The Office: The Lover, 6.07

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The Office: The Lover

Writers: Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
Director: Lee Eisenberg

Summary (NBC): Michael shocks Jim and Pam when he reveals the identity of the new woman he has been dating. Dwight apologizes to Jim for years of torment with a strange peace offering.

The Office The Lover extras

Dwight picked the wrong day to put a wooden mallard in my office
Dwight picked the wrong day to put a wooden mallard in my office.

  • In the scene where Creed cries while listening to an aria playing in Jim’s office, the piece is called M’appari, written by Friedrich von Flotow from his opera ‘Martha.’ Source: The Office music staff

The Office The Lover rating

In a poll conducted October 22-26, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.569/10

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The Office The Lover quotes

Jim: Frank and Beans!

Michael: Blind Guy McSqueezy. The women in my improv class absolutely hate him.

Pam: It’s good to be home.

Jim: Do we have a conversation scheduled?

Dwight: I’d just like to say, “Con-quack-ulations.”

Dwight: Now I can observe Jim, track Jim, and destroy Jim.

Dwight: And of course in this version, you lose the whole veiled critique of the Kaiser thing.

Erin: Coco leche. That’s my favorite!

Michael: I have recently taken a lover.

Michael: She drives a green Camry …
Jim: [bleep]
Michael: … and the seats go all the way down. All the way down.

Michael: Get the hell out of here, idiot!
Toby: What did I do?

Michael: I think you’re underestimating Pam. I think, more than anything, she wants me to be happy.
Jim: No. Not more than anything.

Jim: Then take a different way home, man!

Michael: That is amazing. I feel like a real Puerto Rican.

Jim: Just take the parrot.

Pam: No no no no no. No. Omigod! OMIGOD! NOOOOOOO!

Michael: That could have gone one of two ways. But I never expected her to get upset.

Dwight: Hey you want me to give you the chills?

Dwight: There’s an egg on your head and the yolk is running down … there’s a knife in your back and the blood is gushing down …

Pam: No, I am not being dramatic, you are being crazy!

Jim: I think if I play it out just right, I can get Dwight to live out the plot of National Treasure.

Pam: Your mother is sleeping with Michael Scott.

[Jim’s sign]: Dwight picked the wrong day to put a wooden mallard in my office.

Dwight: Last Sunday, I had to put down over 150 pets all by myself.

Pam: I have a way to make Scranton a better place. You could leave it.

Michael: Nobody talks to my baby that way. All right. Bye Pickle.

Michael: Pamela Morgan Beesly, you need to apologize to your mother right now.

Pam: Don’t call my mother your lover.

Pam: Yes, thank you. Welcome to my personal hell!

Michael: What is so wrong about me? I’m caring. I’m generous. I’m sensual.

Michael: Is it really so horrible that I could possibly go out and find happiness?

Phyllis: Good luck, Michael. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Pam: What is wrong with all of you? He is sleeping with my mother!
Dwight: I don’t think there’s a whole lot of sleeping going on.

Michael: Do not talk to me that way! I am your boss, and I may some day be your father. So get out.

Michael: I hope that you are willing to die in this office. Because I am.
Pam: Me too.

Angela: Pam? How’s your day going?

Kelly: Ryan, I have to ask you a personal question. Do you think I should get a fedora?

Kelly: What the hell is a mallard?

Ryan: This reminds me, you owe me three bucks for gas.

Toby: Pull up a chair … or sit on the shredder.

Michael: I think I may be the victim of a hostile work environment, with this whole Pam situation.

Toby: I always knew if Michael just took the time to get to know me, we’d become friends.

Pam: Michael, let me make this very easy for you. I could give a [bleep] about your happiness. Stop dating my mother!
Michael: You know what, I’m going to start dating her even harder.

Jim: Hey.
Pam: Shove it.
Jim: Yup.

Dwight: Punishment fits the crime. I accept.

Pam: Maybe I’m overreacting.
Jim: Yeah. Maybe.
Pam: But I don’t think I am.
Jim: You’re not. Nope. Nope.

Dwight: Did you really think I would put my primary listening device in a wooden mallard? I’m not insane.

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  1. Oh man, only half way through the episode (commercial right now) and it may possibly be one of my favorites!!

  2. Wow, I don’t know about this episode. I don’t have a problem with darker-themed episodes, but Pam is pretty out of control.

  3. Loved everything but the cold open. I get Pam’s issues, I get Michael’s need for happiness and I looove freaked out Jim.

    I think Jim yelling at Toby was my favorite part. I enjoy him accidentally slipping into Michael mode.

  4. Angry Pam is the best! I love that Jim is so agreeing with her when she’s pissed. One of my favorites.

  5. This episode was EPIC haha right up there with the wedding episode….one of my favorites for sure :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Great episode! FRANK AND BEANS! I felt bad for Pam! I know she was kind of overreacting, but you have to remember she is pregnant, and it is Michael.

  7. I really think that this season has shown that the poor showings in 4 and 5 were a blip and season 6 has reverted to season 2-3 form.

  8. Two bleeps in the same episode. Best was the first one with Jim almost instantaneously letting it go. I really enjoyed this episode…it reminded me of Dinner Party where the awkwardness is almost unbearable, but hey, we’re Tallyheads, we have to!

  9. Well, if nothing else, this episode is amazing just for the National Treasure reference. My absolute favorite movie mentioned in my favorite TV show! If only Jim could have brought it up at a different time…

    (He did say National Treasure right? I didn’t just imagine that because I’m obsessed?)

  10. Best episode since the second season. Really, Really funny. After the really horrible, “Mafia” episode, this was miles, miles, miles better. This episode was great. Pam was funny (something which has been lacking for a while) 10/10!

  11. what was the name of the blind character? blind guy mcgrabber or something? id love to know! he was hilarious

  12. Everytime I get down on the Office they pull off an episode like this.

    Favorite of the season so far.

  13. Awesome episode, extremely funny, loved angry Pam, and Ryan’s sexy fedora, AND Dwight’s mallard thing!

  14. Eh, I didn’t love this episode. It wasn’t bad, but I felt like Dwight had tried to surveil Jim before, or something too similar to that. And it was weird to see Pam so mad! Jim was adorable as always though. “What kind of car does she drive?” “Green camry.” “Sh*t”.

  15. @5. — I loved everything but the cold open too!


    I loved all the outrageous emotion, Michael hugging Toby, Erin’s face when she went “FUN!” to Michael’s rum, and so much more!

    What was up with the comments about Ryan’s hat and Erin being timid about putting the candy on the desk?

  16. I can’t believe it but I think this episode is now gonna fight with The Injury to be my favorite of the entire series. This episode was FANTASTIC. Everyone’s reactions and lines were just all spot-on!

  17. Loved it! Besides the wedding episode that was the best in a long time. Jim swearing instantly! was so good.

  18. If I could I’d give it an 11. It was outstanding! Each episode is getting better and better this season! There were hilarious parts, awkward parts, adorable Jim and Pam moments, Ryan wearing a hat. Kevin being Kevin. It was great! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

  19. Can’t say it was the best, but absolutely great. I loved the way Jim reacted when Michael told him :D

    The “I’m gonna start dating her even harder” part was absolutely the best! After the first commercial break I ran upstairs saying “I LOVE MY SHOW!”
    The whole show is definitely getting better, & this might be turning out to be the best season. I’m so excited!

