‘The Office’ to stream free on NBC.com

While no official announcement has been made yet, I have been told that Season 4 episodes of The Office will stream free on NBC.com, starting September 27th!

Episodes will be viewable online after they air on the West Coast, with limited commercial interruption. (Similar to what they do now with Friday Night Lights.)

Here’s a screenshot, courtesy of NBC.com. Looks pretty good, no?


  1. Sorry this won’t make up for the Itunes thing with me. I bought a video Ipod specfically to watch the shows. THIS does not help me. So I still say BOO you NBC.

  2. I live in the U.S. so I’m happy about this, but I have a feeling that our Canadian friends won’t be able to enjoy this feature.

  3. I’m still pissed at NBC.

    Streaming is ok, but I want to DOWNLOAD the show on my MacBook (can’t do with Amazon). You still haven’t solved my problem, NBC. Keep trying.

  4. The video quality on NBC.com is crap. This makes up for nothing. There is a huge difference between streaming low quality video and being able to download decent quality video.

    Unless they stream quality equal to if not better then iTunes, I’ll pass.

  5. Fabulous news! I don’t have a DVR so at least this will be a safety net for me to be able to see episodes (or parts of episodes) that I have missed!

    Or, to watch them over and over again. lol

  6. Boo!!! Who wants to watch a video on their computer in crappy resolution? Bring back iTunes support, or I’ll have to start calling you “National Broadcasting Crap”, regardless of the fact that you have my 4 favorite shows! (Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs & Heroes.) :-)

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