1. Maybe in that .2 of a second before impact, Andy steps in and uses his anger management techniques to defuse the situation. ;p

    Okay not likely but I can dream.

  2. That has to be a flashback and then the rest of the episode takes place 6 weeks after Cocktails

  3. ok regardless of the ridiculously loaded ending, the footage leading up to it is exactly like the phyllis getting married…frankly kiiiind of amazing!

  4. aaaahh! So excited!

    okay, so I love Jim and Pam but is it terrible that I thought it was adorable that Jim protectively pushed Karen out of the way of Rampage!Roy?

  5. oh my GOD!! Jim’s face when he sees Roy coming. Angie #3–hahahahaha!! If it’s mean, then I’m mean as well, because that would be hilarious.

  6. I loved how Jim tries to protect Karen instead of just protecting himself. What a good guy.

  7. I hope Roy gets fired for attacking Jim. only cause if that happened in real life he would get canned for sure.

    also.. I wonder how Karen’s going to feel after learning what really happened between Jam last season

  8. omg. why torture us???? I was just starting to cope with the absence of the office and NOW LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. Noooooo I can’t wait two more freakin’ weeks!

  9. Oh my god, he protects Karen. I bet you he gets a black eye and then gets angry at Pam for it. Then they’ll keep the feud going until the season finale where they will have a thousand babies and live happily ever after (or something there abouts.)

  10. OMFG indeed! Please don’t hurt his pretty little face :o(

    Ahhh, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Did anybody else notice that Michael (when talking to Jan on the phone) was in the conference room? Not that that means too much, but I doubt he was alone in there. Looks like a spiritual successor to Conflict Resolution.

  12. OMFG! The next two weeks will be torture!

    It is a really nice compilation though.

    Don’t worry, Jim…Kevin’s got your back!

  13. A little bit of a cheesy compilation, but WTF! Is Roy trying to stab Jim? Or was he angrily pointing… somehow? Oh noes, I can’t wait! :(

  14. OMGosh. Is it April 5th yet? I don’t think I can wait to see the outcome of the Jim/Roy thing. Gah!

  15. My mouth drop at the end there for a good 10 seconds after it ended. I pictured this happening in my mind, but to see it played out in “real” live…

    very good tittle for this thread. I can not wait until
    April 5th.

  16. thanks for the link! but it’s so obvious what’s going to happen, roy’s going to pull jim in for a kiss, so pam knows how it feels :( no one can resist the halpert magnetism.

    ok, seriously, i didn’t think roy would make good on his threat. i only hope that pam doesn’t fall for his i-only-did-it-cuz-i-heart-u-so-much line, if/when it comes. i wonder how much toby gets into the “negotiation,” as the hr rep. is everyone going to find out about jam?

  17. No polc, I believe your analysis is flawed. What actually will happen is, Roy flys in and plants one on *Karen*, not Jim. See, despite Jim’s powerful Halpertian magnetism, as soon as Roy’s and Jim’s masculinity spheres intersect, hetero-scopic forces kick in and make Roy bounce off of Jim, right into the arms of Karen.

    Can’t wait ’til April 5!

  18. Wow…
    I think (and hope and pray and fervently believe) I just saw the beginning of the end of Karim.
    Amazing. Why does time pass so slowly??

  19. I’ve watched the ending three times now. Is that a knife or is he just pointing?

    Don’t knife him Roy! Just smack him around a few times. Mention the word fiance, something I’m sure Karen’s not heard before, and conclude everything wrong with season three.

  20. 25 Kalon – EXCELLENT observational skills!!!
    27 Melanie – I think he’s just reaching for Jim to grab him by the coat or something (and then…).
    34 John – “Halpertian magnetism”. LOVE IT. It’s undeniably hard to resist!!

    I HATE those &$*%)^# at NBC for teasing us like this!! (But secretly, I’m glad to see it happening.) I always thought Roy would try and go through with his threat. Can you imagine him at home stewing, waiting to get to work? ooooh Poor Pam. I mean, how embarrassing! I hope she kicks Roy’s ass. His scuzzbag nature has come back to the surface.

    No mention of Andy. Isn’t he supposed to be back?

  21. It just occurred to me that “Cocktails” was probably on a Friday night since some employees had to drive all the way to NY for the CEO thing and maybe more people would be inclined at DM Scranton to go to a bar on a night when they don’t have work the next day.

    I was thinking that Roy must have been stewing over this all weekend. I don’t know why this is relevant, but I couldn’t figure out why Pam wouldn’t call Jim to warn him. Are Roy’s threats usually idle?

    My mind was just mulling it over.

  22. 43 gymgirl – How do you warn someone though? Hey Jim, I told Roy about what happened and he got really mad. I don’t think she knows about his threat, so calling him might be just too awkward.

  23. Oh, I finally got it! Awesome!!! I knew they would give it to us!!!

  24. Kristen & Purple Belt – what you wrote makes total sense. I didn’t mean to imply that she was uncaring or anything. Just trying to piece it all together in my mind. Funny how things get mixed up. I had sort of combined Roy’s initial outburst and then the threat to kill Jim into one big event. I completely forgot that Pam didn’t witness it.

  25. It’s times like these that I wish I got my time machine working so it would be April 5th.

    Ever the gallant gentleman, Jim protects Karen.

    I hate that.

  26. Who do you think was the one who screamed when Roy was going at Jim? For Some reason it sounded like Kelly to me.

  27. Also– I think the confrontation happens at the end of the episode because Jim has his coat on, and he his putting Karens coat on for her. Unless it’s a flashback.

  28. Oh boy…

    As much as I don’t want Roy to really punch Jim, I am happy we get to see the confrontation.

    Can’t wait for April 5th!

  29. Oh and Jennie, I am totally giggling that you pulled out the big guns with OMFG.

    OMFG is right!

  30. gymgirl – We don’t know that Pam knew about Roy’s threat – remember, only his brother Kenny and the cameras caught it. Maybe Pam assumed Roy’s anger was directed at her, and didn’t even think about Jim.

    I seriously LOVE how well NBC knows and cares about Office fans. They keep me extremely gruntled, that’s for sure.

  31. Holy schnikeys…

    Roy – if you so much as lay a finger on Jim Halpert, I will send the Dwight Army of Champions after you.

  32. sounds like karen screams and i hope Jim dodges the punch then knocks Roy out, it would be fitting bc roy should have been knocked out a long time ago

  33. Is it just me or does it look like Jim knows whats coming as soon as Roy walks it? He looks a little freaked out. Maybe he was warned or maybe he was expecting it or something.

    And yay chivalry-even if it’s Karen that is being protected.

  34. OMFG is right! I can’t wait!

    I don’t think it happens at the end of the episode, because then we have the conference room scene with Michael talking about the “crime of passion” with Jan, which I guess happens in the same episode after Michael, Darryl, and Toby return from New York. And I guess we can also assume that the attack happens after they leave for NY, because I doubt they would have gone if it happened before they left.

