The Office set visit, 2008

The Office

Dunder Mifflin, this is Tanster …

Hey guys, welcome to my set visit journal!

I got to spend a day at “The Office” set on Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

Here is my report and bunches of pictures …

It was a pretty grueling day — I woke up at 4am, drove myself to the airport, flew into Los Angeles, and took a taxi straight to the studio. I arrived around 8am, and hung out at the studio for about 11 hours. Then I headed back to the airport and was back home by 10:30pm or so. Whew!

I was extremely lucky to come on a day when many of the cast, writers, and producers were there.

I got to talk to: Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Creed Bratton, Steve Carell, Jen Celotta, Greg Daniels, Randall Einhorn, Lee Eisenberg, Paul Feig, Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, Allison Jones (casting), Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Jason Kessler, Angela Kinsey, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, Paul Lieberstein, Oscar Nunez, Craig Robinson, Dave Rogers (editing), Mike Schur, Phyllis Smith, Justin Spitzer, Gene Stupnitsky, Rainn Wilson, and Kent Zbornak. I also got to meet Andrew, Caroline, Dan, Tom, Kim, Laverne, Debbie, Shari, Jennie, Ben, Brian, Carey, Jake, Sergio, Peter, and Vartan. (I know I met more, but I can’t remember your names! — I know, I’m a loser.)

The first order of business when I arrived at the production office was to sign a confidentiality agreement. I also had to sign one last year, so this was no big deal to me. I honestly did not read all the details of the agreement, but I’m sure it says something like “Post any spoilers on OfficeTally and your capa will be detated.”


  1. Tanster,
    Congratulations on the trip, maybe you can take me with you next time!

  2. Thanks for telling us about your amazing experience! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the finale!

  3. Wow. I’m tired after just reading about your day! It sounds like you had a fantastic, jam packed, fun day. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. :-)

  4. Thanks for posting this Tanster, and congrats on what truly sounds like a perfect day!

    BTW, did anyone else notice that Jenna was hiding/covering a certain part of her left hand in all three pics? Maybe hiding something like…an engagement ring from Jim?! *fingers crossed*

  5. i am sooooooo glad that i am awake at 2 am (PST) to read this!!! thanks so much for sharing… it must have taken forever to put this all together for us. much appreciated!

    and i am extremely jealous that you got to take “prom” pictures with john!!

  6. You are so lucky! This seems like such a great day, even if it was exhausting.

    Boo to confidentiality agreements.

  7. Thanks for sharing that with us, tanster, it sounds amazing! I hope you get to go back again. Will you be able to post about what scenes you saw filmed after the finale has aired, or does the agreement prevent that?

    Anna, I like your idea, but she could have been covering keep us guessing!

  8. Tanster,
    Thanks so much for filling us in on your Office Adventure. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Everyone on the show seems to be really sweet. Can’t wait to see the finale!

  9. That whole day sounds like it was amazing! Thank you for the detailed report. It’s so good that it feels a tiny little bit like I was there too… and it made me crack up various times. Tan monster? hahahaha.

  10. On Page 5…it is not a “Penn State Beaver”…its a “Penn State Nittany Lion”!!!

    [from tanster: fixed. thanks!]

  11. Tan-monster-
    Nice pics! However I must make one correction(I feel I must as a lifelong Pennsylvania resident)

    Fact: Dwights new bobble head, on page 5 is a Nittany Lion not a beaver!

  12. Tanster, that was amazing! You are definitely living the dream for all of us. I’m so glad you got the chance to do that- you deserve it. Officetally is my favorite website, hands down. I especially loved the pics with John- sigh… the prom picture. I had a big goofy smile on my face:-)

  13. I always try to imagine myself taking a tour of the set and off the side watching a scene being filmed. It would never work out, my laughter would activate some sort of natural disaster causing devastation and my banishing.

    Thank goodness for you and your sharing.

  14. Jennie ~ that was awesome! Thank you so much.

    A few observations: Jen & Paul writing the finale (I didn’t know that and am so excited!); Jenna shows much promise as a chair model if this whole acting things doesn’t work out; I loved Lee’s Wall Drug t-shirt; the “prom” pic = wow!; chatting about bull testicles = hilarious; I hope we get to see the cast/crew pic; and finally, Adam is going to be thrilled with the news of his sign! :)

    [from tanster: please tell adam. :) ]

  15. Wow, tanster! I go out of the country for a week and the first thing I see when I get back is John with his arm around you? Lucky girl!

  16. Wow, 5 (Anna), she most definitely did! You might be on to something.

    It looks like you had a great time, Tanster. Thanks for sharing!

    Hopefully someone who can make this happen will read this: Can we PLEASE have a Best of Jim special feature on the season 4 DVD? And/or a segment of John doing impressions? Pretty please? I think fan(girl)s everywhere would really appreciate this!

  17. Anna you are a genius! I just went back and looked at the photos….you are on to something:-) Either that or Jenna is working her magic and messing with us! Time will tell…..:-) Tanster, thank you for sharing your day! In the prom picture, John looks so big! (thats what she said)

  18. Wow. I haven’t even read it all, but I can’t believe it. This is…. awesome!

  19. #5–I was totally thinking the same thing!!! I really hope that’s what she was doing!!
    Tanster, I’m so jealous of you!!! I think if I was taking a prom picture with John, I would have died right there!! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to post this!!

  20. Tan Monster! You just made my day. What a lucky gal…thank you for sharing your amazing experience with all of us…lucky us! :o) You’re the best!

