NBC’s Kevin Reilly guests on ‘The Office’

Did you miss NBC President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly’s cameo on ‘The Office’ last night? Me too!

With no advance fanfare, Reilly briefly popped up in this week’s episode of the Peacock’s hit laffer “The Office.” Reilly — whose cameo featured no lines and lasted about three seconds — played a prospective boss interviewing Dwight Schruth (Rainn Wilson) for a job.

Link: NBC’s Reilly guests on ‘The Office’

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  1. Joseph Adalain clearly doesn’t watch the show, or he would know how to spell Schrute. Dwight’s nameplate has shown up in countless episodes.

    Also, what does “skein” mean? Is that even a word?

    Anyway, this is still cool. I’m glad Ken Reilly has fought so hard to keep the show on and is now reaping the benefits and so are the rest of us.

  2. OMG – I guess that’s the reason I don’t read Variety. Any magazine that’s allowed to make up their own language is too complicated for me.

    Did you see their definition for B.O.?

    B.O. — box office or box office receipts; ” ‘Boogie Nights’ did brisk biz at the B.O.” or “The B.O. for ‘Men in Black’ is whammo overseas.

    See, if I read that in a magazine I would think that they were saying that Wil Smith forgets to shower when he’s overseas.

  3. When Kevin Reilly came on screen, I knew he was someone. I actually asked peeps if it was Greg Daniels. I didn’t think it was but I couldn’t figure out who it was.

  4. A skein is an actual word, exclusive of Variety… it’s a length of coiled thread or yarn… or a succession or series of something.

    Thank you, dictionary.com!

  5. Tanster – how about including who the episodes are directed by in a line above or below where you say who they are written by? On the episode threads.

  6. Glad someone already brought it up. I’m not much of a knitter/crocheter, but I distinctly remember my mom referring to “skeins” of yarn.

  7. This style of writing is an example of the contorted lengths a writer/editor goes to in order to have “variation” (“the Peacock” instead of saying “NBC” over and over) and also to sound hip and insiderish with lots of slang, shop-talk, and buzz words. Not my cup of tea.

  8. I hate having to say “This was my favorite episode of The Office”, because I bet you 5 bucks that next week I’ll be saying the same thing. :P

    But it was a relief to finally see some progress on the Jim/Pam situation. I hate when I have to watch an episode without a little segment with them. It just ruins it for me.

    As for Karen, yeah I feel bad. But not THAT bad. ;) Jim and Pam are soul mates. Someone needs to tell her that so she can move back to Conneticut.

  9. LazyScranton, that’s Variety’s signature writing style. It’s not a case of a single writer or editor going to “contorted lengths,” or trying to be hip. Anyone else who writes like that is copying Variety — they’re the original at that style, like it or not.

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