1. 1. TobyFan  

    So, Hollywood, you have a chance to do the right thing here – do it!!

  2. 2. Erin  

    Wishing THE OFFICE all the best for a winning evening.

  3. 3. Eliza  

    I really hope The Office win this award! They really deserve it!

  4. 4. DJ Jazzy Flax  


  5. 5. FlonkertonChamp  

    jenna looks beautiful! it’s nice to see her out on the awards circuit again!

  6. 6. Brigette  

    STEVE. WAS. ROBBED. On a positive note, I love Kate’s dress.

  7. 7. Claire  

    Really? Really! This was Steve’s LAST chance to win any awards for playing Michael, and nope, they go pick Alec Baldwin. I’m so sad, Steve’s performance was varied and original all throughout the series, and it seems as though all of the awards shows are looking over him.

  8. 8. Kelly  

    Soooo disappointed Steve didn’t win. He deserves it. Michael Scott is one of the best tv characters of all time.
    PS-Thanks for posting all of these pictures Tanster!

  9. 9. remember to call  

    Carell vs. Baldwin: Carell should have won.
    Modern Family ensemble vs. Office ensemble: I honestly prefer Modern Family, but that says more about what I think of Modern Family than the Office.

  10. 10. jenny brown  

    The bright green dress puts Emily Blunt center stage.

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