Steve Carell at WonderCon

Steve Carell WonderCon

Tallyhead Eileen files this report on Steve Carell’s appearance at WonderCon in San Francisco on Saturday:

I just got back from WonderCon, which was quite an interesting experience considering I have never been to a comic book convention!

Anyway, I got to see Steve speak and he was great! He is just such a modest and humble guy and of course he is hilarious.

He was there with his ‘Get Smart’ co-star Anne Hathaway and director Peter Segal. They sat on a panel for 30 minutes and answered questions from audience members. Here are some highlights:

  • We got to be the first to see the official trailer. I have to say, it looks like a great movie and I am very excited to see it this summer.
  • People were told to move out of the aisle or else the fire marshalls would have to come in (or something like that), so Steve got out of his chair and ran to the edge of the stage and pretended to be chasing everyone away.
  • Steve was asked if he was going to write any more Office episodes. He said that he just finished a 2-week stint in jury duty, so he thinks he should write about Michael Scott being summoned. He also confirmed that the cast will be back to work in 2 weeks.
  • Steve was asked if he was always going to play comedic roles or if he wanted to do something more dark. He said he was thinking of playing the “Boston Strangler.” Anne reminded everyone that he did great work in Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Anne referred to Steve as one of the “great comedic masters of our time.”
  • The two actors were asked which characters they have played are closest to how they are in real life. Steve answered that his character in “Becoming Jane” (the movie Anne starred in) was his. He got a big laugh for that.
  • Peter said that once Steve signed on to ‘Get Smart,’ everyone wanted to be involved.
  • Steve was extremely complimentary and sweet when asked about working with Anne. I think she was about to cry. What a nice guy!
  • When asked what movie he saw growing up made him want to get into the film industry, Steve said it was “Dr. Strangelove.”
  • He mentioned “That’s what she said,” as being one of his favorite lines and told everyone to try to work that into a conversation later today.
Steve Carell WonderCon