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From an NBC press release:

… starting in late August fans of “The Office” will be able to deepen and enrich their entertainment experience with “The Office 360.” Beginning with the launch of a special Dunder Mifflin corporate site, fans will be able to join and form new branches as part of an online job fair. Once branches are established, weekly tasks will be assigned from “Corporate.” Tasks will mostly correspond to topics or events featured in the broadcast show, but will also include online-specific challenges such as creating individual branch logos or ad campaigns, completing online games and interacting with other Dunder Mifflin branches. Through continued participation fans can earn Schrute-Bucks for themselves and their branch, which they can use to decorate their virtual office as they climb their way up the Dunder Mifflin corporate ladder.


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  1. Wouldn’t the actual employees laugh? The thought of the lot of us finding it fun to engage in corporate competitions in our free time!

  2. This sounds totally ripped from the “Office Olympics” group from Live Journal.

  3. Could this be Dunder Mifflin INFINITY??? Ryan’s figured out a way to secure free labor; get rabid fans to do it!

    RE: 2 –Actually dualori, wouldn’t the Christmas parties be a little ackward with the employees having to pay a membership fee to the employer before they could start drinking? JK

  4. This will be awesome. I want to start the Utah branch! Motto: “Dunder-Miflin Utah: Where we really do eat the weakest of the brood.”

  5. I will be accepting applications for Receptionist soon. Please be very Pam-like.

  6. You read my mind Mexicanity! We can be the Dunder-Mifflin Phoenix Branch!

    Bring it, people!

  7. We are so going to win this! I can’t wait! CrazyGringa we need to get a pose together! Stat!

  8. I’m all over this and already have 8 people ready to help.

    Dunder-Mifflin SC (Studio City) will be open late August ;)

  9. I want to play!!!!! I can’t wait for this!!!!! I want to be the receptionist anywhere! hehe, I have plenty of muted colors and cardigans!

  10. I was just thinking about something like this for The Office. It sounds fun in my geeky kind of way!

  11. Officially announcing Dunder Mifflin St. Louis: Your gateway to paper.

    Now hiring for all positions. Inquire within. Prior experience not necessary.

    Must consent to filming.

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