  21. WOWZA!!

    Very surprised to learn about Angela’s stand-in, pleased to hear about informative chat re bull testicles with Ed Helms, and the Prom Pose with John: heart-stopping.

    My obsession with The Office is safe, as long as you are around, Tan Monster.

  22. Tanster, Tanster, Tanster…how on earth has it taken you nearly 4 years to appreciate the “squee factor” of John Krasinski?

    [from tanster: lol. i’m slow.]

  23. YAY. Thanks Jennie for the fridge pic! We put the “Support our Troops” magnet there!! (with Kent Zbornak’s approval of course) Glad to see it made it through the finale!

  24. Aww the prom picture is great! Sounds like you had such a great time.. now i’m off to eat after seeing all those snack table pictures.

  25. Also, what did you and Jenna mean regarding the TV Guide cover? I got the one that was posted online? Greatest photo of them ever? NO! Cover that was online, YES. Confused.

  26. Thanks Tanster! What a great day. Good for you!!

    Love the Turkey Hill magnet on the fridge! I live in the county just to the west of Lancaster, where TH products are made. Pennsylvania represent!

  27. Awesome! Thanks so much for posting, Tanster. Or should we call you Tan Monster? It looks like you had a lot of fun. And, um, I would have squeed like a boiling tea kettle if John Krasinski put his arms around me. I’m glad you had more composure than that.


    And i couldn’t help but notice that Jenna was hiding her ring finger in every one of the shots…. *speculates*

    And that John ‘Prom’ picture, oh my lord, i almost died. But his hair looked weeeeird!

    Ag, so jealous! What an awesome day!

  29. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking such great pictures and providing all of the pictures and wonderful commentary to us.

  30. I’m so glad you had a great time, Tan Monster!
    And I am totally jealous about your prom pictures with JKras. I wish I were you *sigh*

  31. Hey Tanster,
    Will you be writing another edition to this journal AFTER the season final airs?

    You totally deserved the visit!!!! Sounded like the best time.

    [from tanster: yes, i hope to write more about specific scenes after the episode airs…]

  32. Oh man. Thanks for posting all this. And by the way, I am NOT jealous. At all. ….I totally am. Congrats!

  33. Your time on the set looks as though it were absolutely amazing! That hug you received from John was too sweet, and Pam’s description of her reaction to Jim/Pam fluff on the show is just…aw.

  34. Wow,#4, I just realized the total double-entendre of “jam-packed!” Maybe it wasn’t your intention, but it sooo fits!

  35. On page 7, what is that thing in the front of the conference room? Any ideas?

  36. Wow Tanster! Err… I mean tan monster! Love it!

    This is AMAZING! What a great report, and what a lucky girl! I can’t BELIEVE that JK did that prom pose with you! I’m squeeing all the way from Canada! I can’t stop using exclamation marks!

    THis was wonderful. Honestly. :)

  37. You look like you had a blast, Tan Monster. I wish it would have been 250 pages, instead of just 21. Awesome pictures, too! “Prom Pose!”

  38. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us these great pictures. All the hard work you put in here is appreciated very much.

  39. It looks like such a fun place to work! I want to be on that crew!

    I love the “girl talk” with Jenna–and yes, the chemistry is undeniably amazing, but we all already knew that!

    I love the “prom pose,” I wish I had had a date like him!!!! Obviously.

  40. Kevin has a Travelocity Gnome!! I, too, have a Travelocity Gnome! How wonderful!

  41. look like you had an amazing time!!! i’d like to be able to visit the set one day and meet all the cast. this show keeps me going!!

  42. Yay for Tan Monster! That was a fantastic recap…thanks so much for sharing the pictures of/with everyone. You’re so awesome!

  43. I wonder if the “good morning pam” post-it is part of a storyline… : )

  44. I KNEW your office set visit would be worth the wait. Thanks for an amazing recap, tan monster!

  45. Question: What’s your policy on me photoshopping my face on your body in the prom photo with John, blowing it up poster-size and hanging it in my bedroom?

    Seriously, squee times infinity. :)

    [from tanster: photoshop away. :) ]

  46. Love the photos! As a Penn State alum though I feel the need to mention that the mascot is a Nittany Lion – not a beaver!! :)

  47. Wow, Tanster. I’m sitting here with a goofy grin on my face after reading about your day. I can only imagine what you were feeling. What a special group of people–actors, crew, writers, etc. Makes me want to run right out to Hollywood and ask for a job!

    (And, #5–I noticed Jenna’s left ring finger was hidden in all the pictures too! *fingers are crossed!*)

  48. That sounded and looks awesome Tan Monster
    Even as a heterosexual male I’m kind of jealous you got a prom photo with Jim. Awesome photos, have you got any that are higher resolution like the characters’ desks? Would love to see the knick-knacks they have on there up close..
    Thanks again for another awesome OT update :-D

  49. Wow! What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for sharing it with us!! You are soooooooo lucky!

  50. What an amazing experience!! You are one lucky lady…and one dedicated lady as well. You deserve it!

    Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  51. Hi Tanster! You are so lucky to get to visit the set! Thanks for sharing your visit with all of us! You are the best! And especially thanks for letting me know that the sign I made is up on Greg Daniel’s wall. That has made my whole year! If anyone wants to see a picture of me and Greg with the sign, you can click on my name.

    Also, congratulations on the Prom date with John! He seems like a nice boy. ;)

    [from tanster: YAY ADAM!]

  52. Loved the pics, thanks so much. And you look far more composed than I could have if JKras touched me. Wow. The best part is, as handsome as he is, he also seems to be a really great guy. Sigh.