  20. Whoa. Ok. so. Pam was sooooo angry! I guess she had a right to be angry, i mean, the person who annoys her the most at work is bonking her mom!!! ewwww!

    i guess michael had a point when he said he had a right to be happy….but that’s where Holly came in

    it was pretty funny when Jim snapped at Toby….

    i can’t seem to remember any funny quotes from tonight… oh yes, the moment when Michael said “I’m gonna date her even harder now… you know what that means.”

    and when pam was like “Who Michael? Who? Who. Who.”

    the mallard? wtf? so random! the fedora? equally random!

    the opera aria was pleasant but didn’t seem to fit the documentary style

    nice Jim/Pam/Michael/Dwight story tonight but let’s focus on the smaller characters too, Office writers?

    I wonder if Pam will ever be friends with Michael again??? : \ i’m worried

  21. This is arguably my favorite episode of the entire series, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Everything worked and was perfect

  22. #25, I completely agree. This is going down as one of my favorite episodes of all time. EVERYTHING was funny. Jim’s reaction. Pam’s reaction. Jim/Dwight banter. Michael and Toby. Angry Pam. All the bleeped out swearing (which is always funnier than actual swearing). And oh my god, Creed?! How he cried when the classical music played?! I honestly don’t even know what to say, except that I was not disappointed, and I will probably watch it again 500 times. This episode TOTALLY makes up for last week.

    I really hope Jenna enters this episode for Emmy consideration. She was PERFECT. Just PERFECT!

  23. I am so happy to see so many fans loving this episode as much as they do!

    #26: I thought Creed was crying! Loved it!

  24. I have to admit, at the beginning of this season, i was a little worried, because it just wasn’t all that great. after the wedding episode (which i LOVED), the episode after that was just meh… but this episode brought it back to glory! so fantastic!

    “frank and beeeeeeaaaans!!!!”

    jim is the perfect husband. (totally got giddy when i saw the wedding ring.) He knows that he needs to let pam rant and be pissy, and that she’ll calm down later and they can talk. as evidenced by:
    “hey pam?”
    “shut it!”

  25. songer:

    Just curious…how does Jim turning on some loud music to mess with Dwight not fit the documentary style?

  26. I loved this episode. It was funny, with a little bit of sweet, just the way I like my Office!

    Michael calling Pam’s Mom “Pickle”…ewww. But funny! Jim’s reaction to Michael’s news was hysterical, since he normally doesn’t lose his cool that easily, and Jim yelling at Toby was awesome.

    What was up with Ryan’s hat? And when is Kelly ever going to wise up in regards to Ryan?

  27. That episode was insane and hilarious! OMG, so many little funny things going on behind the scenes I loved it.

    -Stanley chanting along with Pam for no more meetings.
    -Creed crying at the sound of Opera music.
    -a bugged Mallard!
    -Ryan and his fedora…what?!
    -Michael pretending to like Toby and Toby getting his hopes dashed again!

    This was a great episode, oh and “franks and beans!” LOL

  28. Oh man, maybe I have to watch this one again, but I did not love it as much as everyone else did! It was awesome, no doubt, but not as fantastic (to me, right now) as everyone’s saying. I’m sure if I see it again I will LOVE it, though. Maybe I was just a bit put off with Pam’s anger. haha.

  29. I loved this episode! And Erin ruining Pam’s painting seems symbolic now…the painting was a symbol of friendship between Michael and Pam, and Erin ruining it in the episode before this one was good foreshadowing (too bad it didn’t make the final episode :().

    One minor detail that cracked me up was how both Michael and Pam kept telling Oscar to shut up during the conference room scene. And is Ryan’s fedora hinting at the ‘Subtle Sexuality’ awesomeness that’s to come? ^__^

  30. I thought this episode was hilarious! Pam was so pissed off, and I can DEFINITELY see why… I too love how Jim just let Pam rant and get it out of her system, he understood that her hormones would make her pretty upset. When Michael said “I’m gonna start dating her even harder” I fell off my couch I was laughing so hard! I also liked how Dwight bugged the mallard, but the pen just made it seem redundant.

    Also, I didn’t get the whole “Erin asking for permission to put out candy” thing, what’s that about? Pam always had candy sitting out for her coworkers!

  31. Is it just me or does Jim need to grow a pair and Pam’s character a nightmare??? She’s awful. Show has moments where it’s funny. Dwight was seemingly back to his quirky self.

  32. Just to echo what a lot of others have said, FANTASTIC episode! I literally couldn’t stop laughing! Every character was perfect for the situation!

  33. A-MAY-ZING!!! My faith in TO is restored after last week’s less than satisfying episode. Next to “Niagara” this is my personal favorite. Jenna was outstanding and worthy of an Emmy nomination. John was great as well in a “supporting” role.

  34. @43 – I was confused about the candy thing too… kind of odd.

    Nevertheless, that was an awesome episode, so funny!!
    (…just wish we could have seen Jim mess with Dwight and the duck a little more… that could have been a classic Jim/Dwight prank!)

  35. i can definitely say, especially after this episode, that this season is my favorite since season 2

  36. Tanster, please add an A++ option to the ratings. I just watched the BEST Office episode of all time with the BEST Tally heads! What a great night! 10/10 A++, two thumbs up and a gold star. Too many awesome moments and lines so I won’t list any.

  37. #44, Roger, I sort of disagree with you. Pam was definitely over the top in this episode, but I completely understood why. Her mother is dating Michael for goodness sakes.That’s probably her worst nightmare. It’s not as if she was screeching for no reason.

  38. @43 — I saw the candy thing as Erin establishing her territory. Also maybe a little dig at the way Pam did things when she was receptionist. Erin’s doing the “right” thing — asking her boss for permission.

    Loved the episode. Not my favorite, but definitely loved it.

  39. Awesome Blossom, extra awesome. Pam was perfect perfect perfect in this episode – the raging hormones combined with that kind of news…I actually think she took it fairly well! And Evil Dwight with your 007 pen…who knew you had it in you?

  40. I thought this episode was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. Definitely the best of the season! Well done Gene and Lee!

  41. Poor Pam but I think she needed an episode where she went a little crazy. I think her reaction was realistic though. She was like a child upset that mom was dating a new guy but the irony is, her mom is also dating the biggest child of them all :p.

  42. Oh my God. Are there even words to express how much I loved this episode? Fantastic from start to finish. Anyone know where I can hire Dwight for espionage services? Maybe it’s the same number from his pervert poster.

  43. #49 I totally agree with you! This season is really turning into something special. Last season had been my second favorite after season 2 but I guess because Michael was out of the office for awhile, it just didn’t sit right with me but this season is right on.

    Also, Jenna Fischer without a doubt deserves an Emmy nod for her performance this season. Between the wedding episode and this one, she DEFINITELY deserves it. Great ep!

  44. Everyone was just fabulous in this episode. It truly had the perfect balance of the characters and of comedy, drama, the absurd, and sweetness. Definitely in my top 5.

  45. I thought Pam would punch Michael in the face for the “date her even harder” comment. Secretly hoping for it, actually!
    Creed crying with the music – awesome.

