The Rainn Tally

While working on The Weekend Tally, I realized that so much of it pertained to Rainn’s press junket for The Last Mimzy, that I decided to make a separate post of it. All quotes below, though, are about The Office.

(The standard Weekend Tally will be posted tomorrow.)

  • Article: SCI FI Weekly. “I think we’ll get out of there at the right time. Or it could end up being like Archie Bunker’s Place. Remember, the follow-up to All in the Family. It’ll be Dwight Schrute Incorporated or something like that. That’ll be the spinoff. Dwight’s Place.
  • Article: LA Daily News. “I have no interest in playing Dwight my whole life. (‘Office’ star) Steve Carell is great in picking his projects and finding things from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ to (the upcoming) ‘Evan Almighty,’ and I’d like to steal a page from the Steve Carell playbook.”
  • Article: LA Times (requires login). Rainn Wilson … has a dream for his deluded character. Dwight will marry his love interest Angela (Angela Kinsey), procreate feverishly and create, in Baron Von Trapp fashion, a dynasty of singing Schrutes. “They could sing Amish war anthems, if such a thing exists,” says Wilson.
  • Article: Yahoo. “No matter how absurd the humor gets, it’s believable and grounded and people identify with the characters. They’ve just kind of fallen in love with the world and the characters. Our show is really like appointment television.”
  • Article: “So many of these directors are huge Office fans. Harold Ramis has directed three episodes, and working with him is such a treat. He always has the best comic spins on the stuff that we’re doing. He has such a great sense of humor.”
  • IM session: AIM/Moviefone. Rainn being silly.
  • Video: Scarborough Country. “It’s not about jokes and punchlines, but more about characters and situations.”
  • Video: Reelz Channel. What if Dwight Schrute was in The Last Mimzy?

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