  53. I felt so giddy looking at all of these pictures from the set. Especially your prom date. :)

    I did notice that Jenna’s left hand was covered in all of the pictures. So there was no way to tell if there was a ring or not. Coincidence…

  54. Sounds like you had an amazing time!!! I’m so jealous! You definitely deserve it Tanster!

  55. Oh em gee. You are the luckiest girl in the WHOLE world. I envy you very much. :-) Thanks for sharing everything though!

  56. Oh yeah, did I ever mention that Melora gave me a hug for the sign I gave to her? :)

    Maybe someday I’ll get to visit the set too, and see the sign in Greg’s office. If I make a sign for each and every member of the cast and crew, do you think they’d fly me out there? (After the cost of the signs, I don’t think I could afford the plane ticket). A guy can dream, can’t he?

    Seriously though, thanks again Tanster. We are the luckiest TV show fans in the world to have someone like you doing all the work you do.

  57. Your trip looks amazing! It must have taken forever to upload all those pictures onto Thanks for telling us about your trip! :)

    [from tanster: thanks! i would say it took about 8 hours to put together this report.]

  58. Insanely awesome photos. Jenna seems so sweet. And John’s photo… the envy runs deep… very deep! LOL. You deserve to be treated like the prom queen that you are! Thank so much for everything you do and the amazing photos. I liked these better from last year because you got to see everybody!

    And all that food…. I would never leave the set. You can live right there, which doesn’t seem like the worst situation. Creed’s doing it!

    Thanks again!

    [from tanster: if i didn’t have to work for a living, i would just sneak on to set and move in. they would never know!]

  59. Great pictures!

    Thanks for sharing…I loved all the behind the scene shots.

    Jim and Andy are very cute ;)

  60. OMG, Tanster! John Krasinski put his arms around you!! I am living vicariously through you at the moment! This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us! So, do you know what happens in the season finale because I read security is really tight? You don’t have to tell us what it is about, but do you know? You are awesome, Tanster! Thanks!

  61. That was awesome Tanster! Thanks so much for taking the time to recap your time spent on set :)

    P.S. No picture of hot lighting guy? Haha, kidding, jrze.

  62. Wow, Tanster! What an amazing experience. Thanks for the post and the pictures!

  63. It seems like you had so much fun, Tanster I am glad. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and feedback with us, it is so cool to read about all this :)

  64. Thank you so much for sharing all your photos and details about your visit. We live through you. So lucky to go to Prom with John!! (hehe)

  65. Haha! Oh my word, that prom photo had me LOL-ing for about 10 minutes straight.

    You are one lucky woman, tanster!

  66. Ok so I’ve said this like four times… but I couldn’t possibly any more jealous. Great pictures! It must have been amazing!

  67. OMG!!!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl!
    The set is amazing! Thanks so much for doing this.

    And am I the only one or is Gene totally adorable?!

  68. Tan Monster! Wow! Well, you made my day…I really felt like I was there on your day at “The Office”. You captured the surroundings perfectly…Every picture tells a story – don’t it? :)
    And the JK pictures and lines you guys exchanged….I’m in heaven just imagining standing next to him without sweating…Prom night will never be the same…love it…Keep up the great work…

  69. Wow!!!! I’m jealous! Thank you so much for sharing all those photos! What an amazing experience (that you’ve gotten to do TWICE now! Hurrah!). Excellent re-cap of your time spent on set, I’m so glad the cast and crew are as nice as they seem!

  70. Tanster, I’d be so jealous, but you totally deserve it! I always find myself thinking about how much time and effort you must put into keeping this site running (and updating daily!), and how you still keep a regular job. Your hard work (and awesome connections) keep me in love with this show!

    Thanks so much for posting all of the little behind-the-scenes tidbits – I enjoyed that more than I had expected to. This made my day!

  71. Did anyone else go to after seeing it on Pam/Jenna’s computer screen? Hee…

  72. Thanks Tan-monster! I poured vicariously over every page. Can’t wait until after the finale, and you can spill the allowable Sprinkles out of the bag. I suspect you may even have special classified season 5 duh-tails. I guess I’ll be content in the fact that you will spoil us as soon as it is legal.

  73. SO fun! Looks like you had a blast – and made the most of your time there! Hope you’ll post another one after the finale to give us more behind the scenes stuff! :)

  74. Thanks so much for putting this up! It’s so cool to see how the show is run behind the scenes.

    I love the “prom” pic! John is so cute. You’re so lucky, tan monster. :P

  75. This is fantastic! Prom photo and all. I love the close-up shots of things like Creed’s certificate and accounting’s white board. Seriously, if not for you, how would we get to see these things? Thanks Tanster!

  76. Tan Monster! This is unreal … what an amazing day you had! Thank you so much for the detailed report – I almost feel like I was there too! Btw, I can’t believe Angela has a stand-in! Too funny.

    This was SO cool to read. I’m so glad you got to go and that we Tallyheads get to live vicariously through you! :)

  77. Ohh, Tan Monster, you are one lucky duck! I’d kill to go to prom with JKras, hang with Ed Helms, and know the extreme amount of secrets you must know. It’s pretty awesome, though, that you documented the whole thing. I actually feel like I was there! And thanks for all the captions, too. Ahh, lucky. But one last thing: Did you see Lighting Guy? If you did, how tall is he? Because I have a thing for tall guys. Thanks a bunch!