  46. Erin’s character this season and the last season hasn’t been developed at all. She feels like a mismatch for the cast. Anyways, Pam’s reaction was over the top but it doesn’t help that her hormones are running into overdrive.

  47. Fantastic episode! Truly Emmy-worthy performance by Miss Fischer. Also, Ryan looked like an idiot in that hat. Loved it!!

  48. I would love it if Michael Scott dated my Mother.

    Hilarious Episode

    “Green Camry.” “Sh**”
    “You know exactly what I mean.”

  49. yet one more unexplainable dimension to Creed’s character — he cries at opera music! Ahhh — love it!

  50. The episode tonight was amazing! Pam was freaking insane. Michael was just being Michael! Great episode!

  51. The best part of the whole episode was seeing Stanley smiling and throwing his fist in the air when Pam was on her rant in the conf room. Or maybe the Toby hug. Great episode to follow behind Mafia and the wedding!

  52. I think if I was Pam I would have been even more angry! Michael is sleeping with her Mom! I loved when Michael called her Mom ‘pickle’ and ‘babe’. Can everyone imagine what Michael would be like as Pam’s new Daddy?

  53. Did anyone else notice that after he got off of the phone with Pam’s mom that he called her Pamela Morgan Beesly and not Halpert?

  54. Although Angry Pam is great to watch, I think the open revolt in the conference room probably went too far. It’s ground that’s already been trod with “Did I Stutter.” Not as solid as Mafia, IMHO.

  55. Easily the best episode of the season…better than, gasp, Niagara. Everyone was fully in character without leaning toward caricature like in some previous episodes.

    Also, I disagree with comment 62. Erin’s oblivious yet blissful character is a perfect counter-balance to the other jaded characters. I loved how excited she was when Dwight was storming towards Kelly and Ryan (was she in on Jim’s joke?). Also, interesting possibilities with Pam.

  56. We got a JAM first tonight they each cursed and had it bleeped out. Jenna Fischer really knocked it out of the park in this episode.

  57. WOW! Jenna Fischer was amazing in this episode!

    Was anyone else kind of creeped out by Dwight at the end of the episode? I’ve never felt this reaction towards his character before…I guess it’s a testament to Rainn Wilson’s superior acting abilities. I’m curious to see where the writers take his storyline. And where is he getting all these cool gadgets??

  58. I, for one, am immensely enjoying getting to know Erin’s character. But is it just me or are all of her best moments being relegated to deleted scenes?

  59. Such an excellent episode! I definitely don’t think Pam was over the top- Michael Scott does grown on you, but in a “aw, you’re so delusional you’re cute” way, not in a “please be my new daddy” kind of way.

  60. This was a great episode!! I could not stop laughing.even during commercials.The whole Toby and Michael part was Hilarious! and so were all the Dwight/ Jim only disappointment was the two bleeps .I never want to hear Jenna curse again,never,still great episode!!Go OFFICE

  61. Loved the episode! Second behind Niagara!
    #62…I’m still not sure what to think of Erin. I just…I don’t know.

    Jenna deserves that Emmy. The Halperts were amazing tonight!

  62. Overall great episode! I loved Creed tonight. The crying was priceless! Tonight’s episode sealed the deal- Creed is now my favorite character! I am less in love with Erin’s apparent issues with Pam. What’s that about? From the little we know about Erin’s character, it doesn’t seem to fit. Otherwise, I’m not sure I like where the Erin character is going. Lastly, if I have to be picky, I didn’t like how Jim responded to the situation. I think he was more worried about Pam finding out than Michael actually dating her mom. I wished he would have been a little bit more grossed out/mad about the actual relationship.

  63. I loved this episode!! My biggest laugh-out-loud moment though was when Creed teared up during the dramatic aria. So good!! And definitely kudos to Jenna for really knocking it out of the park throughout the entire episode!

  64. best part of the episode was the playing of the aria, creed’s reaction, and the looks jim and dwight were giving each other at the end of that scene as the music played.

  65. Loved this episode! This season is relly just turning out fantastic. Jenna was amazing in it, she needs an Emmy! Loved Dwight, and Jim and Andy in Jim’s office. Mallard. Hahaha.

  66. Amazing episode. Loved this one so much. Jim’s “Dwight picked the wrong day to put a wooden mallard in my office” non-talking head was awesome! Also loved Stanley when Pam was yelling, Jim yelling at Toby, and Dwight giving Michael the chills.

  67. I loved this episode! So many great moments. I loved the whole mallard story line… and Ryan’s fedora made me laugh every time I saw it. I had been hoping they’d follow through with the Michael/Pam’s mom storyline, and they did a great job tonight. I thought “Mafia” was a bit off last week, so I was thrilled to find such a fantastic episode tonight. Definitely one of my all-time favorites.

  68. Hilarious episode! A shining superstar episode for Jenna Fischer. She was simply fabulous as angry, upset Pam. That has to be the most strange welcome home gift in the history of ever: finding out that your mother is dating Michael Scott of all people. Pam’s reactions were spot-on.

    Toby thinking that Michael was open to being his BFF was comedy gold. It’s BOOM!! ROASTED!! for poor Toby all the time.

  69. oh my gosh I LOVE IT!!!! XD

    it’s funny when toby walked in on Michael and Jim “not now toby!” haha
    Creed cying during the opera music… LOL
    and yeah the ending w/ Jim and Pam was sweet! =)

  70. Did anyone else find it strange that Pam was referred to “Pamela Morgan Beesly”? I was hoping Pam would correct Michael….mainly because I wanted to hear her say her new name. *squeals* I’m still grasping onto the fact that they’re actually married! Seeing Jim’s ring made me so happy!

  71. Pam has been slightly annoying me all season, but this episode takes the cake. I know she doesn’t want Michael dating her mom and her hormones are all over the place because of the pregnancy, but what a brat (to put it lightly) she was this episode! She made Jan’s reaction to getting fired in season 3 look level headed and gracious in comparison! “I don’t give a **** about your happiness” is the meanest, most hurtful thing that anybody has ever said to Michael in the entire series. She reduced her mom to tears and she still feels like she didn’t overreact in the end? Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, Jenna gave an excellent performance, but I don’t like what the writers are doing with Pam at all.

  72. I’ve totally hated new Pam. She’s lost all her sweetness and it feels like Jim & Pam vs. everybody else most of the time. I think The Office lacks normal, heartfelt, relatable characters these days, which Pam and (to a lesser extent) Jim used to be. But of course the awkward, shy, will-they-won’t-they thing couldn’t go on forever…

    In any case, I think this episode is a complete 180 from what the show used to be, but it managed to be incredibly funny. I’m hoping this a sign that the Office will start to be decent again. This had some choice moments and even though I couldn’t believe I was looking at the same forever engaged cardigan-wearing receptionist from season 2, I didn’t mind.

    Faith momentarily restored!

  73. My comment isn’t regarding the quality of the episode – it was great.

    I really think Jim should have reigned Pam in, though, she was being sooo insubordinate, and also inappropriate to bring this stuff up to the whole office. It kind of makes me want to see some come-uppance for Pam in future episodes.

