Scrantonicity Request Line now open!

igI can’t think of a better way to conclude our little iPod Giveaway Contest than with the musical stylings of Scrantonicity.

The final question of the contest comes from Dunder Mifflin’s own Kevin Malone:

What song would you most like to hear from Scrantonicity, where, and why?

Please note: Kevin is a singing drummer …

You have until Saturday, August 19th at 11:59pm Pacific Time to add a comment. Please follow the rules!

P.S. Kev, I am so sorry for calling you at work! — I heard Angela yelling at you in the background for taking personal calls. Of course, Angela has called me inappropriate once before, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Sorry for harshin’ your mellow, dude.


  1. In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins
    June 10, Poor Richard’s

    So the wedding is postponed and Pam drowns her sorrows at Poor Richard’s that night instead. Luckily, Scrantonicity was able to book the bar after Pam’s wedding was postponed — what better way to “celebrate” than with depressing songs. And what better way for Kevin to show his amazing drummer/singer talents than to cover a song by drummer/singer Phil Collins? This way, he can be the star while also getting out any pent-up frustration he has towards Angela during the day by singing a song about watching a guy drown. Awesome! Plus, as an added bonus, he gets to subtlely hint to Pam that he knows why she really postponed the wedding.

    “Well, I was there and I saw what you did
    I saw it with my own two eyes
    So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been
    It’s all been a pack of lies”

    And this is when we, the viewers, suddenly realize “Oh snap! Kevin saw The Kiss! He saw what they did with his own two eyes! He knows!”

  2. Song: “Every Breath You Take”, The Police (well, they’re a Police cover band afterall :D)

    Where: The Scranton Chili’s

    Why: As a tuneup, Scrantonicity plays at Pam’s wedding shower at the Chili’s. Jim shows up outside and watches through the window briefly as Kevin plays the song. Then, Jim leaves and heads to the Stamford branch.

    A bummer I know, and I’m rooting for “JAM,” but I think it’s a scene that would work with the song.

  3. It’s been an eventful year in the offices of Dunder Mifflin. Everyone has gathered for a celebratory party in the Scranton office and the mood is festive.

    Angela is dressed to kill in a silver mini-skirt and boots. Meeeow! She is laughing heartily at one of Creed’s tales of the road. Oscar arrives with his lovely lady; he smiles as she whispers something in his ear. Phyllis is, as usual, entertaining a small group with her witty observations.

    As the band sets up, its drummer is reflective about the past few months. People coming and going, new friends, and a lot of laughs along with the tedium that comes with the job. A chant begins, low then louder, “Scrantonicity. Scrantonicity!”

    With that, the band breaks into its signature number. “De do do do, de da…”
    The band is rockin’ tonight.

    As the song ends, a man steps forward with a surprised smile and an extended hand.

    “I was just dropping by, but I think I’ll stick around. That was powerful, Brian. Glad Rashida invited me. When you’re done with this set, let’s talk.”

    As John gives Jenna a high-five, Brian’s stunned delight shows in his impish smile.

    “Shhhure thing, Quincy.”

  4. Song: When the World Is Running Down by The Police (I mean it IS a Police Cover Band so it would be realistic to hear one of their songs)

    Where: Chili’s a going away party for Jim

    Why: Because once Pam hears the song she’ll realize how monotonous and depressing her life is with Roy and finally takes a chance with Jim because the lines

    “When the world is running down
    You make the best of what’s still around”

    And Jim does that for her

  5. What would be better than seeing Kevin and the rest of Scrantonicity take the moonwalk down to Lake Wallenpaupack and flipping that cool cat hat of his to the tune of “Thriller”? Nothing, that’s what. He may need to invite a certain LittleBoyLover boss of his down for the show for some real action. And those fireworks of Dwight’s?

    An office night out, watching the Lake light up with liquor and Kevin Malone dancing backwards with a flip of his hat. Cause this is thriller, thriller night. You know it’s thrilllllllller, thrillllller night. Why Thriller? Kevin is the only one with the stamina to pull this off- with the beautiful vocal chords. He might need to suck down some helium to match Jackson’s pitch, but I have faith he can do it.

