1. Cool, but the last one didnt work in Canada, so this one likely wont either :(
    Well at least now I have more to look forward to when the DVD comes out!

  2. ohh thats so exciting because i’m taping it and i’m not sure if my vcr will come through for me. this just made my horrible day so much better!

  3. Why doesn’t NBC just push off 30 rock and put extended versions of the Office and Scrubs or Earl. I’ve watched 30 rock, its really not that funny, I mean Alec Baldwin is sometimes, but the rest really isn’t that interesting.

    Just a thought

  4. That’s right, Big Tuna. In a way, I am disappointed to hear this. Faithful fan, can’t watch the director’s cut since I am in Canada (at least not easily). So, as with the earlier one, I end up feeling like I am missing something. Will have to wait for the DVD.

  5. Strawberryblonde, a producer’s cut is the episode before scenes were edited out, stuff that either didn’t make the final cut or didn’t fit the time constraints…it’s basically the episode plus what would have otherwise been the deleted scenes we’d have to watch on nbc.com

  6. That’s great news to everyone in the US, not so much me :(
    But I hope someone will report about the extra scenes if possible :)

  7. Whoo! My day just got ten times better. And I have to agree with Dean, let’s just get rid of 30 Rock and have extended episodes every week. I have really really tried, but I just don’t find 30 Rock that funny.

  8. Well, wasn’t last time the producer’s cut was the one that was on iTunes? If so, then maybe the Canada fans can get it off there. Just a thought. :-)

  9. Mari, if only it was that easy–itunes Canada doesn’t let us buy TV episodes, and itunes in the states requires a U.S credit card address :(

  10. I’m pretty sure itunes takes paypal and doesn’t paypal work in Canada? Just tryin’ to help.

  11. Tonight:

    “Jim (John Krasinski) turns to Karen (guest star Rashida Jones) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) for help to stage a prank on a new target.”

    …according to this NBC press release.

    I think we all know who that target might be. Can’t wait!!

  12. I agree with those of you who don’t find 30 Rock that funny. But since Alec Baldwin won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy TV show, do you really think NBC is going to take it off the air? :-(

  13. that frickin rocks!!!! i hope its good 2nite im defintly gonna watch the producers cut.

  14. AWESOME surprise! I can’t catch the episode live tonight so I was just going to wait to download it, but this is even better since I can watch it when I get home!

  15. Does that mean iTunes will be releasing the director’s cut or that the NBC website will be putting up the director’s cut? Or both?

  16. Branch Closing’s producer’s cut was one of the best episodes of the season. hpoefully it will be the same with The Return

  17. For copyright reasons, iTunes cannot sell videos to Canadian viewers, so we are SOL. I haven’t been able to see the last producer’s cut, either. Sucks to be us, I guess.

  18. what a lovely surprise.

    we should give them something in return! hey, everyone, think of something we could give to the cast.

  19. This is great and all, but it can be very difficult to use the video player on the NBC site.

  20. Why oh why? This tortures me! I can’t watch it because I’m Canadian! Alas this is my curse and my blessing.

  21. For all you canadians, run your iTunes through a proxy server in America and you should be able to download videos and what not. Aside from that, tonights episode was great!

  22. Bird:

    It’s not up yet. It’ll be online AFTER today’s episode airs on the West Coast, which isn’t for another 1-1/2 hrs.

  23. still not seeing it. nbc.com is still showing the deleted scenes from travelling salesmen.

  24. megan:

    Not until midnight Eastern at the earliest! They’re not going to put it up until California has seen today’s episode.

  25. Ugh, the Office site is teasing us! It says it’s up then where the video should be playing it says “Connection Error! Please select another video”

  26. Ok… I’m hyperventalating. I couldn’t watch when it was on this evening, and not this BS. If they don’t fix it, them I’m gonna lose MY FREAKIN’ MIND :::kicks trash can:::

  27. Apparently can’t get the producers cut in Canada? That sucks. Please, someone post ASAP! I can’t wait much longer.

  28. it is working for me, just give it time.

    um did they seriously take out the most glorious creed moment ever?
    this show needs to be an hour long. i am so saddened.

  29. I didn’t think it was all that great. Good, but not great. The best scene was with Creed, Jim, and Oscar in the Kitchen. Oscar asks where Dwight is, and Creed tells him that he was de-capitated and they had a funeral for a bird. Jim says, “I’m pretty sure that’s not real,” so Creed yells at him, “You’re not real man!” Pretty funny.