  35. I was good about spoilers in Jan-Feb, but I lasted approx. 5 seconds before I had to click on this one!

  36. I agree that it is probably a cold open. Which is why it says, “get there early.”

    I just really hope that someone gets a shiner!

  37. That has built up the anticipation so much! I’ve never cared for two fictional characters more in my life!


    I really wish I had the words to formulate some actual coherent thoughts, but all I have is OMG OMG OMG OMG

    I can’t wait! We actually get the confrontation!

  39. I’m not that much into fanvids unless if they take something totally out of context or at least make an effort to go against the grain.

    But I love how they were able to edit the whole Jim/Pam/Roy/Karen square into four minutes and then end on a perfect tease is just flawless. I always assumed the whole “Roy kicking the crap out of Jim” scenario was just fan wish fulfillment that you’d only see in fanfics. But to see it happen for real is just so exciting. Only thing missing was Kevin jumping up from his seat and doing a flying tackle against Roy.

    I also liked Michael’s little quote at the end. “Crime of passion, Jan. Not a disgruntled employee. Everyone here is extremely gruntled.”

    And is it just me, or does the scream sound more like Kelly’s than Pam or Karen’s? Never heard either of the two scream, so not sure if it’s either of them.

    But April 5th can’t come soon enough.

  40. I hope Jim dodges the punch, and then Dwight breaks out some of his purple belt badness in Jim’s defense.

  41. i’m trying to think about what happens NEXT. my guess is ryan will jump in because he sits like right there, and dwight will surely want to show off his super karate skills. kev’s always said that he’s got jim’s back and my guess is stanley will be chilling with a crossword.as for the ladies, assertive!Pam and Karen omfg stop and roy will be like no! and jim will be lyk you don’t love her! you don’t treat her right! you never did! i love her! i doooo! and karen will be lyk on snap nvms jim.

    OR MAYBE michael will try to put jim and roy in a CAGEMATCH.

    i think i’m letting my imagination run away here.

  42. Yeah. Karen won’t be happy at all once she finds out why exactly her boyfriend is being attacked by a crazy from the warehouse.

    Does she even know about Pam and Roy?

    Hmm. Well, I think by the look on Jim’s face he knew EXACTLY what was going on. Karen looked clueless, and Jim just looked like, “Uhoh.” He knows that what he did was wrong (even though Roy was a total jerk in everyone’s eyes), and he knows that his actions would maybe have consequences. As much as we all love Jim, he knew Pam was engaged and didn’t care and went for it. And now he knows that he’s in trouble.

    But I can’t wait to see it all pan out on the 5th.

  43. The look on Jim’s face doesn’t mean he knows Roy is after him ahead of time. Roy could have just burst into the room yelling about killing Jim right before we see Jim’s reaction shot.

  44. Roy will get hands on Jim and Jim will obviously be trying to pry lose. But Roy is a pretty big guy. I think I’m most excited about seeing Jim fighting, because we all have only seen the patient side of Jim. I don’t know if anybody caught this, but Pam is dressed differently than she is when she goes to talk to Roy at the resturant. This is either the cold open or the ending, because Karen and Jim have their coats on.

  45. finally some confrontation! were the pics of pam and roy talking from the april 5th ep also? Whatever the case is I have a feeling that moment will be what finally pushes pam over the edge and makes her really stand up for herself.

    I wasn’t all about jim and pam getting together or anything, I feel it would just ruin that great tension, but after watching that it reminded me that they really are disgustingly cute for each other.

    I don’t know what to think. Between this and the little jenna interview where she appeared quite excited about where the show is going next season I just dont know. Maybe nbc will put them together, without really telling us. Maybe it will be another dwangela secret relationship, only actually secret with way more subtle clues. That’d be perfect.

  46. OMG! I really. can’t wait.
    April 5th is the night before my birthday.
    An amazing episode would be a great present =]

  47. omigod.
    i cant think of anything else to say.
    (Question.. does it look like roy’s holding something?.. omigod.)

  48. Oh My God. That is the only thing to say. I have not been more excited for anything since the season premire.

  49. Oh, my God. I hate myself. I am on vacation over April 5th and I want to return early just to see this!!!

  50. I keep obsessively watching the video. I know people mentioned earlier in the post that Roy is just angrily pointing, but it does at least kinda look like it could possibly maybe be a knife. Is it just me? Or is it because of all the movement that his finger looks blurry? opinions please.

  51. AAGH. I was just starting to get accustomed to no new Office episodes, and my withdrawal was calming down, when THIS gets posted. AAAAAAAAAH.

    On the other hand, I am So. Happy. that we get to see the confrontation, but wouldn’t Roy in real life decide to go to Jim’s house and kick his ass, rather than do it at work where he would probably end up getting fired?

  52. I was watching and I’m pretty sure its Roy’s hand going to grab Jim.

    Allie, Thats how I felt when I had to be out of town traveling when I missed an episode. hahaha

  53. k two things.

    1. Am i the only one that CANNOOOTT sit and watch these “jam” vidoes. i’ve never been a fan of them! But alas, i’m a sucker for spoilers so i sucked it up till the end for 2 seconds of footage uhhhhhhh…

    2. Sorry if this has been said before, but does anyone feel like this whole jim/pam/roy/karen thing is getting WAY to dramatic? That whole sequence was reminiscent of a soap opera. I mean jim possibly getting attacked/assulted at work??? come on

  54. Roy just has his finger out. I don’t think he has a knife. From his explosion at the bar, I think Roy’s more of a “hands on” kind of guy than someone who’d use a knife or a gun or anything like that. If possible, he beat the crap out of Jim, and then snap his neck with his bare hands.

  55. Maybe it says to get there early because it starts at 8? This will be a supersized episode, right?

  56. Holy Crap! I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it and that lasted a few hours.

    I needed this little preview to get myself back into The Office. I felt like I was drifting away a little bit.

    I don’t think the writers will let this get too soap opera-ish. They are too smart for that.

  57. I absolutely adore Karen, but if I was Jim, I would have used Karen’s body to block Roy’s attack (instead of throwing her out of the way). it looks like Roy’s about to pull a shank on him. he prob made it during his time in “the clink”

  58. Looks like Roy is going to be fired, or at least come close to it. I assume Michael is talking on the phone to Jan about Roy’s “crime of passion” because Jan is considering having him fired for his assault on Jim. Also, David Denman is not listed in the synopsis for the following episode “Safety Training”. Maybe Roy gets sent to anger management training, too.

  59. Nice observation! He’s not in the next episode, so maybe he is fired. Or put in time-out.

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a blurry finger Roy’s holding up, not a knife. I mean, I’ve never seen a PINK KNIFE before.

    Enough with the gruntled jokes! One more of those and I will be very un-gruntled.

    I think that scream is Karen’s. It would fit perfectly with the situation. The camera centers on her and Jim (who I assume has a much more masculine girly-scream), and Roy runs after him.

    I wonder if Roy grabs on to him right after the clip is over or if Jim actually gets out of the way…

    I’m pretty sure Jim didn’t know that Roy was going to attack him, and the face was because of the steaming demon staring at him from down the hall.

