1. I can’t stop watching this. Also, didn’t Erin say (in Scott’s Tots?) something about wanting to be an accountant? I can’t remember.

    A storyline that they’re going back to, whoo!

  2. I was about to gush over these two being paired up and then I had a thought:

    Are there any two characters on the show would would not be hysterical together?

  3. Hey you guys, I’m going to be on a press call tomorrow morning (Friday) with Angela and Ellie.

    I’ll probably get to ask, at the most, two questions.

    If you have any questions for Angela or Ellie, please post them here. Thanks! :)

  4. For Ellie – As a new cast member, do you feel more comfortable working in the webisodes, such as The Mentor and Subtle Sexuality, which have a smaller cast?

  5. hey tanster, on the show, Erin told Michael that she would like to be an accountant (Scott’s Tots)

    you could ask them if this webisode will have any effect on the show… because it sounds like Erin is really trying hard to become an accountant..

  6. This question would’ve worked best for the Sabre Q&A, but I was late so might as well try anyway:

    In the Sabre episode, when Gabe and the office were in the conference room, Michael comments the Welcome the Sabre video in one shot, then in the next shot Gabe explains that the office will also sell printers, and the shot after that Michael says “Perfect.”, but if you look closely, Erin/Ellie has disappeared, then is back in the shot where Meredith calls out. So my question is where did she go?

  7. I HAVE A QUESTION: Is Erin going to have to watch out for Angela’s wrath when it comes out that Andy likes her? I’m scared for Erin!

    The webisodes look hilarious. What a pair. I can’t wait!

  8. I want to know how Ellie felt when she came into “The Office” last season? I bet it was a little intimidating coming onto one of the most successful shows on television and to come so late in the game, she has been hilarious…and also so “at home.” We are glad to have you Ellie!! The story line with Erin and Andy is one of the best :) I enjoy ever minute of your awkward/funny/cute scenes!

  9. Question. Is Angela doing this because she is jealous of Erin’s relationship with Andy? Maybe the right one got away? :)

  10. Yes! Some Angela focus. How I have missed “Andrea – the Office b***h” – Creed Bratton.

    No one plays it better than Angela Kinsey. She’s so sweet in real life and smily! To turn that off takes the talent of a damn good actress.

  11. Why is Erin so stupid and naive? She thinks she could be a good accountant, because she liked Count on Sesame Street? Who talks like that? Ellie is a fantastic performer, but her character is unbelievable, even with the explanation that she’s an orphan.

  12. @20 Um, she was looking for a pencil she dropped on the floor. (It’s just an editing error. Hardly worth blowing a question on.)

  13. This is my favourite webisode series thus far. Some of my favourite background characters are in this one. Erin was lovely; I love her innocent naive sort of personality. It isn’t entirely realistic, but there are people like that in the world.

    Ellie: Was Erin’s upbeat yet naive sort of personality your own creation? She seems to know that Kelly takes advantage of her, and yet their friendship is still quite real. You play it so well and I love that dynamic.

  14. @28 I don’t understand your confusion. Half the characters on this show are stupid and naive.

    Anyway, that was amazing. Creed’s reaction to Erin’s “kidnapping” was the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show in weeks.

    The webisodes have been A+ stuff since Subtle Sexuality. With all the focus on the Halperts lately, these have been keeping me a happy fan. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  15. I loved this! Ryan in the closet – wow haha I thought for a moment it was BJ actually breaking. Maybe it was a little of both haha he looked like he was about to laugh the whole time.

    Plus – 70% accuracy! haha great job Office folks :)

  16. A nice, strong webisode – it didn’t feel like anything too special overall, but I actually had to pause it for a minute to stop laughing after Ryan’s threesome comments. Oh, Ryan. You’re cracking me up this season like never before.

  17. I LOVED these! Hilarious! At first I couldn’t understand Kelly at the end, but she said “My sister just got named Prom Queen!” SO funny. Everyone acted so well in these!

  18. Oh my goodness, four years ago I choose the best possible TV show to fall in love with. How can anyone top this? Ryan was hilarious (as per usual, I mean what’s not to laugh at with his goofy outfits these days?) Kelly was crazy, and Angela and Kevin, well, that’s just Angela and Kevin, who are just incredible. I love this, and I’m so glad Ellie is getting a chance to shine! Hilarious and perfect, all around. Thank goodness I’ve got something to keep me busy until 9 tonight! I can’t wait!

  19. Kevin totally stole the show. And I’m glad she’s still friends with kelly so another subtle sexuality webisode is possible.

  20. i love the behind-the-scenes pictures… especially with angela and the camera. that thing’s almost as big as she is!

  21. i love the behind-the-scenes video! that little dance they do about 1 minute in cracks me up!

    “i am wearing a blouse with 32 buttons.”

  22. Can someone please tell me what Creed couldn’t be reimbursed for? I couldn’t quite make it out through my laptop speakers.

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