The Office set visit, 2008

The Office

Meredith Palmer (aka Kate Flannery) and me, coddling our favorite liquids.

The Office

Another photo of Kate and me, taken by Kate’s boyfriend, Chris Haston, a professional photographer who works for NBC. Thanks, Chris!

The Office

It’s kind of become my mission to snap photos of every square inch of the set. This is Kevin’s desk.

The Office

This is the whiteboard next to Angela’s desk. Note square 1, which says “In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of colorful hooey on this board” (same as last year). Square 16 says “It’s too hard to write in these last 3 spaces.” Heehee.

The Office

Here is Angela’s desk, showcasing a wallpaper of her and her beloved Sprinkles, rest in peace.


  1. Thanks for telling us about your amazing experience! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the finale!

  2. Wow. I’m tired after just reading about your day! It sounds like you had a fantastic, jam packed, fun day. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this Tanster, and congrats on what truly sounds like a perfect day!

    BTW, did anyone else notice that Jenna was hiding/covering a certain part of her left hand in all three pics? Maybe hiding something like…an engagement ring from Jim?! *fingers crossed*

  4. i am sooooooo glad that i am awake at 2 am (PST) to read this!!! thanks so much for sharing… it must have taken forever to put this all together for us. much appreciated!

    and i am extremely jealous that you got to take “prom” pictures with john!!

  5. You are so lucky! This seems like such a great day, even if it was exhausting.

    Boo to confidentiality agreements.

  6. Thanks for sharing that with us, tanster, it sounds amazing! I hope you get to go back again. Will you be able to post about what scenes you saw filmed after the finale has aired, or does the agreement prevent that?

    Anna, I like your idea, but she could have been covering keep us guessing!

  7. Tanster,
    Thanks so much for filling us in on your Office Adventure. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Everyone on the show seems to be really sweet. Can’t wait to see the finale!

  8. That whole day sounds like it was amazing! Thank you for the detailed report. It’s so good that it feels a tiny little bit like I was there too… and it made me crack up various times. Tan monster? hahahaha.

  9. On Page 5…it is not a “Penn State Beaver”…its a “Penn State Nittany Lion”!!!

    [from tanster: fixed. thanks!]

  10. Tan-monster-
    Nice pics! However I must make one correction(I feel I must as a lifelong Pennsylvania resident)

    Fact: Dwights new bobble head, on page 5 is a Nittany Lion not a beaver!

  11. Tanster, that was amazing! You are definitely living the dream for all of us. I’m so glad you got the chance to do that- you deserve it. Officetally is my favorite website, hands down. I especially loved the pics with John- sigh… the prom picture. I had a big goofy smile on my face:-)

  12. I always try to imagine myself taking a tour of the set and off the side watching a scene being filmed. It would never work out, my laughter would activate some sort of natural disaster causing devastation and my banishing.

    Thank goodness for you and your sharing.

  13. Jennie ~ that was awesome! Thank you so much.

    A few observations: Jen & Paul writing the finale (I didn’t know that and am so excited!); Jenna shows much promise as a chair model if this whole acting things doesn’t work out; I loved Lee’s Wall Drug t-shirt; the “prom” pic = wow!; chatting about bull testicles = hilarious; I hope we get to see the cast/crew pic; and finally, Adam is going to be thrilled with the news of his sign! :)

    [from tanster: please tell adam. :) ]

  14. Wow, tanster! I go out of the country for a week and the first thing I see when I get back is John with his arm around you? Lucky girl!

  15. Wow, 5 (Anna), she most definitely did! You might be on to something.

    It looks like you had a great time, Tanster. Thanks for sharing!

    Hopefully someone who can make this happen will read this: Can we PLEASE have a Best of Jim special feature on the season 4 DVD? And/or a segment of John doing impressions? Pretty please? I think fan(girl)s everywhere would really appreciate this!

  16. Anna you are a genius! I just went back and looked at the photos….you are on to something:-) Either that or Jenna is working her magic and messing with us! Time will tell…..:-) Tanster, thank you for sharing your day! In the prom picture, John looks so big! (thats what she said)

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