    Kelly has a scene with Oscar asking him about his love for Lance Bass now. Oscar doesn’t know who that is, and Kelly says, “one of the 5 best singers ever.” She also says that he needs to know his culture more. That was funny, too.

    There was also a scene between Angela and Pam, where she pretty much tells Pam that she misses Dwight and is the reason he quit. Angela also says that she isn’t like Pam who wears provacative clothes and says what she feels all the time. So ironic.

    There were a few other fun little scenes as well.

  30. wow……..and andy is gone!!!! i almost want to watch him freak people out at anger management training!!!! loved creed’s reference to the bird burial! loved all of it, in fact. this episode was great to begin with, and was better with the extra scenes. phyllis’ maraccas? CLASSIC

  31. What I found interesting/funny was that the whole de-capitated thing and the bird funeral was actually real. I mean, Ed Truck and the bird funeral was in “Grief Counseling” which Jim was still in Stamford. :-)
    There was more fiesta scenes which included Phyllis shaking her chest at Michael. The Three Amigos comment was good, too.
    My question is that because they made the mid-season finale an hour, what would be the chance of them making the seasonl finale an hour as well?

  32. Why can’t we get that much Creed in the actual episodes?

    Funny stuff.

    We actually got a closeup of Meredith in the P.C. and Kelly got a scene.

    Now, if only Toby would get some attention every now and then…

    It was definitely worth staying up nice and late when I have to get up for school in 5 hrs and 17 min.

  33. The only technical problems I had was that the Autoplay skipped clip 3 and went straight to clip 4. Other than that, it was pretty smooth.

  34. Sorry one more comment. The added/deleted scene between Michael and Jim in the kitchen about how Andy did the same thing to Josh in Stamford was probably more of a driving force for Michael to take action against Andy. Without that scene, you don’t really know where exactly Michael got from just creeped out to annoyed to kind-of mad.

  35. CANADIANS!! If you want to watch the producer’s cut, go to this website http://tor.eff.org/ and download the program. Install it and run the program, make sure you ‘start’ Tor and ‘enable’ Privoxy (icons in taskbar). Clear your browser and internet download history.

    Now open the office website. It should work. It is slow but works.

  36. I know understand why michael’s hair was messed up when he went to look for dwight

  37. I think Michael’s hair was messed up because the top of his car wouldn’t go up. Therefore, he drove to staples with a bunch of snow in this car and the wind swishing through this hair!

  38. his hair was messed up because he’d just spent the previous scene cleaning all the snow out of his car that got in because he forgot to raise the convertable cover.

  39. I loved the Phyliss chest shaking scene, just the whole thing was great! And I loved the Pam/Angela scene. So sweet, so perfect and so funny. Angela has really been so great this whole season!

  40. he didnt forget to raise the cover on the convertible…it just wouldn’t get up. (thats what she said)

    hha i crack myself up

  41. I can’t believe they had to leave the Pam/Angela on the cutting room floor. I felt that was kind of a big deal. Or Oscar’s whole entire storyline for that matter. I wish every day was producer’s cut day. (Or pretzel day.)

  42. why didn’t they show that last bit about andy going to anger management in the tv version? is ed helms not going to be on the show for however many weeks that is? or is he going to go to anger management training in addition to going to work?

  43. Can we PLEASE have a producer’s cut EVERY week? The more Office, the better!

    This one was fantastic, though it was pretty much needed. With so much going on, I feel sorry for those that only watch what was shown on TV.

  44. Yeah Pam, you are always dressing provocatively and saying what ever is on your mind! LOL

    Thumbs up to the Prod-cut. Thanks, powers that be.

  45. As soon as Dwight returns, Michael is back to his old self: making awkward jokes and observations, sexually harassing Pam, taking credit for things he didn’t do, etc. This producer’s cut really should have been aired in full.

  46. i agree!!
    the part with pam and angela wasn’t in the real air was it???
    i couldn’t remember

  47. Jim, nice guy as he is, sometimes acts a little dickish due to his crush on Pam. Remember how he dumped Katy on the Booze Cruise? And now Karen? He dumped them both very bluntly, which isn’t too horrible of him, but he could have been slightly nicer about it.

    Just thought I’d mention it!

  48. seems like that anger management part was kind of important. they couldn’t fit it on the air when they were advertising musical scrubs?