  78. Tanster! Great coverage of the blessed event! I just have to say, that Jim Halpert’s desk shot was hilarious! I couldn’t stop cracking up at the crying baby picture! I’m guessing that was John with his nephew :)

    Loved that you were able to hang out more with the lovely Jenna! Such a sweetie! Congratulations with the set visit! It’s so wonderful that you were able to meet with that many cast/crew members! Love it!

  79. OK–I just have to ask–Does John Krasinski really smell like fresh-baked cookies?

  80. Best. Website. EVER! (in Drunk Pam voice a la “Dundies”)

    This was amazing. It got me unreasonably excited and I wasn’t even there. Thank you so much for sharing and you totally deserve it.

  81. I love that you have the opportunity to do these things and share your wonderful experiences with us! My love for The Office and the cast and crew grows stronger every time I read about how awesome they are. The prom pose with JKras? Wow! Lucky girl :) Oh, and Jenna…I totally relate to how hard it is to find the right jeans! Thanks tanster…or should I say Tan Monster!

  82. Great pics, especially with John Krasinski! It was also really cool to see the Angela stand in-they looked exactly alike.

    #86, yes i went to after seeing it on Jenna’s computer… i got a 92 words per minute with 93% accuracy!

  83. This is crazy awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are so deserving!

    Brucebat, I have SUCH a thing for Gene, too! Michael Schur give me heart palpitations also. Damn them. Speaking of, did anyone see that CostasNOW commercial on HBO with Schur? It looks like he’s might be a guest, but I haven’t found anything on HBO’s website.

  84. thanks so much for sharing this with us… it’s amazing how much attention your site has gotten. and it’s well deserved… you’re very dedicated.

    thanks again. here’s to more trips to the set for you!

  85. It does look like Jenna is covering a Pam engagement ring in those pictures, doesn’t it.

  86. Oooh, Tan monster’s goin’ to prom with John Krasinskiiiii!
    … I would have died if it had been me.

    And did you ever catch up with Jrze??

  87. Also, is there any information about what the crew/cast picture is being used for? I would love to see it, but I’m not sure if it’s akin to a family reunion picture and just being taken for distribution to the people in it.

    [from tanster: no, sorry, i don’t know the purpose of the photo.]

  88. Wow! That seemed like one amazing trip! I could not stop smiling at the prom picture. It was completely ADORABLE!!

  89. Oh. Wow. After seeing the thing on Jenna’s computer, I took the test. How many words per minute is normal? Well I do a good 35. WOW. I need some practice.

  90. Sounds like an amazing experience, tanster [or shall i say “tan monster”]! Thanks for sharing every little bit of it to us =)

    And oh. em. gee. John Krasinski might just be the most amazing man I have ever set eyes on in my life.

  91. Jenna’s strategic hand placement makes me laugh.

    Thanks for taking us behind-the-scenes, tan monster! ;) (That’s catching on quick, huh?)

  92. Thanks so much for sharing this with us tanster! Its obvious this took a lotta work and it is much appreciated. I’m glad you had a blast!!! The prom pic is fantatsic hahahaha.

  93. Wow, well I’d say that was a pretty amazing and well-deserved trip you had! What I would give to have this opportunity too! Thanks for sharing all of these pictures and info, this cast and crew just keeps getting better and better.

  94. Man, This makes me want to start a fansite, but it must be really hard work! No one deserves it more that you tan-monster! oh, how i wish someday that john krasinski will be putting his arms around me when I go to prom!!

  95. Thankyouthankyouthankyou, tanster! You bring fandom to a whole new level and fuel our Office addiction unceasingly with such AWESOMENESS! You deserve every bit and more of the fun and connections you have on this show. I am so happy for you! Take good care of yourself, because I don’t know anyone else who could be so close the the cast/crew of a show like this without totally losing their composure and getting cut off, especially after having JKras wrap you up in his arms like that! I blush just thinking about it…lucky!

  96. Heh, I remember Jenna doing the hiding the ring finger trick on her myspace prior to Season 3

  97. Re: Lori, #96

    Yeah, where is lighting guy??? I was hoping to find out more about that handsome creature.

  98. tanster, you are a god amongst us mere mortals. thank you for your hard work and dedication and for posting all the awesome pics :-)

  99. Regarding the picture of the fridge…I didn’t know we could request of you to take pictures of stuff on set! In that case, could you go back and take a picture of JKras with his shirt off? Please? You could call it your “After Prom” picture. :)

    Thanks tanster for the great report! Sooooo jealous!!!

  100. Thank you so much for posting this report. It’s so much fun to look at all the pictures and notice all the details that we don’t necessarily catch while watching the show.

  101. #100: I thought so too! I kept looking at all the shots and it VERY much looks like the case. Always with that left hand covered.

    The prom pic?!?!?! I would have DIED. Melted down in a little puddle and died.

    Tanster: What did he smell like? Does he wear cologne?

  102. Tanster, you take such good care of us Office fans! Thanks for your great reporting — and thanks to the cast, writers, and crew for being so open and generous with their fans. Was the prom a dream come true???!!!

  103. See, this is exactly why you deserve to get to do things like this! You share your experiences with all the fans, and make it seem like all of us get to experience the awesome things you do! Thank you so much for sharing!

  104. Not only is John the epitome of fitness…but he’s also the epitome of a nice, funny guy. Oh gosh – I don’t know how I would have reacted if he took a prom picture with me. I will forever be jealous of you Tanster!!

  105. Forgot to mention: LOVE that they have a support our troops ribbon up. As the wife of a deployed soldier, it is greatly appreciated. The unit on that ribbon is the First Infantry Division (the Big Red 1). Thanks to whomever was responsible for that.