  60. Can April 5 come soon enough? And as everyone has already questioned… is Roy holding something? This video really is great, but now I’m depressed again until it comes back on!

  61. I cannot tell you how much this video moved me… Such as great compilation and such a great spoiler for April 5th (and a nice line by Michael).

    At this point I am beginning to think that taking vacation until April 5th and then taking some Coma-Dose to sleep through the tortuous remaining days until then is probably the smartest thing I can do right now.

  62. We’ve heard of Andy, Ryan, Dwight, and Michael all jump to Jim’s defense…I say Pam does!! After all, she is miss assertive now and that could include physical assertiveness!

  63. This isn’t even the finale. What’s going to happen then? Also, I read somewhere that Rashida Jones (Karen), was only signed on for season 3, which means Karen and Jim will be over anyway.

  64. there’s no possible way that attack can go down without Roy getting fired. in a real workplace he would get fired in a heart beat

  65. pretty sure that is kelly screaming…sounds exactly like the scream in business school. also pretty sure there isnt a knife cause michael wouldnt be trying to protect him if he tried to seriously injure jim.

  66. this has prob already been mentioned.

    at the end of the video, why does it say to get there early??
    does that mean all the drama’s going to go down in the beginning of the episode

  67. Sounds like Kelly screaming; I think that’s her way in the background, standing against the office wall.



    definitely no knife. roy doesnt need a knife – he’s got his fists of fury.

  69. I believe the “come early” bit is because this episode is going to be supersized (thank goodness), and because of that it will start at 8pm instead of 8:30pm.


  71. So here’s how I think it’s going to go down. Roy precedes to punch Jim once and before Jim gets a chance to retaliate or Roy gets to do anything else, Pam will be standing in front of Roy telling him to calm down. So, while Pam will be preoccupied with keeping Roy from killing Jim, Karen will be over seeing if Jim is okay and taking care of him and all that stuff that Pam should be allowed to do so that Jim and her can be cute. So Pam will save Jim from further beating, but Karen and Jim will have a moment. Just my pessimism kicking in so that I won’t be disappointed when there isn’t a amazing JAM moment after the fight. But I can’t wait to hear the conversation between Jim and Karen…that should cause quite a stir :)

  72. Wow. I don’t know if I can wait till April 5th.

    How great would it be if it was an actual fight fight and Jim totally fought back? Scrappy Jim against Furious Roy. Fighting for Beloved Pammy. Ahahahaha. The drama of it all.

    Plus, who’s with me in wanting Dwight to back Jim up? That would be hilarious.

    Also, how sweet of Jim to push Karen away like that? So honorable. Awwwww.

    OK, I’ll stop this super long comment. Can you tell I’m excited? Maybe I should make a video…


    I love that Jim pushed Karen away. So cute. I just hope this isn’t the end of David Denman. I like looking at him. :)

  74. I don’t think the Karen pushing is cute. NO JAREN! Boo.

    Emmy I don’t know if it’s a gun, but he definitely has something in his right hand, or he’s reaching for something.

  75. Does anyone else thin this is becoming more like a soap opera than a comedy??? But it’s ok because there is great acting in it….unlike a lot of soaps(sorry if people think otherwise! sorry)

  76. Another comment… sorry!
    If jim dies, I shall kill Roy and than die with him!! Who else is with me?

  77. I’m okay with a fight as long as:
    1) There are no kicks to the groin (after all, we still want Jim to be able to make babies).
    2) They’re home by dinner.

    There’s no gun or knife… Roy is just reaching for Jim. I don’t think Roy would be stupid enough to really attempt murder.

  78. well we know it prob happens early in the episode because Michael discusses it with Jan ( I think the “disgruntled” employee is Darryl who wants a higher salary. So this would place it before the road trip to New York and before Roy and Pam’s little diner date. My guess is that it is the cold open or a flashback.

  79. I love the fact that he pushes Karen out of the way. Even though I am a long time fan of JAM, it just shows how caring Jim is. And it’s romantic and cute.

  80. if roy gets fired that would make sense why in the pics he is in normal clothes and pam is in work clothes. also at the end michael does say something about “a crime.” hmm……

  81. I agree with 127 (Michelle). Can’t wait to see Jim’s reaction when he hears what Pam told Roy.

    Thought your OMFG title borderline offensive.

  82. I prefer to think of it as, not so much pushing her out of the way, but shoving her on the ground.

    But does Karen know Pam was engaged? That’s key. Either that will cause her to dump him or…they’ll talk about it for five nights. Michael could call her Jim’s rebound to her face and she wouldn’t dump him. Just talking. Let’s save our horrible relationship. But I digress.

    Maybe Pam being honest with Roy will cause Jim to be completely honest with Karen.

  83. I think the best thing would be if Jim pushed Karen out of the entrance way of the reception so he could get to Pam, That would be the cutest thing ever!!

    As for the gun, you can definitly see Roy has somthing in his hand. The shape kind of looks like a gun, but do really think the writters would go that far? We have to remeber that this is a comedy(parts of the video even made me laugh)if they want to keep it that way it shouldn’t be a gun.

  84. I hate to but the kibosh on speculation, but for those unfamiliar with fighting, Roy isn’t reaching for anything with his right hand. He’s about to grab Jim’s collar with his left hand, so as to hold him in place, while winding up with his right to hit Jim in the face–his arm just moves back so as to allow more velocity on the punch. Momentum (harm) = velocity x mass.

  85. I’m dissapointed in the clip – I was hoping that Roy was gonna be aiming for Jim, but Jim ducks and so he ends up socking Karen or Angela in the face. Anyone else likey?

  86. So, I don’t think Roy is reaching for a gun – I think it is just a punch – but what is the deal with Jim looking like he knows what’s coming right when Roy walks in and says his name?

  87. Okay..I have to add something even though it’s probably been posted like a 100 times.

    Heres what I think happens. Roy comes into the office, hollars at Jim, Pam looks back and forth between the two of them, Jim will probably say something, Roy steps forward, a scramble happens, and then viola…someone has a black eye.

    I think Roy is wise enough to know that a little kiss doesnt really deserve knifing someone. He is just grabbing for Jim’s coat. Punching someone is assualt which is a crime…there doesnt have to be weapons involved for it to be considered a crime.

    I think the fight will happen at the end of the episode so they can carry the aftermath into the next episode. Otherwise, Michael would be in NYC at corporate still. Plus, they are wearing their coats and getting ready for the end of the day.

    I so hope that Jim doesnt get mad at Pam for telling Roy. We all know that Roy has a right to know, but Jim will probably be in shock and deny Pam’s pleas to talk with him about it. Who knows..this is all just speculation.

    AH! I’m going to explode if April 5th doesnt hurry up and get here.

    Okay, I’m going to have to stop thinking about it.

  88. Oh, and I must say that this is turning into a


    I’m cool with that though.

