chatroom/webcam , what would he have tickets to? Also, in the Episode “Drug Testing” from Season 2, Dwight went ballistic over finding half a joint in the parking lot, now he’s growing weed? Maybe I’m over analyzing…..I don’t know; anyway I did think the episode was really funny overall, especially the computer (JAM) vs Dwight and Meredith asking Jim to sign her pelvic cast–hilarious!

  251. Wonderful episode! Loved the cold open!

    btw, i apologize if someone already posted this… but did anyone else notice that it looked like Jim signed Meredith’s cast as “John Krasinski”? i noticed he dotted two I’s.

  252. Great episode. Anybody curious about what kind of pelts dwight keeps in the trunk of his car? A goose maybe? Couple chickens and a goat, couple of pigs watching?

    Also, speaking of Dwight. I can totally see him having a Jerry Maguire style moment, freaking out when Andy get’s a little to close to Angela and confessing his feelings to her. That would be fantastic. The only thing better? Four words: Dwight, Boombox, Peter Gabriel.

  253. Ok I’ll try my thoughts once again. I really loved this episode. The writers really got back to the basics with this one, and it was perfect/brilliant.

    I’ve so been in a situation like that cold open before, everyone’s paying attention to something else in a meeting, and the speaker has NO idea.. perfect!
    Here’s some of my favorite moments:
    -Michael’s random comments to Angela involving her size: pip squeak, booster seat, (haha) and “If your not this tall you may not ride the roller coaster.” So funny.
    -Angela almost breaking in that wonderful scene when Phyllis throws the post-its at her.
    -Everything with Angela and Phyllis, especially the whole plastic cutlery discussion, I laughed so hard at that.
    -JAM’s own language and the rooftop, yay!
    -Stanley dancing!!
    This has become one of my new favorite episodes.

    They’re baaaaaaack!
    AndGela anyone?? LOVE IT!
    Kelly and Darryl? Fabulous!!
    Loved, Loved this episode!

  255. Jennifer Celotta is brilliant! Michael Schur and her are my two favorite writers on The Office. I mean she has written/co-written such great episodes like Beach Games, A Benihana Christmas, and Drug Testing which are 3 of my favorite episodes. I can’t wait to see her next episode.

    Also, I just read the synopsis for “Branch Wars” and it sounds hilarious. This season is beginning to hit its stride with “Launch Party” and I hope the episodes continue to build upon this awesome episode.

  256. I think I almost became an Andy fan. I didn’t think it was possible, given how much I love Dwight, but the a cappella rocked last night.

  257. THIS was the kind of episode I had in mind when I was asking for the hour long episodes. Nothing felt like it was dragging on as it has in the past weeks. There were laugh out loud moments frequently enough to make me have to pause so I didn’t miss anything.

    Andy is growing on me now that he’s not endangering the lives of his coworkers. This is the kind of JAM episode I missed, the kind that makes me want to make Jim my boyfriend. Kelly was awesome as usual, only she would assume that a corporate memo from Ryan would mention that if he was seeing anyone.

    All in all, I feel like this should have been the first episode of the new season, not for the story line, but the feel of it and the humor. That would have brought the season back with a bang, but now it’s going to be hard to go back to 30 minutes!

  258. @#299:
    I have thought the exact same thing. I lived in S. Cal for over 10 years and its very distracting when they do location shoots. Even when they are just driving around I automatically think they are in S. Cal, not PA. The beet farm is the WORST for me. It looks just like Magic Mountain, or Canyon Country, where they shot Little House on the Prairie. I know that their location budget doesn’t allow for them to fly to PA at the drop of a hat, but it is very disctracting for me.

  259. Awesome episode!

    Andy is awesome, I love the dancing and the singing! I was rolling.

    PB&J rocks.

  260. The show in general and this episode in particular is genius. I love how blissfully self-absorbed everyone is: Pam asking Toby if the memo was his way of congratulating them; Andy asking Dwight what he thinks of Angela; although Pam did balance that out sweetly with the last IM to Dwight. The Ryan/corporate angle was perfect. If you have worked in a large company (and I guess even a small one like DM) who hasn’t witnessed corporate at a sushi bar while you are eating pizza. And Pam and Jim are heart-stirring now; every time they interact is so intimate…yet they rarely touch, couple pecks for kisses. Simply amazing!