  6. Scrantonicity is known for playing songs by the police. They decide to play one of the songs that reached the top of the charts. Scrantonicity played “King of Pain” by the Police. Kevin know to be a silent worker and has to manage with all the crap that Angela gives him through the days, weeks and years he has been at Dundler Muffin.

  7. If I picked a song for Scrantonicity to sing it would be ‘I Was Brought to My Senses’. While not a Police song, it is a Sting song, and they like to cover a few of his own songs as well.
    The location is out in the town plaza of Scranton and the only people really there are Stacy and a few of the others from the office. After singing the song, Kevin asks Stacy to marry him. Of course after lyrics like this:

    I was brought to my senses
    I was blind but now that I can see
    Every signpost in nature
    Said you belong to me

    how could she not say yes!

  8. It would really have to be “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, because that song describes perfectly how Jim feels about Pam, although Jim clearly has worked up the nerve to do more than just pine.

    “Though I’ve tried before to tell her
    of the feelings I have for her in my heart,
    every time that I come near her,
    I just lose my nerve as I’ve done from the start.
    Every little thing she does is magic.
    Everything she does just turns me on.
    Even though my life before was tragic,
    now I know my love for her goes on.”

    Ideally, Scrantonicity would get to play this song at Pam and Jim’s wedding.

  9. Song: “Times Like These” by The Foo Fighters
    Place: Roof of Dunder Mifflin

    After tragically losing their lead singer, Tom “Bert” Cobane to suicide (Dunder Mifflin really does need better outreach for employees fighting depression), Kevin’s old band broke up. About a year later, he decided to form his own band, keeping his role as drummer, and adding the role of lead singer. He actually played every instrument and recorded all the vocals in the studio, but realized after a disastrous first gig that it would be nearly impossible to do live shows alone. Thus, Scrantonicity was formed. After hearing of Jim’s transfer to Stamford, the guys decide to throw a tribute concert. It would have been a going away concert, had Jim actually told anyone that he was going away. Usually a Police cover band, they decide that their cover band should do a cover, and play “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters as an encore. Meredith, the lone audience member, holds up a lighter.

    I am a new day rising
    I’m a brand new sky
    To hang the stars upon tonight
    I am a little divided
    Do I stay or run away
    And leave it all behind?

  10. It’s time for another Scrantonicity band practice in Kevin’s garage. It’s a rehearsal for Pam’s wedding, which is scheduled for next week. After practicing a couple of groovy tunes, the other band members ask Kevin if he has an idea for a song. Kevin, with one of his signature smiles, suggests “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp. Despite the quizzical looks and “inappropriate for a wedding” comments, Kevin decides that it’ll just be a song for fun. No problem. They agree and start the song:

    Take a look at my girlfriend
    She’s the only one I got
    Not much of a girlfriend
    Never seem to get a lot

    Take a jumbo cross the water
    Like to see America
    See the girls in California
    I’m hoping it’s going to come true
    But there’s not a lot I can do

    Nice. That song is going to be perfect for the reception. Anyways, they’ll be married. What harm can it do?





    Oh, Stacey.
    How I love to look at your face-y.
    And you love how I’m so lazy,

    Because, Stacey,
    You’re so fine.
    Oh, yes.
    You blow my mind.

    Oh, Stacey!
    Near, far,
    Wherever you are,
    I believe that my heart will go on!
    (Unless I eat too many Cup-o’-noodles,
    Then I will bid you a short “Toodles”.)

    You are my girl.
    And I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
    I’ve even got the month of May
    With my girl.

    Stacey, I’m so glad that you’re mine,
    So hit me baby
    One more time.

  12. Okay, I gotta hear “Barby Girl” by Aqua. This song needs to be towards Angela, of course. He can sing it at the next Christmas party, and give her a little plastic Barby to remind her of him. The lyrics are a little suggestive, but that’s what Kevin is all about. Niiiiceee.