  89. “I think Roy is wise enough to know that a little kiss doesnt really deserve knifing someone. He is just grabbing for Jim’s coat. Punching someone is assualt which is a crime…there doesnt have to be weapons involved for it to be considered a crime.”

    I agree with you that Roy should not and will not use weapons. But, Roy definitely has the right not to see what happened as just a little kiss. He certainly over reacted and doesn’t deserve Pam, but based solely upon what he knows already and what she told him, it is reasonable for him to think that that kiss may have been what triggered Pam to call off the wedding, essentially ruining his marriage before it even began. If he’s thinking that way, then he’s convinced that Jim has really screwed up his life and he’s going to come after him very aggressively, because that’s his nature and he doesn’t even fully understand the situation.

  90. Wow…just, wow. I did not expect that [/Pam].

    From what I understand, this video is actually from NBC and not a fan vid or anything.

    I don’t think Roy is holding anything. I honestly never thought we see a fight on The Office but I really doubt we’ll see a knifing or anything else that severe.

    I do not think that Karen knows about Pam & Roy’s past. We know she didn’t before the 5 Nights of Talking because she tells Pam that Roy’s cute and that she should date him. During their talks, Jim probably glossed over the sitaution. Karen told Pam that Jim said it was “just a kiss” like it was really no big deal. I doubt he let on to her how serious the situation was or that it was more than a crush.

    The only thing that worries me is that NBC tends to make bigger deals out of things with their promos than is really justified. Case in point: the promo last summer about “The office secret we were all in on”. I’m just glad they’ve got a new JAM promo song now :)

    It also don’t think it’s a flahsback. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have Michael’s conversation with Jan because it would have all already been dealt with. Darryl wouldn’t have commited a “crime of passion” over salary negotiations so I don’t see how he could be the disgruntled employee.

    Ughhh…how many more days til the 5th?!?!

  91. Sorry for the extra post but, one question:

    What do we know about the pictures? Most of the ones with Pam & Roy look like some kind of promotional shots rather than shots during filming (except the wide shot of them at the table where they’re looking at each other). At least I would hope they’re not smiling at each other like that now. Gag.

    I hadn’t seen those until now…WTF?

  92. To the people who think The Office is getting too dramatic — don’t worry! If I were smart I’d bet that the writers enjoy the subtle humor (i.e. “gruntled,” which was almost as good as the spoiler footage) more than they like writing the drama…if they wanted to write that they wouldn’t be on a show like The Office.

    I bet this is just part of that 4-ep arc that Brian/Kevin mentioned in his MySpace blog. It will go back to the Office we know and love once the Roy/Jim conflict is resolved, I’m guessing with Roy getting fired for ASSAULTING someone in the workplace (Roy may go to anger management, but it won’t be under the employ of Dunder Mifflen) which would explain why he’s not in the cast list for Safety Training.

    12 days!

  93. This two week wait has just gotten even harder. Loved Michael at the end on the phone with Jan. He’s great.

  94. The 4 episode arc was the Feb. sweeps episodes and the arc was all about our own little Pam Beesley

  95. or maybe pam will step in and roy will accidently punch her. and then jim comes to her rescue.

    a girl can dream right?! :)

  96. I am uber excited! “OMFG” is right! Karen’s scream was kind of funny, I won’t try to say anything else because the clip is so short that you can’t be entirely sure of what Roy is gonna hit and what Jim is doing, but I am pretty sure he is pushing Karen out of the way. That was nice of him

  97. The next episode is called “Safty Training” and I think everyone knows why. But seriously did anyone else cry? Because I feel like such a dork. PLease tell me someone else cried!

  98. #25 – Yeah, i agree w/ you about the whole conference room thing. At least that’s what i hope they do. That would be such an awesome scene, especially w/ Michael being the moderator. Win-win-win.

    #33, #34, and #124 – LOL, your comments cracked me up!

    #89 – I think you’re right about the whole “get there early” comment. I think it is b/c it’s a supersized episode, therefore it will actually start earlier. I don’t think it has anything to do w/ that particular scene being the cold open, though i DO think it will happen at the beginning of the episode rather then the end.

    #102 – I hope Pam is the one to intervene. That would be so awesome! Either that, or Dwight kicks some ass!

    #120 – The drama kind of does remind me of a soap opera vs. a comedy, however, whenever there’s super dramatic moments, sometimes the writers will put something in to ease the tension. For example, to make it more of a comedy, Dwight intervenes and threatens to take Roy down with his martial arts skillz. Let’s hope that’s what they do =)

    Overall, i’m very very pleased that we get to actually see the fight/confrontation. I’ve been looking forward to some ass kicking for a long time so this is too cool. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  99. #139 (BeckySue), you make some great points. I agree w/ everything you said I thought it would happen at the beginning of the episode, but now i’m convinced that it will be at the end.

  100. 159
    HA HA! Ok, you go ahead and jaren it up, but NBC is putting Jim and Pam together, because it will get good ratings, and that’s what the fans want. Who’s nonsensical now, biotch!?

  101. I think that Jim is going to be really angry with Pam. I think that he has to understand that she had the right to tell Roy about it, but I am pretty sure that Jim and Pam will not be speaking for awhile and that will probably upset many fans. Not so much me….but other fans. I think that the “attack” will be the most dramatic portion of the entire episode and then the fall out will be sad/comical. Whatever the outcome…it will be entertaining!!!

  102. I don’t get the whole “Jim will be angry with Pam” thread. Gosh Pam, you were completely honest with Roy, but I’ve lied to Karen so many times about really important things, grrr, I’m mad at you.


    The 5 Nights of Talking came after the “he’s cute, you should date” line. But based on Pam and Karen’s conversation in Ben Franklin, it doesn’t seem like Karen knows about the whole engagement part.

  103. Oh I cant wait, I like Michael’s line at the end. This episode might just change the office forever, I mean if Roy actually does get to hitting Jim. I dont really care, I dont watch the office for Jam, but for Michael, Dwight and the rest.

  104. Yeah, I definitely don’t see this as a “Jim gets mad at Pam” outcome. If anything, it might bring them closer in the end (and again, hopefully kill Jarim).

  105. I can understand what people dont understand about Jim being mad at Pam. I dont think he will totally ignore her but I think in the heat of the moment, he won’t want to talk to her about it right away. Not that he hates her, he’s just not in the mood to talk about it.

    Does that seem more sensible??? :)

  106. The only reason that I think that Jim is going to be really angry is because Roy comes after him after all of this time has passed…he might think why did Pam get back together with him, then tell him about what happened between us. I just really dont think that Roy attacking Jim is going to all of a sudden going to mean that Jim and Pam are going to connect and everything is going to be easy for them to get together. I am just imagining that all of this stuff happening will cause many relationships to change and I am seeing Jim and Pams friendship being damaged by it.

    P.S. Karen is not going to go anywhere and that is going to be a continued cause of frustration. I do agree though that Jim has lied to her a lot and that will cause many problems.

