The Office Webisodes: The Mentor

The Office webisode series “The Mentor” was written by Jonathan Hughes and Nate Federman, and directed by Kelly Cantley. It debuted on March 4th, 2010.

UPDATE: behind the scenes with Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper:

[ video no longer available]

The Mentor


  1. I can’t stop watching this. Also, didn’t Erin say (in Scott’s Tots?) something about wanting to be an accountant? I can’t remember.

    A storyline that they’re going back to, whoo!

  2. I was about to gush over these two being paired up and then I had a thought:

    Are there any two characters on the show would would not be hysterical together?

  3. Hey you guys, I’m going to be on a press call tomorrow morning (Friday) with Angela and Ellie.

    I’ll probably get to ask, at the most, two questions.

    If you have any questions for Angela or Ellie, please post them here. Thanks! :)

  4. For Ellie – As a new cast member, do you feel more comfortable working in the webisodes, such as The Mentor and Subtle Sexuality, which have a smaller cast?

  5. hey tanster, on the show, Erin told Michael that she would like to be an accountant (Scott’s Tots)

    you could ask them if this webisode will have any effect on the show… because it sounds like Erin is really trying hard to become an accountant..

  6. This question would’ve worked best for the Sabre Q&A, but I was late so might as well try anyway:

    In the Sabre episode, when Gabe and the office were in the conference room, Michael comments the Welcome the Sabre video in one shot, then in the next shot Gabe explains that the office will also sell printers, and the shot after that Michael says “Perfect.”, but if you look closely, Erin/Ellie has disappeared, then is back in the shot where Meredith calls out. So my question is where did she go?

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