    “I’m a Barby girl,
    In a Barby world.
    I am plastic,
    It’s fantastic
    You can brush my hair
    . . .everywhere” (not gonna say it.)

    Can’t you just imagine Angela’s face when that song starts to play?

    Once Angela stops crying or giving a death glare at Kevin, Dwight can come to her rescue. OR!! Dwight can sing the male part of that song

    “C’mon Barby, let’s go party!”

    Oh yeah, I really want to hear Dwight sing! That would be frickin’ sweet.

  13. Being a big Harry Potter fan and an Office fan I think I would love to hear Scrantonicity play Every little thing she does is MAGIC! I’d invite them to play at my next birthday bash and I’d tell Kevin not to bring his fiancee.

  14. Since Kevin strikes me as the character most likely to be a stalker, I think that Scrantonicity should perform: “Every Breath You Take”, from The Police’s 1983 album, “Synchronicity”

    This one will be performed, late at night, secretly in Kevin’s garage, since he has hidden his stalking tendencies for years.

  15. After Pam’s last minute cancellation of her June 10th wedding plans, Scrantonicity decides to play the VA anyway, and end up crashing the Fineman bar mitzvah. Thanks to their show-stopping performance there, they begin to regularly book gigs for parties, weddings, etc. and become well, good. It takes time, but it happens, and Jim is happy to book Scrantonicity for the Beesly/Halpert nuptials in 2011.

    Song request – Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”

    Last night a little dancer came dancin’ to my door
    Last night a little angel Came pumpin cross my floor
    She said “Come on baby I got a licence for love
    And if it expires pray help from above”

    In the midnight hour she cried- “more, more, more”
    With a rebel yell she cried- “more, more, more”
    In the midnight hour babe- “more, more, more”
    With a rebel yell- “more, more, more”
    More, more, more.

  16. I would like to see scrantonicity play Hallelujah by the late great Jeff Buckley. It’s a great song that requires a lot of emotion, a strong singing voice, and also no drummer, so it would be funny to see kevin awkwardly sit on stage during the performance. Either that or The Joker, ’cause that’s a cool song and Kev is bound to know it.

  17. Kevin: Hello Pennswood Manor Assisted Living Community!! Scrantonicity is really excited to play your Valentine’s Dance. This is like really, really…really big for the band. And since this is your special night, we want to let you request the first song. Also, I kind of forgot to bring the set list, so….

    Lindsay: Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!

    Kevin: Mmm, okay. The old lady in the back. (Blank stares.) Sorry, the one in the purple dress.

    Lindsay: I would like you to play “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey, because even though we are very old and cannot control our bladders, we have never given up. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t think of a song I’d rather break my hip to than this one! (Crowd cheers!) Plus, I can see that you boys have never given up on your dreams, either. You had to beat out the Wilkes Barre Windpipes for this gig, and you did it! No matter what, never stop believing! (Crowd cheers!)

    Kevin: … You are SO awesome. You just picked my seventh favorite song of all time.

    Hit it!

    1…1…1, 2, 3, 4!

  18. What: “Sweet Caroline”
    Where: at my funeral
    Why: because if I could hear them play it, it would mean I’m not really dead. And it’s a happy sing-along song, so everybody would get up and dance and sing. And my non-funeral would turn into a karaoke party ;-)

  19. I gotta see them perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and have kevin doing the moonwalk and Pam and Jims wedding to get the party started.

  20. Kev, I would love to hear The Police’s “Roxanne”. I really think it would showcase your apparent talent to master a tango ska beat whilst at the same time hitting a high tenor note with ease. (My spine shivers with anticipation to hear you sing “Put on the red light!”) And, to me, there’s no place more appropriate to sing this ballad of a prostitute than at the local VFW Fish Fry Friday. Those World War II vets will surely recall their romantic experiences during their lonely nights in Vichy France.

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