1. Pam seems extremely angry. I kinda like her like that.

    Although I would advise everyone in the office to bolt from the very angry pregnant lady.

  2. Hmmm…Angry Pam, dare I say, is kind of hot.
    Don’t slap me for saying so, Jim.

  3. AHH! I love angry Pam! Seriously, who wouldn’t be screaming mad if Michael was dating their mother? I bet angry Jim is almost as good!

  4. Oh no, oh no. Pam angry and screaming. Not good.
    It’s ironic I’m watching Sexual Harassment right now with her “other” mom.

  5. OMG, Pam’s gonna lose it!! Wow, will be interesting to see if Jim handles Angry!Pam any better than Angry!Co-workers.

  6. I would like to add to all the “Ahh! Angry Pam! I love it!” comments. Ever since I heard the synopsis, I was like, “How on earth will Pam handle this? She should be really, really angry. But they’ll probably just make her annoyed, which would be dumb.” Nope! :)

  7. the pregnancy hormones are kicking in! I love it! I’m looking forward to the moment that Michael actually tells Jim and Pam he’s dating her mom… along with Pam’s scream!

  8. omg! pam yelling in the parking lot was awesome! Can’t wait for the showdown between Pam and Michael!

  9. These previews make me so excited to see another side to Jenna Fischer’s acting. Good thing I actually have Thursday off work this week!

  10. I love how Michael says he’s gonna start dating Pam’s mom harder when she tells him to stop!
    Ah yes, angry Pam will be fun to watch.

  11. I’ve never seen Pam this angry before. It’s awesome!!!!! Sure as hell she’s gonna be pissed off at Michael. I’m really looking forward to watch that episode, and the others to come. Pam’s freaked out extremely!!!!!

  12. I was about to say how much I love angry Pam but it looks like I am just one of many! Add me to the list. I can’t wait!

  13. Oh! And her father is gonna kick his ass, i guess. This is what you get when someone’s dating your mother, although Pam’s parents are divorced.

  14. Oooooh. Michael is messing with an angry, pregnant Pam. I can’t believe it!!! I sort of feel bad for Jim…he’s going to have to hear allll about the issue. From both Pam AND Michael. I’m curious to see how this pans out!

  15. I don’t think it is a good idea to anger a hormonal pregnant woman. I do agree Jim will get caught in the middle. I’m anxious to see how Pam will confront her mother about Michael.

  16. What is the song at the end of the promo number 1? I really like it. It says like “I’m gonna shout it out to the world…” or something like that.

  17. Add my name to the list of people that love angry Pam. This episode looks so awesome! I can’t wait!

    “I’m going to start dating her even harder!” LOL!

    Can’t. Wait.

  18. So potentially if things went great between Michael and Mrs. Beasley he could wind up being Pam’s stepfather? Talk about awkwardness in the office.

  19. “Noooooooooo!” –Angry Pam

    Is it weird that we all can’t wait to see an angry Pam in the office? Absolutely not.

    Ah, is it Thursday yet?

  20. Judging by that third promo I’d say that Jim already knew, but let Michael tell Pam.

    Also, I LOVE Pam’s yell face!!! The Dundies, the ping pong story, that photo from Niagara that wasn’t in the episode… Good stuff.

  21. During the 3rd promo, it looks like Jim already knows when Pam says “who is it?” because she actually looks happy, while he looks freaked out… anyone else notice this?

  22. I can not wait until this week’s episode. I too love Pam freaking out (wouldn’t you?) It does look like Jim knows something, we’ll see.

  23. Ooh this is going to be so good! I love how you can see everyone watching through the break room window while Pam yells at Michael.

  24. lol, I love Angry Pam, also! However, I loved Freaked Out Pam in ‘Michael Scott Paper Company’ even more! Just that one shot with the notebook out the car window…classic!

  25. wow I just realized something… if Michael and Pam’s mom keep dating and it ends up going somewhere… (which I don’t want because I’m hoping for Michael and Holly) Michael will A.end up Pam’s stepdad and B.end up the baby’s grandpa. I now understand why Pam is so traumatized!

  26. SOOOOO happy it’s my week to get the TV!! My roommate watches Grey’s, so sad. We trade off the TV every other Thursday like divorced parents. My turn! YAY for angry Pam!!!!

  27. I literally CAN NOT wait for this episode! I think Michael and Pam’s mom are really cute so far together!

  28. I CANNOT WAIT! Funniest promo ever for this show, I knew Pam would flip out, but this is (as other people have so greatly put) EPIC!

  29. Like Little Tuna, I’m hoping for the same thing. But I have to admit it, I think it’s going to be fun to see Pam pissed off at Michael like never before.

  30. This looks like it’ll be hilarious; I can’t wait to see “angry/hormonal” Pam! But I’m still pulling for a resolution with Michael and Holly, she was truly great for Michael. Having Michael as Pam’s stepdad is kind of creepy.

  31. As far as Jim knowing already when Michael tells Pam, at the very beginning of the promo Michael is in the break room and it looks like that could be Jim sitting with him. So it’s possible he broke the news to Jim first.

  32. i can’t stop watching these. i just love angry pam! and michael’s face when he says “i’m gonna start dating her even harder.” just cracks me up.

  33. I think “The Lover” has the potential to be a classic episode. I know most of the past few episodes have been middling, so to speak. This has all the markings of a memorable installment, and I’m already looking forward to Thursday night.

  34. I dunno, this has me a little wary. Yes, a pregnancy can wreck havoc on a woman’s hormones, but none of this feels very Office to me. We’ll see.

  35. Oh my, this is going to be an excellent episode.
    Dwight’s face=hilarious.
    Michael saying he’s gonna date her even harder=epic.
    Pam screaming=epic WIN.

    Do you guys think that if this happened a few seasons ago that Pam would’ve had the courage to lash out at Michael that much? Maybe not…

  36. To be honest, I’m glad that Pam and Jim can get some junk…lately it seems like they’ve been becoming a bit too arrogant and aggressive. I’m so glad for their marriage and I’ve followed them since the beginning, but I would seriously like some more of the old friendship dynamics back, rather than “Pam and Jim against the world,” as it’s been for a long time. It’s not like all they have is each other.

  37. #54, Ray, I have to disagree with you.

    I think Jim/Pam DO only have each other most of the time. Ever since they got together, their co-workers have treated them shabbily and made snide remarks about them constantly. I can’t blame Jim/Pam for being a bit arrogant at times.

  38. haha i love this, hilarious. What if pam’s gonna find out that she will have to call her baby silvy… or silvio

  39. I’m really wary about the Michael/Pam’s mom storyline. I’ll see where it goes, but I’m not all that optimistic.

  40. I agree with #59 & #61. This just doesn’t seem right.

    I don’t understand how anyone who knows Pam, let alone her own mother, would even think to date Michael. Surely she’s heard stories about him.

    Anyway, I thought that she only hooked up with him as a way to get back at Pam’s dad (in her own head at least).

    She isn’t even Michael’s type. Remember in Chair Model with Pam’s landlady?

    Soon enough though I think that she will realise just how Michael really is and break up with him.

  41. I cannot wait for this episode! Angry PAM!

    @62 Michael’s type? In my opinion, with looks, she kinda resembled Jan and Holly.

    Michael as a boss is certainly different from Michael as a boyfriend.

    There might be something there between them, or it could blow up in a very funny way. I can’t wait to see how the relationship unfolds…

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