  49. The producer’s cut was the best, even better than Branch Closing. The Office needs to be an hour long every week.

    I can’t believe they cut the Pam/Angela scene. That was such an integral part because it shows that Angela realizes and acknowledges that Pam knows about her and Dwight and she finally has someone to talk to about it. She really needs to have a friendship with Pam, that may be why she asked her out for coffee last week.

    It’s so funny to see Angela so emotional and all of a sudden she reverts back to her old self.

    “I miss him”
    “No, John Denver”

    But then she recovers and pulls Pam back and I was proud of her for that. She even gives Pam an awkward hug. That was such a great scene played so perfectly by Jenna and Angela.

  50. Loved the producer’s cut. Amazing stuff. The Office never wastes its extra time. The additional scenes clarified some of my questions from the original airing, too. For example, Pam asked Angela if she was okay. Angela responded, “No.” That didn’t develop in the half-hour episode. Why isn’t this show a full hour? I’m not disappointed that The Office didn’t win a Golden Globe. Until The Office, I never really watched TV shows on major networks or that were very popular. My favorites shows have always been canceled after one season and rarely recognized by award ceremonies. So, the fact that The Office didn’t win this time around is hardly a concern of mine. I’m just glad that NBC realizes it’s got a good thing going.

  51. I’m in Canada and haven’t watched the producer’s cut either, but I have read all the comments and I’m wondering about something… In the episode summary it said that Oscar was still uncertain about his future with DM. There wasn’t anything about this in the episode and I haven’t read anything about it in relation to the comments on the director’s cut. Anybody?

  52. I don’t know if anyone else said this yet, but it’s good to actually hear the whole theme song again. It is quite gratifying.


  54. “I can’t believe they cut the Pam/Angela scene”

    Agreed. They really just need to make this show an hour long.

  55. Haha, that was great. I wish they would have kept at least a couple of the scenes with Michael’s car getting snowed into.

    Also, I loved the talking head of Phyllis talking about her big personality. Explosive. Hehe.

  56. Actually, for me the best moments in the producer’s cut involved Creed’s “You’re not real, man!” line, and Phyilis’ reaction to Michael’s maracas.

    One Hour Office Every Week!

    Who’s with me?

  57. I’m with you, Cousin Mose!

    Who’s got the petition, I’ll sign!

    Also, I asked this question on the main site for this ep, but I’ll ask here too: how did Michael know Dwight was working at Staples? I assumed he hadn’t talked to Dwight, since he asked Stanley and Phyllis if they had. I thought the producer’s cut might have shown Angela telling Michael about Dwight’s new job, but nope. Are we just to assume that’s what happened, or did Michael just drive around to all the office supply stores in the area hoping to find him? That doesn’t seem realistic but what other explanation have we been given?

  58. Who says that Jim dumped Karen? (#88) I didn’t see anything in the episode that indicated he has done that. Just because he said “Yes” to her question and she then stormed out of the room doesn’t necessarily mean they broke up. I didn’t see Jim as being mean to Karen, only (finally!) being honest with her about his feelings. I think in all likelyhood it will be Karen who dumps Jim.

  59. As for how Michael knew Dwight was working at Staples, when you get a new job they call your old employers for a reference check…so that’s probably how.

  60. Oh my God, Phyllis!! I LOVE YOU! Her shimmy was too funny.

    And I really enjoyed Kelly’s telling Oscar he needs to get to know his culture more. She’s crazy!

  61. Boobs, in the next episode “Ben Franklin” Karen will confront Pam about her relationship with Jim. It will be interesting to see what Pam says, and what Karen ends up doing after that.

  62. Loved this line … Angela: Pam, I’m not like you walking around in your provocative outfits and saying whatever pops into your head. OMG, could Angela be any more wrong about Pam?? I especially loved the part about saying whatever pops into her head, because of course we all know if she did that then JAM would most likely be together right now.

  63. Jackson (95), I agree with you about the theme song. It’s nice getting a few extra seconds of Office footage, but I like the full theme song

  64. I don’t know if this has already been asked or answered, but is the episode they release for iTunes be the producers cut or the tv version?

  65. Hey, I live in Ontario, Canada, and this video won’t work for me. It says “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone have it downloaded?

    Any help at all would be much appreciated.

  66. The episode was just posted to iTunes. Appears to be the Producer’s Cut based on file size.

  67. Rick, I’m also based out of Canada, and I didn’t find any way to get around it when there was a producer’s cut for Branch Closing. The ISP rerouting didn’t seem to work. The only way to see it would be to get an American friend to buy it on iTunes US and share it with you.