    It would be great if Pam was forced to deal (really deal, not the temper tantrum of this episode) with Michael in her family :)

  74. Oh – and another thing. Everyone is going gaga over Jenna Fischer’s portrayal of the stomping foot Pam tonight, but I thought the real star was John Krasinski. Jim showed such a wide range of emotion in the episode, this really could be HIS Emmy Reel submission….

    Just my 2 cents – and I do love Jenna Fischer, really, Pam was just getting on my nerves tonight.

  75. I wasn’t a big fan of the cold open but other than that, this was a hilarious episode! I love Toby bashing! I had my doubts about how the Michael-Jim dynamic would play out but the writers have really risen to the occasion. I couldn’t help but laugh at Stanley in the background cheering Pam on as she protested stupid conference room meetings. Job well done, Lee and Gene duo!

  76. Cannot decide on the best part: Pam finally cursing, Dwight being forced to clean Pam’s car, or Ryan’s fedora

  77. One of the greatest episodes in a few seasons, I feel. It was well written and acted. It was nice to see characters break out of their routine shells we have seen, mainly Jim and Pam. They both were great and welcomed the different approach. I cracked up when Jim yelled at Toby. That was completely unexpected.

  78. Loved this episode! Why? Because it made me not like Pam. And trust me, that is hard to do. (TWSS!) Loved Jim snapping at Toby and everything with the wooden mallard. I definitely think Pam overreacted, but it was also pretty much the reaction I would have expected from her. Great episode for all, but definitely for Jenna–she played unlikeable in the best way.

  79. Oh and Creed getting emotional with the Aria, pure GOLD! And you just know they got some awesomely hilarious outtakes from this episode!!

  80. Best part by far was Stanley’s reactions: cheering with Pam for “no more meetings!” and his face when he looks up from his crossword when Michael says “I’m sensual.”

  81. Fantastic episode, but I felt sorry for Michael. I can’t imagine how terrible I’d feel if my “friend” announced they didn’t give a &&*& about my happiness, openly declared I was unworthy to date their relative, and openly humiliated me in front of my office while my co-manager let it happen due to his romantic relationship with the employee. Michael can be a jerk and a child, but his affection and loneliness are genuine and it really seemed like kicking a puppy. If nothing else he is the boss. Jim showed no ability or backbone to manage/ balance his wife’s rage–he had a responsibility to the office and his comanager that he seemed to disregard. I felt sorry for Jim in that he was also humiliated by Pam–publicly telling him to “shove it” does nothing for his authority in the office. He seems as overshadowed by Pam as she was by Roy–would we smile if he told her to shove it?

  82. Lee and Gene’s writing was the best ever —– those guys are genius writers! the directing and editing looked fresh too. this was classic Office.

  83. This episode was perfect and for me, it were all the little things in it- Creed’s crying, Jim’s bleeped curse (win!), Stanley’s reaction to Pam’s chanting and his later reaction to the fact that Michael is ‘sensual’, and my favorite- Dwight correcting everyone everytime they said ‘duck’ – ‘mallard.’

  84. I’ve read multiple comments that compare this episode to season 2 quality. This inspired me to go back and watch “Sexual Harassment” (an at that time over-the-top episode involving Pam’s mom) before watching “The Lover” for comparison.

    It’s like watching a really good movie in theaters and then watching the Saturday morning cartoon based on that movie. You can recognize certain familiar elements in the cartoon that were in the movie, but the cartoon is cheap, forgettable entertainment whereas the movie is timeless.

    The characters in “The Lover” are recognizeable, but it seems like they are only based on the Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight from “Sexual Harassment”, mere caricatures. The plot is funny, but the humor is no longer intelligent, believable or enduring (which is what made the early seasons so spectacular). I wonder how much longer the writers are going to try and keep the show alive… they are ruining my favorite show!

  85. Dwight’s line AT THE ENDING “I’m not insane” reminds me A LOT of the spud gun talking head from “Conflict Resolution” (can you imagine if I was deranged?)

  86. I’m joining the majority: LOVED IT!! Laughed and laughed! One of my all time favorites now.

  87. If Michael was dating my mother, I’d have to throw myself in front of a train.

    That is all.

  88. Did anyone else notice Michael call Pam, Pamela Morgan Beesly? Duh, Michael, her name is HALPERT now! Get it right haha

  89. This episode was SO GOOD! It should definitely be Jenna’s emmy submission – really shows off her “comedic” skills, as the Emmys don’t seem to judge based on acting in a comedy.

    My favorite part:
    Jim: What car does she drive?
    Michael: Green Camry
    Jim: *curses*

  90. I LOVED IT! I laughed my butt off the entire episode. There wasn’t anything unfunny about it. I will admit, at one point I looked over at my boyfriend and we both said “I miss the old Pam”, but still, seeing her in a hormone rage was pretty funny. (Jenna Fischer, you rock!)

  91. Loved it!! The fedora, Creed crying, Pam going nuts, the bleeps, the mallard, both Jim and Michael saying ‘Not now Toby!’. I really liked how well Jim and Pam were together as a married couple, too. They weren’t too overly sweet and Pam didn’t hold back when she was mad at Jim. Very realistic.

    This was a fantastic episode.

  92. I think this might be my favorite episode since the Dundies…! I give it a perfect 10! :)

  93. I loved all of the Jim-faces. I feel like last season was severely lacking in his facial expressions (he was kinda lackluster, with the occasional distressed look from the Charles situation). And honestly, Jim’s faces may be my favorite part of the show. I particularly loved the non-talking head scene with the sign and his “bleep” when he realized Michael was telling the truth.

    And I loved the “Hey, that’s my mom you’re talking about!” from Andy in the conference room whn Pam asked what if Michael was sleeping with the others moms. I almost missed that the first time around

  94. Finally, we’re back on track! This episode was fantastic, one of the best so far this season. Pam did well in her unusual role, but the highlight for me was the Jim/Michael and Jim/Michael/Pam conversations where Michael reveals everything. Gold. Michael was in true fashion…giving up information that really wasn’t requested/necessary. All in all, I was thrilled after the past couple of weeks!

  95. Best line was Toby’s.

    “Jesus, What did I do?”
    I’ve watched that scene too many times.

    Kelly and Erin get a gold star each for this episode.
    God, I love this show!!

  96. LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode (other than “The Mob”, this season has been really strong).

    First we had Fancy New Beesly
    Now we have Fiesty New Beesly!!!!!

    Did you love all the looks Stanley gave in this episode?

    Big smiles this week.

  97. Hilarious! I like that Pam was kind of acting like a teenager because when it comes to our parents we are always teenagers. I love the sweet moment between Jim and Pam at the end. Pam centered episodes are great! I love her! She is my favorite character….tied with Jim. ;-)

  98. Okay, so upon seeing the preview I wrote this:

    “I dunno, this has me a little wary. Yes, a pregnancy can wreck havoc on a woman’s hormones, but none of this feels very Office to me. We’ll see.”

    Mmm, this crow tastes great because I love love LOVED this episode! Nearly everything worked for me (the tag with Dwight was a wee bit too psycho but I’ll allow it) and after last week’s wreck of a show I needed this. From Michael claiming to be blind while looking directly down the camera to Erin’s I-couldn’t-care-less “Fun!” to EVERYTHING Jim did I had a blast.