  107. I like the idea of Roy accidentally missing Jim and actually hitting Pam, or Karen, or… Someone else anyway. ;)


    Roy is of course fired, but Michael saying it’s a crime of passion leads Jan (or the board) to outlaw relationships between employees, which is quickly amended to NEW relationships so she can still go out with Michael. Sadly this leaves Jaren together, but we get funny moments of Dwangela deciding to go public now or stay a secret forever and go against the rules. Also this puts up a major roadblock for JAM…but love prevails and we have season 4 of a secret JAM relationship, possibly ending on a cliffhanger of being found out.

  109. I am sooo excited! This should force them to all talk about whats going on between Jim and Pam. Right? I wonder if Jim will get a black eye…poor Jim.

    Maybe this will cause a contract making no dating inside the office? Just a guess.

    I hope good comes from this episode for JAM.

  110. Did anyone notice that at the end of the clip Jim is lunging for Roy – as though he is ready and willing to fight with Roy? After watching Roy treat Pam so poorly for so long?

    I think I’m perhaps too involved in this story. Whew. Just a story…

  111. Somone will step in and stop them. It might be Dwight or Pam or one of the wearhouse guys but someone will stop them, there’s is no way around it.

    Dwight would never let there be a fight he would never just sit there while other people are about to attack each other.

    Pam never let Roy hurt Jim or the other way around. She doesn’t seem like someone who wants men to fight over her.

    And for the wearhouse guys, cna’t you just imageane Darryell pulling Roy back?

    There’s to many ways this can stop before it starts. This is all that’s going to happen in the JOY/RIM fight. NBC is just trying to spark fan intrest, and they have done an amazing job. I mean this is all I have thought about all day. Kudoos NBC advertizing team, Kudoos.

  112. Wow that video was amazing!!
    god dam i cant wait the end part was actually kinda scary what if Jim ends up in hospital!!!

  113. You are so right, NBC has done quite an amazing job with this.

    Yay Jim! for his chivalry in getting Karen out of harms way.

  114. Wow! You know, this is actually a show that I look forward to watching every week, JAM or otherwise. There are very few shows you can say that about these days. The Office is just Dwawsome!

    April 5th where are you?

  115. HOLY CRAP!
    Wow Jim better run for his life.

    i love michaels ” we are all gruntled.”

  116. #169 & #170, I’ve never thought about that theory but it makes sense. That’s really the only realistic roadblock that could be put in front of Jim and Pam now. I feel that Pam’s confession is going to be the catalyst for a lot of huge changes in these relationships over the rest of the season. Jim & Pam will have have had at least one good talk by the end finale and they will both know how the other one feels. Once Jim knows that Pam’s really in love with him (the only real roadblock at this point), he’ll wait about 10 seconds before dumping Karen. She may still be on the show but I don’t think that Jaren will exist any more.

    #173 iHaveA_Dundie, I’ve watched this video (especially the last part) about 15 times since I discovered this it afternoon. And when I haven’t been watching it, I’ve been giddy just thinking about it.
    Which leads me to this:

    #172, Jared – Yeah, I have to remind myself that these people are fictional all the time. I am way to concerned about what happnens. It’s like an addiciton.

  117. One more thing…

    Regarding the theory that Pam hasn’t told Jim about what happened before Roy confronts him, I don’t know about that. When Jim and Karen turn around, Jim clearly looks concerned while Karen is smiling and seems oblivious. Who knows what’s going on before that but, it seems Jim is aware that Roy is there to see him. The look on his face is definitely one of fear and worry.

    I am really hoping we get a scene showing Pam telling Jim about what she told Roy at some point. And I can’t wait for Karen to find out everything.

  118. I love this clip but know what the first thing I thought was… The NBC promo department is clearly employing two 14-year-olds with bedazzled “Mrs. Pam Halpert” t-shirts.

    I wonder where I can get my t-shirt…

  119. I bet it will be Kevin. Remember how he said he would have Jim’s back down in the warehouse.

    It’s sweet he pushed her out of the way..but maybe he would have a better chance if he used her for a shield.

    This kind of backed up my thinking that Pam would not say anything to Jim about what happened with Roy. Makes me wonder if this is supposed to be the next day.

  120. 1.) #179– I think you’re right on- Kevin it is. Not only has he got Jim’s back in season 2, but remember the whole “I… am a hero” thing with the bat during business school?

    2.) The whole thing with Jim’s face “not looking suprised”: remember NBC puts these clips out of context. Jim could be making a face at an entirely different moment with a situation involving a different character, or after there has already been Roy drama– remember the “give the people what they want” comment in the Phyllis’ wedding promo video and how misleading it was?

  121. #173 — Totally disagree. Everyone there will be like a deer in the headlights when Roy hits Jim.

    More likely to happen is: Roy punches Jim in the face, then immediately realizes he’s screwed up, lost his job, and may be facing criminal charges. At that point, I think you’ll just see a twisted sorta confused look on Roy’s face, and he’ll just walk away.

    No one’s going to intervene. Even the mighty Dwight, with his lion-like beet-enhanced reflexes, won’t be out of his chair before the whole incident is over.

    #179 — *If* Kevin happened to be standing right there when it goes down, that would actually be extremely cool to see him step in stop Roy cold, but that’s quite a long-shot. Either that, or seeing Jim fighting back for real would be quite satisfying.

    Alls I know is, they better put this scene right at the beginning of the episode or it’ll be a big disappointment to have to wait another week to see the outcome. :)

  122. A response to people saying Karen isn’t leaving – I know for a fact that she is, because Rashida is only signed for season 3, && is starring in a new NBC sitcom called “the rules for starting over” …. just to let ya know.

  123. Considering Michaels conversation with Jan, what we can hear of it anyway, it seems like this is a discussion about the fight so we probably see all of the fight.

  124. I read somewhere that Rashida Jones said that she was going to work on both shows at the same time and that she will continue to be on The Office for at least awhile. Am I wrong??? Did anyone else hear this? I know that she got a part on another show, which I thought was on a totally other network…not NBC. I’m not sure though…please advise!

    I would like her to stay…she is a great actress and an interesting distraction for the Jim/Pam plot line. I agree that she is going to flip when she finds out how long that Jim and Pam have had feelings for each other!

  125. Okay, this is like my third post on here today but come on, what reason is there not to??!!!

    I’ve had all day to ponder this and when I thought back to the pics we just got from the Negotiation I caught something…In the pics, Pam and Roy are wearing different clothes than in the video! So, it’s two completely different days! So..now, all my theories are jacked up. So, either this episode covers two days or something is a flashback. ICK!

    Oh, and the whole Jan causes the office to stop interoffice relationships…sounds like a possibility. The writers have to come up with another way to keep Jim and Pam apart and I think season 4 will have alot to do with no office relationships. I’ve actually read somewhere that it was a speculated episode somewhere that they ban relationships in the office and this just might be that episode(or future episodes) Hence, the play up of Dwangela at the end of this season and the whole LOVE Square that is JAM/Jaren/Ram!