    Also…the shot from Jim’s desk? Of John and the baby (that’s partially obscured by his nameplate)…there’s little on this earth sexier than a hot guy holding a baby. :)

  106. thanks tan monster! I’m glad we get to have an inside view, it’s just what my inner rabid fan needs.

  107. Thanks Tan Monster!!! What a great opportunity. I’m so glad you shared it with us…and that you took so many pictures! Hooray!

  108. Thanks for the amazing report tanster. It definitely looked like to had lots of fun. And I love the prom pic. ;)

  109. Thanks for sharing this, Tanster. You rekindled my crush on the lovely Ms. Jen Celotta. She SO needs to make an appearance on the show. I know she’s mentioned she wants to be a Schrute, but I think she should be Martin. You know, the sister Angela hasn’t spoken to in 16 years. That could be funny.

    [from tanster: angela’s estranged sister! that would be BRILLIANT.]

  110. tanster your squee threshold is beyond normal human limits. I know we all wish it could have been us, but frankly I’m glad it was you, because I don’t think I could have gotten through that day without making a fool of myself!

  111. The prom pic absolutely killed me. You are SO. freakin’. lucky.

    Thanks so much tanster/tan monster!!

    93- LOL

  112. Jenna is the sweetest!

    Holy hell, Gene S is hot!

    And I am so friggin jealous of tan monster’s prom picture with JKras…I might die. What a cutie.

  113. Ok, well we know that they’re not eloped before the finale because there’s nothing on John’s finger. But Jenna does seem to be covering up something on her little ring finger..

  114. that was amazing! i really enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes info on our favorite show! great pictures too :)

  115. wow. tan monster (i am also a self-avowed non-squee-er, but jkras is the exception). SO jealous about that prom pose.

    thanks for all the pictures….i’ve always wanted to know who were in those pictures on halpert’s desk. (i’m guessing you didn’t ask?) thanks for those close-ups.

    seriously though, i began to really imagine myself there and it was probably the best feeling in the world. i am really grateful.

    also, i think best highlights of your awesome journal: Rainn thought the acquisition was real! (seriously?!!?!?… kate’s response) and definitely the blow-up doll being included in the cast and crew photo. favorite prop EVER!

  116. Thank you for bringing us an inside look into our favorite show. I’m extremely jealous of your prom shot with John Krasinski and of your pow-wowing with Jenna…but since you bring us the BEST website in the world, you totally deserve it! :)

  117. I’m very jealous of you right now… But I’ll get over it :) ! Glad you had a great time tanster a.k.a Tan Monster!

  118. Jealous does not even begin to describe what I am of you, Tanster! Wonderful report! The prom pic is the cutest thing EVER.

  119. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. Officetally is amazing. I can’t live without it.

  120. I have to echo everyone else and say thank you so much for the pictures and report! I was smiling and giggling like an idiot the whole time I was reading it. For future set visits, I would also like to second the request for an “After Prom” picture of John, which would of course require him to be shirtless. Question: Do you know whose names are on the whiteboard that says “Globals”??

  121. Tanster (tan monster), I my mouth dropped to see 21 pages on this report. Thanks for your extreme dedication to this site. The pics were great! I love the great attention to detail on the set.

  122. Beyond cool! Thanks so much for the tour and for the site. Office Tally is the best!

  123. In the immortal words of Tommy Callahan: “I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but THAT WAS AWESOME!”

    Great set report!

  124. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Thank you so much for the awesome report about your day on-set! It reminds me why I love this show (and this website!) so much! It truly feels like the fans are viewed as an integral part of the show.

    Thanks especially for the jealousy-inducing prom shot with JKras (swoon!), all the great shots of Angela, and who knew Gene Stupnitsky was such a hottie? Yum yum!!

    But, as always, it’s the little details that make this site so great. I especially loved the shots of all the desks in the office. As someone who just recently finished her Master’s degree from Penn State, I loved seeing the Nittany Lion bobblehead on Rainn’s desk! I didn’t think I could love this show more than I already do, but you acheived the impossible, Tan-Monster! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  125. Tan-Monster – Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experience with all of us! Most of us fans will obviously never get the chance to actually visit the set and meet the talented cast and crew, so reading your descriptions and seeing the amazing pictures is the next best thing. Thanks again for all the time and dedication you put into this site — you rock!

  126. Thanks for the great report and plethora of amazing pics. What a lucky lady you are! You deserve it for all the work you do on this awesome site!

  127. Jennie, no wonder why the Office cast and crew love you. You’ve created and maintained a unique site that not only gives up to date stuff all Office related, but you handle it with high standards and discretion. I’m so envious of your visit, I can’t stand it, but I’m so thrilled you had the opportunity to visit the set. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful moments, and thank you for representing us, the fans, with respect and good will.

  128. I love that John was doing Jim impressions for Mike Schur’s entertainment. To know that the cast “geeks out” on their own show just as much as we nutty fans is awesome!
    That’s just one more thing that is so great about being a fan of this show – the unique connection we all get through you, our fearless leader, Tanster! Congrats and great job!

  129. Dear Tanster,
    I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I think that if Jim and Pam get married on-air, YOU need to be a wedding guest. You deserve it!! This journal is seriously awesome. Incredible! You’re the best!

  130. Great report, Tanster. And the pictures were great, the picture of all that food made me hungry.

  131. That was fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing the story and the photos.

    Also a special thanks for the lighting guy picture ;-)

    Plus I think we’re all a little in love with Jim Halpert!