  261. I too thought this episode was hilarious! My favorite line of the night….”DunnMiff says: You are the superior being.” Oddly heartbreaking.

  262. Wow, what a fantastic episode. I can relate so much to the cold open as I can see many of you also can too! Did anyone else notice when Jim and Michael were driving that it was painfully obvious that they were in California? There definitely aren’t mountains like that around Scranton.

  263. So many many things about this episode that i absolutely loved and despite watching it twice through already I’m sure I’d find more upon further viewings. primarily loved the cold open, very reminiscent of last seasons, loved the whole kidnapping thing and how Kevin and oscar looked up how responsible they could be held, and loved JAM’s prank on Dwight, especially how Pam knew when to try to cheer Dwight up a bit in the end.

  264. This episode was amazing. I watched the first 7 minutes over and over again! I was laughing so hard that I was crying. This was a perfect episode, it was as though it was season 2 all over again. I am impressed with everyone’s performance in this episode: the writers, director, actors…this was just amazing. I hope that the rest of the season has the humor, creativity and rediculous story lines this episode had!

  265. I wondered about Toby too, but maybe he had the day off, and I’m sure once he hears about what happens, he’ll be glad to have missed it. He would have paid the kid and smuggled him out. I was slightly upset that Jim and Pam didn’t do that. But all around fantastic episode!

  266. Long live Delly! I love Darryl coming to Kelly’s rescue. Can’t wait to see what happens the next time Ryan comes back to Scranton and expects to have Kelly fawning all over him. He’s such a twit- and this episode proved it.

    Also, thank you writers for giving us just the right amount of Jam on our toast! I will be forever happy if we get just one or two of these priceless rooftop moments an episode.

  267. I was very happy with this episode. Man, I love this show.

    “It’s about to get all stupid up in here!” Hahaha! :D

  268. Forgot to say that I think the only true negative was the whole Pizza Boy kidnapping, but even that is kinda ‘saved’ by the hilarious exchange of talking heads with Dwight’s “He’s one of the kids who steals my hemp,” and the kid’s “He’s the farmer who grows bad weed.”

  269. That was a very enjoyable episode, the first one of the season. I voted it a 7, a good score in my book. What really made the episode good in my eyes was this: Michael didn’t go over-the-top crazy on the pizza kid as he could’ve. That scene could’ve easily devolved into ridiculous Michael, again. I’m glad the cops didn’t show up either. And Dwight was perfect last night. Very good episode, and I hope the rest of the season continues to be as good.

  270. Andy’s tie was the color of yellow highlighter…the kidnapping scene was hilarious. Michael totally loses it. Andy’s comment about the putt putt course was a flop.

  271. Why was Michael being mean to Angela?

    “If you are not this tall, you may not ride the rollercoaster.”


    “Booster seat.”

    Since when did Michael ever give Angela a hard time because of her height.

    Don’t make me feel sorry for Angela!

  272. 296- hilary: Yes, that’s how the quote went. You can always rewatch episodes online at

    As for missing Toby, I’m pretty sure he walks past Andy the first time Andy blows the bear horn, so I don’t understand the point of using him for only a second. Maybe he’ll be in one of the deleted scenes? Or maybe Paul had a lot of producing work to do this week. There are too many great moments from this week to mention, but I’m so happy to have JAM back to pranking Dwight. The IMs were hilarious!

  273. I bet that this episode will become a classic. Great stuff all over but I particularly liked the Jim/Andy/Dwight scene.

    And Kelly’s question when Michael read the press release: Does it mention if Ryan is seeing anybody? -hahaha

    To the writers: pure genius, keep it up!

    And #43, I agree, Ryan was SO David Brent!

  274. Am I the only one who will cry if Angela and Andy get together?

    Anyways, best episode of the season! Keep it up!!