  126. Somebody mentioned this earlier, I believe, but everybody is off on such tangents that I need to just give my 2 cents

    -I think the Jim-Roy fight was 6 weeks prior to the actual “negotiation” phase of the episode… if Jim gets that crap beat out of him and ends up in the hospital it’d give more reason for the 6 week hiatus (remember, this is all supposed to be in real-time)… if that’s the case, then I wonder if 40 minutes will do this episode justice

    -Roy isn’t holding anything, I’m almost 100% sure that it’s just his thumb that everybody is seeing as a knife/gun/death ray and that he’s just grabbing for Jim

    -I’m guessing that Pam stops it, I don’t see anybody else in the office that would be able to get Roy to stop acting like a fool

  127. OK, I know some of you have said that Pam might get in between to help Jim, but after looking at the clip you can tell that Pam is behind the desk, shes not going to fly over the desk and come in between. I think the likely person is probably Dwight, but if Dwight actually got in between than Michael wouldnt be saying ‘crime of passion’ because than Roy wouldnt be in trouble for fighting. Whatever it is I dont Jim is going to get injured or even hit, but Roy is gonig to get fired just for threatening.

    Besides that, I hope Jan and Michael still keep dating, and they actually show some other stuff in the episode besides Jim and Pam because I dont watch the office for JAM.

  128. Ok peeps calm down. I actually have gotten into a workplace fight and was not fired for it….they did suspend me and such but i didn’t get fired. Also i doubt the writers would try and have roy stab jim…although that would be kinda funny…and by funny i mean….i would stop watching the office.

  129. Oh! Come on, people! Comedy is a dead art form. Now tragedy… Haha, that’s funny!

  130. What’s to say Jim doesn’t wind up and cold-cock Roy? Sidesteps the first rush and – WHAM. Then Michael would be saving Jim’s job…

  131. ok im using the internet on my phone because my computers down. I can read your comments but cant see the video. So can some really nice person out there describe for me in detail what happens? Facial expressions and all. I need to know.

  132. I made my first mistake watching previews of Phyllis’ Wedding. Never again.

    I’m stayin’ strong and waitin’ til April the 5th.

  133. #200 Team Jam: Here’s what happens in a nutshell — video replays a bunch of scenes of Jim/Pam from past episodes; then shows a snippet of the April 5 new episode…Jim & Karen stand near Jim’s desk with coats on, like they are getting ready to leave for the day. Roy walks in briskly looking intently at Jim. Pam sees the look on Roy’s face & yells, “No, Roy!” Jim turns around abruptly and sees Roy coming at him..Jim looks aghast…Roy extends his left arm as though to punch Jim – or to grab him by the collar so as to prepare to punch him with the right hand…Jim pushes Karen out the way….cut to Michael on phone with Jan, apparently explaining the incident to her…he says “No, it was a crime of passion; all of the employess are extremely ‘gruntled” — in effect, he’s saying that the incident was not caused by an employee who was disgruntled about the company per se, but that it involved an intraoffice relationship.

  134. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The closer we get the harder it is !(thats what she said)

    April 5th, where for ought though?

  135. All I gotta say is… WOW! I really hope Dwight comes to the rescue, after all he does have a purple belt.

  136. As far as anyone stepping in and defending Jim, I’m guessing Jim takes at least one good punch. Pam couldn’t get around the desk in time, and everyone else doesn’t know what’s going on, so they wouldn’t know to stop anything until AFTER Roy punches Jim. I’m guessing Roy gets one good punch in, and then Jim grabs his face or whatever beautiful part of him is bleeding, and then someone grabs Roy, like Pam or Dwight. Or Roy starts screaming at Jim but stops throwing punches.

    I don’t see a full scale beat-down w/ hospital results.

    So we’re thinking it has to be in real time, though? And this is a flashback? Because it must be a pretty long flashback if the part w/ Michael is in there too. Did the writers say they were committed to always doing everything in real time?

  137. Sunday, March 25th 11:37 am ET
    11 days, 7 hours, and 23 minutes until
    April 5th 8 pm ET

  138. OK I am one of those people that feel that they will keep it in real time – having elapsed 6 weeks. Here’s what I think happens:

    1. There is a flashback at the start of the episode with Michael saying something like “Well we lost one of our office family recently..” which will give them the opportunity to show quickly the fight between Jim and Roy, Michael not wanting to fire him but Jan putting her foot down to fire him.

    2. Pam will have a talking head and it will flashback to her talking to Roy in the diner to get some closure (i.e. the spoiler pictures from The Negotiation).

    3. The whole situation that happened weeks ago will have had Darryl thinking that if he is going to do the work for him AND Roy, he wants a salary increase. The rest of the episode will have Michael and Darryl on this topic while at the office we will see the dynamics between Jim and Pam.

    The reason I think these things are – 1. Jim and Karen look like they are exting the office, but it doesn’t make sense for these things to happen at the end of the episode. 2. Michael and Darryl need a whole episode to go through with their “negotiation” at corporate, so if the fight did transpire in the beginning, it wouldn’t make sense for Michael to tackle something else entirely. 3. Pam isn’t wearing the same thing at the diner but I think that’s only because she put her sweater on top of what she was wearing, whereas Roy is NOT wearing his Dunder Mifflin suit because he was fired.


  139. Never mind – you guys are right, Pam is not wearing the same shirt. I still think the fight is a flashback though and that she had a calm lunchtime chat with Roy for closure a few days later or something.

  140. #206 Sher–

    The only thing is, why is Toby present to ask for a wage increase? Michael must have the authority to give those, and certainly wouldn’t have to travel anywhere to authorize them. Since Toby is human resources, it would make more sense for him to go to corporate to discuss a problem with sexual harassment, or (as the case may be) a inter-office conflict. I’m kind of hoping they don’t cram all of the events of the fight into one flashback. It seems like a whole episode in-and-of itself.

    Why are they always taking a hiatus over the action of this show? Pam’s wedding, Jim leaving to Stanford, the fight… all the juicy stuff happens when the show’s off the air!

  141. SoftShell, I believe I read somewhere that Daryl’s salary gripes cause Michael to rethink his own salary. Maybe that’s why he had to go to corporate with Toby? It doesn’t make sense to me either that He and Toby would have to go all the way to NY for Roy’s firing since Michael can take care of that himself.

  142. Sher–I hadn’t heard that, but that makes sense. I’m just hoping we get to see Jim with a black eye, as that would be utterly adorable.

  143. Does anyone else think that they cram a lot at once into each show? I think that’s what I’m starting to not like is that things get so pumped up and then it goes so quickly because obviously they have other things going on in the show. I just feel slighted I guess.

    I think that the clips are great, and of course I’m a sucker for watching them and finding it hard to wait until they air…but then it seems like there is not much more to the clips once it is finally shown in the full episode.

    This show totally needs to be an hour.

  144. Toby has to go to Corporate with Michael because he has a meeting with Jan. Since Michael and Jan disclosed their relationship to HR, a third party always has to be present in their business meetings.

    This is explained in the episode. (It was shown at the Paley.)

  145. Tanster-

    Weren’t you on the set the day they were filming this episode? Do you know what happens? I know you can’t tell but still…..