  132. Thank you so much Tanster! I’m glad you had such a good time, you deserve it! Great pictures!

  133. #136 I knew I wasn’t the only one! Gene S is hot! Yum!

    #137 Jenna is covering up her finger! Spot on! Squee!

  134. Thanks for the journal, Tanster! I am so jealous and definitely living vicariously through you!

    Something else about the whiteboard near accounting, it says:

    20th: Sales Review- Jim, Stanley, Dwight, 10-1
    21st: Sales Review- Andy, Phillis, Meredith, 10-1
    22nd: Lack of Sales Review-Creed, 10-1


  135. That 2nd pic of Jenna covering up her finger made me laugh so much. XD.

    And then I squeed, b/c you know what that means…

  136. OMG 167!!! I DOO KNOWW WHAT THAT MEANS!!! *squeeeeeeeee* (wow this is sad in my earlier comment i said i was a self-avowed anti-squee-er…so much for that).

  137. Absofruitly dawesome. Just seeing these pictures is the highlight of my day, I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for you! I also noticed a jar of something called Jif in one of the food pics. Here in Australia Jif is a really strong cleaning agent.. not something we would spread on bread!! haha

  138. I really appreciate the intimate setting you created on this website. This journal entry ignited a whirlwind of speculation which makes the show ever-more interesting. I probably won’t really appreciate it till it’s gone. Keep on reporting!

  139. What an awesome experience. I second that comment someone said about how it would be cool if they put you in as a guest if there was a wedding.
    You’re a pretty good writer, too!

  140. #100- good eye! It really looks like she is covering her left hand!!

  141. Thanks for sharing, Tanster! Your pics were so great! I’m also brimming with jealousy that you know things about the finale! All of the secrecy is keeping me in an even larger state of suspense than usual.

  142. Thanks so much for sharing your visit – I’m sure I’ll never get the chance to visit the set, so this is the next best thing!

  143. aaah squee! lucky!!!!! you got to take a prom pic with John!!!!!!! so cute! thanks so much tanster!

  144. I agree that Jenna’s hand placement is pretty odd in that second picture especially… and conveniently hidden in the other pictures. Hmmm….

  145. That’s like my absolute wildest dream to have a prom pic with jkras…hell any pic with jkras…or a glimpse of jkras…or maybe to fly. That would also be my wildest dream, to be able to fly.

  146. Wow, what an amazing treat! Thank you for sharing it with us and for keeping us up all things The Office. You rule!!

  147. I love seeing these behind the scenes pictures almost as much as seeing the actual episode stills. What a great group!

  148. It would make sense if she was covering it up, the ring has been introduced and the smoking gun principle says at some point its got to come into play. Tanster said they were filming the season finale and if a Jim proposal was involved they’d want to keep it from the fans.

  149. I think I missed something…what is tejava?

    [from tanster: it’s a brand of unsweetened tea that angela talked about in a blog or video.]

  150. I’m the 300th girl to swoon over that pic of JK and you— he looks sooo charming… eek!! (I too might just have to get creative with photoshop… haha)
    Thanks for ALL the pictures- i only expected like 7-10! Fantastic! I’m jealous… hahaha

  151. wait. wait. wait guys. while i still do think she will say yes when jim proposes, what if (but i don’t think they’d do this to us) she’s just covering up her left finger just to make us think she says yes. oh wow. maybe i’m over analyzing. that’s a horrible thought. but possible.

  152. WHOA! She just said “The last photo in the roll”…………Tanster still uses cameras that take film?

    By the way, congrats on getting to go back! you deserve it!

  153. Wonderful, Jennie! The prom picture is hilarious. I am sad there was no running man contest though. :)

  154. Tanster,
    Thank you! I love your pictures, thanks for thinking of us.

    Everybody who isn’t Tanster,
    I don’t think Jenna is hiding a ring, I think she’s just keeping the ambiguity alive.

  155. ahhh, amazing. I’m so jealous!!

    Also, I don’t think Jenna covering her hand/John not having a ring on his hand means much. If they did have rings, I can’t imagine they’d be so blatantly spoilery as to keep them on during pictures that they knew would likely go up on a public website.

    tanster/tan monster: does the season finale have a title? Or is it going to be left as 51808 (how very Cloverfield of them ;) )?

    [from tanster: yes, the finale definitely has a title.]

  156. 183-
    I could see Jim proposing and then the screen going blank see you until next season. But I hope they don’t because that would be kind of cliche and sort of a lame cliffhanger.

  157. Thank you! That was so much fun to read! I loved all the photo close-ups of the desks and all the peeks backstage. Everyone looks so smiley and happy on the set. Seeing everyone assembling for the group photo was so cool–It’s amazing what a huge crew they have. I would weigh about a million pounds if I worked on that show–it looks like snack heaven. Thank you so much for sharing your great trip with us!

  158. I just noticed something in the Script supervisor’s office, there’s a article about John from Parade Magazine posted on the wall. How funny is that!

  159. My love of the cast of the Office has increased tenfold after reading your report, tanster(or tanmonster haha). There is no other cast on television like these people.

    …I’m not sure which is funniest to me, seeing the “prom” pictures with JKras or the fact that Jenna has successfully messed with all of our minds.

  160. Did anyone else notice that Pam’s last name is misspelled on her certificate? It’s another case of Beesly vs Beesley!

    Thank you so much for the dawesome recap, Tanster!

