Steve Carell in San Francisco this Saturday

Steve Carell comes to San Francisco this weekend!

Steve appears this Saturday, Feb. 23, at WonderCon 2008, to promote his upcoming movie, the film remake of Get Smart. He’ll be joined by director Peter Segal and Anne Hathaway (Agent 99).

Link: WonderCon 2008

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  1. Oh I wish I could be there but we’re going to San Francisco NEXT month….darn! Would love to see Steve and Anne Hathaway in person. I love both of them!

  2. Hmm, he’ll be a short BART ride away! I wonder if I can make this work somehow? Thanks for letting us know, Tanster. Will you be there?

    [from tanster: unfortunately, i won’t be able to go. hope you can make it and file a report! :) ]

  3. Isn’t that in your area, tanster? Are you going to get to hang out with him like you did when Angela went?

  4. Has anyone gone to Wonder-Con before? Am I going to have to get in line hours early if I want to get in to see Steve?

  5. Steve Carell AND Mulder & Scully! That is awesome.

    [from tanster: omg, i didn’t even see that!]

  6. Woot! I would LOVE to go see him…but I think you need tickets, and I don’t have them. Maybe I’ll just wander the streets and try to catch a glimpse :)

  7. omg! Hopefully the weather won’t be too too yucky this weekend, sounds like tons of fun, I’ve never been to a -con of any sort yet ^__^
    Does anybody know if you have to get there earlier to get into the hall to listen to them talk about Get Smart?

  8. OMG!! Steve and Gillian and David!!! I’m gonna die in Fangirl Heaven!!! I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  9. I was there and it was so awesome, I’ll post pics on my LJ soon!! Tanster were you there??

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