1. Pam seems extremely angry. I kinda like her like that.

    Although I would advise everyone in the office to bolt from the very angry pregnant lady.

  2. AHH! I love angry Pam! Seriously, who wouldn’t be screaming mad if Michael was dating their mother? I bet angry Jim is almost as good!

  3. Oh no, oh no. Pam angry and screaming. Not good.
    It’s ironic I’m watching Sexual Harassment right now with her “other” mom.

  4. OMG, Pam’s gonna lose it!! Wow, will be interesting to see if Jim handles Angry!Pam any better than Angry!Co-workers.

  5. I would like to add to all the “Ahh! Angry Pam! I love it!” comments. Ever since I heard the synopsis, I was like, “How on earth will Pam handle this? She should be really, really angry. But they’ll probably just make her annoyed, which would be dumb.” Nope! :)

  6. the pregnancy hormones are kicking in! I love it! I’m looking forward to the moment that Michael actually tells Jim and Pam he’s dating her mom… along with Pam’s scream!

  7. omg! pam yelling in the parking lot was awesome! Can’t wait for the showdown between Pam and Michael!

  8. These previews make me so excited to see another side to Jenna Fischer’s acting. Good thing I actually have Thursday off work this week!

  9. I love how Michael says he’s gonna start dating Pam’s mom harder when she tells him to stop!
    Ah yes, angry Pam will be fun to watch.

  10. I’ve never seen Pam this angry before. It’s awesome!!!!! Sure as hell she’s gonna be pissed off at Michael. I’m really looking forward to watch that episode, and the others to come. Pam’s freaked out extremely!!!!!

  11. I was about to say how much I love angry Pam but it looks like I am just one of many! Add me to the list. I can’t wait!

  12. Oh! And her father is gonna kick his ass, i guess. This is what you get when someone’s dating your mother, although Pam’s parents are divorced.

  13. Oooooh. Michael is messing with an angry, pregnant Pam. I can’t believe it!!! I sort of feel bad for Jim…he’s going to have to hear allll about the issue. From both Pam AND Michael. I’m curious to see how this pans out!

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