  146. Oh, my god. That is so intense. Everything in this show is hiddle and subtle, and this is going to be sooo open. shit is going DOWN. I can’t wait!!!

    but the song they were playing in the background made me want to kill myself.

  147. #211, I completely agree about Jim with a black eye…it’d be so cute/funny to see him with a black eye. It’d probably break my heart though. Aw.

  148. In prior episodes, whenever Jim would see Roy he would get this discouraged look on his face. It was as if everytime Jim saw Roy, he would just get a “ughh” feeling in the pit of his stomach. And I’m sure that Jim happened to see Roy coming at him with his angry eyes and Jim probably knew EXACTLY why Roy was up there.

    And I am about 900% sure that Roy wasn’t holding a weapon. Because this show does a really good job about keeping dramatics at a believable minimum. And a gun/knife or whatever would be a little too over the top.

    Also, I think the fight will be over so quick that there won’t be time to intervene. Roy might get a couple of good punches in, but everything will happen so fast that Jim probably won’t be able to fight back.

    I just wanna see how Karen reacts to her boyfriend getting beat for reasons unbeknowest to herself.

  149. Sorry for the millionth comment, but after watching it again, I assume that since Pam is sitting facing the door, she saw Roy coming before anyone else did and she knew EXACTLY why Roy was there and she probably got an “uh oh” look on her face and Jim probably saw it and happened to look up and see Roy.

    Biggest run on sentence ever.

  150. Last one I swear–

    About the whole Jim being mad at Pam thing. I can see Jim being upset because Pam always caused him some sort of pain. Like, he tells her he loves her and she breaks his heart. Now he hasn’t even done anything but try to move on and her actions are causing him physical pain.

    I can see how Jim would be a tad irked. So Karen and Jim will get a little stronger until Karen learns the truth about everything. It’s the beginning of the end.

  151. #217

    I agree that by introducing weapons the show would really turn into a soap opera.

    I think that if a knife or a gun were introduced into the series, it would be through Dwight. There’d be a comedic element to it.

    Roy drawing a knife or gun on Jim – melodrama

    Michael or Dwight shooting themselves in the foot – funny

    I think Roy’s just going to confront Jim with brute force. Other people might step in, but I want to see Kevin do like a flying tackle on Roy and crush him with his weight. From one fat-ass to another in the name of love.

  152. Theo,

    I don’t think Karen knows that Jim kissed Pam and told her that he was in love with her when she was engaged.

  153. Do you ever just wish the whole Dunder-Mifflin staff would get to watch the documentary footage? That would clear up a lot of questions, no?

  154. This is just something to think about. I’m confused on how they are going to make this work since this episode is obviously going to have a flashback or cover two days.

    Heres the dealio: If the fight is a flashback, then why is Michael talking to Jan as if it is present? Usually in a flashback, they would have a talking head of the people involved, show the footage and then move on(ie-the aftermath)…but, obviously we see from Michael’s little scene that he is working out the problem with Jan over the phone…which means that he is calling the day of the fight(or as soon as he finds out about it).

    So, since the pictures and the video show them in two completely different outfits, then somehow it’s two different days or something in this episode is a flashback.

    This is just making it harder for me to figure out this episode…haha. I need to get a life…:)

  155. Isn’t it possible that Michael’s phone conversation with Jan is completely unrelated to the Roy/Jim confrontation? Just sayin’.

  156. 226- Sounds like a possibility but it’s obviously related.

    “It was a crime of passion, Jan. Not a disgruntled employee. All of us here are extremely gruntled.”

    Crime of Passion??? I would say that since Michael knows about Jim’s situation with Pam that he would use that term. Sounds like he would refer to the fight as a crime of passion.

    Anywho..yet agian, I’m just trying to flesh this all out…

  157. 228-

    Good point. I guess I was just seeing this as after it happened. But, I guess there are so many other possibilities! I hate that we dont know more and have to wait two weeks! ACH!!!

  158. Hey… I’m a “the office” fan from Norway… Can anyone explain to me what the word gruntled mean?

  159. “OMFG” is offensive. Please don’t.

    Other than that, the show seems to be picking up!

  160. Actually, the OMFG title made me wince a little too. Maybe cuz it’s Lent and all that stuff still sits in my little conscience somewhere. And as comment leavers we’re always told to watch it.

    Anyway..to each his own. “I’ve got goosebumps” sums it up.

  161. Oasis, “gruntled” is just Michael-speak. He’s trying to think of the opposite of disgruntled and brilliantly (not) comes up with gruntled.

  162. Seriously, OMFG is offending people? Phaw, I say! Phaw!

    Did you also wince when Michael said he loves watching Queer as F***? In my opinion, if it’s been said on the show, then you should be able to handle it on a fan site for the show.


    Although I’ve noticed that Roy seems to just be pointing at Jim as he gets closer. He doesn’t have a fist up. It sort of looks like he’s just going to get in Jim’s face, maybe rough him up a bit, but he’s not going in swinging.

    But still, OMFG.

  163. And also, if Roy was holding a weapon, I’d be sad. Little too much melodrama as others have said.

    Unless it was a spud gun.

    Although I get the idea that those are too big to hide in anything other than a duffel bag.

  164. Personally, I think the situation warranted a “OMFG”. I mean, this was beyond an “OMG” moment. It convey’s the depth of the excitement/surprise/amazing-ness of the clip. Personally I don’t find it offensive. Besides, it’s an acronym not the actual words typed out…Whatever, I guess that’s just my opinion.

  165. People are offended by Oh My Friggin’ Goodness? Pulease people.

    That is definitely a OMFG moment!

  166. I love the fact that there are 241 comments on about 5 seconds of footage.

    I love the Office!! Team Jim!!!

  167. Easy answer to the rubbish about “omfg” if you don’t like it utalize your mouse and “click” away from the site easy as that.. after all, it is her site and you are just a visitor. I myself am greatfull for her providing all this info on one of my favorite shows so I am not going to step out on front street and cry about it.

    Episode looks good…kinda wanting the “drama” factor to die down some so we can get back to the “comedy” business more but, it is leaving itself open for a good season finally. Will give it to Jim (refering back to the B-Ball game)he does not back down from Roy. I have a feeling Roy is going to get canned for this one.

  168. Okay, yet again, I’m back here posting..I need to get a real life! GAH!

    I’m not going to harsh on the title and go back to the real subject of this post!

    So, here is another thought that we should ‘talk amoungst ourselves’. —here goes: Jim fights back, gets a punch in and thus, leading to his demotion of his ARM status…and continuing that saga with Dwight and Andy fighting for the numero dos spot.

    Your thoughts????

  169. I’ve seen the whole episode. Roy grabs Jim by the throat and says “I’ve seen you before. You’re just like me, aren’t you?” pushes Jim up against a wall and then says “I want to see how that works.” Cut to Jim’s emo bangs falling on the floor.

