1. Cool, but the last one didnt work in Canada, so this one likely wont either :(
    Well at least now I have more to look forward to when the DVD comes out!

  2. ohh thats so exciting because i’m taping it and i’m not sure if my vcr will come through for me. this just made my horrible day so much better!

  3. Why doesn’t NBC just push off 30 rock and put extended versions of the Office and Scrubs or Earl. I’ve watched 30 rock, its really not that funny, I mean Alec Baldwin is sometimes, but the rest really isn’t that interesting.

    Just a thought

  4. That’s right, Big Tuna. In a way, I am disappointed to hear this. Faithful fan, can’t watch the director’s cut since I am in Canada (at least not easily). So, as with the earlier one, I end up feeling like I am missing something. Will have to wait for the DVD.

  5. Strawberryblonde, a producer’s cut is the episode before scenes were edited out, stuff that either didn’t make the final cut or didn’t fit the time constraints…it’s basically the episode plus what would have otherwise been the deleted scenes we’d have to watch on nbc.com

  6. That’s great news to everyone in the US, not so much me :(
    But I hope someone will report about the extra scenes if possible :)

  7. Whoo! My day just got ten times better. And I have to agree with Dean, let’s just get rid of 30 Rock and have extended episodes every week. I have really really tried, but I just don’t find 30 Rock that funny.

  8. Well, wasn’t last time the producer’s cut was the one that was on iTunes? If so, then maybe the Canada fans can get it off there. Just a thought. :-)

  9. Mari, if only it was that easy–itunes Canada doesn’t let us buy TV episodes, and itunes in the states requires a U.S credit card address :(

  10. I’m pretty sure itunes takes paypal and doesn’t paypal work in Canada? Just tryin’ to help.

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