    Oh, and I love how Michael was (most likely) already planning on asking Ryan if he was seeing anybody.

  275. favorites: the opening – so true it’s funny & i loved that michael was clueless; jim’s “whoops, is that what ryan wanted you to tell us?”; stanley dancing; dwight unshaven; kelly ordering paper online & darryl delivering it almost immediately; michael blowing the kisses as they left PA; kevin & oscar throughout; andy’s song; dwight & michael making fun of ryan; and the bit of pb&j love through the prank & the roof-although i totally thought they were going to talk about the last time they were up there
    the writing & producing of this show is fabulous : )

  276. Does anyone remember the (JAM) jello expiration story being referenced in a previous episode? It sounds familiar but I can’t remember what episode it would have been in, maybe a deleted scene?

  277. Someone mentioned this earlier, but Dwight wasn’t growing weed. He grows the industrial “hemp”, one kind of cannabis plant, which isn’t the same as its cousin cannabis plant we know as marijuana. The kid says it’s crappy weed because, well, it isn’t weed. It’s rope, basically.

  278. For those who are questioning Dwight growing the really crappy weed, he said just before that he recognized the kid as one of the kids who sneaks onto his farm and steals his hemp.

  279. i was just watching yesterdays episode again-which was great:_ But, correct me if i’m wrong does angela change the number of weeks she’s been planning the party. i heard her say 4 and 3 so far :)

  280. Pamcasso – I think you are thinking of when Jim told the cameras that Pam’s favorite yogurt was mixed berry and then she had a TH and says, “Yeah, he found me out.”
    I don’t know which S2 epi it was though.
    Can I just say that I absolutely adore them together? I could watch them all day.

  281. Reply to poster “what is a jim?”, from post #315: apparently Dwight grows hemp on his farm and the pizza delivery teen thought it was marijuana. It would be “crappy weed” because although hemp is closely related to marijuana, it doesn’t really get you high.

  282. SO hilarious!! Why can’t ALL of the epsiodes be one hour long?? Half an hour is WAY too short!! PLEASE KEEP THEM ONE HOUR LONG!!! The scene on the rooftop was SO sweet. The prank was AWESOME too! And, Andy singing, oh, I could go on all day!!

  283. My grade: B-. Funny moments from virtually every character, but without an interesting main plot. The Andy-Angela subplot is shaping up to be funny, though. On the whole, the episode was solid, but without anything really notable. If the writers want to continue doing one-hour episodes, they need to construct better plot arcs, so that the characters aren’t merely acting out short sketches (the “kidnapping,” for example, had no relevance to the rest of the lot – why did Michael feel obligated to teach the kid a lesson?

    On the plus side, Kevin was on fire tonight.

  284. I thought it was a great episode, too many commericals, but still a great episode. I really want Dwight and Angela to get back together. I really felt sorry for Dwight in this episode.

  285. I have found it interesting that the one continuing theme is how much Michael and Dwight are alike. Michael can see Dwight’s stupidity though, where Dwight can’t see Michael’s. It wasn’t until Michael saw Dwight threaten the kid, that he realized what he was doing. It gave him the third person aspect.


  286. All the humor was fantastic, but Stanley dancing was the best moment… so unexpected of the unintrested salesman. I simply loved it that he wanted to keep his reputation!

    Its still all good in the hood Stanley!


  287. Wow, excellent! Definitely the best ep so far this season, IMO. I loved Phyllis’s “How to Deal With Difficult People” techniques, and I’m even starting to like Andy. (Never thought that would happen!) His “Take a Chance on Me” wooing technique won me over. The A/A/D triangle has a lot of potential and is a nice contrast, now that P&J are going strong. I’d never have thought of Darryl and Kelly together but…hmm, kinda makes sense. And P&J continue to blow me away with their subtle but intimate moments, like when J leaned in to whisper to P or when they managed to decide about NY without ever saying a word. The writers and JF & JK are doing an excellent job navigating that relationship–major kudos all around.

