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Here’s a second promo of this week’s episode of The Office, ‘The Promotion’:

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A first clip of ‘The Promotion,’ aired during Angela Kinsey’s visit to ‘Craig Ferguson.’

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  1. I still can’t believe they showed this on CBS. crazy NBC. I had to mute the volume because I didn’t want to hear the clip!

  2. I’m excited to see how this ‘Promotion’ for Jim pans out. What’s wrong w/ NBC showing the clip on CBS’ C. Ferguson show?

  3. I don’t know how well this is going to work out. As we have seen in the past Jim has not been very successful in a leadership role.

  4. You know, I wasn’t nervous about Jim’s promotion until now… while some conflict always makes things interesting, I’m a little concerned that this might turn into a mutiny (like what we saw during S4 when Jim took on more responsibility, like in “Night Out” and “Survivor Man”). I think things are generally best when everyone (more or less) is getting along, and conflicts arise from time to time but aren’t the norm.

  5. I want Jim to lay the smack down on everyone so bad! LOL I understand them not taking him seriously in previous episodes when he was put in a leadership position, but now it’s for real so they need to suck it up :) I’m excited about what this means for future episodes!!!

  6. Thank God there’s not a laugh track in the show. The laughing at the end of the clip made it seem so weird.

    I love Angela’s ‘stupid’ voice. “But, I do not understand.”

    [from tanster: yeah, i agree it’s weird. the laughing at the beginning and end of the clip is from the craig ferguson show.]

  7. Oscar is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. His delivery and facial expressions are always so perfect and memorable.
    I miss when people liked Jim…remember in Office Olympics and The Fire when he could entertain them so well?

  8. I agree with #15. Why the need for everyone to hate Jim? They don’t really like Pam anymore and now Jim? Kind of frustrating.

  9. I wonder who the other job offer Jim was getting was. It would be funny if it was Staples, and he’d be working with Josh again.

    Somehow I have a feeling Jim isn’t going to do a great job as a manager. It’s just that he hasn’t done great before, and I can understand why everyone got mad at him in that clip; I wouldn’t want to hear about “how smart I am” after I was just told I was being skipped on a raise.

  10. HAHAHAH that was DEFINITELY a “world’s best boss” mug in Jim’s hand.. Michael probably gave it to him. And I wonder where his office is? They probably wouldn’t give up the conference room… hopefully Jim will make a good boss. But I’m predicting that tensions between Dwight and Jim will be hilarious!

  11. I think that although Michael is absolutely out of his mind, the staff has actually gotten used to his ways and may not be able to adapt. Some see Jim as a know-it-all and him being younger than most of them might be hard for them to swallow. At least 3 of them wanted the branch manager position in the past. Definitely the best man for the job but Jim is way too logical and sane for this bunch!

  12. I think the reason the office can’t seem to handle Jim in a leadership position is because they are used to Michael, who tries to hide things from them. Everytime Jim seems to be in a leadership position he tells it like it is. Maybe Michael has been right all along!

  13. Where the heck are Jim and Michael sitting in that second clip? Definitely not Michael’s office. Doesn’t look like the conference room either. Love Jim with the World’s Best Boss mug. I’d take him over Michael any day!

  14. The new office almost looks like The Michael Scott Paper Company/Cafe Disco except it has a window. Weren’t there other doors on that back hallway? The one that runs behind the conference room? Maybe Jim’s office is there.

  15. I predict that corporate decides to limit who gets bonuses (in the ‘The Promotion’ synopsis it says David Wallace delivers that bad news, meaning it’s not likely that Jim made the decision), Jim decides to be up-front with his coworkers, they get mad at the messenger but realize their error and apologize, the episode ends with Jim looking good and honest.

  16. I noticed the mug too! I bet Michael gave it to Jim as a present! I don’t think Angela and Oscar should be criticizing the sales staff. During the recession, the sales staff (with the exception of Andy who has admitted to low numbers) has had great sales numbers and now Scranton is the number one branch in the company. Even though the accountants and others are also working hard, the sales staff has helped keep the company going. Jim was right to give the raises to them.

  17. After watching this clip does anyone think that Jim should be in charge of big picture stuff and Michael day to day stuff? I wonder if there is going to be that kind of consideration for the two characters.

  18. I believe the natural decision is to give sales staff bonuses as they are the ones having to make the actual sales – it is motivation for them to improve. If your sales staff are unmotivated then they are not going to make any sales are they??

  19. 25. – I agree. It was corporate’s decision, not Jim’s. He’s gotten screwed every time he’s had any leadership opportunity, this time should be different. The rest of the office will figure things out and appreciate/respect Jim, again, finally…

  20. haha, did anybody else notice at .14 on the second promo that creed looks bald?

    it looks like a “who hates jim” club is forming. all the non-sales people + dwight.

  21. Hey Tanster, did you mean Steve’s visit to Leno? I don’t think he was on Conan this week.

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  22. It looks like this week’s episode is going to get tense and uncomfortable (yay!). And I think the fact that it’s already sparking debate over corporate decision-making is fantastic. Let the banter begin!

  23. It would be nice to see some development and wins for Jim outside of his relationship. Like coming through and showing some talent and rapport with the others. Or show failures that are more consistent with his strengths. The fun, well-liked, team oriented guy who can rally others into attending parties, watching the locally made commercial or playing office games seems to totally disappear in some of the “management jim” storylines. He seems like Michael-lite and even the office people seem to forget that he was ever their friend. Maybe I’d just like to see him catch a break!

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