1. lets hope this is amazing… being the last show for a while. WHAT AM I SAYING?!? The Office is ALWAYS amazing!

  2. No, no, no. This will *not* be the last episode of season four. Stop saying that, people. You’re giving me stress.

    Also, Toby + Michael = amazingness.

  3. I *love* the look on Jan’s face in the photo where she’s sitting opposite Michael. I can’t wait to see what he says to earn that look!

  4. Jan is back in power suits. This means there’s hope for the sun to come up tomorrow.
    Hmmm…maybe we should send JAN to the AMPTP to negotiate. Michael could give her a list of techniques just in case…

  5. Everyone looks so professional and deceptively normal that they could be guesting on Law & Order–very promising for subtle insanity.

  6. These are incredibly bittersweet… so great because I’m sure this episode will be amazing (like always). But at the same time such a bummer that it could be the last one on season 4…
    I guess all we can do is just enjoy these next 2 episodes of our favorite show!!! :) I can’t wait!

  7. There is the possibility that this will be the last episode for a long while, but maybe not, the WGA and the studios are going back to the negotiating table Thursday, so a deal might be reached. If not Hollywood will shut down by Friday.

  8. #8
    I also loved the look from Jan, I’ve missed that from the former seasons. Hope it will be a nice epi…

  9. I know the next two episodes are going to be great. Here’s hoping for a peaceful and equitable resolution to the strike. Did you guys see how Michael is sitting on the opposite side of the table from Jan? Does that mean he is a witness for Dunder Mifflin, against her?

  10. i hope this isn’t the season finale of season 4, but if it is….wahhhh! i fully support the strike, though. they are amazing writers and they don’t earn as much as they should!

  11. With all this hoopla I keep forgetting we still have 2 episodes left. It feels like it’s all over, I hate this feeling. I don’t think I realized how much this show, and its community is important to me until now… is it wrong to be this attached? I am literally not able to concentrate at work. I feel like a great injustice has been done, (and I know its not the writers fault) but this all just feels so incredibly wrong. And I hope this isn’t jeapordizing the future of The Office all together.

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