  288. This is in response to Evan (357), who didn’t understand the kidnapping plotline… it’s tied in with Michael’s issues with Ryan -“the kid”- who’s now the superior, increasingly arrogant.
    Anyone else think that Michael’s going through some kind of mid-life crisis? Jan in her comfy pants, static life in the office, being surpassed by the younger generations, bought out by technology. Every episode so far he’s been completely erratic and ridiculous. Age is a theme this season. Thoughts?

  289. Best episode BY FAR!!! Michael was pretty cool, I was excited. “Sushi and important people” great! Also, calling Angela “booster seat.” AWESOME!!! Overall, pretty good. Oh… and JIM IS BACK!!! He wasn’t “on” the first two episodes.

  290. I actually want Andy and Angela to be together! Did you notice how she smiled after he got that ice sculpture and after he sang that song for her?

  291. One less than believable part — when Daryl comes to the office to deliver the paper to Kelly and greets Jim. It does not make sense that he would even talk to Jim since Jim is dating his friend’s ex-girlfriend. Did anyone else notice this?

  292. My two favorite moments:
    Angela explaining the difference between forks and spoons to Phyllis and Pam /Computer telling Dwight that he is the superior being, I really found that warm and kind.
    Great episode overall.

  293. Jean (366) it’s possible that Daryl and Roy weren’t really very close friends, even though they worked together. Maybe all along Daryl saw that Roy didn’t treat Pam very well and the chivalrous gentleman in him didn’t like it. He was pretty protective of the “lovely Miss Kapoor”. Jim is a nice guy and has probably always been friendly to and gotten along well with everyone, including the warehouse crew (with the obvious exception of Roy).

  294. Jean–I don’t think Darryl is that petty; he’s always shown a reasonable, relaxed, live-and-let-live attitude. That and the show has always emphasized Jim’s “cool” appeal to virtually everyone. So I found it completely believable. But it’s cool that you even thought of that angle.

  295. 353: The mixed berry yogurt thing is actually in the pilot. Jim wonders what he would do after he was done working there with all of the useless information he knows, including Pam’s favorite flavor of yogurt (mixed berry). She has a talking head and says “Jim said mixed berry? Yeah, he’s on to me.” So cute.

  296. Okay, there’s something I just thought of. I thought the whole Daryl/Kelly scene was cute, but… in the deleted scenes of Ben Franklin, Michael tells Daryl to promise him, and Daryl replies “I only promise things to my three year old daughter.” So… I assumed he was married. Any thoughts?

  297. I just don’t think that Darryl would care that Pam and Jim are together. I’m sure he knew that Roy and Pam were wrong for each other like the rest of us did.

  298. My apologies to everyone who is less than interested in the PB&J factor – I know that there is a lot more to the show. This show has been groundbreaking on so many levels, but especially with this relationship. The depth of Jim’s longing and suffering in the first two seasons, and then Pam’s heartbreaking realization of a truth understood too late in the 3rd would make a break-up impossible. Even at the bleakest times in their relationship, there was never indifference, only doubt and self-preservation masking their actions. There will be no Ross and Rachel “on a break” situations with them. At its best, this show raises the bar on mixing humor with humanity that transcends a half-hour comedy format. It’ll be interesting to see where the writers take them now but I have confidence they’ll avoid the cliched pitfalls of TV couples past.

  299. All honestly, I felt like the episode was a little too long. I’m not complaining or anything, and the other one-hour-episodes didn’t feel this way, but it felt a little long to me. Then again, just a half hour is way too short. I think a supersized epi would be the most satisfying… but that’s unrealistic.

    Oh, and… Best. Opening. Ever. One of my favorite office moments off all time: “Pam says she saw it happen once when she was ‘alone in the conference room.’ Okay… I belive she ‘thinks’ she saw it.”

  300. After seeing Stanley dance like that I can’t wait to meet him (Leslie) in Scranton! Maybe we’ll see him do that dance once again :)

  301. The pizza boy scene was so unrealistic. Why would a 17 year old allow himself to be kidnapped by the manager of a paper company. Michael’s stupidity never had drastic consequences before this season, but he has already driven his car into a lake, and kidnapped someone. The show has been good because its been realistic, but it is as if Michael has gone completely insane. In the second episode, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs about turtles, and now hes yelling about how kids don’t even know what stupid is. I understand that Michael’s incompetence is funny, but it has to be more subtle, like mistaking the chatroom party instructions for real party instructions.

