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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 | 49 comments


Here are clips from The Office episode, Promos, airing April 4, 2013.

Clip #4: a long promo with a new Angela/Oscar scene:

Clip #1: a sneak peek from Promos.

Note: this clip aired during Jenna Fischer’s March 19 visit to The Tonight Show;
that’s why you hear audience laughter.

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  1. 49. travisspazz  

    Sucks that they cut down the Pam/Clark talking head!!

    [from tanster: agree!]

  2. 48. Maureen  

    More nonsense! What happened to this wonderful show. I tune in on May 16th to see if JAM is still together

  3. 47. Bobo  

    Just wanted to say the show is definitely not an internet series. WVIA, the website the initial pop-up ad was on, is a real Scranton/Wilkes-Barre station and is the PBS affiliate in the area. I have many memories watching the channel at my grandparents’ house in the Poconos

  4. 46. Zarion Kreena  

    I thought Angela meant that she cheated on Oscar. (And I call myself an Office fan! ;) ) Anyway, I have an idea. The water spraying is sort of what people do to cats when they are attempting to mate. Dwight will mention that, and then add some bizarre statement about his family. Prediction over. Zarion out.

  5. 45. Sarah  

    @42 I think they are just watching the promos for the show online, advertising the future tv show. Also, while they could have changed it over the course of the last few years, I don’t think “web series” was a thing nine years ago when filming started –youtube wasn’t even around until 2005!

  6. 44. Toby97  

    #42 They were watching adverts on the internet, so I presume that they are internet sensations because it’s only on the internet, and not television.

  7. 43. Janet  

    Does Andy say “We’re an internet sensation!”? Does that mean the documentary was filmed to be a web series, and not a television series?

  8. 42. halfbaked  

    NBC ran a new promo for all of the Thursday comedies. It included only two new TO scenes.

    1—Dwight is laughing with a young woman (Brussels sprout farmer?) at the main door to the parking lot.

    2—Angela and Oscar are on speaker phone. The conversation implies the Senator must be on the other end of the phone.

    Angela (obviously nervous; running her hands over her face anxiously): I cheated on you with Dwight. I didn’t tell you about it.

    Oscar: I think that’s it.

    Angela: I think we’re good.

  9. 41. Jammer  

    I don’t know why, but the “hello” felt like David Brant to me. I know it’s unlikely, but there you go.

  10. 40. Toby97  

    I think it is so fascinating that the producers have planned the finale from the beginning. I have never been so excited for an Office episode in my life. Do you think that was Creed’s first interview and was really confused about how the camera works, so looked into the camera really close and kept shouting ‘HELLO!’Lol.

  11. 39. Hannah  

    As far as Jim and Pam scenes go I really hope they show Christmas from season two and Pam asks JIm what he wrote in the card. I have been dying to know ever since!

  12. 38. Amy  

    I can’t wait to see what Jim and Pam clips they have and I can’t wait for their reaction. I hope there are some we haven’t seen before, like the Michael mask (awesome). Come on Thursday! I’ve been waiting forever for you!!!!!!!!

  13. 37. darth scranton  

    Thanks, tanster! That’s why this is the Best Fansite Ever, and you can put that on a mug!

  14. 36. Paul  

    It’s cool how they’re bringing back ‘new’ scenes of Michael that we’ve never seen by using cut footage (like that smile mask). That’s really clever.

  15. 35. Adam717  

    Thank you Tanster! It sounded just like Creed but since he was in the shot, I assumed it couldn’t be him. Turns out, they were combining scenes.

  16. 34. Roy's Mugshot  

    I don’t recognize that shot of Michael with the odd smile mask at 0:04 in Clip #3. It looks like S1 Michael from the hairline.

  17. 33. tanster  

    After seeing all of your Clip #2 comments about “who is saying ‘hello’?”, I emailed The Office producers on Friday to let them know.

    Wonder if that’s why they created Clip #3… very interesting. :)

  18. 32. lynn  

    @26 Around 0:04, Pam, Andy and Creed seem to look right at Phyllis. Pam has her arms crossed like she’s upset. Then, the expression on Phyllis’ face – I don’t know. I’ll take a guess that Phyllis, in a talking head, said something not so nice about a co-worker.

  19. 31. darth scranton  

    I didn’t even notice Creed in the shot during the “Hello.” I still think it sounds like his voice, but now I’m even more confused! Hurry up, Thursday!

  20. 30. Adam717  

    Trying to figure this out. I still can’t tell who the voice saying “Hello” belongs to. As for the characters looking upset, maybe they got a lot of negative comments about the footage, since it’s on a YouTube-like website and you know how nasty comments can get.

    It’s gonna be cool for Nellie, Pete and Clark to see the gang’s old boss, Michael Scott! I wonder what their reactions to him will be.

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