1. Funny story. Don’t like Leno’s new setup where he’s also in a chair, doesnt’ seem comfortable or natural.

  2. I agree. They tried to make it more natural or conversational by getting rid of the desk, but Leno just looks uncomfortable. Funny stuff, though.

  3. Haha! Ok, no other celeb has such hilarious & cute kids stories as Steve Carell! Lol at the bachelor food, even though that was just gross. I was hoping Steve would show up with a list of pet peeves like his past Leno appearances – those were always funny.

    [from tanster: oh yeah, what was that again? — raisins, whipped cream, and what?]

  4. I love Steve Carell, but I can’t stand Leno. I never thought he was a great interviewer, and his new format makes every conversation seem stilted and unnatural. Also, something’s really throwing me about the audience’s constant laughter…almost sounds like a laugh track sometimes. Am I alone on that?

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