  68. Lance Bass – “one of the five best singers ever.” That’s hilarious. I heard the joke, but I didn’t consider it until just now.

  69. Reposting this for people who have been asking:

    CANADIANS!! If you want to watch the producer’s cut, go to this website http://tor.eff.org/ and download the program. Install it and run the program, make sure you ’start’ Tor and ‘enable’ Privoxy (icons in taskbar). Clear your browser and internet download history.

    Now open the office website. It should work. It is slow but works.

  70. Nicole, I can;t get that to work for me, I did what u said, program running but the site just loads and still says I cant view it

  71. Same with me Gorfy. I followed all the steps, but it still wont work. :( Thanks for the help though Nicole.

  72. m3k1, I was thinking about that as well, and I just figure that Michael knew where he worked all along, being his former employer and all. He wouldn’t have to talk to Dwight to know where he works. I’m sure his boss at Staples called Michael as a reference.

    It’s pretty obvious.

  73. Ughh, I’m trying to watch the Producers Cut, but during the 2nd part of the video, it always plays choppy…is this happening to anyone else? 1st part plays fine, but as soon as I get to the 2nd part, it pauses like every 5 seconds. This happened both last night and right now too…and I tried both Firefox and IE.

  74. It’s either your internet connection or too many people are watching the video right now. Try restarting your modem and then your computer.

  75. nicole, thank u so much, ur a God-send! :D after some playing around, i got it to work. for those who cant:
    -install the program and run vidalia and privoxy like nicole said. (make sure vidalia is ‘started’ and privoxy is ‘enabled’)
    -edit the filters for privoxy so that javascript applets are alowed to run.
    -set the proxy server in ur browser to w/ port 8118
    -clear the browser history and cache like nicole said
    -happy watching! :)


    ps. heres a treat in return from us ever-grateful canucks

  76. since i just figured this out now (thanks to nicole), i missed the producer’s cut of Branch Closing. does anybody know if it is still available, and where? and if the answer is only itunes, is there a workaround to that so i could buy it from canada? (which i highly doubt). thanks in advance


  77. thanks alot GoodSamaritan it works perfect now, tade slow but it works :) thanks alot, the filter and browser proxy was what was messing me up before

  78. GoodSamaritan – how do you edit the filters in privoxy? I’ve followed all of yours and Nicole’s steps, and I ge the page to load, slowing, but the video will not start up. HELP!! Sooooo close!

  79. Jenny: here is what I did.
    1) To edit the Filter I just clicked on the proxy icon in the bottom then went to edit filters, inside that file i pretty much just deleted all text :) then saved it.
    2)open your browser if u use IE go to Tools – Internet options – Connections then lan settings, in the proxy box type in w/ port 8118.
    3)Delete ur internet history and cache then
    4) go to http://www.privoxy.org/config/ to make sure its working
    5)then go to the office site, takes awhile to load but if u think its taking to long then hold shift and press the refresh button, should work then

  80. Gorfy – thank you thank you thank you….but it’s still not working. The Privoxy web screen confirms it’s working, and I deleted everything from the filter (yikes!), AND I did shift/refresh. The page takes a while to load, and when it does the video “screen” is black, no commercial even, and if I click “1” to start it, nothing happens. I’m going to restart my browser and try again. :(

  81. yea, jenny, it does that sometimes. i think ur going to have to restart tor. or try starting a new connection in vidalia through the taskbar icon. also, sometimes the path ‘tor’ takes is through an ip outside of the usa, so nbc still might detect it as a foreign ip address. as far as i know, the path tor takes is completely random, one does not have the liberty to choose the route ‘tor’ takes, but, fortunately, more often than not, it does end up with a us ip address. as for me, the first few times, i had a german ip address and had to restart the connection. to check and see ur ip address, head on over to http://www.ipchicken.com.

  82. I didn’t get a commercial, I had to press ‘1’ and wait a minute and it came on.

    Thanks for everyone who helped out the other people who had questions with my suggestion.

  83. Loved Kelly’s interaction with Oscar. And Angela actually telling Pam about her and Dwight. Oh and Phyllis shaking her maraccas!!!

    So Andy’s now in Anger Management classes.

    And then there was one.

  84. Maybe i’m too late, but to bypass NBC’s control I use a program named UltraSurf. It masks your ip without using a proxy at all, so you keep your connection speed. Also it doesn’t need to install, just download, unzip and run, it will connect and open internet Explorer (sadly it only works with it). Then log on NBC and have fun.

