Jenna Fischer talks to KSDK

spoiler alertContent and comments may contain spoilers. (At the very end of the clip, Jenna talks about upcoming episodes.)

The Office’s Jenna Fischer talks to KSDK in St. Louis, where Jenna recently co-chaired a benefit for her high school, Nerinx Hall.

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  1. Excellent interview! Jenna is great as always. And it’s really cool because we are both from St. Louis so it’s nice to see her talk about it.

  2. Jenna is so nice and down to earth, I still think she should be with JK in real life!!

  3. Such a nice interview…Jenna is so classy and down-to-earth. How refreshing to hear a celebrity talk about family values, the importance of growing up with roots, and coming home.

  4. I would second the vote that Jenna seems so classy in this interview! I also loved the shout out to the T-ravs!

  5. jenna is such a genuine, sweet person. i adore her! great interview.

    the camera work however… not so great.

  6. Jenna is the greatest!! It’s hard to believe she’s such a big star – you never get the slightest hint of any diva-ness from her. She really seems like someone you’d want to be friends with!

    (And she looks gorgeous, as always.)

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