  170. RACHEL- Thank you soo much for the recap. You rock. By the way i really hope that people from the show check out these forums- one word DEDICATION! The Office rules and so does its fans

  171. It’s okay, there are many ppl without lives. Ladies, this is how the throw down goes down. As you see, the left hand sticks out so the right fist can lock on target, and Jim is like: ‘Oh Snap! Not the Face!’ After the swing and knock-down Dwight uses his Ka-Ra-Te chop to the back of Roy’s neck, only to agitate him, and get knocked out himself and breaks his glasses. Then Kevin jumps into the Incredibles outfit, flys over and lands on Roy. Followed by Kevin staring into space to the Star Wars end music.

  172. I don’t think that the episode necessarily has to be in real-time. Yes, the first episode of the season was real-time but they don’t always have to stick with that formula just because they did it once. When you watch all of season two it flows without any really big interruptions, right?

    I think that it would be silly to do it as a flashback… More likely that the confrontation takes place at the beginning of the show, the Pam/Roy diner scene takes place towards the end of the show- which may be the next day or something.

  173. First of all, if Roy gets fierd for punching Jim, than Jim has to get fierd for punghing Roy. That means the would be writting Jim off the show, and that’s basicly scuiside. So I do not think Jim fights back or if he did that Roy get’s fierd.

    Secondly, am I the only one who notices that the next episode is called “safty training” does that have anything to do with the fight?

    Thirdalydely, If my second prediction is correct then it wouldn’t make mush scence that the fight is a flashback. Well maybe it would I don’t know.

    Last thing, People who went to Paley, you saw that 15 minute preveiw did you see the fight?

  174. Yes! Action! I’m surprised by all the people panicking about Roy’s assault. Jim will get beat up, he’ll probably land a few good ones himself, Roy will get fired, Pam will have some explaining to do, as will Jim to Karen, and this will eventually lead to the season finale where Pam declares her love for Jim. And everyone goes home gruntled.

    As for people being offended by ‘OMFG’–

    Do you really think “F” is a good adjective to put in front of “G”? If you were “G”, how would you feel about it?

    I guess it’s just not a great thing to hear if you’re someone who respects and believes in God. I do.

  175. As for the “OMFG”..just substitue the word “God” with “Goodness” and its not that bad. If you’re really against ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain’..it wouldn’t “God” wouldn’t be the word after the “OM” in the first place. ..thats just my take in it..but I DO BELIEVE that OMFG is right! ;) OMFG²!!! :D

    ps. I am someone that respects and believes in God.

  176. Wait… what did I miss?

    I thought OMFG meant “Oh My Fighting Guys!”


  177. Thanks Samikay.

    AndyW – That was so funny!! I can’t wait to tell my husband about your comment. He is such a fan of JFK.

  178. AndyW wrote:
    > [snip] could be something that actors do in a fight
    > scene so that they do not accidentally hit each other
    > with a closed fist

    Heh. Considering how he accidentally really hit John in the basketball episode, I can see why he’d be extra cautious. :)

  179. Wow, I’m appalled at the extensive amount of times I replayed that new scene with Roy, Pam, Jim and Karen at the end… sigh. Why, oh why must we wait yet another week?

  180. Meredith, I feel your pain!! I just keep watching it over and over. I am just that starved for The Office. UGH!! April 5th just can’t get here fast enough.

  181. Someone a few comments back brought up an interesting notion….I’m curious to see if the Jim/Roy fight will be seen as it happens or if it went down in “real time” during re-runs, and we see the flashback a la the season 2/season 3 hiatus.

  182. It will definitely be interesting to see the time that they use.

    I’m thinking that if the bar scene went down on a Friday, then Roy had all weekend to think it over and be upset.

    But it would have been nice if Pam would have at least called Jim to warn him that she told Roy?

    I’m curious to see how that plans out, too.

  183. i went to our mini-cafeteria in my building and the worker was listening to the radio and the Goo Goo Dolls song was playing..and all I could think of was JAM..my little heart sank. *le sigh* IS IT APRIL 5 YET?!?!?!

  184. Everyone’s forgetting that Jim is TOTALLY gonna kick Roy’s a**!! Remember, when you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way, right?

    Can’t you just see Jim’s eyes lighting up, saying, “Fight, fight, fight, fight!”

  185. Wow. I didn’t think we were actually going to see the fight. It’s going to hurt if we see Halpert with a black eye.

    Also, I’m not very sure Roy is pointing at Jim. I think he’s reaching out to grab him. It looks like pointing because of the point they decided to freeze, but you can see a few other fingers splayed out like they’re about to grab him.

  186. I’m going out of my mind! How can they do this to us? Hurry Up April 5!


  187. Wow I’ve never seen so many comments! I was just thinking (please forgive me if someone else posted this), but since there’s a themed-Marathon happening this week having to do with Human Resources nightmares, what better time than to show a teaser clip of the following week’s episode! So maybe we’ll get 30 more seconds of action :) Or maybe it’ll be the same clip.

  188. I agree that the fight is going to be in a flashback because the show often uses flashbacks for important events. And I don’t think they will show any actual fighting.

    Karen will cut up Roy with a broken beer bottle (after all, she is from Connecticut, home of the drunken bar brawl).

  189. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT…I’m comin’… FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! -Jim Halpert (the Fight)

  190. I think that maybe Dwight will help JIm fight Roy!

    We all no that Dwight can dominate so no worries!

  191. alright, i know there are hundreds of comments already, but i dont care

    realistically, roy will probably get one good punch in, then jim will be like “back off, man” and then others will stop the two before they can seriously injure each other. i dont know if it will happen, but i would like for jim to get in one really good hit, just to get back at roy for the many times he has been horrible.

    and roy will be fire, because in safety training darryl talks about having a new employee, i.e., roy’s replacement.

    yup, my theories…hmmm….

  192. That was a BAAAAAAAAAD idea.

    I have no life and a job were I have entirely too much time to think.

    I’m going to be obsessing about this until the 5th.

    Anyways, that was a fan-freakin’-tastic video!

    Off to watch it again….

  193. Easy Rider,

    of course she knows that they kissed, and karen said that she was “totally fine” with it. she even knew that jim still had feelings for pam. then jim and karen had some “very good talks”, and they were “better than ever”. so…

  194. I tried to hold out, but I couldn’t last any longer….I got all tingly watching that! I wonder if my boss would notice if I just left until April 6th so I don’t have to go through the trouble of pretending to actually do my work

  195. ok ok so heres my take…maybe roy will miss jim as he goes in for the punch and then knocks karen out…then she decides she cant work there any more and karen is written off the show! that’d be awesome.

  196. i was gonna die if i didn’t watch that video! i thought the show was cancelled or something!
    i can’t wait ’till the 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  197. I think roy might get one punch in and knock jim down and then obviously the fight would be broken up, but im thinking kevin might jump in since he told jim he’d have his back.

    so much could happen and it’s making my brain explode with how many things could possibly happen!! ahhhh

  198. awwww, andy. i love him. he and dwight should run away together. that would take away all my hard feelings towards jam, or the lack there of.

    jim is a _________ (fill in the blank).

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