Relient K’s song about ‘The Office’

Sunday, November 4th, 2007 | 58 comments



Michael Scott, Pam, and Jim
You got me glued to my television
Angela, you’re way too cute
To be messing around with someone like Dwight Schrute
Relient K and the Football Hall of Fame are in Canton
Won’t someone please, transfer us to Scranton

We just wasted … one minute and 57 seconds … of the show …

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  1. 58. Aaron  

    Saw them last night
    Performed this song with JIM ON STAGE
    it was incredible!!!
    blew switchfoot out of the water!!

  2. 57. Markus  

    Reliant K just got themselves a brand new fan: me!

  3. 56. Ashley

  4. 55. Antimony  

    I was at that concert!!! I couldn’t believe they played the Office – it basically made my day.

  5. 54. Sara  

    That’s so awesome! I love that theme song without end

  6. 53. Kristen  

    I went to relient k’s show and they played the song! it was soo amazing! my two favorite things in the world together! lol

  7. 52. Victoria  

    I went to this show on Saturday night~ it was soooooooo good. I have three loves in life: Switchfoot, Relient K and the Office. Well that song pretty much made my life complete.
    Also– if anyone likes Relient K or switchfoot you should go see the show- first off they are AAMAZING, secondly the show is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity (the tour is called Appetite for Construction).
    I *heart* Relient K

  8. 51. DinkinFlika  

    WORD! Canton, Ohio!

  9. 50. Kristincredible  

    So, this just proves how amazing Relient K is!
    They are my favorite band and it’s super amazing that they love my favorite show! :)
    RK + The Office= one happy Kristin.

  10. 49. Tracey Brown  

    My world just exploded. I love Relient K and saw them perform in Orlando.

  11. 48. Elaine  

    Hadn’t really listened to Relient K before, but now I will. That rocked (and gave me goosebumps, too)!

  12. 47. kim  

    I love Relient K too! Gah this made them 10 times better. :)

  13. 46. Liz  

    I love Relient K – though I love the Office more, what a amaaaazing combo. Can i get a ringtone?!?!

  14. 45. Angie  

    Squee! That was amazing!

  15. 44. Sprinkles  

    Not a Relient K fan, but I gotta say, that’s pretty amazing!

  16. 43. Sarah  

    My sister went to that concert!

  17. 42. br!tt  

    Wow. Relient K AND The Office?!
    This couldn’t get any better XD

  18. 41. Andrew  

    I saw this at the concert in GR 2 weeks ago. Funny stuff.

  19. 40. Kate  

    Now I remember why I love Relient K (:

  20. 39. Elizabeth  

    My roommate went to their concert this weekend, and she told me about this! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while, and this only makes me love them more.

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