‘The Office’ Emmy quest, 2010

Here’s The Office video and photos from last night’s Emmy awards show.


The Office cast looks absolutely glamorous last night!

Red carpet photos start on page 4 | Party photos start on page 36


Jenna Fischer’s blog about the Emmys


Ricky Gervais complains about the lack of alcohol:

Other videos: Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling

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  1. Hopefully that gets John and Jenna some extra attention. I think that was a good choice for submission.

    Sidebar: If that episode of Friday Night Lights doesn’t get the show nominated for something, nothing will. Such a fantastic episode.

  2. Very cool ! Niagara was such a great episode, and like Tanster said, it’s a standalone episode. Hope Niagara wins !

  3. Great choice, mostly for the reason tanster mentioned – it is a great standalone episode. It also happens to be my favorite episode of the season thus far (and obviously I’m not alone in that opinion). Best of luck to all!

  4. Actually… I didn´t like Niagara. They should send The Lover, now THAT’S A GOOD EPISODE!!

  5. Oh yea!! NBC absolutely got it right this year! That was one of the best episodes ever and probably one of the best tv weddings ever. I really hope it gets The Office the win this year.

  6. It’s pretty bogus The Office has gotten ripped off so many times. It’s irritating & happened too many times If Niagara doesn’t win, there’s no hope. Let’s go Office!

  7. Niagara was actually one of the first Office episodes I saw (awful I know!) so I can attest to its power as a “standalone” episode. It was thoroughly enjoyable by itself, but now it’s even better, now that I’ve seen every episode.

  8. Niagara’s really good. It’s incredibly cute, and it’s got tons of humor. It’s not my favorite this season (I personally adore Murder), but it is really a great episode for anyone, fan of the show or not.

  9. One of these days they’ll get it again. Hopefully this does it for them. I personally loved Niagara, but I’m a huge JAM fan so maybe that has to do with it? Either way, good luck to them! :)

  10. Niagara is the smart choice. Easily accessible. It’s sweet and cute. It has one of the best scenes of the series (in my opinion) with the dance montage at the end. And I agree with the few of you, Murder is definitely my favorite of this season.

  11. Niagara was exceptional, so many laugh out loud moments and what a great representation of what The Office is about! Additionally, this was the episode we were all waiting for and it did not disappoint on any level! From andy tearing his scrotum, to Dwight scoring and ignoring, an all round masterpiece (:
    Nice thinking NBC… fingers crossed this is a winner!

  12. i loved that episode … i also think a good stand alone episode was the delivery

  13. I think they made the right decision. The Delivery is a terrific episode, but the non-Jim & Pam material is not as strong as Niagara, and Happy Hour is the best relatively stand-alone episode of the year, but it’s more of a inning-opening triple than a game-winning home run. The latter description fits Niagara and it should give the show a decent shot come Emmy season.

  14. I think it’s a good choice. Plus it ticks a lot of boxes in other categories beyond acting and writing – it represents really strong editing and direction, for example.

  15. ‘Niagara’ was a great episode and it should get the award of Best Comedy. However, from ‘Happy Hour’ on, The Office is back on track – any episode would be competitive.

  16. I definitely think it was the best choice. That episode also probably has some sentimental value for some of the voters who have watched the show for the past five years. But regardless, I think they’re going to pass on The Office and 30 Rock anyway this year for either Glee or Modern Family (hopefully the latter).

  17. I’d like to see John and Jenna nominated like everyone else, but how about Ed Helms? I think this was a great season for him (not to mention being added to the opening credits). I think what hurts John is his character is too much of a straight man for the show, and in comparison to the real-life personalities of Steve, Rainn, and Ed, isn’t too far off from how he seems naturally. Any thoughts?

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