  99. Incredible episode, I love Lee and Gene they always have such a great rhythm in their scripts. It was so funny and crushing to hear Toby call Michael “buddy” after trying to talk to Pam.

    And did anyone else expect a “that’s what she said” when Michael said “there are a lot of moving parts” in the reveal scene to Jim and Pam?

  100. Great episode. It seems that Season 6 is turning to be a complete successful hit (please enough with over-rated 30 Rock sweeping all the Emmy Awards, it gets boring week after week).

    Loved also the final twist with Dwight hiding that pencil..who saw it coming?

  101. I really think the thing with Erin and the candy is a way to establish her character, the way she interacts with Michael, wanting Michael’s approval, and just showing us how different her and Pam are. Erin is super bubbly and just wants everyone to like her. I like her.

  102. You guys are a mystery to me. Last week is a rated under a 7, but this episode was the best ever? WHAT??

    Pam was ridiculous and obnoxious, and that “frank and beans” thing was the single dumbest thing in the show’s history. The rest was funny, but wow – Pam is killing this show.

  103. When I learned that Michael would date Pam’s mom, I immediately thought I would dislike this episode. I was wrong. This was by far the funniest episode this season. The scene in which Michael tells Jim he’s dating Pam’s mom could not have been done more perfectly.

  104. And since when is Dwight brilliant enough to have a back-up surveillance pen? This is the same dude who chucked his phone off of the roof and thought he was getting messages from himself from the future…

  105. Oh wow just noticed this! When Dwight tells Jim not to leave his pens on his desk, right before he gives him the mallard, it’s the pen with the recording device! Clever.

  106. First off, I don’t think Pam was overreacting at all. I’m actually surprised she didn’t punch Michael after his “I’m going to start dating her even harder” line.

    Michael should know better than to date the mother of one of his employees.

    At the end of the episode you can see by Michael’s body language that he is conflicted about the situation. He doesn’t want Pam to be mad at him, but he also doesn’t want to give up being happy himself.

    As for Dwight, I don’t like the way he is going after Jim this season. I’m a bit worried for Jim and Pam’s baby. Remember in ‘Broke’ – “If only Michael had children, that’s where you really apply the pressure”. Uh oh.

  107. I’m rating this “good not great”.

    I get the joke. They are handling this situation like The Office should handle it. The problem is I can still laugh on the outside, but this whole Michael dating Pam’s mom thing just makes me sad inside. If I were Jim or Pam, Michael would have gotten hit with an office chair to the throat.

  108. Michael may want to eat his words when he wished “courage” for Pam before “JAM” happened. Now Pam is with “BAM BAM” and the new hormones are making her new-found courage the slightest change in her personality and “bleeping” vocabulary.

  109. Thinking back on Jenna’s description of her audition, where they told her to tone it down, she must have had a blast doing this episode. And I loved every minute of it!

  110. Like almost everyone here, I LOVED this episode. Jenna/Pam was spot on, so much so that as I sat there watching it, being 7 1/2 months pregnant myself, my husband made the MISTAKE of saying “Aww honey, Pam’s acting like you”…and I still laughed :-)

  111. Wow! That was quite some episode. Easily the best of the season, and I loved all the episodes. Funny and powerful and heartrending all at the same time. Kudos to Gene and Lee for writing such a great ep!

  112. @DV: The “Frank and beans” joke was stupid…as are many inside jokes that “outsiders” hear. I think that was the point…it wasn’t funny to anyone else (rest of the staff and viewers), only to those two…which when repeated so often made me laugh. I was one of those that didn’t like last week’s episode but loved this one. The reason is because the characters were reacting to the situations as they normally would, not in a sitcom manner. As far as Dwight is concerned, he threw his phone off of the roof to illustrate his paranoia…which explains how he was crafty enough to bug Jim’s office. It’s less intelligence and more sociopathic.

  113. 126 — Phil
    You’ve got me thinking now more about Dwight — wouldn’t it be great if Pam went into labor at the office and Dwight delivered it?! He’s really the only qualified person there and I can see them both trusting him if there’s no other option because it’s February and perhaps snowing and Pam’s in labor…

  114. Ok, this episode was odd. I truly was amazed by the acting abilities of Steve and Jenna in the ‘screamfest’ in the conference room. Watch it again. He was truly pissed at her for her disrespect. She seemed totally believable to me…that is exactly how I would expect Pam to react given such news. Jim was priceless in the entire episode. Many giggles…and wtf with the fedora? I have to go watch it again….

  115. I’m reminded of the closing line in Gay Witch Hunt: “When two people find each other, what should stand in their way?”

  116. to quote karen (and it pains me to say it)- “Pam is… kind of a bitch”

    This is probably the first thing happening in the office which I have thought is just plain wrong. They are ruining Pam! Pam was always a really sweet mild mannered person, who was lovely and kind and organised bird funerals. But since going to art school she has become awful. She became a bit nicer again when she joined the Michael Scott paper company, but other than that- she has been awful. She has been just plain mean to her coworkers at times.

    She was my favourite character in the office and has been one of my favourite characters of all time, but they are ruining her for me. I am all for character progression, and loved the ‘fancy new beesly’ in season 3 and 4. I hope that that Pam will come back.

  117. Anyone think Pam’s bitchy-ness (sp?) could be from the pregnancy…or the fact everyone called her on her honeymoon ;)

  118. LOVED the episode. Jim and michael yelling at Toby was hilarious.

    Did anyone else notice in the first scene where Jim and Pam are talking about their honeymoon (Frank and Beans) they both start to play with their rings at the same time?

    so cute.

  119. 104, Nate-

    Very well said. And while I personally enjoyed last night’s show it’s a (very) different show than the one I fell in love with four years ago. But I’ve accepted that fact and come to enjoy it, knowing full well it’s never going to be that show again.

  120. Sorry to be so depressing, but this is the first time I feel like the show is on the decline. While there were a lot of funny scenes and lines, I HATED last night’s episode – and most of my die-hard friends agreed. Pam and Jim’s awkward, unstable, kind of unpredictable relationship made the show and now it’s gone for good.

  121. They didn’t behave in a “sitcomy” way last night? The Pam we know would not run into the parking lot, screaming in a Michael-esque type of way. She’d break down and cry.

    Like someone else mentioned, Pam’s character didn’t evolve – she just changed, and it’s annoying. She’s brutal now.

  122. Omg another favorite part of mine was when Dwight gave Michael “the chills”! I was dying laughing. Me and my friends used to do that same rhyme in elementary school all the time!

  123. Loved this episode! Classic Office. And thank goodness too, because after last week’s horrible episode, and the two bad episodes earlier (The Promotion and The Meeting), I was almost ready to give up on this show (sacrilege, I know). My favorite part of this episode was Creed crying while listening to the Opera. Also, Dwight giving Michael “The Chills” – holy cow, blast from my childhood past!

  124. For those of you who’ve been questioning Dwight’s ability to get a pen recording device…

    Go on

    Type “pen recorder” into the search function.

    Prepare to be deeply disturbed at how easy it now is to purchase a pen that records audio AND video for under $35.00.

    When I first saw this episode, I was worried about Dwight’s sense of paranoia. Now I’m worried about mine!

