Thank you, Kev!

Kevin Malone

Just a little thank you to one Mr. Kevin Malone, who made a surprise visit to the OfficeTally Chat Room yesterday!

He logged in from the set Scranton and said, “I am just checking in, post-Emmys to thank all of you for the support.” He chatted with us for about 15 minutes before having to attend a meeting in the conference room. (Hope he didn’t get in trouble with Angela!)

A very abbreviated transcript after the jump.

kev: good afternoon
Jim Mosby: how are you kev?
kev: everyone
kev: i am just checking in, post emmys to thank all of you for the support
kev: this is dunder mifflin’s kev
Angelica: ahhh … hello dunder mifflin kev :D
kev: writing from dunder mifflin
Jim Mosby: *nice*
kev: in accounting
casinodundie: How goes it back at the office?
kev: it is good
kev: i am writing for some information
Angelica: ask away, kev
kev: have any of you seen all of the posts on office tallys page regarding the emmys?
Angelica: yes
DestroyPhone: indeed kev
casinodundie: They gathered almost everything there is
kev: ok, so … Miss Office Tally
kev: has posted some interview
kev: given by a guy who looks like me
casinodundie: That Brian character
kev: Brian I think his name is
kev: but
kev: gave some interview to tv guide
kev: and he talked about the premiere
kev: what did Brian say
kev: about the premiere
kev: we do not have sound at dunder mifflin
DestroyPhone: i believe Brian is looking into the relationship of jim and pam …
kev: tanster
tanster: kevvvvv!
kev: so what did Brian say to ausiello
kev: about the premiere?
Angelica: brian is going to go into investigative mode
tanster: trying to figure out if jim and pam are going out
kev: ok
casinodundie: Well, he has practice — he did try to make that Pam/Karen list
kev: perfect
Angelica: apparently kevin found his niche
tanster: kev you’re way smarter than people give u credit for
kev: yes i am stealth
tanster: totally
Angelica: super stealth
kev: exactly
kev: ok
kev: i want to thank everyone for their support
kev: once again
casinodundie: We’re happy to give all that we can to you guys
kev: and i wanted to tell you all that i learned something last night
tanster: tell everybody at DM that we love ’em
kev: i learned this
kev: that
kev: The Emmys
kev: are more fun
kev: when you win
kev: i learned that
Angelica: awww … next year buddy
kev: no i am not unhappy
kev: was fun
kev: real fun
kev: but
kev: it is more fun when you win
kev: i promise you this
kev: i had a REAL good time
kev: but then again
kev: i always do
tanster: you’re party central, kev
DestroyPhone: lol i’m sure you do kev
updog: stacie looked good as BJ’s date
kev: hahaha updog that was good
kev: that was my date, actually, but i lost her at the very beginning of the night
tanster: lol
Jim Mosby: :( poor kev
casinodundie: Ryan just steals everything away these days…
kev: true that
kev: ok
kev: i have to run
kev: i have
kev: a very important meeting
kev: in the conference room
kev: later dudes
kev: bye
kev: peace


  1. That is awesome! Can I repeat how much I love the cast and writers?

    I should have popped my head in the chat room last night.

  2. that is so great! I actually joined the chatroom for a bit last night but missed this! :( I love how the cast is so in touch with their fans.

  3. This is precisely why The Office IS the best show on TV, Emmy or no, and also the best show to be a fan of!

  4. Dude, Stacy needs to watch herself. Kevin is obviously quite a guy, to stop in and say hello to us like that, and I’m not sure he’s getting the treatment he deserves! Going off with Ryan? Unacceptable, Stacy!

  5. Kevin rules. He’s an interacter. That’s always so fun for us fans. ;) Yay! And….he gave out tiny clues to the new season, yes? Very nice.

  6. Gold medals and Dundies all around for Kevin- I’d probably value awards that Michael[Dundies]and Pam[gold medals]made themselves rather than any old Emmy. Good luck on the trail.
    Try not to run into Dwight and Angela during your investigating, for your own protection- just a thought[but don’t hesitate to bring them by here if possible]

  7. speaking of the chat room, i’m having trouble getting in. I click on either small or large window and it pops up in another window as blank. I’m using Firefox and I have the latest version of Java. Any ideas?


  8. -#21-

    I think that Brian was writing in as Kev. Hope that helps. And, don’t mind “#24”.

  9. How cool was that plus I appreciate his honesty. I watched very little of the show but watched the videos of the cast and saw the pictures and they all looked a little uptight, with the exception of maybe Brian and Angela. So, it must stink to go there with at least some reasonable expectation of winning and then losing in all the acting and Best Comedy categories. And as a fan, I know I need to get over it, but I still can’t believe the show and JF did not win.

  10. He is awesome! I wish I would have been in the chat room when he was on! Maybe next time. Thanks for posting the transcript though!

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