  161. Tanster, there’s something about the set that I’ve been wondering about for a long time. There’s a banner hanging above the door leading to the kitchen, where the water cooler is. What does that say? Do you happen to have a picture of that?

  162. Did anyone else notice that in all the pictures of Jenna, she has her ring finger turned away? I wonder if there is anything on there!!!

  163. Thanks so much for all the photos and details of your visit. I was so excited for the in-depth report! We really appreciate all the time you took to give us the inside info. You are SO lucky to have been there and we are so lucky that you came back and shared it with us. Is it Thursday yet?!?!?

  164. Posed prom pictures with John Krasinski and a table bearing nutella, could life get any better?

  165. Amazing Tan Monster! Thank you for sharing this, I’m so jealous for many reasons, a certain prom pose with JK is only one of them! I am so boggled and amazed at how much detail goes into their desks and workspaces, and it’s so much fun to get a closer look at all of it. We are living the dream vicariously through you Tanster!

  166. haha that prom pic you took with john made me laugh because his smile reminded me of a robot. I guess he did that because prom pictures are a lot of times awkward. lol

  167. Wow, words cannot express the happiness I feel for you right now. Thanks so much for sharing! And I’m so in love with that mirror on the wall in the green room.

  168. Thanks so much for filling us in on the details of your amazing day! Lots of great pictures, but “prom pose” tops them all.

    Jenna does look like she is deliberately covering her ring finger – I remember during the Season 2/3 summer hiatus she posted a picture on myspace of David/Roy in which he was clearly wearing a wedding ring. What an uproar that caused! I guess she has learned her lesson :)

  169. Okay after going through all these pictures and being insanely jealous of everything you got to do these are my only two thoughts:

    1) Awesome that Jrze had officetally on his computer behind you guys… hahaha

    2) Holy crap Jenna does the same typing test we rock in the OTCR!!! ( I’m actually FAR too excited about this. I know it’s a common website I’m sure, but still…if she got that link from jrze I might squee haha)

  170. Thanks for sharing Tanster! That picture of of you and John is just ADORABLE. I truly did let out an “aww” when I saw it =)

    I’m so happy that you’re getting to do all these fun things. No one deserves it more than you.

  171. Awww Mindy looked adorable. I hope the next couple episodes include some Kelly scenes. My God, have I missed her! lol Everyone else looked great too. I think it’s funny how Jenna managed to hide her left ring finger in every picture. :)

  172. Thank you for all the wonderful photos! The one of you and John is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

  173. Obviously you can’t give us any details whatsoever, but can you give us a general impression of the finale? Your emotional reaction?

    I can’t freaking wait!

  174. Tanster…I’m so jealous! John is so awesome. I can’t believe that you guys are going to prom together. He he! I understand the squee factor…as a 29 year old woman, I haven’t had it it years until now.

    Next time you make an Office set visit, tell the whole cast from all of us how awesome they are. And pretty please tell John that GHalpert in OH, thinks he’s wonderful : )

    Thanks for sharing all these pics Tanster. You made my monday : )

  175. Thank you for such a detailed report tanster! I’m glad you had another excellent visit on the set! You should frame that prom shot with John…it’s a keeper. I can’t believe how much food craft services gives them! Thanks for giving us a little peak behind the scenes, I love seeing what goes down over there (:

  176. Fabulous photos Tanster! What an exciting day! I liked the photo of Angela and Ed. And of course the one of you and John.

    Thanks for the inside peek of the set.

  177. Tanster, it sounds like you had another amazing set visit. It doesn’t even sound like it, it looks like it! I’m incredibly jealous, but am glad you’re representing the Bay to the fullest down there. Showing them what’s up ;) no, but honestly, what a wonderful trip and thank you and everyone at The Office for providing us fans with this insight!

  178. Thanks for all the detail. How amazing! I’m glad you had such a great time! A day to remember for sure!!

  179. What an experience!! Awesome.

    And, I must say Ms. Tanster, you look fantastic!

    [from tanster: why thank you, ms. weber.]

  180. Tanster, that report was super ridiculously awesome. You are the luckiest person on the planet. I would give the left one of any of my pairs of body parts to visit that set and meet those people.

  181. You’re my hero! What a great blog! Man the Prom pose with John. I would have turned a very dark shade of scarlet with that! LOL

  182. Tan Monster! Is it weird that I’m also jealous of that prom pose?

    It’s so awesome that you got to go. And even more awesome that you shared with us!

  183. Thanks so much Tan Monster for being so awesome and taking the time to share your amazing experience with us! What a great report. Were you able to talk to B.J. at all or just see him filming? Mindy looks GREAT! I love that Rainn congratulated you on your acquisition. Thanks for taking so many detailed photos of the set. I love the certificate for the speed dialing and memo sorting competition.

  184. I haven’t read all the comments, so I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but will you be able to give us some cool behind the scenes info once the finale has aired? :)

    Awesome, awesome report.

  185. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! I’m glad you had such a great time – and congrats on the prom pose! ;)

  186. Anyone else notice on page 14 that Jenna is noticably hiding that left hand??? I cant wait to see how things develop over the next few weeks! Thanks Tanster!

  187. Does anyone else find it funny that Dwight has alot of sports related items on his desk? Gerry McNamara bobblehead (Syracuse b-ball player and a giveaway at a SWB game), a SWB Yankee’s mug, and of course my favorite – The Penn State Nittany Lion (yay!). Dwight doesn’t strike me as a sports fan.

