1. Omg so great Jenna! She’s on fire! Lol! She and clark are great together. I wish emmy would recognize it

  2. Jenna is so great! Her face and vocal expression when she says, “it’s crazy,” then it immediately goes blank when she says, “I haven’t, I haven’t read it.” Her dead stare at the camera tells you that yes, Pam has read it.

  3. Really good clip. The acting is more on point in this than we’ve usually seen in the last couple of years.

    I looked at the episode description to see who is directing them: Jennifer Celotta! Now it all makes sense. Whether or not she was present for this scene, I’m sure she helped get things back on track.

    I have no idea where she’s been the last 3 years but I’m glad she’s back.

  4. I’m so excited to watch the rest of the season! What a great scene with Pam and Clark – I totally agree #5/Darth Scranton! It seemed like there was a laugh track and clapping – so weird!

  5. @what’sthedealio, the clip was shown when Jenna appeared on the Tonight Show, and the laughing and clapping are Jay Leno’s audience watching the clip.

  6. Man, Clark continues to shine, such good timing and delivery!! Where was he when S8 needed a shot of comedic energy!?

  7. “she’s so great”
    pam has a great chemistry with clark… as with nellie… as with dwight… as with meredith.

  8. It’s Michael! It seems our wish (for this episode, at least) has come true. I can’t wait for this episode.

  9. what I am most curious about is who is saying “hello” at around 5 seconds in and everyone turns their heads!

    [from tanster: i’m wondering about that, too!]

  10. It doesn’t look like they are very happy about what is being shown… Excited to see the TV versions of the characters.

  11. Hard to believe, but the first episode of “The Office” aired a month before the VERY FIRST YouTube video was uploaded!

  12. That’s all JAM needs…a rooftop moment, then all will be well.
    So excited and sad about this new episode!

  13. OK. OK. OK. Am I the only one who can’t stop replaying the “Hello….”? It happens as Michael is on the cpu screen, and BOY OH BOY does it sound like Michael. Now wouldn’t THAT be something?!?!?!? This entire time Steve Carell and co. have been denying that he’d return for the final episode….and you know what? they were telling it straight….because he was going to return in an earlier episode!!!!!

    Fingers crossed like mad!

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