  125. I’ve decided I don’t like the new Pam. So, so different from the Pam we saw in season one slurping her mixed berry yogurt at her desk… this Pam is downright obnoxious! The episode was good, but I, too, miss the old Pam. :[

  126. LOVED last night’s episode! It was full of the awkwardness that reminded me of the Dinner Party episode. So So So funny! And wow did I relate to Pam?! I love how she has evolved into a real person with the courage to say what she feels instead of hiding it all away. She’s so empowered!

    And that kind of anger… I know that kind of anger. You get so mad that it flips this switch in you where you just don’t care about any consequences of anything you do or say, you’re just saying it all! No holding back! Good for her! Of course I’d be more mad at my mom than at Michael but I think because Michael is the one that told her and told her at work, it all came out on him. A+ episode!

  127. Just a couple of things I noticed after watching it for the second time: When did the sign above Kelly’s desk that says “Kelly’s Nook” appear?? Also, I noticed that Michael referred to Pam with her maiden name instead of Halpert…I assume they’ll be changing it in the show?

  128. Pam is my favorite character, probably of all-time, but lately it just feels like she’s a different character entirely. I understood her anger, but at the same time, it just didn’t feel organic to her for some reason. I get that she’s pregnant, but…I don’t know. It was a good episode, but I miss PAM.

  129. Loved last night’s episode! I think this new Pam is really great. I agree it’s not the way she would normally act, but I had to keep reminding myself that’s she’s pregnant, so maybe her over reacting is part of it. I personally adore it, and how Jim has become partially helpless to talk her down.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  130. I loved Ryan shouting “That’s my mother you’re talking about” haha it was directed pretty well too since you couldn’t even see his face when the camera zoomed out. This episode seemed to reference season 2 a few times. Michael’s improv class, conflict resolution, and I think there was something else. Great episode.

  131. Why are people upset with the way Pam reacted. It’s Michael. With her mom. I thought her reaction was great. It ended well too.

  132. This episode had genuinely funny parts worthy of The Office (all the Jim/Dwight stuff in particular). But Pam’s reaction was not in character or even reasonable and it feels like it was written strictly for the laughs, regardless of not being true to the character. Throughout the years, Pam has shown a lot of sensitivity toward Michael, despite being irritated by him. She should have been questioning her mother’s sanity and approaching her mother about the relationship rather than blowing up and making scenes in the office to call everyone’s attention to the fact that her mother has resorted to sleeping with Michael. And hormones can’t be blamed – she’s in her second trimester, newly married – everything is blissful then.

  133. Waaay too much drama going on and not enough laughs. If there’s screaming going on I’m not enjoying this show.

  134. @154 (Janet)… trust me. you can still be hormonal in the second trimester. my friend was a basket case for all 40 weeks. even if she were only slightly hormonal, add the fact that MICHAEL SCOTT is BONING her MOTHER… that’s a recipe for a freak-out.

    also, i’m pretty sure pam said “shut it”, not “shove it.”

  135. Pam went way, way over the line, but I thought that was the point. We saw the perfect combination of circumstances necessary to make Pam totally flip her wig, and boy, did she. She’s not the first person in that office to be driven past her breaking point, and she doubtless won’t be the last.

    Speaking of which, one of the funny throw-away things was Andy deflecting Dwight’s questions about the birthday meeting by saying it would make him too angry to repeat what they had been discussing. Way to put him off the scent, Andy.

  136. I liked this episode a lot, and I think Jim and Dwight were great in it (there’s an egg on your head, and it’s running down your back…), but I thought Pam was so unrealistic. She was funny, but I can’t see an adult reacting like that. She was being a child, and she totally should have been reprimanded for talking to her boss like that (think Stanley in “Did I Stutter?”) I don’t know – it was a very funny episode, I just can’t let go of the Pam thing.

  137. I think that, whether you liked the episode or not, it was good acting all-around. I love the conference room pieces that involve everyone. Jim acting like Michael, and Stanley laughing and agreeing with Pam was hilarious

  138. DV,
    Don’t be depressed, “JAM” couldn’t carry that show forever! That show would not exist without Steve Carell’s talent, and we need him again in the center. Very surprised that Pam’s mother didn’t tell Pam first about her dating Michael, though. Of course, that would have changed the episode quite a bit. Stanley was hilarious laughing in the background.

  139. I don’t think Pam’s overreaction was caused by how hormonal she is because she is pregnant. I think it was caused by the trauma induced by her parents’ divorce. Divorce is traumatic on a child especially when you’re in adulthood and it happens.

  140. @149 (Big Tuna) – Kelly’s Nook sign appeared in a previous episode, either this season or late last season… dwight’s in her nook and he says it’s a public nook, and then kelly points at her sign. also, michael calling pam by her maiden name: he’s acting like a father would to a child who’s in trouble. my mom’s been married for 28 years, but my grandmother will still call her “katherine linda miller.” not that my mom gets in trouble, but she says it when they’re “pretend fighting”.

  141. Maybe with Pam it’s not that she’s pregnant but that she is finally an adult that is capable of standing up for herself.While she has always been quick to speak up for Michael this time he pushed her too far, and she snapped. Because she was angry. I totally bought it and I bought Michael’s hesitancy to admonish her, even though he knew he was justified in doing so. I think Pam Beesley is done being taken advantage of. I also thought it was interesting that she mentioned to Michael that he was her rebound. Foreshadowing maybe? I can’t wait to see Pam have to pick up the pieces of Michael when her mom dumps him.

  142. 104:

    Nothing the writers can do can please everyone, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of people don’t think “their” show is being ruined.

  143. I thought the episode was pretty good….and I always have to remind myself of that after I read some comments, haha. It’s kind of upsetting that so many people are unwilling to accept the change in Pam. She IS a different person now. When she was with Roy, she was nice and got walked all over, and she’s tired of it. I can relate to her in that sense very easily.
    Why is Jim suddenly acting so much like Michael? I don’t understand.
    And I too am worried about Dwight this season. He could have just as easily talked to David Wallace (or Jan, like he did in the past) to try and get a promotion. I know he probably just wants to blame Jim, but Dwight could have taken matters into his own hands if he really wanted to. I hope this doesn’t cause any trouble with baby JAM on the way. Dwight really just concerns me at this point.

  144. Just had to say the Frank and Beans wasn’t just an inside joke, they got it from “there’s something about Mary” when the brother sees Ben Stiller’s man parts and keeps yelling “franks & beans”

    Great episode!

  145. I LOVED this episode, I had not laughed in a long time, great acting and a great story with great bits. The duck with the recording device was old school Dwight, the best one of the season aside from the wedding!

  146. thought it was a funny episode, but I felt kind of bad for michael when he asked why nobody wanted him to be happy. very well acted by Steve Carell.

  147. @163.

    I’m not so sure that Michael & Helene won’t last. Holly was great for him and all, but Amy Ryan is too busy to be Michael’s love interest from what I gather. I expect Michael & Helene will be dating for a while.

  148. I don’t know, I thought the episode was really good! The acting between Michael and Pam was also good too!

  149. Overall this was a pretty good episode. The Frank & beans bit wasn’t funny but my favorite part was Jim/Michael in the break room when Michael announced his relationship. When they bleeped out Jim’s swear, I could not stop laughing. Pam was great too.

  150. So… now that we know that Dwight’s mother is alive and well AND ready to date, who else is hoping that we finally get to meet her soon?

