1. All I can say is–this is so amazing. I was hyperventalating for litterally 10 minutes after I saw that.

  2. Ok, I couldn’t wait for this episode just basesd on the beet farm. Now, Thursday seems so far… heck, it even feels far. :)

  3. Who cares about “JAM” anymore? Honestly. I used to like the Jim/Pam storyline until it got played out beyond belief.

  4. Finally some Jam connection! Akward, but it’s a start!
    So this week:
    B.J. written
    Beet Farm

    Can not wait.

  5. Squee, squee, squee! Squee.

    I know I say this every week, and I truly mean it every week, but Thursday can not get here soon enough. Mose and Jam in one episode may make my head explode.

  6. I saw this during the Broncos game, and I will admit, I was a little over Jim/Pam and was looking forward to Jim/Karen, but now….I really cannot wait for Thursday.

  7. This should definitely make Northern Attack’s Jim/Pam index go up.
    He’s right the buildup is amazing.
    Thanks to Tanster for alerting us! and thanks to cara for tipping jennie off.
    i wonder what they were talking about. their distance from scranton to stamford. or how emotionally disconnected they are? i don’t know. but i can’t wait for thursday!!
    The Office. Satisfying us every Thursday night.
    That’s what she said. ;]

  8. ddker- If you really can’t wait, there’s a link to an avi file (if you can plays those on the computer) on the TWoP board an in the LJ community. I don’t want to post it here since it is on a personal server.

    The inflections in Jim’s (John’s) voice are AMAZING.

  9. This is driving me nuts-I’m at work now and there’s no flash player on the computers, and it won’t let me install it either so I have to wait until about 1am when I get home. AND on thursday night I have to work so I won’t be able to watch the episode until 1am then also! I guess only a couple more hours till I’m home to see it. I can make it that long, right?

  10. I think Jenny hit it right on the nose with the multiple squees. I’m really liking the new JAREN combination but JAM always tastes so damn good!

  11. I was out at a bar when I saw it. And I squealed rather loudly causing some burly, bearded locals (yes, that kind of bar) to turn toward the TV and snicker at me. Whatever. I got a shot out of the deal. And Jim and Pam? Talking?! FINALLY!?!? Yay.

  12. Not to draw the attention away from the JAM moment, but can anyone tell what Michael was doing? Looked like he was in some sort of a line, mmmm?

  13. Sorry to double post but I forgot to mention that they played the song “Stars” again in the background. I hope that’s not the song they’re going to use everytime Jam shares a “tender moment.” I think it’s kind of cheesy.

  14. 1st) Melissa: Or…that’s what he said.

    2nd) Mmmilf (I just feel weird saying that) at present, 90 hours, twenty minutes from when I post this.

    Oh, can’t wait.

  15. Chris, thanks for the countdown!!

    About the “Mmmilf”, my friend and I had a mini-marathon today and on “Sexual Harrasment” we heard Kevin say that to Pam when she was talking about her mom. We laughed sooo hard! I can’t believe we missed it the first time we saw it.

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