‘The Promotion’ clips

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Here’s a second promo of this week’s episode of The Office, ‘The Promotion’:

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A first clip of ‘The Promotion,’ aired during Angela Kinsey’s visit to ‘Craig Ferguson.’

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  1. I still can’t believe they showed this on CBS. crazy NBC. I had to mute the volume because I didn’t want to hear the clip!

  2. I’m excited to see how this ‘Promotion’ for Jim pans out. What’s wrong w/ NBC showing the clip on CBS’ C. Ferguson show?

  3. I don’t know how well this is going to work out. As we have seen in the past Jim has not been very successful in a leadership role.

  4. You know, I wasn’t nervous about Jim’s promotion until now… while some conflict always makes things interesting, I’m a little concerned that this might turn into a mutiny (like what we saw during S4 when Jim took on more responsibility, like in “Night Out” and “Survivor Man”). I think things are generally best when everyone (more or less) is getting along, and conflicts arise from time to time but aren’t the norm.

  5. I want Jim to lay the smack down on everyone so bad! LOL I understand them not taking him seriously in previous episodes when he was put in a leadership position, but now it’s for real so they need to suck it up :) I’m excited about what this means for future episodes!!!

  6. Thank God there’s not a laugh track in the show. The laughing at the end of the clip made it seem so weird.

    I love Angela’s ‘stupid’ voice. “But, I do not understand.”

    [from tanster: yeah, i agree it’s weird. the laughing at the beginning and end of the clip is from the craig ferguson show.]

  7. Oscar is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. His delivery and facial expressions are always so perfect and memorable.
    I miss when people liked Jim…remember in Office Olympics and The Fire when he could entertain them so well?

  8. I agree with #15. Why the need for everyone to hate Jim? They don’t really like Pam anymore and now Jim? Kind of frustrating.

  9. I wonder who the other job offer Jim was getting was. It would be funny if it was Staples, and he’d be working with Josh again.

    Somehow I have a feeling Jim isn’t going to do a great job as a manager. It’s just that he hasn’t done great before, and I can understand why everyone got mad at him in that clip; I wouldn’t want to hear about “how smart I am” after I was just told I was being skipped on a raise.

  10. HAHAHAH that was DEFINITELY a “world’s best boss” mug in Jim’s hand.. Michael probably gave it to him. And I wonder where his office is? They probably wouldn’t give up the conference room… hopefully Jim will make a good boss. But I’m predicting that tensions between Dwight and Jim will be hilarious!

  11. I think that although Michael is absolutely out of his mind, the staff has actually gotten used to his ways and may not be able to adapt. Some see Jim as a know-it-all and him being younger than most of them might be hard for them to swallow. At least 3 of them wanted the branch manager position in the past. Definitely the best man for the job but Jim is way too logical and sane for this bunch!

  12. I think the reason the office can’t seem to handle Jim in a leadership position is because they are used to Michael, who tries to hide things from them. Everytime Jim seems to be in a leadership position he tells it like it is. Maybe Michael has been right all along!

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