  302. Back at #232, Daoust asked for an explanation of Angela’s TH:

    Angela: How do you tell someone it’s over? You send them a notarized letter, right? Well what if the recipient is your notary?

    BEST LINE OF THE EPISODE!!! My husband and I basically fell off the couch. A notary public is someone who is authorized to witness signatures on official documents to prove their authenticity (they sign too and usually have a fancy seal). The idea that Angela thinks the usual way to break up with someone is by notarized letter–AND that Dwight is a notary! Classic!!

  303. did anyone see that Jim signed John Krasinski on Meredith’s cast instead of Jim Halpert???

  304. Really great episode, better than the first two for me, because of :

    – The return of pranks on Dwight.
    – Michael for once acting like real people when talking to than man eating sushis with Dwight on the car; there was no stupid line, they were just laughing. Trust me I love Michael being stupid, but it’s good to see him acting normal sometimes.
    – Angela changing her “tone”, hahaha!

  305. This was my favorite episode of the season so far.

    The cold opening with the DVD screen saver was HILARIOUS. One of the best openers ever. I loved Pam’s talking head where she said:

    “I saw it. I saw it, and it was amazing. Who said I didn’t see it? Did Jim say I didn’t see it? I SAW IT!!!”

    So freaking cute.

  306. Best cold open ever, but where was Dwight? And this week gave us something we’ve been wanting: more Andy! But can he handle a tige– um, kitty cat like Angela?

  307. Another GREAT show!! The kid that Michael kidnapped was really good playing that part, he didn’t care if he wasn’t allowed to leave or not. That part was really kinda funny, especially when Michael finally realized what he had done. I think that Jim wrote “Jim H-scribble something on the cast, and I bet that he is still having nightmares about it!!! I am so very happy that Jim and Pam are finally together, and maybe there will be a few more “Office romances” in the near future. LOVE THE OFFICE!!!

  308. obviously, best episode of the season. from beginning to the end. [not including the part where ryan winked. kinda weak ending.]

    i just wish there was more of the rooftop scene with jim and pam.

  309. Oh my goodness, best episode of season 4 yet. I actually Laughed out loud at this one multiple times, which hasn’t been the case as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the others, but something with this ep just totally hit home.

  310. Also, if anyone has figured out what Dwight typed out in binary, could you maybe post it up in the main info of the episode? I’ve tried searching through the comments and it’s just too overwhelming. Thanks OT!

  311. Michael totally stole Jan’s purple silk blouse. European cut…or another item in the Miss Terious line?

  312. Re: 392, I totally thought Michael’s shirt was from the MissTerious line too! Who knows just how much junk he got out of that bargain bin?

  313. I thought that was hands-down the best episode so far this season. Everything was spot-on.

    I’d been kind of let down about JAM this season…thought it didn’t look natural.

    But like I said….best episode of the season…the sentimental/throwback JAM in me loved the 2nd rooftop date.

  314. Awesome episode. Love watching Kelly and her crazy passive aggressive behavior towards Ryan. “Pipsqueak” is really losing it. Neat to see “booster seat” get more air time. Michael’s comments regarding her verticality were classic.
    Anyone else notice all the palm trees in Pennsylvania when they were in Jim’s car?

  315. I thought the kidnapping of that pizza kid wasn’t so funny.

    To me, the hilarious parts were all the Phyllis/Angela scenes. LOVE the part where Angela explains the difference between spoons, forks and knives.

    After seeing how perky and happy Angela Kinsey is in real life, I think she is a great actress in how she plays Angela Martin.

  316. Did anyone else notice in the cold open how Michael says, “We have ‘collard’ paper here…”. Was this a throw back to Diversity Day when he talks about “colored” greens & Stanley corrects him?