  151. There were a lot of funny parts here (loved Jim’s initial reaction), but i COULD NOT STAND Pam! GET OVER IT and stop being such a terrible person! The part where she was back-talking Michael may have been in my least favorite moments of the SERIES. It made me so mad. I would have fired her!

  152. OK. I have a controversial theory that folks aren’t going to like. I think that Pam and Michael had an affair in the past. This is the only secret Michael has ever been able to keep. Explains why Pam puts up with his crap and left to join his company and “only wants him to be happy”

  153. I don’t think the “frank and beans” thing was supposed to be funny. I think it was meant to be one of those private in jokes couples have that nobody else gets.

  154. I was a little conflicted with Angry Pam, especially when she was being so uppity in the conference room, but…her mother is dating someone whom she knows to have a history of dating disasters, is annoying, and who handled things really poorly in the office when he told her. I kind of don’t blame her. Plus, it is her mom. I’m disturbed at the idea of my mom dating anyone other than my dad, and the divorce is still quite fresh. I’m sure it would hit a sore spot in anyone. And, for the record, if my husband had known something like that and failed to tell me, I would have been PISSED!

  155. Even though I thought the whole Angry Pam vs. Michael dynamic was hilarious, Irritated Jim vs. Mallard/Dwight stole the show for me.

    I absolutely love the part where the opera music is playing, and Dwight looks up to see Jim just smirking at him from his Office. GOLDEN.

    Can’t wait for next weeks. Things are gonna get exciting reaaaal fast.

  156. Favorite episode of the whole season. Yeah, that’s right, even more than the wedding episode. Sorry. I seriously CAN NOT get over Jim and Michael yelling at Toby to get out. It was so great.

    #176–You’re kidding, right?

  157. Uvaldo-

    Nice ‘tec work on the nuances, but— I think you’re possibly overthinking it a bit.

    Michael hopes for everyone to “like him” and Pam left him because she felt her life had grown stale.

  158. I am really surprised to be in what seems like a small minority here– I did find parts of this episode funny, but this episode- I think it’s the first time I’ve actively disliked an episode of the Office. I’ve been “meh” about them, maybe, but here– I’m still grimacing. And it’s NOT because of Pam being uppity, or whatever; while Pam’s reactions didn’t necessarily ring true to the character, they were not, I think, disproportionate to the situation.

    I thought the Pam’s mom plot was kind of sitcom-y when I read it in the spoiler section, but I reserved judgment to see how it would actually be treated. I think where the office excels is taking the mundane situations in life and putting a slightly absurd twist on them. This feels like they’ve taken an absurd situation, thrown in some realistic reactions, and THEN given it the Office treatment. It’s just too much. Does that make sense?

  159. The last scene of Jim and Pam reminded me so much of my parents!
    Pam: Maybe I’m overracting.
    Jim: Yeah, maybe.
    Pam: But I don’t think I am.
    Jim: You’re not. Nope.

  160. What a great, really entertaining laugh-out-loud-episode! I watched this after seeing a couple comments about Pam being annoying and was I was surprised that I actually loved righteously p’d off Pam!

    The mallard with the cell phone plot was hilarious!

    I’m still wondering: how did the cast get through the conference room scene without falling apart laughing about Ryan’s hat?!

  161. I didn’t think I was going to like Michael with Pam’s mom, but I’m ok with it and here’s why…

    Michael was depressed and missing Holly and maybe finally realizing they were never going to be together and Pam’s mom just saw her husband of 30+ years with a new girlfriend…they were both desperate. But maybe after the first romp or two, they realized they enjoyed each other. Admit it…Michael CAN be cute and charming at times.

    Here’s how I hope this goes…I would LOVE to see Helene and Michael have a REAL relationship and all of the wonderful things that could come with Michael being Pam’s step-dad and the funny and tender moments there…especially when the baby’s born. I’m looking forward to this. We could see the same tenderness we saw in Booze Cruise, Business School, The Convention, etc. Can you imagine all the sweet “dad” type moments he could have with Pam and funny Father-in-Law moments with Jim?

  162. I thought last night’s show was hilarious! I especially enjoyed any scene with Toby in it. That dude just can’t catch a break. I did find Pam slightly irritating. I understand her being upset, but I felt her behavior was over the top. Her character has changed dramatically from the beginning of the series and I’m not so sure i like it. She’s not the same girl Jim fell in love with.

  163. Anyone notice that when Pam got mad in this episode, it seemed like she was acting like childish? I mean what made it hilarious was seeing her in the parking lot just screaming.

  164. well about Pam’s name…i’m not sure what Pennslyvania laws are, but maybe she actually HASN’T gotten her name changed yet. it seems as if they just came back from their honeymoon and she might not have gotten all the documents changed yet. i’ve been married since june of this year and i still haven’t had time to change to my married name. plus michael’s been calling her Beesly for years, it does take a while to get used to it.

  165. #189, I disagree with you.
    I think Pam is still the same sweet person that she always was. The difference is that she now asserts herself more. Sure she can be over the top sometimes, but I don’t think that makes her less likable. I think it makes her human. She’s still very tolerant of her co-workers, and she helps them when they need her. She’s just not a doormat anymore. She’s changed some, but I think she’s still recognizable. She’s the same girl Jim fell in love with and more. For instance, her sense of humor and willingness to give others advice is still there.
    She definitely overreacted about Michael and her mom, but I can’t blame her too much. I just put myself in her shoes, and I realize that I’d be upset too. I think it’s also important to note that the characters called her on it. It’s not as if she overreacted and no one said anything. So I think the writers intentionally had her act over the top.

  166. What I don’t get is that Pam and her mother are supposed to be really close. Surely she should have talked to Pam about it before she went back to work.

    I would have thought that her relationship with her daughter means more to her than a rebound relationship with Michael?

  167. Tanster, If you happen to talk to Gene and Lee, can you confirm if Pam said “Shut it” or “Shove it” to Jim? Big debate brewing! Thanks!

    P.S., Totally DAWESOME episode!!

  168. This was the best episode in a long time. The dialogue between Michael and Pam was very enjoyable. Michael declaring his right to find happiness was very poignant and heartfelt. Pam’s response was hilarious and understandable. The double “Shut-up Oscar!” from Michael and Pam was great.

    Way to go team…I feel like I got my “The Office” back.

  169. Anyone make the connection to “Chair Model” when Michael forces everyone to set him up and Pam asked Jim who he wrote down and he said “Your mom” lol?

  170. Erin’s character this season and the last season hasn’t been developed at all. She feels like a mismatch for the cast. Anyways, Pam’s reaction was over the top but it doesn’t help that her hormones are running into overdrive.

  171. Oh I really, really liked this. Pam was AMAZING and it felt like a much more “officey” episode than some. PURE GOLD. Dwight with the recording device in the pen…brilliant. Angry Pam was great, she stood up for something and the pregnancy hormones made it just escalate to insanely funny.

  172. I don’t think any of Pam was over the top. The thought of your mother dating Michael? I would have quit on the spot!

    I especially loved the creepy face Steve put on just as Pam figured out that he was referring to her mom.

    And Creed starting to tear up when the opera came on!? Hilarious!