  85. Why? Why did they cut the plot with Michael’s car? His snow mobile? That was priceless!

    Another reason why this show needs to be an hour long.

    NBC, come on!!

  86. OMG! Thank you Ric!! I have tried all the suggestions but none of them worked… BUT Ric’s suggestion worked!

  87. Maybe we should have a “Internet Complaints” page so frustrated folks can vent there instead of all through discussions on “The Office”?

  88. Chelsea (re: comment #131)

    It wasn’t so obvious to me (that’s why I asked the question because I thought I might have missed something).

    At my old employer, all reference requests had to go HR. On the Office, that would be Toby, and we all know that Toby and Michael aren’t real “chatty”. Not saying it’s that way everywhere, but that’s my experience and why that wasn’t the obvious answer for me.

    Bottom line, I guess, is that we weren’t given a real answer to the question. It could be just as obvious to someone else that Angela told Michael about Dwight working at Staples. We can only make assumptions and either one is just as likely to be correct, IMO.

  89. RIC!! THANK YOU!! ultrasurf works perfectly!! I was never able to make Tor work (maybe it was just me?!) – but ultrasurf is awesome. A million thanks from Canada!! :)

  90. wow, ric, ultrasurf works much faster than tor and requires much less setup/configuration. thank a mil.
    peace upon those who seek knowledge

  91. Okay, I’m trying Ultrasurf – and I can’t seem to get a connection. Ultrasurf is telling me to check my internet and proxy settings. I’m on a router. What should I be doing?

  92. Well, I’m glad I could help some people. I’d have some trouble with tor in the past and wandering around the net I’ve found UltraSurf and sticked with it. Got very useful when Brazilian government blocked YouTube (sorry about the rant).

    Going into the topic, the “supersized” episode impressed me because, sadly, a lot of good stuff was cut of the final version, and mainly Oscar’s scenes which were supposed to be the main plot. Also I cracked up with Michael’s Sebring covered with snow.

    ps: Nadia, i’ve never seen this connection problem. I’m behind a router too but somehow it works. Maybe your firewall or router is blocking the port it needs to get connected. Also you can try to go under “Option”, “Proxy Settings” and try to use other options like “Directly use UltraSurf” or manually input the proxy address if possible.

  93. THANK YOU! i couldn’t use tor, because i have no idea what a “proxy” is or how i connect to it.

  94. When Andy arrived in Scranton, he took Oscar’s desk. When Oscar returned (in this episode), Andy moved to Dwight’s desk. Now that Dwight’s back, Andy really had to go or else where would he sit?! If I hadn’t seen the producer’s cut I would have wondered about that. But of course we know that Andy’s gone for 10 weeks (or 5, if his plan works), so that’s taken care of. Well, if he does come back, maybe he’d take Karen’s desk because she might throw in the towel by then and decide to go work somewhere else. I hear there’s a position open at Staples. Sorry, I don’t really want Karen to leave. But she’s probably pretty discouraged right now. Just had to bring this up about desk geography because I haven’t seen the point raised in other comments here…

  95. well, he could sit in the desk beside kelly, the one toby moved away from because of his ‘allergies’ and where jim was temporarily stationed for awhile. also, you have to remember that the ex-con, the fat guy, and the nursing mother who moved from the other branch also sat somewhere before they left, so there must be some extra desks. allan, my friend, i beleive there is more to the office space than what we see on screen. in the limited 20 minutes, the producers are wise to focus on the desks being occupied by the characters and not the empty desks ;).
    peace be upon those who seek knowledge

  96. I guess you’re right, GoodSam. My field of vision is normally just what we see in that main area, but I forget that there’s supposed to be other office space behind the break room. I tried to figure it out once when the Quicktime3D tour of the office was at NBC (it’s probably still there). But it wouldn’t be any fun without Dwight sitting back at his old desk. So I’m glad Andy blew up and had to leave!

  97. I like how the religious Angela made mention of her “denying” Dwight as Peter did Jesus. Brilliant writing.

  98. I followed the steps to view the Producer’s Cut without any luck. Can someone at least please give me some kind of an idea of what happened? Dying to know!!!!

  99. This has to be one of my Favorite websites!! There are so many little things that crack me up!!! Everytime I go back and watch it I find something new.

    By the way if there is anyone who does not have Tivo, you have to get it. I have almost all season three so far on Tivo, it is great!!!!

    Go Jam!

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