  188. Tanster, Thanks for the sharing your pictures with us. I have been waiting patiently, wondering when you would have time to post them all. The prom pose is a keeper. How did you stay composed? You are such a fortunate person, and I am so happy for you!

  189. Lucky you! I discovered this site today, and I’m glad there’s a place where we obsessive fans can pick apart our favorite shows. Can’t wait ’til Thursday! But you probably know what’s going to happen already, since you were present for the finale taping. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “Luckyy!” [:

  190. Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic experience with us, Tanster! I think I speak for all Tallyheads when I say that you completely deserve all the rewards in the world for the work you put into this site. I’m so happy that the Office cast and crew agrees! I hope they continue to invite you the set — no one deserves it more than you!

  191. Tanster, how awesome!! I’m so happy you got so many behind-the-scenes shots; that part of shows/movies has always been more interesting to me! My *favorite* was Creed’s plaque for surviving the 60s…that’s hilarious! Oh and your prom pic with John, hehehe!

  192. If the “Prom Photo” makes me smile and laugh, i can only imagine what it does for you!! lucky girl!

  193. Thanks for such a great report! Just finished looking it all over in between takes on set. I was happy to show you around, you are too sweet. Glad you had fun…we liked having you. You are a-w-e-s-o-m-e- too lady.

  194. Congrats on your awesome set visit, Tanster! You totally deserve it, and I hope you get to enjoy more set visits in the future!

    Loved the prom pic, by the way ;D

  195. Did anyone else notice how the photos with Pam don’t show the left hand? Casual shot or careful posing?

  196. wow. i am so jealous of you tanster!

    that photo with u and John had me in a puddle. ok that’s enough squeeing for now. :)

  197. I just had the chance to read this and I loved every detail. The prom pose is my favorite picture. Thanks so much for posting this!

    BTW, how cute is Jen Celotta??

  198. who’s in the photo next to Dwight’s bobblehead of the Nittany Lion?

  199. Thanks for sharing all the photos and deets (lol my michael impression of “details”) of your visit to our favourite place in Scranton “Tan Monster”! I loved the pic of you and John, it made me want to squee. :)I’m glad you had fun and I hope you get to go again soon!

  200. Hi Jennie! What a lucky girl you are!!! I haven’t been able to get on my computer for a week. My internet service is sending me a new modem. {I don’t know much about computers}I tried for an hour today before I got on, I hope that when I get the new modem it will fix the problem. Also I can get DSL in June I think. It is nice to live in the country but it takes a while for things to get here. I am so very happy for you that you got to meet everyone, tomorrow is Thursday!!! I tried to look up all your pictures but can’t bring the pages up. Thank you again for a wonderful fan site.

  201. These are all amazing and hilarious :)
    The prom picture is beyond ridiculous! I love it.
    and Tan Monster is definitely your new name. You should enforce its use.

  202. OMGOSH ed helm’s star wars models! AWESOME

    HAHAH i looooooooooooove how everyone’s desks has something work related to it, papers and etc
    but michael’s desk does NOT — void of any work progress

    great attention to detail
    great environment!
    thanks, tanster! I really enjoyed this tour :)

  203. I have to say, I’m freaking jealous of Tanster and her Prom portrait with John! and those pictures of him are squeeeeeeeeeeelightful

    JEN LOOKS GORGEOUS! is it me or does she look skinnier with your camera than on tv?
    I love all the crew pictures and the set
    aaaaaand the snack counter! wow. i hope everyone washes their hands before going in there :P

    wow an angela stuntwoman. where there others? like for kate or paul?

  204. Two of my favorite websites crossed paths today!!!

    Saw this at thinking it might be something I hadn’t seen before:

    The Office – Set Visit

    Fans of the show will probably appreciate the gratuitous photos of the set.

    I clicked the link and was pumped up to see the link of Tanster’s set visit!

    Sorry, I had to share my little moment of The Office geekdom!

  205. A TIE fighter and a X-Wing and a Y-Wing?!?!?! How did Ed Helms do that?? For a life-long Star Wars fan, that is pretty freakin’ awesome.

  206. Hi Tanster,

    Just wondering since the Season Finale has now aired are you still bound by that confidentiality agreement? If not, can you share if you were privy to any spoilers when you were on set? Did you know Andy and Angela were the ones getting engaged? Did you know Jim and Pam didn’t get engaged? Just wondering how much you had to keep confidential. Thanks!

  207. OMGosh! I want a prom photo! This is an awsome web site, just barely found it, (I am very careful with fan web sites, sometimes they are.. mmhh.. weird)It’s soooo awesome, I wanna be you in that pic! Maybe I can photo shop myself in it! (kidding):)

  208. It is so amazing that you were able to do this! It’s my dream to do this one day! It seems like such a mind-boggling experience! How exactly were you able to visit the set?

  209. You are very lucky, i bet it was fun to meet Steve and Jenna. And you got to meet Dwight you are so lucky.

  210. How did you get to visit the set of the office? That’s an amazing opportunity, a dream of mine. haha

  211. That is SO cool!! and a good read. =) you made 21 pages not boring. the pictures helped as well.

    speaking of which, John and the prom thing?! insane! putting his arms around you, not only unagainst his will but his own doing. nice.

    [from tanster: thanks so much, cait! yes, it was totally insane. ;) ]

  212. I think it’s funny that the typing test in that photo of Jenna’s desk is the same one I used to get the job I’m at. hahaha.. I guess I really AM the incarnate Pam Beesley.

  213. Hey, is that Gerry McNamara next to Dwight’s bobblehead? …popular SU player from Scranton. :D

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