Bye Bye Miss Chair Model Lady

The Office Chair Model

Here are the lyrics to The Office song “Bye Bye Miss Chair Model Lady,” performed by Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute in the episode Chair Model.

Bye Bye Miss Chair Model Lady

(Sung to the tune of Don McClean’s “American Pie”)

Bye bye Miss Chair Model Lady
I dreamt that we were married
And you treated me nice
We had lots of kids
Drinking whiskey and rye
But why’d you have to go off and die?
Why’d you have to go off and die.

(Michael and Dwight)
You believe in rock ‘n’ roll?
Can music save your mortal soul?
And then, can you have to dance real slow?
Well I know that you’re in love with him
‘Cause I saw you dancing in the gym
Kicked off their shoes/They both turned off their shoes
No more rhythm and blues!/No verdict was returned!
(Rhythm and blues)
This will be the day that I die.

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