  173. Why can’t anyone accept that Pam has changed for the better? When she was with Roy, she let everyone push her around and she wasn’t happy. Now she is with Jim, she’s a happier person and she sticks up for herself. I mean, really, what would you have done if you found out your mom was sleeping with your annoying, ignorant, stupid boss just a little while after her divorce with your father?

  174. I thought Pam was being a little too cruel at first, but now I think her behavior is understandable if not entirely professional. But Michael is right about the happiness stuff.

    Otherwise, this was a really hilarious episode. The seats all the way down, the fun rum, what’s-her-name from Quizno’s…awesome ep.

  175. Laughed out loud in so many places!! Loved the whole lunch room interaction when Michael tells Jim he’s taken a lover.
    -Jim yelling at poor Toby, “Not now Toby, my God!”
    -Jim yelling at Michael, “Then take a different way home, man!”

    I’m laughing just writing about it!

  176. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this yet… but I just rewatched Chair Model and Jim wrote down Pam’s mom as a possible date for Michael! Foreshadowing!

  177. I have also been wondering about Ryan’s fedora…..

    Maybe his grandfather was buried in it…hahaha. That’s probably not true, but I thought it was funny.

  178. Awesomeness.
    1) Dwight giving Michael the chills
    2) Jim snapping at Toby, then Michael’s “get out of here, idiot” to Toby, followed by Toby’s “what did I do?” LOL
    3) Jim & Pam’s bleeped out cursing
    4) Stanley’s huge smile during Pam’s “no more meetings!”
    5) Kevin offering a fist bump
    6) Creed tearing up to opera music
    7) Stanley’s reaction to Michael’s “I’m sensual”
    8) Jim telling Michael to take a different route home
    9) Blind guy McSqueezy
    10) Michael’s look to the camera while hugging Toby
    11) Michael calling Helene “boo” & “pickle”
    12) Andy calling Jim “Tuna Boss”
    13) Ryan yelling “that’s my mother we’re talking about!”
    14) Oscar pointing at Michael when Michael asked if anything was wrong with him
    15) Michael’s new ringtone: “Push It” LOL

    Pure awesomeness.

  179. Am I the only who didn’t like this episode? Honestly, I found nothing funny and by 10 minutes in I was so sick of Pam over reacting.

    I have to admit, Jenna did a fantastic job though with the material given to her.

  180. Someone might have noted this already, but when Michael gets off the phone with Pam’s mom, he calls Pam “Pamela Morgan Beesly” not “Halpert”. Why is that I wonder? Is Pam keeping her last name (why did she get excited about Kevin writing Mrs. Pam Halpert) or is it a slip up on Michael’s or the writing staff’s part? Does anyone have any insight?

  181. I can’t believe so many people are defending Pam’s behavior in this episode. Seriously? All she needed to do was throw a glass against a wall and she would have been EXACTLY like Roy.

    There’s a difference between being standing up for yourself, not letting anyone walk all over you, and being an obnoxious jerk. Pam was being an obnoxious jerk. Screaming, cursing and being rude is not good character growth.

    If Roy had that exact same tone and said “I don’t give a **** about your happiness” to Pam, would you have found it funny? If Michael said that to Pam, would you have found it funny? Why does Pam get a pass?

  182. It’s not really fair to compare Pam’s behavior to Roy in this situation, because she’s not dating Michael and is under no obligation to care about his feelings (Roy would never act out that way to Darryl). I can totally understand Pam’s initial reaction in this episode. She’s still dealing with the fact that her parents are split up, plus she’s pregnant. In most situations, Michael would be right about that being an inappropriate way to talk to your boss, but Michael rarely ever acts like a real boss. Since when does a boss rub his relationship with the parent of an employee in the employee’s face? Michael just pulls rank when he doesn’t want people yelling at him (like Stanley in “Did I Stutter?).

    I loved the subplot with the bugged duck (mallard), but the scene where Michael reveals the affair to Jim has to be one of my favorites of the season so far. Jim’s bleeped curse word was perfect. I loved, “Don’t call her ‘the mom,'” and “I’ll just take surface streets.” Classic.

  183. #210, Penny, I think Michael was just pulling the “dad” card when he said “Pamela Morgan Beesly.” It’s like a parent calling a child by their full name when they’re reprimanding him or her.

    As for Pam, she definitely overreacted. But as others have said, her worst nightmare has come true. The man who has said racist and homophobic remarks and even sexually harassed her for years is now dating her mother. She didn’t handle it well, but I really can’t hate her for completely flipping out.

  184. I loved this episode. Angry Jim and Pam are hilarious and so is Creed crying when he hears opera music. As for Dwight, he can try as much as he wants but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to sabotage Jim.

  185. I actually find it kind of nice that Dwight wouldn’t mind Michael dating his mother. And Creed is one awesome weirdo, he never fails to crack me up, but Michael revealing his blind eyes was actually my favorite moment.

  186. @211 Ed K:

    You have to keep in mind that Pam is preggers and hormonal. Not that this is an excuse, exactly, but it would have a significant influence on her behavior.

  187. Thanks for posting the info about the aria that was played!! Opera fans/singers LOVE The Office!!

  188. I LOVED the aria in this episode! I sang this aria in high school AND college and it is one of my favorites. I don’t enjoy singing it as much as I enjoyed Jim blasting it in his office. WOW, so funny…inspired. Thanks office for being such a sophisticated show.

  189. I actually think this was below par. Overreacting Pam was quite artificial. Considering their ancient history of hatred :) , Michael convincing Toby so easy that they are friends was not convincing either. Toby called him “buddy” for gods sake.

  190. Great episode! Of course Pam overreacted, as she’s pregnant with all those overactive hormones circulating, and this is one of her worst nightmares! That’s what made this episode work for me. Loved the wooden duck (oops, mallard).

  191. I think this episode is awesome..
    the intensity and mix reactions from all characters were great..

  192. Ok lovers of Opera!

    Does anybody know whose rendition of “M’appari” is on this episode???

    Someone on Yahoo! Answers said it was Pavarotti, and I was SHOCKED. :S lol

    Anyway…my guess is Alfredo Kraus, but I could be totally wrong.



    [from tanster: don’t know who performs it, but The Office music director says it’s from Extreme Music Library.]

  193. Hey; you forgot “That’s my mother you’re talking about” from Andy. Best line in the whole episode!

  194. Lauren is right about the “Hey! That’s my mom your talking about” comment. But I think it was Ryan who said that.

  195. Andy shouts, “Woh!” but it’s clearly Ryan that says, “That’s my mother you’re talking about.” Not sure why that was even a question, pretty obvious.

    I’d also like to say, for all those who think Pam overreacted, go back and look through some of the previous episodes at all of Mike’s misbehavior and general lack of cooth and I think her anger is definitely justified.

    I really loved how Michael played Toby for a few seconds and when Toby turned out to be ineffective at calming Pam he quickly goes back to being an ass to Toby as usual.

    Also, I’ve read many comments on this site and in general there seems to be a lot of people that pick the show apart by either complaining that certain episodes are either unfunny or too unrealistic. I’m pretty sure you can’t have both. I can’t think of a good sit-com, or any sit-com, that mimics reality in the slightest. But, thank god, it’s not realistic, it’s funny, and that’s why we watch!

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