  317. #383 – I caught that too! I noticed he dotted 2 “i”s when signing his last name. Halpert being “i”-less, I watched it again, and sure enough – Krasinski!
    I loved this episode!

  318. Here is my prediction: Michael suffers a nervous breakdown and has to take a step back and become a sales rep. again, leaving the door open for Jim or (a demoted) Ryan to take over Scranton. There is no way they are making Michael this out of control for no reason – he has become hysterical and some might argue, dangerous, in every episode this season.

  319. 378 | I don’t think the binary quote by Dwight means anything. Each character in binary is represented by an 8-digit combination of 0s and 1s. Dwight’s got 13 letters there, which is not divisible by 8. *shrug*
    I wish it did mean something :/

  320. I want Pam’s hair to go back to the way it was.
    Her hair is too short at the moment.

  321. How very SAD was Dwight’s face right after Angela told Pam that she wanted a ‘relationship with a man’. He truly looked distraught. I think Pam will come to the aid of Dwight and help him work it out with Angela.

    And I have to agree with lots of folks….


  322. #315
    Dwight isn’t growing weed, he is growing hemp. That is the joke- the kid thinks he is growing really crappy weed.

  323. Yes, Dwight’s sad face was very touching.

    Two other expressions I loved from this episode:

    Angela’s quarter smile as she walks away from Andy’s serenade. So subtle! Reminiscent of Casino Night after she slapped Dwight for kissing her.

    Pam’s blink/smile after she told Jim “Girlfriend wins the tie”. It is so adorable I can’t stand it.

  324. Hey i don’t know if anyone pointed this out or not…but remember in the Christmas episode last season how Angela said that she hadn’t spoken to her sister in several years, and she didn’t even remember what they were fighting about. I don’t think this is going to clear up that soon.
    Poor Dwight…yay Andy! I’m realy torn on this one.

  325. Thank you for one of the best episodes of The Office ever! Even my parents, who don’t understand our obsession on Thursday nights have wanted to rewatch Andy singing to Angela. Speaker phone A Capella = genius. As was the rest of the episode. Thanks to the writers and everyone else involved.

  326. –390

    lol! I know, I thought that when Jan was calling him she would ream him out for stealing her shirt. “The PURPLE one, Michael!”

  327. I saw the very first post on here which asked if Kevin was drinking Lionshead…and YES it was!! I’m sooo happy someone noticed!! I work for the Lion Brewery and I’ve been waiting to see something of ours on it!! :)

  328. First Michael purposely drives into a lake and now he kidnaps a pizza delivery driver. Any idiot knows that you get the total cost of your order when you place your order over the phone, not in person with the driver. The writing has gone DOWNHILL this season. waaaaahh!! :-(

  329. i love the new aggressive Kevin. “it’s like eating a hot circle of garbage.”

    one of my top ten favorite lines of all time.

  330. tanster- the mixed berry yogurt quote is pam’s not jim’s!

    [from tanster: nice catch. fixed.]

  331. I just rewatched “The Secret” from s2 and got very annoyed. Jim plainly says that he had a crush on Pam when SHE first started working at Dunder Mifflin, so how could she have been the one to tell him who his deskmate is? This little glitch has been bothering me for a while…

  332. The best part of this episode was Darryl’s line about going back to your desk and selling multiple reams like a man. That was hilarious!

  333. Decode Dwight ‘s binary insult as follows: He says “Why don’t you 011 1111 011 011?” He is spelling four 8-bit words. Binary words are written from right to left, and trailing zeros are typically left off, so the complete words in the correct order are “0110 0110 1111 0110” Each character in the ASCII alphabet is represented by two 8-bit words, so the two letters Dwight is spelling are “01100110” and “11110110” which are “f” and “o”, respectively.

  334. This is probably mentioned before….but when Jim signs Meredith’s cast, he’s really signing “John Krasinski”. Check it. He dots two I’s in the last name.

  335. Another one from this episode: Michael asks Dwight where to eat the best New York style sushi. Dwight responds “Tokyo?”. Then Michael says “New York!”.

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