1. Is it sad that I have the S3 DVD release and this premiere on my work calendar? I don’t care!

  2. Huzzah!
    That seems so far away…
    Is it strange that I am more excited to find out what happens on the Office than I am to find out what happens in the final Harry Potter book? Because honestly, I’ve wasted like 4 years of my life reading those books, and I’d rather find out what happens with Jim and Pam and Ryan and Kelly and Michael and Jan and Dwight and Angela, etc.

  3. OH mY GOSH!
    I can’t wait that long. I’m going to freeze myself till 9/27
    good night everyone

  4. OMG! How great is this gonna be? An hour long season premiere! Wonder what happened over the summer? Hmmm…..;)

  5. By my count it’s 1,728 hours and 15 minutes away… But I suck at math, so someone double-check that!

  6. So the Season 3 DVD comes out on Sept. 4 and the premiere is Sept. 27, which leaves exactly 23 days in between and 23 episodes in Season 3 (if you count the hour-longs as 1 episode). So if I have any self-control I can watch exactly one episode of Season 3 every night starting on Sept. 4 and it will lead right into the premiere on Sept. 27. Yes! I have a plan! (and yes, I needed a calculator to figure this out)

  7. September will be a great month! Season 3 DVD and Season 4 premier only a few weeks apart. My lady and I both have our own idea of how the season will start. I can’t wait!

  8. I’ve been waiting for this since the finale!! I can’t wait and I’m all ready giddy to see what happens!! Ain’t no party like a Office party, cuz an Office party don’t stop…uh uh uh

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